サクサ Saxa
Trinnia Masters model.png
Model from Pokémon Masters EX
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Green
Hometown Centra City (original hometown unknown)
Region Pasio (original region unknown)
Relatives Trista and Tricia (sisters)
Generation VII - IX
Games Masters EX
English voice actor Faye Mata[1]
Japanese voice actor Manami Numakura

Trinnia (Japanese: サクサ Saxa) is a character introduced in Pokémon Masters EX. She is one of the three receptionists at the Pokémon Center in Centra City, along with Trista and Tricia.

In the games

The Sync Pairs menu

Trinnia staffs the café at the Pokémon Center. Prior to version 2.23.0, talking with her would open the Team menu, allowing the player to edit their team as well as various methods of upgrading their sync pairs, such as leveling up and increasing potential. The player could also upgrade their gear here.

Starting from version 2.23.0, talking with Trinnia opens the Sync Pairs menu. This menu offers the same capabilities as the Team menu, but organized in a much clearer fashion. In addition, the Sync Pairs menu provides access to Professor Bellis's Lab, where the player can check on their Eggs and form sync pairs with their hatched Pokémon.


On hand

Trinnia uses this Pokémon to defend Professor Oak from Team Rocket during the final chapter of the Villain Arc.



Pokémon Center (voice clips)
  • During conversation
"Excuse me!"
  • When spoken to
  • When leaving
"Thank you so much!"
  • After completing Chapter 1 for the first time
"You can make changes to your team right over here. Why don't you try doing it now?"
"Perfect! You successfully edited your team."
"Feel free to use team editing to your advantage whenever you meet new sync pairs!"
"Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to your next visit!"
  • Welcome Back Rally intro
"It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm glad we're able to see each other again!"
Pokémon Center
  • Random blurbs
"I hope we get lots of customers at the café."
"The role of a café is to connect people."
"What kind of person will stop by the café today?"
"Please relax and enjoy yourselves!"
"Oh my, that person's Pokémon is cute!"
"Let me take care of your team!"
"If that person met that person... Hee-hee!"
  • When spoken to
"Welcome! For anything related to your team members, please come this way!"*
  • When leaving
"Thank you! Please come again!"*
"Thank you! Please come again anytime!"*
  • Sync Pairs menu
"You can change your team lineup for battles in Edit Team."
"You can train up your sync pairs in a variety of ways with Upgrades."
"You can use items to upgrade each type of gear with Upgrade Gear."
"You can check on your Eggs and hatched Pokémon in the Lab."
Main Story Villain Arc - Final Chapter - Where Ideals Cross Paths
  • Once Again...
"If we hadn't treated him when we did, it would've been awful!"
  • Off-screen
"Oh, it's quite all right!"
Story Event - Shining Star
  • All for the Fans
"Oh wow... Elesa's show was sooo amazing!"
"E-E-Elesa! Wh-what are you doing here?"
"Oh, yes we are! Um... Would it be OK to ask you for an autograph?"
"Thank you so much!"
"C-can I also get a picture with you?"
"Oh, this is so great!"
"Perfect! Thank you so much!"
"Thank you for coming! I'm looking forward to your next show!"
Special Event - Happy Team Break Day!
  • Blurb
"I guess even Team Break members have teams."
  • If spoken to
"I was a little scared, so I'm really glad you came!"
"Let's get right to it, then! Welcome! For anything related to your team members, please come this way!"
  • When leaving
"Thank you! Please come again!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese サクサ Saxa From Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis (synonym of Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
English Trinnia From Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina and trinitaria (Spanish for Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
German Sasha From Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis (synonym of Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
Spanish Trini From trinitaria (Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
French Euphrosyne From Euphrosyne (one of the three Charites in Greek mythology)
Italian Tilia From Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis (synonym of Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
Korean 사크사 Saxa From Viola tricolor subsp. saxatilis (synonym of Viola tricolor subsp. subalpina)
Chinese (Mandarin) 綠菫 Lǜjǐn From 綠 lǜ / luhk (green) and 三色堇 sānsèjǐn / sāamsīkgán (Viola tricolor)
Chinese (Cantonese) 綠菫 Luhkgán


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