National Beginning Set (TCG)

はじめてセット 全国図鑑版
National Beginning Set box art
Release date April 20, 2012
Coin HSZ Gold Pikachu Coin.png

The National Pokédex Beginning Set (Japanese: はじめてセット 全国図鑑版セット) is a Japanese-exclusive Half Deck Deck Kit released in the BW era of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The National Pokédex Beginning Set is a very similar release to the earlier Beginning Set Deck Kit: both have three Half Decks based on the Generation V first partner Pokémon Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott; both also contain the same assortment of game essentials. This release deviates from the Beginning Set by, as the name suggests, containing Pokémon from all generations. Each Half Deck shares a collective numbering system and set symbol. The Half Decks are further identified by featuring colored silhouettes of the appropriate first partner Pokémon. The Holofoil cards use the bubble foil pattern previously used on cards from the Beginning Set. In addition to the Half Decks, each set contains damage counters, a custom coin, and playmat, as well as how to play DVDs and manuals.

Deck lists

Snivy Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
001/034 Shaymin  
002/034 Snivy  
003/034 Servine  
004/034 Serperior  
017/034 Wobbuffet  
018/034 Croagunk  
019/034 Gothita  
020/034 Gothorita  
026/034 Farfetch'd  
029/034 Taillow  
031/034 Potion I
032/034 Switch I
033/034 Poké Ball I
034/034 Cheren Su
Grass Energy   E
Psychic Energy   E

Tepig Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
005/034 Victini  
006/034 Tepig  
007/034 Pignite  
008/034 Emboar  
021/034 Makuhita  
022/034 Riolu  
023/034 Lucario  
024/034 Mienfoo  
025/034 Meowth  
027/034 Snorlax  
031/034 Potion I
032/034 Switch I
033/034 Poké Ball I
034/034 Cheren Su
Fire Energy   E
Fighting Energy   E

Oshawott Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
009/034 Oshawott  
010/034 Dewott  
011/034 Samurott  
012/034 Keldeo  
013/034 Pikachu  
014/034 Voltorb  
015/034 Electrode  
016/034 Chinchou  
028/034 Togepi  
030/034 Spinda  
031/034 Potion I
032/034 Switch I
033/034 Poké Ball I
034/034 Cheren Su
Water Energy   E
Lightning Energy   E

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