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Next Destinies
サイコドライブ • ヘイルブリザード
SetSymbolNext Destinies.png
BW4 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 103
Japanese: 114
Set number English: 51
Japanese: 46
Release date English: February 8, 2012
Japanese: September 16, 2011
Theme Decks

Explosive Edge (WaterFire)
Voltage Vortex (LightningDarkness)

Red Collection
Psycho Drive • Hail Blizzard
Dark Rush

Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Next Destinies (Japanese: サイコドライブ Psycho Drive and ヘイルブリザード Hail Blizzard) is the name given to the fourth main expansion of cards from the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is the third main expansion from the BW Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. The set continues to feature Generation V Pokémon in the card game.


Expect a Battle-Filled Destiny with Pokémon-EX!

The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White—Next Destinies expansion is loaded with powerful Pokémon-EX to give you extraordinary excitement! Discover great Pokémon like Reshiram-EX and Zekrom-EX, and even Pokémon from beyond the Unova region, like Mewtwo-EX. Next Destinies delivers your destiny: Pokémon with exceptional HP, Special Energy and Trainer cards with expanded powers, and expert strategies to extend your victory streaks!


Psycho Drive •
Hail Blizzard logos

Next Destinies is the name given to the fourth main expansion of the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as the Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard dual expansions that make up the third expansion block in the Pokémon Card Game BW Era. It is based on Pokémon Black and White, featuring Generation V Pokémon. The English expansion was released on February 8, 2012, while the Japanese expansions were released on September 16, 2011. Next Destinies is composed of its Japanese equivalent as well as the Reshiram EX Battle Strength Deck and Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck.

Next Destinies introduced Pokémon-EX, a type of Pokémon. Pokémon-EX are more powerful versions of Pokémon. When a Pokémon-EX is Knocked Out, the opponent takes two Prize cards instead of one. All Pokémon-EX are Basic Pokémon. Pokémon-EX came in two types of prints, Regular card and Full Art card. Regular prints featured part of the Pokémon out of the artwork window border. They lacked the Pokémon's Pokédex number, species, height, and weight. The Pokémon-EX rule box took the place of the Pokédex entry. Part of the artwork, Pokémon-EX rule box and the card border were Holofoil. The whole card had a glossy finish. Full Art prints featured the character art covering the entire card and a special etching treatment not seen in any Trading Card Game companies. Starting from this expansion, the Secret cards depicted Shiny Pokémon. They were reprints of cards released in previous Black & White Series expansions. The Pokémon is Holofoil and a Holofoil type symbol was located in the middle of the attack box.

Next Destinies included Pokémon from outside the Unova region. Next Destinies focused on Castelia City and the surrounding area. As such, much of the artwork featured places around the city, such as Vanillite depicted at the Casteliacone ice cream stand, Simisear in front of the Pokémon Center, and Lapras below the Skyarrow Bridge. Some, such as Grimer in Castelia Sewers, foreshadowed locations that would later became accessible in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
12/99   Arcanine   "Next Destinies" stamp Prerelease promo
12/99   Arcanine   Staff "Next Destinies" stamp Prerelease promo
14/99   Moltres   Pixel Cosmos Holo Plasma Freeze Single Pack Blisters exclusive
14/99   Moltres   Smooth Cosmos Holo Black & White Two Pack Blister and XY Kanto Two Pack Blisters exclusive
20/99   Chandelure   Cracked Ice Holo Dragons Exalted Three Pack Blisters exclusive
20/99   Chandelure   Non Holo Explosive Edge Theme Deck exclusive
21/99   Reshiram   Tinsel Holo Explosive Edge Theme Deck exclusive
27/99   Articuno   Cosmos Holo Black & White Two Pack Blister and XY Kanto Two Pack Blisters exclusive
40/99   Raichu   Cosmos Holo Boundaries Crossed Stage 1 Blisters exclusive
41/99   Zapdos   Cosmos Holo Black & White Two Pack Blister and XY Kanto Two Pack Blisters exclusive
43/99   Shinx   Cracked Ice Holo Dark Explorers Stage 2 Blisters exclusive
46/99   Luxray   Cracked Ice Holo Dark Explorers Stage 2 Blisters exclusive
46/99   Luxray   Cosmos Holo Lightning Gym Collector Pack exclusive
46/99   Luxray   Non Holo Voltage Vortex Theme Deck exclusive
50/99   Zekrom   Tinsel Holo Voltage Vortex Theme Deck exclusive
54/99   Mewtwo    Sheen Holo Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai exclusive
62/99   Beheeyem   Cosmos Holo Boundaries Crossed Stage 1 Blisters exclusive
64/99   Lucario   Cosmos Holo Dark Explorers Stage 1 Blisters exclusive
74/99   Scrafty   Non Holo Voltage Vortex Theme Deck exclusive
79/99   Wigglytuff   Pixel Cosmos Holo Plasma Storm Stage 1 Blisters exclusive
79/99   Wigglytuff   Smooth Cosmos Holo Plasma Storm Rerelease Blisters exclusive
80/99   Meowth   Mirror Reverse Holo Black & White Variety Blisters exclusive
81/99   Persian   Cosmos Holo Dark Explorers Stage 1 Blisters exclusive

