TCG move errors

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, there will often come up a Pokémon that knows a move it cannot learn legally in any of the games.

Occasionally, in-game event Pokémon that can be transferred onto the main series games have a move that is not normally included in that Pokémon's moveset (a prime example being Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire, which gave away four separate Pokémon with moves that were not normally available to that specific Pokémon).

List of TCG Pokémon with moves they cannot learn in the games

Original Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
  Alakazam Confuse Ray Base Set  
  Magneton Selfdestruct Base Set  
  Dratini Pound Base Set  
  Kakuna Poison Powder Base Set  
  Drowzee Confuse Ray Base Set  
  Magnemite Selfdestruct Base Set  
  Metapod Stun Spore* Base Set  
  Magneton Selfdestruct Fossil  
  Dark Wartortle DoubleSlap Team Rocket  
  Misty's Horsea Tackle Gym Heroes  
  Weedle Peck Vending Machine  
  Kakuna Rollout Vending Machine  
  Squirtle Pound Vending Machine  
  Rattata Scratch Vending Machine  
  Shellder Water Spout Vending Machine  
  Spearow Gust Vending Machine  
  Eevee Lunge Vending Machine  
  Koga's Ditto Pound Gym Challenge  
  Lt. Surge's Eevee Surprise
Gym Challenge  
  Blaine's Vulpix Bite Gym Challenge  
  Erika's Paras Irongrip Gym Challenge  
  Koga's Pidgey Peck Gym Challenge  
  Sabrina's Abra Pound Gym Challenge  
  Butterfree Fly Southern Islands  

Neo Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
  Croconaw Tackle Neo Genesis  
  Totodile Fury Swipes Neo Genesis  
  Tyranitar Slam Neo Discovery  
  Pupitar Skull Bash Neo Discovery  
  Poliwag Rollout Neo Discovery  
  Houndour Lunge Neo Destiny  
  Dratini Fury Attack Neo Destiny  
  Sunkern Rollout Neo Destiny  
  Bayleef Sleep Powder Intro Pack Neo  
  Pichu Pound Intro Pack Neo  
  Abra Pound Intro Pack Neo  

Vs era

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
  Falkner's Togetic Agility Pokémon VS  
  Morty's Hypno Dark Mind Pokémon VS  
  Sabrina's Espeon Psywave Pokémon VS  
  Janine's Ariados Poison Fang Pokémon VS  
  Janine's Shuckle Sludge Pokémon VS  
  Will's Jynx Hypnosis Pokémon VS  
  Lance's Gyarados Wrap Pokémon VS  
  Rocket's Tyranitar Slam Pokémon VS  

e-Card Series

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
  Celebi Supersonic J Promo  
  Flareon Fury Swipes T Promo  
  Slowpoke Pound T Promo  
  Ivysaur Stomp T Promo  
  Cloyster Lick Expedition  
  Mewtwo Hypnosis Expedition  
  Croconaw Tackle
Take Down
  Kadabra Confuse Ray Expedition  
  Magmar Thrash Expedition  
  Metapod Rollout Expedition  
  Wartortle Double Slap Expedition  
  Abra Scratch
Confuse Ray
  Caterpie Headbutt Expedition  
  Chikorita Sleep Powder Expedition  
  Goldeen Splash Expedition  
  Oddish Tackle Expedition  
  Pidgey Peck
Fury Strikes
  Pikachu Tackle Expedition  
  Poliwag Rollout Expedition  
  Shellder Irongrip
  Squirtle Double Slap Expedition  
  Bulbasaur Scratch
McDonald Pack  
  Chikorita Rollout McDonald Pack  
  Charmander Slam McDonald Pack  
  Cyndaquil Pound McDonald Pack  
  Totodile Stomp McDonald Pack  
  Natu Glare McDonald Pack  
  Sandshrew Slam McDonald Pack  
  Larvitar Comet Punch McDonald Pack  
  Octillery Smokescreen Aquapolis  
  Houndoom Smokescreen Aquapolis  
  Jynx Confuse Ray Aquapolis  
  Flaaffy Spark Aquapolis  
  Golduck Slash Aquapolis  
  Cubone Tackle Aquapolis  
  Drowzee Tackle Aquapolis  
  Hitmontop Double Kick Aquapolis  
  Nidoran♂ Scratch Aquapolis  
  Porygon Peck Aquapolis  
  Slowpoke Bite Aquapolis  
  Tangela Double Kick Aquapolis  
  Tentacool Recover Aquapolis  
  Wooper Bubble Aquapolis  
  Eevee Lunge Aquapolis  
  Ross's Wailmer Tackle Theater Limited VS Pack  
  Persian Lunge Skyridge  
  Gligar Irongrip Skyridge  
  Kakuna Poison Powder Skyridge  
  Ledyba Slam Skyridge  
  Natu Removal Beam Skyridge  
  Poliwhirl Double Kick Skyridge  
  Raticate Scratch Skyridge  
  Slugma Tackle Skyridge  
  Staryu Double Slap Skyridge  
  Sunkern Rollout Skyridge  
  Teddiursa Rage Skyridge  
  Weedle Fury Attack Skyridge  

