シュウメイ Shūmei
Scarlet Violet Atticus.png
Artwork from Violet
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Paldea
Trainer class Team Star
Generation IX
Games Scarlet and Violet
Specializes in Poison types
Member of Team Star
Rank Boss, Navi Squad

Atticus (Japanese: シュウメイ Shūmei) is the boss of Team Star's Poison crew, the Navi Squad. He specializes in Poison-type Pokémon. Said to be descended from ninjas, Atticus is responsible for the modified uniforms his fellow bosses wear.

In the core series

Atticus has an eye for fashion, having designed the costumes of all the squad bosses. He is highly regarded for his passion and technique in conceptualizing and making unique fashion designs.[1]

While enrolled in the academy, Atticus was bullied for liking old-fashioned things. He is close friends with fellow Academy student Youssef.

Atticus awards the player with Team Star's Poison Badge and TM102 (Gunk Shot) upon his defeat. Additionally, his defeat allows the player to craft the following TMs using the TM Machine:

# Move Type Cat.
055 Dig Ground Physical
058 Brick Break Fighting Physical
059 Zen Headbutt Psychic Physical
060 U-turn Bug Physical
061 Shadow Claw Ghost Physical
064 Bulk Up Fighting Status
065 Air Slash Flying Special
066 Body Slam Normal Physical
067 Fire Punch Fire Physical
068 Thunder Punch Electric Physical
069 Ice Punch Ice Physical
083 Poison Jab Poison Physical
086 Rock Slide Rock Physical
097 Fly Flying Physical
102 Gunk Shot Poison Physical
105 X-Scissor Bug Physical
129 Calm Mind Psychic Status
144 Fire Pledge Fire Special
145 Water Pledge Water Special
146 Grass Pledge Grass Special


Atticus keeps his Pokémon in Repeat Balls.

First battle



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Flashback after Giacomo is defeated

"I cannot help but concur... "Male students' hair must stray no further than 1.8 inches below the nape" and so forth... Your rules were vexation made manifest!"
"As would I!"

Flashback after Mela is defeated

"Glad tidings indeed. Is it not so, Ortega?"
"And the big boss? What, pray, is their plan?"

Navi Squad's Base

  • Before battle
"Pray forgive my sudden entry. 'Tis I, Atticus! You're that scoundrel, <player>, I take it? You have some nerve baring your fangs at Team Star. Come, then, villainous wretch! A plunge into grim poison shall be your well-deserved fate. En garde!"
  • In battle
"Naught but punishment awaits thee, wretch! A plague on your house!"
After first directly dealing damage to the player's Pokémon: "Certain moves can poison with a mere graze. Tremble, scoundrel, for thy Pokémon's sake."
Upon using Revavroom's Sludge: "This next move is as splendid as it is insidious—behold as it gnaws its target away!"
Before sending out the Navi Starmobile: "You think to give me a taste of mine own poison? Fie! I will fight on till the bitter end!"
  • After being defeated
"Forgive me, my friends..."

Flashback after being defeated

"Forgive me. It took a goodly time to procure the required materials."
"Ah, yes. The move Flame Charge was my muse for those particular pieces."
"I merely wished to create a costume worthy of the great Infernal Eri. If it aligns with your vision, then I am content."
"The way of the ninja is rough and fraught with thorns. I neither expect nor desire sympathy from the unrefined rabble."
"Indeed it does. Henceforth, I will devote myself heart and soul to honing my battle skills."

Navi Squad's Base

"For the sake of the team, I would give my very heart and soul...but I cannot defy the rules. Our code must be obeyed. And so, this badge is mine to keep no more. I entrust it to thy care."
"Take this contraption, too. It contains a technique that allows one to cover their foes in gunk.
"<player> is thy name, is it not? You have utterly bested me. But thy victory stir'd no bitterness within me—such was its brilliance."
"M-my compadre?"
"Whatever brought you all the way here?"
"... ... ..."
"Forgive me..."
"Nay, we've heard not a whisper since that fateful day... Without the big boss, Team Star cannot carry on. And without the team, the bright and merry student life we seek lies beyond our reach! We've no choice but to defend our bases till the big boss returns to us!"
"In truth, not one of us has met them in the flesh. By their own word, they are a recluse. As with the rest of us, 'twould seem bullying was to blame."
"Though their name and face be unknown to us, they are nonetheless our precious comrade. Our only choice is to maintain our vigils from the bases, awaiting the day of their return."
"My compadre... I owe you a great debt."
"Haaah... I believ'd Team Star to be the one and only treasure in my life... Methinks I may have been mistaken."

