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マーシュ Mache
Spr Masters Valerie.png
Valerie's model
No. 83
English voice actor Skyler Davenportt[1]
Japanese voice actor Hitomi Ueda[2]
Description A unique Trainer in both looks and mannerisms, she began designing Pokémon-inspired clothes in the hope that someday she could become a Pokémon.

Valerie (Japanese: マーシュ Mache) is a Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon Masters EX, based on the character of the same name in the core series games. She forms a sync pair with Sylveon. The sync pair is obtained after defeating Valerie during the events of Chapter 23 of the Main Story.



Masters700.png Type FairyIC Masters.png Fairy
Move type FairyIC Masters.png Fairy
Role Strike (Special)
Base Potential ★★★★
Sylveon Weakness PoisonIC Masters.png Poison
Once a fight breaks out, it will unflinchingly charge at dragon Pokémon that are many times larger than itself.
Stats HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Lv. 125, Base Potential 519 128 108 334 152 161
Lv. 125, Max Potential 599 168 148 374 192 201
Lv. 125, Base Potential
Lv. 125, Max Potential


Name Type Category Move gauge Base Power Max Power Accuracy Target Description
Disarming Voice Fairy
FairyIC Masters.png
Special 2 45 54 All opponents Never misses.
X Sp. Atk None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Sharply raises the user's Sp. Atk.
Draining Kiss Fairy
FairyIC Masters.png
Special 2 46 55 100% An opponent Restores the user's HP based on the amount of damage dealt to the target.
Not So Delicate! None Status 0
(2 uses)
Self Sharply raises the user's Sp. Def and Speed.
Sync moves
Fashionista Dazzling Gleam Fairy
FairyIC Masters.png
Special 250 300 An opponent No additional effect.


Name Description
Passive Skills
HP Advantage 4 The more HP the user has remaining, the more it powers up moves.
Theme Skills
Fairy Strike Raises allies' Attack and Sp. Atk by 15 when using Fairy-type attacks.
Kalos Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Gym Leader Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 2.
Artistic Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 3.
Free Spirit Strike Raises the Attack and Sp. Atk of all allied sync pairs by 3.

Sync Grid

Valerie and Sylveon's sync grid is a basic grid which has yet to be expanded.

Name Effect Energy required Sync orb required Move level required
HP +10 HP +10 0 5 1
Defense +5 Defense +5 0 5 1
Sp. Atk +5 Sp. Atk +5 0 5 1
Sp. Atk +5 Sp. Atk +5 0 5 1
Sp. Def +5 Sp. Def +5 0 5 1
Speed +5 Speed +5 0 5 1


Valerie and Sylveon can be battled against in:

Sync Pair Stories

  • A Day with Valerie



VSValerie Masters.png Masters Dream Team Maker Valerie and Sylveon.png Valerie Mindscape.png
VS model from
Pokémon Masters EX
Valerie and Sylveon on
Pokémon Masters EX Dream Team Maker
Valerie's sync move mindscape
(Laverre Gym)
Valerie Emote 1 Masters.png Valerie Emote 2 Masters.png Valerie Emote 3 Masters.png Valerie Emote 4 Masters.png
Trainer emote
Trainer emote
Watch out!
Trainer emote
Let's do this!
Trainer emote



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