EX Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Wailord Take Down EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Combusken Lunge EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Lairon Magnitude EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Manectric Thundershock EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Marshtomp Bubble
EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Mudkip Pound
Fury Swipes
EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Ralts Pound EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Shroomish Sleep Powder EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Skitty Scratch EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Skitty Lunge EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Treecko Razor Leaf EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Zigzagoon Fury Swipes* EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Delcatty Scratch EX Sandstorm  
  Quilava Slash EX Sandstorm  
  Pikachu Scratch EX Sandstorm  
  Ninjask Supersonic EX Dragon  
  Shuppet Hypnosis EX Dragon  
  Nincada Bite EX Dragon  
  Team Magma's Mightyena Lunge EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua  
  Team Aqua's Electrike Scratch
Thunder Shock
EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua  
  Team Magma's Baltoy Peck EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua  
  Dark Celebi Leaf Poison EX Hidden Legends  
  Sealeo Skull Bash EX Hidden Legends  
  Clamperl Bubble EX Hidden Legends  
  Cyndaquil Rage EX Hidden Legends  
  Minun Thundershock EX Hidden Legends  
  Snorunt Tackle EX Hidden Legends  
  Staryu Pound EX Hidden Legends  
  Vulpix Scratch EX Hidden Legends  
  Wurmple Lunge Poké Card Creator Pack  
  Dugtrio Sonicboom EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Kakuna Headbutt EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Metapod Sharpen EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Rattata Scratch EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Shellder Minimize EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Venonat Bite EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Swampert Bubble POP Series 1  
  Larvitar Sand Attack POP Series 1  
  Tyranitar ex Scratch POP Series 1  
  Piloswine Sheer Cold EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Seadra Confuse Ray EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Dratini Pound EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Houndour Smokescreen EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Larvitar Fury Attack EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Rocket's Scyther ex Bounce EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Treecko ☆ Tackle EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Sableye Slash EX Deoxys  
  Minun Sniff Out EX Deoxys  
  Nosepass Sharpen EX Deoxys  
  Bagon Doubleslap EX Deoxys  
  Barboach Tackle EX Deoxys  
  Magikarp Rage EX Deoxys  
  Natu Mirror Coat
Razor Wind
EX Deoxys  
  Grovyle Razor Leaf EX Emerald  
  Grumpig Psyshock* EX Emerald  
  Duskull Pound EX Emerald  
  Electrike Double Kick EX Emerald  
  Feebas Lunge EX Emerald  
  Spoink Lunge EX Emerald  
  Taillow Razor Wind EX Emerald  
  Vulpix Bite EX Emerald  
  Cacturne ex Psybeam EX Emerald  
  Bulbasaur Bite POP Series 2  
  Flareon Fire Dance EX Unseen Forces  
  Sudowoodo Karate Chop EX Unseen Forces  
  Typhlosion Rage EX Unseen Forces  
  Xatu Psyshock* EX Unseen Forces  
  Hoothoot Confuse Ray EX Unseen Forces  
  Pupitar Slash EX Unseen Forces  
  Remoraid Splash EX Unseen Forces  
  Slugma Headbutt EX Unseen Forces  
  Sunkern Rollout EX Unseen Forces  
  Kakuna Rollout EX Delta Species  
  Electrode Supersonic EX Legend Maker  
  Dustox ex Safeguard EX Legend Maker  
  Nosepass Supersonic EX Holon Phantoms  
  Baltoy Doubleslap EX Holon Phantoms  
  Corphish Flail EX Holon Phantoms  
  Electrike Thundershock EX Holon Phantoms  
  Oddish δ Tackle EX Holon Phantoms  
  Phanpy Yawn EX Holon Phantoms  
  Chimecho δ Sonicboom POP Series 4  
  Combusken Smokescreen POP Series 4  
  Banette Safeguard EX Crystal Guardians  
  Combusken High Jump Kick* EX Crystal Guardians  
  Grovyle δ Scratch EX Crystal Guardians  
  Medicham Sky Uppercut EX Crystal Guardians  
  Shuppet Tackle EX Crystal Guardians  
  Aron Flail EX Crystal Guardians  
  Diglett Sand Pit* EX Crystal Guardians  
  Treecko Scratch EX Crystal Guardians  
  Jynx δ Fire Punch EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Dragonair δ Horn Attack EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Horsea δ Tackle EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Chikorita δ Sleep Powder EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Larvitar δ Horn Attack EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Seel δ Pound EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Swablu δ Splash About EX Dragon Frontiers  
  Altaria Gust EX Power Keepers  
  Medicham Rolling Kick EX Power Keepers  
  Meditite Cross Chop EX Power Keepers  
  Poochyena Double Kick EX Power Keepers  

