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Dragons Exalted
リューズブラスト •
SetSymbolDragons Exalted.png
BW6 Logo EN.png
Cards in set English: 128
Japanese: 110
Set number English: 53
Japanese: 48
Release date English: August 15, 2012
Japanese: March 16, 2012
Theme Decks

DragonSpeed (WaterFightingDragon)
DragonSnarl (PsychicDarknessDragon)

Dark Rush
Dragon Blast • Dragon Blade
Freeze Bolt • Cold Flare

Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Dragons Exalted (Japanese: リューズブラスト Dragon Blast and リューノブレード Dragon Blade) is the name given to the sixth main expansion of cards from the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is the fifth main expansion from the BW Era of the Pokémon Card Game in Japan. The set continues to feature Generation V Pokémon and Pokémon-EX in the card game.


The Time of Dragons Is Now! Can you Command Them?

The might of dragons is yours to control in a way that can change your game forever—as a brand-new Energy type! Rayquaza, Giratina, Hydreigon. Few Pokémon inspire awe and wonder like Dragon-type Pokémon, and in the Dragons Exalted expansion, they come ready to rule the game! And with a grand mix of all-new Pokémon-EX and a horde of Dragon-type Pokémon to take to the skies and take the battlefield by storm, plus new Trainer cards and new Special Energy cards, you'll be ready for the roar of dragons and the glory of battle!


Dragon Blast •
Dragon Blade logos

Dragons Exalted is the name given to the sixth main expansion of the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In Japan, it was released as the Dragon Blast and Dragon Blade dual expansions that make up the fifth expansion block in the Pokémon Card Game BW Era. It is based on Pokémon Black and White, featuring Generation V Pokémon. The English expansion was released on August 15, 2012, while the Japanese expansions were released on March 16, 2012. Dragons Exalted is composed of its Japanese equivalent as well as the Hydreigon Half Deck and Garchomp Half Deck.

Dragons Exalted introduced the Dragon-types. As there is no Dragon-type Energy, attacks of these Pokémon require Energy cards of the other types.

Magmortar featured different illustrations in the English release and the Japanese release. It originally depicted Magmortar pointing its cannon directly at the viewer and was changed to Magmortar holding one of its cannons in the English print.

Additional cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
22/124   Ho-Oh    Sheen Holo Ho-Oh Legendary Battle Deck exclusive
24/124   Gyarados   Cosmos Holo XY Three Pack Blisters exclusive
28/124   Milotic   Cosmos Holo Water Gym Collector Pack exclusive
28/124   Milotic   Non Holo DragonSpeed Theme Deck exclusive
40/124   Ampharos   Cosmos Holo Legendary Treasures Single Pack Blisters exclusive
52/124   Sigilyph   Cosmos Holo Psychic Gym Collector Pack exclusive
52/124   Sigilyph   Non Holo Lugia Legendary Battle Deck exclusive
59/124   Golurk   Non Holo DragonSnarl Theme Deck exclusive
80/124   Aggron   Cosmos Holo Legendary Treasures Single Pack Blisters exclusive
85/124   Rayquaza    Sheen Holo Battle Arena Decks: Rayquaza vs. Keldeo exclusive
91/124   Garchomp   Cracked Ice Holo DragonSpeed Theme Deck exclusive
91/124   Garchomp   Cosmos Holo XY Two Pack Blisters and XY Knock Out Collection exclusive
98/124   Hydreigon   Cracked Ice Holo DragonSnarl Theme Deck exclusive
98/124   Hydreigon   Cosmos Holo XY Two Pack Blisters and XY Knock Out Collection exclusive
117/124   Blend Energy GRPD   E Crosshatch Holo 2012 Player Rewards (Tier 2)
118/124   Blend Energy WLFM   E Crosshatch Holo 2012 Player Rewards (Tier 2)

Corrected error cards
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
1/124   Hoppip   Early prints had the Pokédex entry for Skiploom instead of Hoppip