Corrected error cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
102/99   Zoroark   Stage 2 Pokémon graphic used between name and HP; erroneous version is more common than the corrected version

Set lists

Next Destinies
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/99   Pinsir     Promotion
2/99   Seedot     Promotion
3/99   Kricketot     Promotion
4/99   Kricketune     Promotion
5/99   Shaymin      Promotion
6/99   Pansage     Promotion
7/99   Simisage     Promotion
8/99   Foongus     Promotion
9/99   Amoonguss     Promotion
10/99   Growlithe     Promotion
11/99   Growlithe     Promotion
12/99   Arcanine     Promotion
13/99   Arcanine     Promotion
14/99   Moltres     Promotion
15/99   Pansear     Promotion
16/99   Simisear     Promotion
17/99   Darumaka     Promotion
18/99   Litwick     Promotion
19/99   Lampent     Promotion
20/99   Chandelure     Promotion
21/99   Reshiram     Promotion
22/99   Reshiram      Promotion
23/99   Staryu     Promotion
24/99   Starmie     Promotion
25/99   Lapras     Promotion
26/99   Lapras     Promotion
27/99   Articuno     Promotion
28/99   Panpour     Promotion
29/99   Simipour     Promotion
30/99   Basculin     Promotion
31/99   Vanillite     Promotion
32/99   Vanillish     Promotion
33/99   Vanilluxe     Promotion
34/99   Frillish     Promotion
35/99   Jellicent     Promotion
36/99   Cubchoo     Promotion
37/99   Beartic     Promotion
38/99   Kyurem      Promotion
39/99   Pikachu     Promotion
40/99   Raichu     Promotion
41/99   Zapdos     Promotion
42/99   Shinx     Promotion
43/99   Shinx     Promotion
44/99   Luxio     Promotion
45/99   Luxio     Promotion
46/99   Luxray     Promotion
47/99   Blitzle     Promotion
48/99   Zebstrika     Promotion
49/99   Emolga     Promotion
50/99   Zekrom     Promotion
51/99   Zekrom      Promotion
52/99   Grimer     Promotion
53/99   Muk     Promotion
54/99   Mewtwo      Promotion
55/99   Ralts     Promotion
56/99   Kirlia     Promotion
57/99   Gardevoir     Promotion
58/99   Munna     Promotion
59/99   Musharna     Promotion
60/99   Darmanitan     Promotion
61/99   Elgyem     Promotion
62/99   Beheeyem     Promotion
63/99   Riolu     Promotion
64/99   Lucario     Promotion
65/99   Hippopotas     Promotion
66/99   Hippowdon     Promotion
67/99   Mienfoo     Promotion
68/99   Mienshao     Promotion
69/99   Sneasel     Promotion
70/99   Weavile     Promotion
71/99   Nuzleaf     Promotion
72/99   Shiftry     Promotion
73/99   Scraggy     Promotion
74/99   Scrafty     Promotion
75/99   Bronzor     Promotion
76/99   Bronzong     Promotion
77/99   Ferroseed     Promotion
78/99   Jigglypuff     Promotion
79/99   Wigglytuff     Promotion
80/99   Meowth     Promotion
81/99   Persian     Promotion
82/99   Regigigas      Promotion
83/99   Pidove     Promotion
84/99   Minccino     Promotion
85/99   Cinccino     Promotion
86/99   Cilan Su   Promotion
87/99   Exp. Share I   Promotion
88/99   Heavy Ball I   Promotion
89/99   Level Ball I   Promotion
90/99   Pokémon Center St   Promotion
91/99   Skyarrow Bridge St   Promotion
92/99   Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
93/99   Prism Energy   E   Promotion
94/99   Shaymin      Promotion
95/99   Reshiram      Promotion
96/99   Kyurem      Promotion
97/99   Zekrom      Promotion
98/99   Mewtwo      Promotion
99/99   Regigigas      Promotion
100/99   Emboar     Promotion
101/99   Chandelure     Promotion
102/99   Zoroark     Promotion
103/99   Hydreigon     Promotion

