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Legendary Treasures
SetSymbolLegendary Treasures.png
BW11 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 140
Japanese: 99
Set number English: 58
Japanese: —
Release date English: November 6, 2013
Japanese: July 13, 2013
Shiny Collection
EX Battle Boost
Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis

Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Legendary Treasures (Japanese: コンセプトパック EXバトルブースト Concept Pack EX Battle Boost) is the name given to the eleventh and final main expansion of cards from the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released as the third and final subset from the BW Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. The set continues to feature Generation V Pokémon and Pokémon-EX in the card game.


EX Marks the Spot

Legends lost are recovered, buried treasures are found, and in the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Legendary Treasures expansion, Pokémon as you've never seen them will dazzle you! Discover new Pokémon-EX, as well as the return of mighty champions. Find new Trainer cards to revolutionize your battle strategy! Command your forces and drive onward to victory! Locate the scattered jewels of the Radiant Collection! And, above all, hunt for the golden glimmers that signify an amazing find...


EX Battle Boost logo

Legendary Treasures is the name given to the eleventh and final main expansion of the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as EX Battle Boost, the third and final subset in the Pokémon Card Game BW Era. It is based on Pokémon Black and White, featuring Generation V Pokémon. The English expansion was released on November 6, 2013, while the Japanese subset was released on July 13, 2013. Legendary Treasures is composed of its Japanese equivalent as well as the Mewtwo vs Genesect Deck Kit. It also featured the Radiant Collection subset from the Japanese Shiny Collection subset.

Legendary Treasures featured reprints with alternate artwork from throughout the entirety of the Black & White Series, while ten Pokémon-EX were direct reprints from previous expansions. Radiant Collection cards have a special coating and foil patterns, in addition to having their own numbering scheme (numbered as RC##/RC25).

Legendary Treasures introduced entirely gold Full Art cards. Cards in EX Battle Boost have no rarity symbols.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
15/113   Virizion   Non Holo Battle Arena Deck—Mega Blastoise exclusive
17/113   Charmander   Build-A-Bear Workshop stamp promo
19/113   Charizard   Cosmos Holo Mega Charizard Collection/Mega Charizard Box exclusive
23/113   Victini   Non Holo Battle Arena Decks: Rayquaza vs. Keldeo exclusive
27/113   Emboar   Non Holo Battle Arena Deck—Mega Charizard X exclusive
43/113   Kyurem   Non Holo Battle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem exclusive
46/113   Zapdos   Non Holo Battle Arena Decks: Rayquaza vs. Keldeo exclusive
50/113   Thundurus   Non Holo Battle Arena Decks: Black Kyurem vs. White Kyurem exclusive
80/113   Lucario   Cosmos Holo Mega Lucario Collection exclusive
90/113   Zoroark   Cosmos Holo Furious Fists Single Pack Blisters exclusive
90/113   Zoroark   Non Holo Battle Arena Decks: Mewtwo vs. Darkrai exclusive
97/113   Deino   1st Place Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Yveltal/Chesnaught Season League Challenge promo
97/113   Deino   2nd Place Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Yveltal/Chesnaught Season League Challenge promo
97/113   Deino   3rd Place Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Yveltal/Chesnaught Season League Challenge promo
97/113   Deino   4th Place Crosshatch Holo Pokémon League Yveltal/Chesnaught Season League Challenge promo
109/113   Bianca Su Mirror Holo Pokémon League Froakie Season (January 2014)

