Keldeo Battle Strength Deck (TCG)

バトル強化デッキ30 ケルディオ
Box art
Release date April 20, 2012
Types used WaterMetalDarkness

The Keldeo Battle Strength Deck (Japanese: バトル強化デッキ30 ケルディオ Battle Strength Deck Keldeo) is a Japanese-exclusive Half Deck released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The Keldeo Battle Strength Deck was released shortly after the Dragon Blast/Dragon Blade expansion. The Half Deck focuses on the Legendary Pokémon Keldeo, and features three types: Water-type, Metal-type, and Darkness-type. The Battle Strength Deck also includes a "How to Play Easy Guide" and a "Battle Strength Guide" that includes tips for bolstering decks.

Deck list

Keldeo Battle Strength Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Psyduck  
002/015 Golduck  
003/015 Cryogonal  
004/015 Keldeo  
005/015 Vullaby  
006/015 Mandibuzz  
007/015 Skarmory  
008/015 Klink  
009/015 Energy Search I
010/015 Great Ball I
011/015 Switch I
012/015 Rocky Helmet I
013/015 Eviolite I
014/015 Cheren Su
015/015 Bianca Su
Water Energy   E
Metal Energy   E
Darkness Energy   E

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