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Gym Heroes
SetSymbolGym Heroes.png
Gym Heroes Logo.png
Cards in set English: 132
Japanese: 96
Set number English: 6
Japanese: 5
Release date English: August 14, 2000
Japanese: October 24, 1998
Theme Decks

Brock (Fighting)
Misty (Water)
Lt. Surge (Lightning)
Erika (Grass)

Rocket Gang
Leaders' Stadium
Challenge from the Darkness

Gym Heroes (Japanese: ジム拡張第1弾 リーダーズスタジアム Gym Expansion 1 Leaders' Stadium) is the name given to the sixth main expansion of cards of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is the fifth main expansion of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. The set continues to feature Generation I Pokémon in the card game.


Gear up for battle with the Gym Heroes™ expansion!

Every Pokémon trainer has a unique philosophy on how to best prepare Pokémon for battle. In the Gym Heroes expansion, some of the world's best Pokémon gym leaders have specially trained their Pokémon to create an all-new trading card game adventure. Team up with Misty, Brock, Lt. Surge, and Erika, and become a gym hero!


Gym Heroes is the name given to the sixth main expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as Leaders' Stadium, the fifth expansion in the Pokémon Card Game. It is based on Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green, featuring Generation I Pokémon and the Kanto region's Gym Leaders. The English expansion was released on August 14, 2000, while the Japanese expansion was released on October 24, 1998. Gym Heroes combines its Japanese equivalent with the Challenge from the Darkness expansion.

Gym Heroes introduced Owner's Pokémon, a Pokémon that has a Trainer's name. A headshot of its Trainer was located on the bottom right corner of the card with their Gym Badge in the background. The Retreat Cost was moved below the Weakness and Resistance and it lacked the Pokédex entry. It also introduced the Stadium card subclass of Trainer cards.

Leaders' Stadium was the first Japanese expansion to feature pre-constructed Theme Decks. This was the first expansion to feature different set symbols for its English and Japanese releases.

Sabrina's Gaze features different illustration in the English release and the Japanese release. It originally has Sabrina drawn holding a Master Ball, however her middle finger seems to be protruding upwards, and it was changed to Sabrina throwing a Poké Ball.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
9/132   Misty's Seadra   Pokémon League Prerelease promo
54/132   Misty's Psyduck   Top Deck Magazine W Promo