Flashback after Ortega is defeated

"Come, good fellow. 'Tis no occasion for melancholy. Why, to make such a remarkable contraption by thine own hand... Genius, thy name is Ortega!"
"But the hour of Operation Star is nigh at hand... Will you succeed in time?"

Flashback after Eri is defeated

"Truly, you need not apologize, my lady. Thanks to thy sage instruction, I am making swift strides towards mastering the art of battle!"
"My lady...we four have each trained in our turn—but you, our steadfast mentor, have rested not once. I cannot help but worry for thy health."

Flashback after Penny is defeated

"Indeed. Merely did we declare our intention to battle tooth and nail should the villains persist in their tyrannous oppression. 'Twas a bloodless victory, we assure you!"
"Oh, noble and kind big boss. You cannot..."
"Prithee, speak to us! What is thine intent?"

NaranjaS/Uva AcademyV

  • Schoolyard
"Verily is thy long-hidden countenance a sight for sore eyes, my lady."
"Hasta la vistar, Cassiopeia! ★ And hello, Penny!"
"O, mine heart is giddy with glee!"
"I cannot even begin to imagine how you must have fear'd for us, Lady Penny..."
"'Tis true... We would most happily have you at our sides, my lady."
  • School store
"Hmmmmmm... I must say, the academy emporium stocks some rather splendid wares. I admit my expectations were far lower than warranted."
"Greetings, my good shopkeep. I would very much like to acquire the limited-edition ninja garments released today. I believe you have five sets in stock, yes?"
"What?! This cannot be!!!"
"If I am unable to procure those garments, why... I... That will ruin everything! It appears I have no choice but to track down this rival patron of mine! And when I find them..."
"I shall fix them with my piercing gaze and beg on bended knee for the ninja garments I so crave!"
"My young compadre! I...I must apologize. About the garments I promised you so that we might dress as ninja together..."
"...I beg your pardon?"
"Goodness me... What a happy turn of events! I shall retrieve my shuriken from my quarters so that we might enjoy some target practice!"
"I can also use my masterful stitchery to transform thy ninja garments into a sublime vision of poison! What say you?"
"Ha ha ha! The insolence of this one!"

Navi Squad's Base

  • When approached
"Why, if it is not <player>!"
  • When spoken to
"Good day, <player>. Com'st thou to spar with me?"
Yes: "Though I am grateful for thy coming here, be warned—I shall spare thee no mercy! En garde!"
  • In battle
"There is no night nor day that I do not spend in training! Behold the fruits of my labor!"
Before first using Revavroom's Poison Jab: "I shall show thee the truest essence of poison! Tremble 'fore its grim and deadly beauty!"
Before sending out last Pokémon: "Even a single drop of poison can kill! 'Tis far too early to rest assured of thy victory."
Upon being defeated: "Strength of position cannot prevail o'er strength of union. How could I forget?"
  • After being defeated
"You came here to train, yet I am the one who must learn from YOU. Magnificent! Hasta la vistar, my good fellow! ★"
  • If spoken to again on the same day
"I shall take no more challenges today. Return on the morrow to battle again, should you wish."
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Language Name Origin
Japanese シュウメイ Shūmei From 秋明菊 shūmeigiku (fall-blooming anemone)
English Atticus Possibly from the genus Hepatica
German Shugi From 秋明菊 shūmeigiku (Japanese for fall-blooming anemone)
Spanish, Italian Henzo From Eriocapitella hupehensis (scientific name of fall-blooming anemone) and possibly Hattori Hanzō
French Erio From Eriocapitella hupehensis (scientific name of fall-blooming anemone)
Korean 추명 Chumyeong From 추명국 (秋明菊) chumyeongguk (fall-blooming anemone)
Chinese (Mandarin) 秋明 Qiūmíng From his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 秋明 Chāumìhng


Big Boss: Cassiopeia
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Lower members: Team Star Grunts

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