Psycho Drive
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/052   Pinsir     Promotion
002/052   Seedot     Promotion
003/052   Kricketot     Promotion
004/052   Kricketune     Promotion
005/052   Shaymin      Promotion
006/052   Sewaddle     Promotion
007/052   Swadloon     Promotion
008/052   Leavanny     Promotion
009/052   Moltres     Promotion
010/052   Pansear     Promotion
011/052   Simisear     Promotion
012/052   Staryu     Promotion
013/052   Starmie     Promotion
014/052   Articuno     Promotion
015/052   Kyogre      Promotion
016/052   Panpour     Promotion
017/052   Simipour     Promotion
018/052   Basculin     Promotion
019/052   Frillish     Promotion
020/052   Jellicent     Promotion
021/052   Shinx     Promotion
022/052   Luxio     Promotion
023/052   Luxray     Promotion
024/052   Blitzle     Promotion
025/052   Zebstrika     Promotion
026/052   Grimer     Promotion
027/052   Muk     Promotion
028/052   Mewtwo      Promotion
029/052   Munna     Promotion
030/052   Musharna     Promotion
031/052   Solosis     Promotion
032/052   Duosion     Promotion
033/052   Reuniclus     Promotion
034/052   Timburr     Promotion
035/052   Gurdurr     Promotion
036/052   Conkeldurr     Promotion
037/052   Mienfoo     Promotion
038/052   Mienshao     Promotion
039/052   Nuzleaf     Promotion
040/052   Shiftry     Promotion
041/052   Scraggy     Promotion
042/052   Scrafty     Promotion
043/052   Ferroseed     Promotion
044/052   Ferrothorn     Promotion
045/052   Meowth     Promotion
046/052   Persian     Promotion
047/052   Minccino     Promotion
048/052   Cinccino     Promotion
049/052   Level Ball I   Promotion
050/052   Exp. Share I   Promotion
051/052   Skyarrow Bridge St   Promotion
052/052   Prism Energy   E   Promotion
053/052   Shaymin      Promotion
054/052   Kyogre      Promotion
055/052   Mewtwo      Promotion
056/052   Zoroark     Promotion
057/052   Hydreigon     Promotion

Hail Blizzard
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/052   Pansage     Promotion
002/052   Simisage     Promotion
003/052   Petilil     Promotion
004/052   Lilligant     Promotion
005/052   Deerling     Promotion
006/052   Sawsbuck     Promotion
007/052   Foongus     Promotion
008/052   Amoonguss     Promotion
009/052   Growlithe     Promotion
010/052   Arcanine     Promotion
011/052   Darumaka     Promotion
012/052   Litwick     Promotion
013/052   Lampent     Promotion
014/052   Chandelure     Promotion
015/052   Lapras     Promotion
016/052   Vanillite     Promotion
017/052   Vanillish     Promotion
018/052   Vanilluxe     Promotion
019/052   Cubchoo     Promotion
020/052   Beartic     Promotion
021/052   Cryogonal     Promotion
022/052   Kyurem      Promotion
023/052   Pikachu     Promotion
024/052   Raichu     Promotion
025/052   Zapdos     Promotion
026/052   Ralts     Promotion
027/052   Kirlia     Promotion
028/052   Gardevoir     Promotion
029/052   Darmanitan     Promotion
030/052   Elgyem     Promotion
031/052   Beheeyem     Promotion
032/052   Groudon      Promotion
033/052   Riolu     Promotion
034/052   Lucario     Promotion
035/052   Hippopotas     Promotion
036/052   Hippowdon     Promotion
037/052   Sneasel     Promotion
038/052   Weavile     Promotion
039/052   Bronzor     Promotion
040/052   Bronzong     Promotion
041/052   Pawniard     Promotion
042/052   Bisharp     Promotion
043/052   Jigglypuff     Promotion
044/052   Wigglytuff     Promotion
045/052   Regigigas      Promotion
046/052   Pidove     Promotion
047/052   Tranquill     Promotion
048/052   Unfezant     Promotion
049/052   Heavy Ball I   Promotion
050/052   Cilan Su   Promotion
051/052   Pokémon Center St   Promotion
052/052   Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
053/052   Kyurem      Promotion
054/052   Groudon      Promotion
055/052   Regigigas      Promotion
056/052   Emboar     Promotion
057/052   Chandelure     Promotion


English Mewtwo pack
English Regigigas pack
English Reshiram pack
English Zekrom pack
Japanese Psycho Drive pack
Japanese Hail Blizzard pack
Japanese Psycho Drive
booster box
Japanese Hail Blizzard
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Psycho Drive and Hail Blizzard sets are released in Japanese and Korean. The Japanese set is available in both 1st and unlimited edition, and the Korean set is only available in unlimited edition. The Next Destinies set is released in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Cards in the English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish sets were also available as Reverse Holos. The Portuguese version of this set lacked any Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Destinées Futures
  German Kommende Schicksale
  Italian Destini Futuri
  Korean 사이코 드라이브 Psycho Drive
헤일 블리자드 Hail Blizzard
  Brazilian Portuguese Próximos Destinos
  Russian Будущие Судьбы Budushchiye Sud'by
  Spanish Próximos Destinos

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