Set lists

Gym Heroes
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/132   Blaine's Moltres     Promotion
2/132   Brock's Rhydon     Promotion
3/132   Erika's Clefable     Promotion
4/132   Erika's Dragonair     Promotion
5/132   Erika's Vileplume     Promotion
6/132   Lt. Surge's Electabuzz     Promotion
7/132   Lt. Surge's Fearow     Promotion
8/132   Lt. Surge's Magneton     Promotion
9/132   Misty's Seadra     Promotion
10/132   Misty's Tentacruel     Promotion
11/132   Rocket's Hitmonchan     Promotion
12/132   Rocket's Moltres     Promotion
13/132   Rocket's Scyther     Promotion
14/132   Sabrina's Gengar     Promotion
15/132   Brock T   Promotion
16/132   Erika T   Promotion
17/132   Lt. Surge T   Promotion
18/132   Misty T   Promotion
19/132   The Rocket's Trap T   Promotion
20/132   Brock's Golem     Promotion
21/132   Brock's Onix     Promotion
22/132   Brock's Rhyhorn     Promotion
23/132   Brock's Sandslash     Promotion
24/132   Brock's Zubat     Promotion
25/132   Erika's Clefairy     Promotion
26/132   Erika's Victreebel     Promotion
27/132   Lt. Surge's Electabuzz     Promotion
28/132   Lt. Surge's Raichu     Promotion
29/132   Misty's Cloyster     Promotion
30/132   Misty's Goldeen     Promotion
31/132   Misty's Poliwrath     Promotion
32/132   Misty's Tentacool     Promotion
33/132   Rocket's Snorlax     Promotion
34/132   Sabrina's Venomoth     Promotion
35/132   Blaine's Growlithe     Promotion
36/132   Blaine's Kangaskhan     Promotion
37/132   Blaine's Magmar     Promotion
38/132   Brock's Geodude     Promotion
39/132   Brock's Golbat     Promotion
40/132   Brock's Graveler     Promotion
41/132   Brock's Lickitung     Promotion
42/132   Erika's Dratini     Promotion
43/132   Erika's Exeggcute     Promotion
44/132   Erika's Exeggutor     Promotion
45/132   Erika's Gloom     Promotion
46/132   Erika's Gloom     Promotion
47/132   Erika's Oddish     Promotion
48/132   Erika's Weepinbell     Promotion
49/132   Erika's Weepinbell     Promotion
50/132   Lt. Surge's Magnemite     Promotion
51/132   Lt. Surge's Raticate     Promotion
52/132   Lt. Surge's Spearow     Promotion
53/132   Misty's Poliwhirl     Promotion
54/132   Misty's Psyduck     Promotion
55/132   Misty's Seaking     Promotion
56/132   Misty's Starmie     Promotion
57/132   Misty's Tentacool     Promotion
58/132   Sabrina's Haunter     Promotion
59/132   Sabrina's Jynx     Promotion
60/132   Sabrina's Slowbro     Promotion
61/132   Blaine's Charmander     Promotion
62/132   Blaine's Growlithe     Promotion
63/132   Blaine's Ponyta     Promotion
64/132   Blaine's Tauros     Promotion
65/132   Blaine's Vulpix     Promotion
66/132   Brock's Geodude     Promotion
67/132   Brock's Mankey     Promotion
68/132   Brock's Mankey     Promotion
69/132   Brock's Onix     Promotion
70/132   Brock's Rhyhorn     Promotion
71/132   Brock's Sandshrew     Promotion
72/132   Brock's Sandshrew     Promotion
73/132   Brock's Vulpix     Promotion
74/132   Brock's Zubat     Promotion
75/132   Erika's Bellsprout     Promotion
76/132   Erika's Bellsprout     Promotion
77/132   Erika's Exeggcute     Promotion
78/132   Erika's Oddish     Promotion
79/132   Erika's Tangela     Promotion
80/132   Lt. Surge's Magnemite     Promotion
81/132   Lt. Surge's Pikachu     Promotion
82/132   Lt. Surge's Rattata     Promotion
83/132   Lt. Surge's Spearow     Promotion
84/132   Lt. Surge's Voltorb     Promotion
85/132   Misty's Goldeen     Promotion
86/132   Misty's Horsea     Promotion
87/132   Misty's Poliwag     Promotion
88/132   Misty's Seel     Promotion
89/132   Misty's Shellder     Promotion
90/132   Misty's Staryu     Promotion
91/132   Sabrina's Abra     Promotion
92/132   Sabrina's Drowzee     Promotion
93/132   Sabrina's Gastly     Promotion
94/132   Sabrina's Mr. Mime     Promotion
95/132   Sabrina's Slowpoke     Promotion
96/132   Sabrina's Venonat     Promotion
97/132   Blaine's Quiz #1 T   Promotion
98/132   Brock T   Promotion
99/132   Charity T   Promotion
100/132   Erika T   Promotion
101/132   Lt. Surge T   Promotion
102/132   Misty T   Promotion
103/132   No Removal Gym T [St]   Promotion
104/132   The Rocket's Training Gym T [St]   Promotion
105/132   Blaine's Last Resort T   Promotion
106/132   Brock's Training Method T   Promotion
107/132   Celadon City Gym T [St]   Promotion
108/132   Cerulean City Gym T [St]   Promotion
109/132   Erika's Maids T   Promotion
110/132   Erika's Perfume T   Promotion
111/132   Good Manners T   Promotion
112/132   Lt. Surge's Treaty T   Promotion
113/132   Minion of Team Rocket T   Promotion
114/132   Misty's Wrath T   Promotion
115/132   Pewter City Gym T [St]   Promotion
116/132   Recall T   Promotion
117/132   Sabrina's ESP T   Promotion
118/132   Secret Mission T   Promotion
119/132   Tickling Machine T [R]   Promotion
120/132   Vermilion City Gym T [St]   Promotion
121/132   Blaine's Gamble T   Promotion
122/132   Energy Flow T   Promotion
123/132   Misty's Duel T   Promotion
124/132   Narrow Gym T [St]   Promotion
125/132   Sabrina's Gaze T   Promotion
126/132   Trash Exchange T   Promotion
127/132   Fighting Energy   E Promotion
128/132   Fire Energy   E Promotion
129/132   Grass Energy   E Promotion
130/132   Lightning Energy   E Promotion
131/132   Psychic Energy   E Promotion
132/132   Water Energy   E Promotion