ADV era

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Jirachi Psywave Nintendo Promo  
  Forina's Breloom Sleep Powder Movie Commemoration VS Pack  
  Forina's Flygon Wing Attack Movie Commemoration VS Pack  
  Forina's Altaria Whirlwind Movie Commemoration VS Pack  
  Butler's Mightyena Lunge Movie Commemoration VS Pack  

PCG era

Artwork Name Move Picture
  LaRousse's Munchlax Yawn* Sky-Splitting Deoxys  
  Ash's Grovyle SonicBoom Aura's Lucario  
  Phantom's Chatot Quick Attack Sea's Manaphy  

Diamond & Pearl Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Dustox Stun Spore Diamond & Pearl  
  Wynaut Astonish Diamond & Pearl  
  Chatot Me First Diamond & Pearl  
  Cherubi Sleep Powder Diamond & Pearl  
  Sneasel Double Slap Diamond & Pearl  
  Starly Gust* Diamond & Pearl  
  Finneon Tackle Mysterious Treasures  
  Magikarp Dragon Rage* Mysterious Treasures  
  Carvanha Slash* Secret Wonders  
  Lotad Water Sport Secret Wonders  
  Pidgey Growl
Secret Wonders  
  Marshtomp Pound Great Encounters  
  Minun Pound Majestic Dawn  
  Toxicroak Slash Majestic Dawn  
  Monferno Fire Fang Majestic Dawn  
  Pachirisu Thundershock* Majestic Dawn  
  Staravia Drill Peck Majestic Dawn  
  Burmy Iron Defense Majestic Dawn  
  Chimchar Lunge Majestic Dawn  
  Spearow Wing Attack* Majestic Dawn  
  Turtwig Rollout Majestic Dawn  
  Eevee Lunge Majestic Dawn  
  Drifblim Whirlwind Legends Awakened  
  Beldum Tackle* Legends Awakened  
  Lileep Absorb Legends Awakened  
  Nosepass Sharpen Legends Awakened  
  Poliwag Tackle Legends Awakened  
  Skitty Scratch Legends Awakened  
  Yanma Agility Legends Awakened  
  Skarmory Quick Attack Stormfront  
  Duskull Tackle Stormfront  
  Roselia Headbutt Stormfront  
  Drifloon Tackle Stormfront  

