Intro Pack Neo (TCG)

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Release date April 6, 2001
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The Intro Pack Neo (Japanese: イントロパック★neo Intro Pack ★Neo) is a Japanese-exclusive Half Deck collection of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


As the name of the set indicates, it was conceived to introduce players to the TCG via Half Decks. It is similar in most respects to the first Intro Pack, except there is no introduction video. The cards included in the set are predominantly a mixture of those from the first Expansion Pack, and the Neo expansions Gold, Silver, to a New World..., Crossing the Ruins..., and Awakening Legends. There are also a number of exclusive cards with newly created character art. As with the cards in the first Intro Pack, these cards have their own numbering system, featuring a number inside a circle. Those found in the Chikorita Deck have a black number in a white circle, while the cards in the Totodile Deck have a white number in a black circle. The only exceptions to this are the cards found in the side decks, which have no number.

In addition to the Half Decks, the set contains a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, and playmat.


  • None of the cards have Rarity symbols (as is the case with the majority of Japanese cards from fixed sets), making these cards more valuable than their normal counterparts.
  • This was the first set to introduce the idea of Half Decks and side decks to offer more play versatility, although they were not officially referred as those at the time. This trend of quick play Half Decks would later prove very popular with Japanese players, with Pre-constructed Deck Half Decks being released alongside many later expansions.

Deck lists

Chikorita Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1 Chikorita  
2 Sunkern  
3 Grass Energy   E
4 Grass Energy   E
5 Fire Energy   E
6 Fighting Energy   E
7 Full Heal T
8 Teddiursa  
9 Grass Energy   E
10 Koffing  
11 Fighting Energy   E
12 Growlithe  
13 Quilava  
14 Fire Energy   E
15 Potion T
16 Cyndaquil  
17 Fire Energy   E
18 Fighting Energy   E
19 Fire Energy   E
20 Bill T
21 Master Ball T
22 Paras  
23 Cyndaquil  
24 Bayleef  
25 Fire Energy   E
26 Grass Energy   E
27 Grass Energy   E
28 Grass Energy   E
29 Grass Energy   E
30 Chikorita  

Chikorita Side Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
Berry T
Energy Stadium T
PlusPower T
Switch T
Metal Energy   E

Totodile Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1 Pikachu  
2 Marill  
3 Hoothoot  
4 Croconaw  
5 Water Energy   E
6 Lightning Energy   E
7 Psychic Energy   E
8 Full Heal T
9 Lightning Energy   E
10 Remoraid  
11 Water Energy   E
12 Psychic Energy   E
13 Water Energy   E
14 Water Energy   E
15 Lightning Energy   E
16 Totodile  
17 Water Energy   E
18 Mareep  
19 Water Energy   E
20 Potion T
21 Totodile  
22 Master Ball T
23 Lightning Energy   E
24 Qwilfish  
25 Bill T
26 Flaaffy  
27 Psychic Energy   E
28 Water Energy   E
29 Lightning Energy   E
30 Mareep  

Totodile Side Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
Berry T
Defender T
Gust of Wind T
Lucky Stadium T
Darkness Energy   E

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