Leaders' Stadium
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
  Brock's Zubat     Promotion
  Erika's Oddish     Promotion
  Erika's Oddish     Promotion
  Erika's Paras     Promotion
  Erika's Bellsprout     Promotion
  Erika's Tangela     Promotion
  Erika's Bulbasaur     Promotion
  Brock's Golbat     Promotion
  Erika's Gloom     Promotion
  Erika's Bellsprout     Promotion
  Erika's Weepinbell     Promotion
  Erika's Exeggcute     Promotion
  Erika's Exeggutor     Promotion
  Erika's Vileplume     Promotion
  Erika's Victreebel     Promotion
  Rocket's Scyther     Promotion
  Brock's Vulpix     Promotion
  Brock's Vulpix     Promotion
  Brock's Ninetales     Promotion
  Rocket's Moltres     Promotion
  Misty's Psyduck     Promotion
  Misty's Poliwag     Promotion
  Misty's Seel     Promotion
  Misty's Horsea     Promotion
  Misty's Horsea     Promotion
  Misty's Goldeen     Promotion
  Misty's Staryu     Promotion
  Misty's Magikarp     Promotion
  Misty's Poliwhirl     Promotion
  Misty's Tentacool     Promotion
  Misty's Dewgong     Promotion
  Misty's Golduck     Promotion
  Misty's Tentacruel     Promotion
  Misty's Seadra     Promotion
  Misty's Gyarados     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Pikachu     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Magnemite     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Voltorb     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Magnemite     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Magneton     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Electabuzz     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Jolteon     Promotion
  Brock's Sandshrew     Promotion
  Brock's Diglett     Promotion
  Brock's Mankey     Promotion
  Brock's Geodude     Promotion
  Brock's Geodude     Promotion
  Brock's Onix     Promotion
  Brock's Rhyhorn     Promotion
  Brock's Sandslash     Promotion
  Brock's Primeape     Promotion
  Brock's Graveler     Promotion
  Brock's Golem     Promotion
  Rocket's Hitmonchan     Promotion
  Brock's Rhydon     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Rattata     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Spearow     Promotion
  Erika's Jigglypuff     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Raticate     Promotion
  Erika's Clefairy     Promotion
  Brock's Lickitung     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Eevee     Promotion
  Erika's Dratini     Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Fearow     Promotion
  Erika's Clefable     Promotion
  Erika's Dragonair     Promotion
  Energy Flow T   Promotion
  Misty's Duel T   Promotion
  Misty's Tears T   Promotion
  Narrow Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Recall T   Promotion
  Erika's Maids T   Promotion
  Erika's Perfume T   Promotion
  Charity T   Promotion
  Misty's Wrath T   Promotion
  Vermilion City Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Brock's Training Method T   Promotion
  Celadon City Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Pewter City Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Cerulean City Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Treaty T   Promotion
  Good Manners T   Promotion
  Erika T   Promotion
  Erika's Kindness T   Promotion
  Misty T   Promotion
  Misty's Wish T   Promotion
  Chaos Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Secret Mission T   Promotion
  Brock T   Promotion
  Brock's Protection T   Promotion
  Resistance Gym T [St]   Promotion
  Lt. Surge T   Promotion
  Lt. Surge's Secret Plan T   Promotion
  No Removal Gym T [St]   Promotion
  The Rocket's Training Gym T [St]   Promotion
  The Rocket's Trap T   Promotion

Languages this set is released in

The Leaders' Stadium set is released in Japanese, all with rarity symbols. Some cards without rarity symbols are available in Japanese gym theme decks. The Gym Heroes set is only released in English, in both 1st and unlimited edition.


English Brock pack
English Misty pack
English Lt. Surge pack
English Erika pack
Leaders' Stadium pack
English Gym Heroes
booster box
Japanese Leaders' Stadium
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

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