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Pokémon HQ Lab

Eagun sends you a message to meet him at the lab, and shows up outside to battle you and tell you that the Orre Colosseum is now open.

You can also now purify Shadow Lugia. Despite Greevil's insistence that it's "immune to purification". if you have Max Tempo in all nine Purification Chambers, placing Lugia in any empty chamber will instantly open the entire heart gauge and it can be purified. Krane and your family will congratulate you on managing to purify Lugia.

It also gains two moves that Lugia cannot usually learn, FeatherDance and Psycho Boost. Psycho Boost is typically the signature move of Deoxys. Purified Shadow Lugia is the only other Pokémon capable of learning it naturally.

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
Shadow moves Level 50+ Purified moves
Shadow Blast   Psycho Boost Psychic
Shadow Down FeatherDance Flying
Shadow Shed Earthquake Ground
Shadow Storm Hydro Pump Water

Gateon Port

Once you've snagged every other Shadow Pokémon, Miror B. will be waiting for you atop the tower with the last one, the Shadow Dragonite that he stole from Cipher Key Lair when you were busy shutting down the factory.

Once defeated, he runs for it and escapes down the elevator. He finds a small device stuck in his hair, and smashes it, the Miror Radar ceases to work after that. This is the last you'll see of him.

Lucky Egg Quest

You can also do a quest that rewards the Lucky Egg. Play through the first round of Orre Colosseum, and after you defeat Lovrina, Beluh will message you to head to Agate Village.

Agate Village

Some of the village Pokémon have gone mute. Senilor says he got the machine that did it from Dr. Kaminko.

Kaminko's House

What follows is a back and forth of you getting a Voice Case from Kaminko, and then headed back to Agate Village to cure the Pokémon the cry belongs to. You cure all but the Wobbuffet. As you head back to the doctor, Megg says her Shroomish has gone mute as well. Once in Pyrite Town, you heal it, and Megg tells of mute Pokémon in Gateon Port and Phenac City. Back at the doctor's house, Kaminko gives you a Cry Analyzer to fix them all. You simply talk to the Pokémon and are asked a question about said monster. Answer correctly and they're cured. The only one not cured is Wobbuffet, so Kaminko says the trainer must connect with their Pokémon. Head back to Agate, and Senilor will mimic a Wobbuffet cry, healing his pal. Inform Beluh of your progress, and you get the Lucky Egg.

While you are here you may also wish to pick up Battle CDs 11, 23, and 29. CDs 11 and 29 can be found on the catwalks of the basement. CD 23 can be found in front of the robos.

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