Set lists

Legendary Treasures
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/113   Tangela     Promotion
2/113   Tangrowth     Promotion
3/113   Shuckle     Promotion
4/113   Cherubi     Promotion
5/113   Carnivine     Promotion
6/113   Snivy     Promotion
7/113   Servine     Promotion
8/113   Serperior     Promotion
9/113   Sewaddle     Promotion
10/113   Sewaddle     Promotion
11/113   Swadloon     Promotion
12/113   Leavanny     Promotion
13/113   Dwebble     Promotion
14/113   Crustle     Promotion
15/113   Virizion     Promotion
16/113   Genesect     Promotion
17/113   Charmander     Promotion
18/113   Charmeleon     Promotion
19/113   Charizard     Promotion
20/113   Vulpix     Promotion
21/113   Ninetales     Promotion
22/113   Moltres     Promotion
23/113   Victini     Promotion
24/113   Victini      Promotion
25/113   Tepig     Promotion
26/113   Pignite     Promotion
27/113   Emboar     Promotion
28/113   Reshiram     Promotion
29/113   Reshiram      Promotion
30/113   Magikarp     Promotion
31/113   Gyarados     Promotion
32/113   Articuno     Promotion
33/113   Piplup     Promotion
34/113   Prinplup     Promotion
35/113   Empoleon     Promotion
36/113   Phione     Promotion
37/113   Oshawott     Promotion
38/113   Dewott     Promotion
39/113   Samurott     Promotion
40/113   Tympole     Promotion
41/113   Palpitoad     Promotion
42/113   Seismitoad     Promotion
43/113   Kyurem     Promotion
44/113   Kyurem      Promotion
45/113   Keldeo      Promotion
46/113   Zapdos     Promotion
47/113   Plusle     Promotion
48/113   Minun     Promotion
49/113   Emolga     Promotion
50/113   Thundurus     Promotion
51/113   Zekrom     Promotion
52/113   Zekrom      Promotion
53/113   Mewtwo     Promotion
54/113   Mewtwo      Promotion
55/113   Natu     Promotion
56/113   Xatu     Promotion
57/113   Misdreavus     Promotion
58/113   Mismagius     Promotion
59/113   Ralts     Promotion
60/113   Kirlia     Promotion
61/113   Sableye     Promotion
62/113   Croagunk     Promotion
63/113   Toxicroak     Promotion
64/113   Woobat     Promotion
65/113   Swoobat     Promotion
66/113   Sigilyph     Promotion
67/113   Trubbish     Promotion
68/113   Garbodor     Promotion
69/113   Gothita     Promotion
70/113   Gothita     Promotion
71/113   Gothorita     Promotion
72/113   Gothitelle     Promotion
73/113   Solosis     Promotion
74/113   Solosis     Promotion
75/113   Duosion     Promotion
76/113   Reuniclus     Promotion
77/113   Chandelure      Promotion
78/113   Meloetta     Promotion
79/113   Riolu     Promotion
80/113   Lucario     Promotion
81/113   Gallade     Promotion
82/113   Excadrill      Promotion
83/113   Stunfisk     Promotion
84/113   Terrakion     Promotion
85/113   Landorus     Promotion
86/113   Meloetta     Promotion
87/113   Spiritomb     Promotion
88/113   Darkrai      Promotion
89/113   Zorua     Promotion
90/113   Zoroark     Promotion
91/113   Cobalion     Promotion
92/113   Altaria     Promotion
93/113   Rayquaza     Promotion
94/113   Gible     Promotion
95/113   Gabite     Promotion
96/113   Garchomp     Promotion
97/113   Deino     Promotion
98/113   Zweilous     Promotion
99/113   Hydreigon     Promotion
100/113   Black Kyurem      Promotion
101/113   White Kyurem      Promotion
102/113   Lugia      Promotion
103/113   Swablu     Promotion
104/113   Minccino     Promotion
105/113   Cinccino     Promotion
106/113   Druddigon     Promotion
107/113   Bouffalant     Promotion
108/113   Tornadus     Promotion
109/113   Bianca Su   Promotion
110/113   Cedric Juniper Su   Promotion
111/113   Crushing Hammer I   Promotion
112/113   Energy Switch I   Promotion
113/113   Double Colorless Energy   E   Promotion
114/113   Reshiram     Promotion
115/113   Zekrom     Promotion

Radiant Collection
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
RC1/RC25   Snivy     Promotion
RC2/RC25   Servine     Promotion
RC3/RC25   Serperior     Promotion
RC4/RC25   Growlithe     Promotion
RC5/RC25   Torchic     Promotion
RC6/RC25   Piplup     Promotion
RC7/RC25   Pikachu     Promotion
RC8/RC25   Ralts     Promotion
RC9/RC25   Kirlia     Promotion
RC10/RC25   Gardevoir     Promotion
RC11/RC25   Meloetta      Promotion
RC12/RC25   Stunfisk     Promotion
RC13/RC25   Purrloin     Promotion
RC14/RC25   Eevee     Promotion
RC15/RC25   Teddiursa     Promotion
RC16/RC25   Ursaring     Promotion
RC17/RC25   Audino     Promotion
RC18/RC25   Minccino     Promotion
RC19/RC25   Cinccino     Promotion
RC20/RC25   Elesa Su   Promotion
RC21/RC25   Shaymin      Promotion
RC22/RC25   Reshiram     Promotion
RC23/RC25   Emolga     Promotion
RC24/RC25   Mew      Promotion
RC25/RC25   Meloetta      Promotion

