Appendix:Pokémon XD walkthrough/Section 7

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Pokémon HQ Lab

Before you depart for Citadark, Professor Krane will message you to meet him on the ground floor of his lab. Return there and he will show you a secret staircase into the basement, where he gives you the Master Ball.

There is only a single Master Ball in the game, and it will catch any Pokémon without fail, so be sure not to waste it.

When you are prepared, return to Gateon Port and depart for Citadark Isle in the Robo Kyogre.

Citadark Isle

Upon your arrival, a Navigator Abson will be there to battle you. You can also speak to the other Navigator in front of the yacht for Battle CD 31.

Inside, 1F

Once you go inside the building, you'll find a healing machine and a PC. To the right will be Furgy, and to the left is an optional battle with Haben, who ambushes you from the ceiling.

The room after Furgy has a box with 1 Max Elixer. You will also find Sailor Golos blocking the path forward.

As you continue past him, you will be stopped by Jestal for another fight.

Go to the elevator, Lovrina will come down and blame you for getting her in trouble by Greevil. She claims that XD001 is complete, and then challenge you.


Continue down the hall to the right, you'll be ambushed by Bastil.

After Bastil, continue down the hall and across the bridge through the center. You will find a box containing 5 Ultra Balls on the left side of the bridge. You will come across a door and another elevator guarded by Litnar.

Grason will ambush you if you enter the door on the right, after defeating him you can collect 2 Full Restores from the box at the end of the room.

The door on the right will lead you to a box containing 3 Hyper Potions, then you're free to continue up the elevator to 2F-1.


There are several box puzzles here, pushing the block immediately after exiting the elevator will open the path to a box with 2 Revives, and pushing the block at the far right end of the room will open the path to a box with 2 White Herbs.

Grupel will ambush you as you attempt to enter the next room.


There is a healing machine here, heal up before progressing to the next room.


Kimly is guarding the next elevator, and also a PC.


Go left and north. You'll see a trainer blocking an item chest. You can battle her.

The box contains two Hyper Potions. There's another trainer to the north.

Go through the entrance after you beat the Hunter. Inside the next room, grab the PP Up. Go through the other exit to the previous room. There will be two more battles.

Go a little past them and you'll get an Elixir. Go back, past the Hunter and the Chaser, across the bridge, and you'll have to fight another Cipher Peon with two Shadow Pokémon.

Go up a little more to face one more Cipher Peon in this room.

Go past her and pick up the two Full Restores right by the entrance to the next room.


As you enter, two big Cipher guards will come down and introduce themselves. They will both battle you, one after the other.

The other entrances from 3F-1 will lead to the right side path with the PP Up, which you should have already collected. There is a hidden area to the upper right that cannot be accessed yet, so take the elevator up to 4F.


You've made it out of the volcano! You'll see some moving platforms. Take the right platform and wait for the other platform to meet up with you. Take the adjacent platform down to the hidden room with two Max Potions. Go back up and this time, take the left platform. Follow the path down, only to be ambushed by a Cipher Peon.

Keep going around the spiral pathway. The nearby item chest will hold three Rare Candy. Go back just a little and you will be ambushed.

There will be a stretch of ground below the spiral path. It will lead to a box with 1 PP Max. Head into the other entrance and you'll be in the same room, just on an isolated piece of land. The only way across is to wait for more moving platforms to take you up and over to the elevator. Take the elevator up to the next room.


Take the Yellow hook and then the Pink hook. Grab the three Timer Balls in the nearby box. The rest of the hooks aren't accessible yet, so take the Red hook and go up the elevator.


Go right to be attacked by another Cipher Peon.

Now you'll see glowing blue tiles, which, if you step on one, it will bring you back down to the lower floor. Grab the nearby chest which has three Max Ethers. Drop down the hole at the top-middle of the room.

While down here, grab the Max Revive. Take the orange hook, the pink hook, and the red hook. Take the elevator up again. Make your way to the northern wall, and make your way to the upper right.

Once on the right half of the room, head south and grab the four Full Heals. Drop down the glowing hole on the bottom right. Grab the two Revives. Take the cyan hook, pink hook and the red hook one last time.

Make your way back to the right side of the room and you will be attacked as you try to exit to the lower right.

Take the elevator up to 7F, which will be outside of the Citadark Isle Dome.

7F Dome exterior

Go left. You will be confronted by Snattle coming from the left side elevator, who is mad at you for embarrassing him on public TV. He will battle you so that Greevil will make him the governor of Orre.

After his defeat, he'll escape down the elevators again.

Remember that elevator at the beginning of Citadark Isle? The left side elevator is where it lead, and it's now accessible. When you first take it down, you have to go through a Cipher Peon.

After you defeat him, you can go inside the first floor entrance to heal your Pokémon. After you do, head back up the elevator. In front of the big dome, you'll see Ardos, Greevil's bodyguard in blue.

After defeating him, you can head inside to find a healing machine and PC.

After a cutscene, Greevil locks you out of the interior of the building with a glass wall. Head back outside and start heading south, you'll be confronted by Gorigan who comes from the elevator on the left.

Gorigan complains to you that he lost and runs away. Go back inside and heal then head back up and take the elevator to the left.

Dome B1F

There's one final Cipher Peon blocking your way, and they have a Shadow Dugtrio.