Platinum Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Infernape Rage Platinum  
  Carnivine Absorb* Platinum  
  Combusken High Jump Kick Platinum  
  Flaaffy Spark Platinum  
  Wartortle Double Slap Platinum  
  Chimchar Bite Platinum  
  Kricketot Rollout Platinum  
  Piplup Muddy Water Platinum  
  Poochyena Lunge Platinum  
  Remoraid Splash Platinum  
  Skitty Take Down Platinum  
  Drapion 4 Body Slam Rising Rivals  
  Espeon 4 Hypnosis
Rising Rivals  
  Heracross 4 Focus Energy Rising Rivals  
  Infernape 4 High Jump Kick Rising Rivals  
  Eevee Bounce Rising Rivals  
  Gliscor 4 IronGrip Rising Rivals  
  Hippopotas Endeavor Rising Rivals  
  Frost Rotom Hail Rising Rivals  
  Mow Rotom Slash Rising Rivals  
  Buizel Tackle* Supreme Victors  
  Kricketot Headbutt Supreme Victors  
  Magnemite Quick Attack Supreme Victors  
  Paras Stomp Supreme Victors  
  Starly Peck Supreme Victors  
  Turtwig Stomp Supreme Victors  
  Yanma Baton Pass Supreme Victors  
  Zapdos G Lightning Strike Arceus  
  Charmeleon Slam Arceus  
  Rattata Lunge Arceus  
  Skuntank Rage Pokémon Rumble  

DPt era

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Bulbasaur Present DPt-P Promotional cards  
  Meowth M Beat Up Movie Commemoration Random Pack  

HeartGold & SoulSilver Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Shuckle Poison Jab HeartGold & SoulSilver  
  Meganium Sleep Powder HeartGold & SoulSilver  
  Persian Sucker Punch HeartGold & SoulSilver  
  Typhlosion Fire Spin HeartGold & SoulSilver  
  Metapod Sharpen HeartGold & SoulSilver  
  Xatu Psywave Unleashed  
  Fearow Wing Attack* Unleashed  
  Grotle Sleep Powder* Unleashed  
  Pupitar Rage Unleashed  
  Buizel Muddy Water Unleashed  
  Pineco Focus Energy Undaunted  
  Magmar Eruption Triumphant  
  Nidorino Lunge Triumphant  

Black & White Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Bouffalant Double Stomp Black & White  
  Tranquill Wing Attack Emerging Powers  
  Emolga Bounce Next Destinies  
  Zoroark Dark Rush Dark Explorers  
  Zweilous Dragon Claw Dragons Exalted  
  Snivy Razor Leaf Legendary Treasures  
  Growlithe Lunge Legendary Treasures  
  Ralts Pound Legendary Treasures  
  Kirlia Double Slap Legendary Treasures  

Black & White Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Zorua Lunge Black & White  
  Pansear Lunge Noble Victories  
  Scraggy Lunge Next Destinies  
  Axew Lunge Dragon Vault  
  Virizion Mega Drain Everyone's Exciting Battle  
  Golett Headbutt Everyone's Exciting Battle  
  Terrakion Rock Throw Everyone's Exciting Battle  
  Scraggy Lunge Everyone's Exciting Battle  
  Rattata Lunge Plasma Freeze  

XY Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Mienfoo Lunge Furious Fists  
  Lickitung Lunge Furious Fists  
  Poochyena Lunge Phantom Forces  
  Staryu Lunge Primal Clash  
  Bunnelby Rototiller* Primal Clash  
  Victini Me First Roaring Skies  
  Eevee Lunge Ancient Origins  
  Ducklett Lunge BREAKpoint  
  Litleo Lunge Steam Siege  
  Clawitzer BREAK Lock-On Steam Siege  