EX Battle Boost
No. Image Card name Type
001/093   Shuckle     Promotion
002/093   Snivy     Promotion
003/093   Servine     Promotion
004/093   Serperior     Promotion
005/093   Sewaddle     Promotion
006/093   Swadloon     Promotion
007/093   Leavanny     Promotion
008/093   Virizion     Promotion
009/093   Charmander     Promotion
010/093   Charmeleon     Promotion
011/093   Charizard     Promotion
012/093   Vulpix     Promotion
013/093   Ninetales     Promotion
014/093   Moltres     Promotion
015/093   Victini     Promotion
016/093   Victini      Promotion
017/093   Tepig     Promotion
018/093   Pignite     Promotion
019/093   Emboar     Promotion
020/093   Reshiram     Promotion
021/093   Reshiram      Promotion
022/093   Magikarp     Promotion
023/093   Gyarados     Promotion
024/093   Articuno     Promotion
025/093   Piplup     Promotion
026/093   Prinplup     Promotion
027/093   Empoleon     Promotion
028/093   Phione     Promotion
029/093   Oshawott     Promotion
030/093   Dewott     Promotion
031/093   Samurott     Promotion
032/093   Tympole     Promotion
033/093   Palpitoad     Promotion
034/093   Seismitoad     Promotion
035/093   Kyurem     Promotion
036/093   Kyurem      Promotion
037/093   Keldeo      Promotion
038/093   Zapdos     Promotion
039/093   Plusle     Promotion
040/093   Minun     Promotion
041/093   Emolga     Promotion
042/093   Thundurus     Promotion
043/093   Zekrom     Promotion
044/093   Zekrom      Promotion
045/093   Mewtwo      Promotion
046/093   Natu     Promotion
047/093   Xatu     Promotion
048/093   Ralts     Promotion
049/093   Kirlia     Promotion
050/093   Croagunk     Promotion
051/093   Toxicroak     Promotion
052/093   Sigilyph     Promotion
053/093   Trubbish     Promotion
054/093   Garbodor     Promotion
055/093   Gothita     Promotion
056/093   Gothorita     Promotion
057/093   Gothitelle     Promotion
058/093   Solosis     Promotion
059/093   Duosion     Promotion
060/093   Reuniclus     Promotion
061/093   Chandelure      Promotion
062/093   Meloetta     Promotion
063/093   Riolu     Promotion
064/093   Lucario     Promotion
065/093   Gallade     Promotion
066/093   Excadrill      Promotion
067/093   Stunfisk     Promotion
068/093   Terrakion     Promotion
069/093   Landorus     Promotion
070/093   Meloetta     Promotion
071/093   Spiritomb     Promotion
072/093   Darkrai      Promotion
073/093   Zorua     Promotion
074/093   Zoroark     Promotion
075/093   Cobalion     Promotion
076/093   Altaria     Promotion
077/093   Rayquaza     Promotion
078/093   Gible     Promotion
079/093   Gabite     Promotion
080/093   Garchomp     Promotion
081/093   Deino     Promotion
082/093   Zweilous     Promotion
083/093   Hydreigon     Promotion
084/093   Black Kyurem      Promotion
085/093   White Kyurem      Promotion
086/093   Lugia      Promotion
087/093   Swablu     Promotion
088/093   Minccino     Promotion
089/093   Cinccino     Promotion
090/093   Druddigon     Promotion
091/093   Bouffalant     Promotion
092/093   Tornadus     Promotion
093/093   Cedric Juniper Su   Promotion
094/093   Reshiram     Promotion
095/093   Zekrom     Promotion
096/093   Imakuni? Su   Promotion
097/093   Pokémon Enterprise Su   Promotion
098/093   Pokémon Enterprise Su   Promotion
099/093   Pokémon Enterprise Su   Promotion


English Mewtwo pack
English Reshiram pack
English Zekrom pack
English Genesect pack
Japanese EX Battle Boost pack
English Legendary Treasures
booster box
Japanese EX Battle Boost
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The EX Battle Boost set is released in Japanese and Korean. The Japanese set is available in both 1st and unlimited edition, and the Korean set is only available in unlimited edition. The Legendary Treasures set is only released in English. The English, Japanese, and Korean sets also had cards available as Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Trésors Légendaires *
  Korean EX 배틀 부스트 EX Battle Boost
  Brazilian Portuguese Tesouros Lendários
  Russian Легендарные сокровища Legendarnyye sokrovishcha
  Spanish Tesoros Legendarios *

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