Pokémon Web (TCG)

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Cards in set 48
Set number 12
Release date October 20, 2001

Pokémon Web (Japanese: ポケモンカード★web Pokémon Card★web) is the only main expansion of cards from the web Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. It does not have a main expansion as an English equivalent.


Pokémon Card★web is the only expansion in the Pokémon Card Game web Era. It was released on October 20, 2001.

Pokémon Card★web is composed of reprints of the Expansion Pack, Pokémon Jungle, Mystery of the Fossils, and Rocket Gang expansions, as well as several promotional cards. The cards utilized the card design introduced in Pokémon Card★VS. The set symbol was located on the bottom left of the card. The back of the card also utilized the current "Pokémon" design. Pokémon Power was split into two groups; Poké-Power and Poké-Body. Poké-Powers required activation to use, whereas Poké-Bodies were always active unless blocked by a specific card.

Pokémon Card★web cards could be purchased online exclusively on the Pokémon Center Online. Each pack contained ten cards, nine Non Holofoil and one Holofoil. The cards were packaged in clear plastic with a barcoded cover card featuring the set logo as opposed to traditional foil boosters.

Set list

Pokémon Card★web
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/048   Ivysaur     Promotion
002/048   Nidoran♂     Promotion
003/048   Venonat     Promotion
004/048   Exeggcute     Promotion
005/048   Tangela     Promotion
006/048   Growlithe     Promotion
007/048   Charmeleon     Promotion
008/048   Vulpix     Promotion
009/048   Wartortle     Promotion
010/048   Marill     Promotion
011/048   Voltorb     Promotion
012/048   Slowpoke     Promotion
013/048   Diglett     Promotion
014/048   Hitmonlee     Promotion
015/048   Bill's Teleporter T [Su]   Promotion
016/048   New Pokédex T   Promotion
017/048   Dark Ivysaur     Promotion
018/048   Nidorino     Promotion
019/048   Venomoth     Promotion
020/048   Exeggutor     Promotion
021/048   Dark Weezing     Promotion
022/048   Dark Charmeleon     Promotion
023/048   Arcanine     Promotion
024/048   Dark Wartortle     Promotion
025/048   Surfing Pikachu     Promotion
026/048   Electrode     Promotion
027/048   Dark Kadabra     Promotion
028/048   Dark Slowbro     Promotion
029/048   Dugtrio     Promotion
030/048   Max Revive T   Promotion
031/048   Hyper Devolution Spray T   Promotion
032/048   Pokémon Retransfer T   Promotion
033/048   Nidoking     Promotion
034/048   Ninetales     Promotion
035/048   Magikarp     Promotion
036/048   Raichu     Promotion
037/048   Dark Alakazam     Promotion
038/048   Dragonite     Promotion
039/048   Team Rocket's Meowth     Promotion
040/048   Rocket's Sneak Attack T [Su]   Promotion
041/048   Dark Venusaur     Promotion
042/048   Dark Charizard     Promotion
043/048   Moltres     Promotion
044/048   Dark Blastoise     Promotion
045/048   Articuno     Promotion
046/048   Zapdos     Promotion
047/048   Gengar     Promotion
048/048   Machamp     Promotion

Languages this set is released in

The Pokémon Web set was exclusively released in Japanese, available in both 1st and unlimited edition.


Unique logo used in the bottom-left corner of cards
Pokémon WEB pack insert
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

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