Sun & Moon Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Combusken Lunge Dragon Majesty  

Sword & Shield Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Grookey Fury Swipes Sword & Shield  
  Sinistea Teatime Sword & Shield  
  Clefable Lunar Blessing Sword & Shield  

Scarlet & Violet Series

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Banette ex Poltergeist Scarlet & Violet  

Miscellaneous releases

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Arcanine Quick Attack Wizards Black Star Promos  
  Pikachu Scratch Wizards Black Star Promos  
  Diglett Peck Asobikata promo  

Game Boy's TCG-exclusive cards

Artwork Name Move Picture
  Ditto Pound  

Former errors

Artwork Name Move TCG Set Picture
  Jynx Meditate Base Set  
  Raticate Bite Base Set  
  Abra Psyshock Base Set  
  Rattata Bite Base Set  
  Hypno Dark Mind Fossil  
  Nidorina Supersonic Jungle  
  Pikachu Spark Jungle  
  Voltorb Thunder Shock Vending Machine  
  Koffing Poison Gas Intro Pack  
  Growlithe Lunge Intro Pack  
  Spearow Wing Attack Intro Pack  
  Abra Psyshock Team Rocket  
  Misty's Seaking Mud Splash Gym Heroes  
  Omanyte Bind Neo Discovery  
  Ho-Oh Dive Bomb Neo Revelation  
  Shining Gyarados Outrage Neo Revelation  
  Light Azumarill Bubble Neo Revelation  
  Larvitar Rock Throw Neo Destiny  
  Morty's Hypno Dark Mind Pokémon VS  
  Marill Bubble Expedition  
  Togepi Pound Aquapolis  
  Voltorb ThunderShock Aquapolis  
  Granbull Mega Punch Skyridge  
  Growlithe Double Kick Skyridge  
  Staryu Confuse Ray Skyridge  
  Quilava Take Down T Promo  
  Heracross Slash Skyridge  
  Camerupt Fire Spin EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Grovyle Slash EX Ruby & Sapphire  
  Seedot Tackle EX Sandstorm  
  Roselia Sleep Powder EX Dragon  
  Corphish Slash EX Dragon  
  Beldum Tackle EX Hidden Legends  
  Metang Tackle EX Hidden Legends  
  Exeggcute Psybeam EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Voltorb Thundershock EX FireRed & LeafGreen  
  Rocket's Wobbuffet Amnesia EX Team Rocket Returns  
  Electrode Thundershock EX Emerald  
  Aura's Lucario Focus Energy PCG-P Promotional cards  
  Treecko Slash PCG-P Promotional cards  
  Larvitar Tackle EX Unseen Forces  
  Pupitar Rock Throw EX Unseen Forces  
  Holon's Voltorb Thundershock EX Delta Species  
  Machop Mach Punch EX Legend Maker  
  Gastly Smog EX Legend Maker  
  Lileep δ Mud Shot EX Holon Phantoms  
  Omastar δ Bind EX Holon Phantoms  
  Barboach Flail EX Holon Phantoms  
  Sableye Disable EX Crystal Guardians  
  Mew Psyshock POP Series 4  
  Pikachu Spark POP Series 4  
  Ludicolo δ Knock Off EX Crystal Guardians  
  Pikachu Spark POP Series 6  
  Golduck Encore Secret Wonders  
  Kecleon Camouflage Secret Wonders  
  Buneary Double Kick Legends Awakened  
  Shinx Double Kick Legends Awakened  
  Heatran Body Slam POP Series 8  
  Haunter Smog Stormfront  
  Voltorb Thundershock Stormfront  
  Sea's Manaphy Water Gun Sea's Manaphy  
  Regigigas Body Slam POP Series 9  
  Seedot Astonish Rising Rivals  
  Gible Bite Supreme Victors  
  Hippopotas Mud Shot Supreme Victors  
  Treecko Slash Arceus  
  Raichu Spark Undaunted  
  Gardevoir Psybeam Legendary Treasures  
  Piplup Charm Legendary Treasures  

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