Set lists

Dragons Exalted
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/124   Hoppip     Promotion
2/124   Skiploom     Promotion
3/124   Jumpluff     Promotion
4/124   Yanma     Promotion
5/124   Yanmega     Promotion
6/124   Wurmple     Promotion
7/124   Silcoon     Promotion
8/124   Beautifly     Promotion
9/124   Cascoon     Promotion
10/124   Nincada     Promotion
11/124   Ninjask     Promotion
12/124   Roselia     Promotion
13/124   Roselia     Promotion
14/124   Roserade     Promotion
15/124   Roserade     Promotion
16/124   Maractus     Promotion
17/124   Foongus     Promotion
18/124   Vulpix     Promotion
19/124   Ninetales     Promotion
20/124   Magmar     Promotion
21/124   Magmortar     Promotion
22/124   Ho-Oh      Promotion
23/124   Magikarp     Promotion
24/124   Gyarados     Promotion
25/124   Wailmer     Promotion
26/124   Wailord     Promotion
27/124   Feebas     Promotion
28/124   Milotic     Promotion
29/124   Spheal     Promotion
30/124   Sealeo     Promotion
31/124   Walrein     Promotion
32/124   Buizel     Promotion
33/124   Floatzel     Promotion
34/124   Tympole     Promotion
35/124   Palpitoad     Promotion
36/124   Seismitoad     Promotion
37/124   Alomomola     Promotion
38/124   Mareep     Promotion
39/124   Flaaffy     Promotion
40/124   Ampharos     Promotion
41/124   Electrike     Promotion
42/124   Electrike     Promotion
43/124   Manectric     Promotion
44/124   Manectric     Promotion
45/124   Emolga     Promotion
46/124   Mew      Promotion
47/124   Dustox     Promotion
48/124   Shedinja     Promotion
49/124   Drifloon     Promotion
50/124   Drifloon     Promotion
51/124   Drifblim     Promotion
52/124   Sigilyph     Promotion
53/124   Trubbish     Promotion
54/124   Garbodor     Promotion
55/124   Gothita     Promotion
56/124   Gothorita     Promotion
57/124   Gothitelle     Promotion
58/124   Golett     Promotion
59/124   Golurk     Promotion
60/124   Cubone     Promotion
61/124   Marowak     Promotion
62/124   Nosepass     Promotion
63/124   Baltoy     Promotion
64/124   Claydol     Promotion
65/124   Roggenrola     Promotion
66/124   Boldore     Promotion
67/124   Gigalith     Promotion
68/124   Throh     Promotion
69/124   Sawk     Promotion
70/124   Stunfisk     Promotion
71/124   Terrakion      Promotion
72/124   Murkrow     Promotion
73/124   Honchkrow     Promotion
74/124   Houndour     Promotion
75/124   Houndoom     Promotion
76/124   Stunky     Promotion
77/124   Skuntank     Promotion
78/124   Aron     Promotion
79/124   Lairon     Promotion
80/124   Aggron     Promotion
81/124   Registeel      Promotion
82/124   Probopass     Promotion
83/124   Durant     Promotion
84/124   Altaria     Promotion
85/124   Rayquaza      Promotion
86/124   Gible     Promotion
87/124   Gible     Promotion
88/124   Gabite     Promotion
89/124   Gabite     Promotion
90/124   Garchomp     Promotion
91/124   Garchomp     Promotion
92/124   Giratina      Promotion
93/124   Deino     Promotion
94/124   Deino     Promotion
95/124   Zweilous     Promotion
96/124   Zweilous     Promotion
97/124   Hydreigon     Promotion
98/124   Hydreigon     Promotion
99/124   Aipom     Promotion
100/124   Ambipom     Promotion
101/124   Slakoth     Promotion
102/124   Vigoroth     Promotion
103/124   Slaking     Promotion
104/124   Swablu     Promotion
105/124   Swablu     Promotion
106/124   Bidoof     Promotion
107/124   Bibarel     Promotion
108/124   Audino     Promotion
109/124   Minccino     Promotion
110/124   Bouffalant     Promotion
111/124   Rufflet     Promotion
112/124   Braviary     Promotion
113/124   Devolution Spray I   Promotion
114/124   Giant Cape I   Promotion
115/124   Rescue Scarf I   Promotion
116/124   Tool Scrapper I   Promotion
117/124   Blend Energy        E   Promotion
118/124   Blend Energy        E   Promotion
119/124   Ho-Oh      Promotion
120/124   Mew      Promotion
121/124   Terrakion      Promotion
122/124   Registeel      Promotion
123/124   Rayquaza      Promotion
124/124   Giratina      Promotion
125/124   Serperior     Promotion
126/124   Reuniclus     Promotion
127/124   Krookodile     Promotion
128/124   Rayquaza     Promotion

Dragon Blast
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/050   Yanma     Promotion
002/050   Yanmega     Promotion
003/050   Wurmple     Promotion
004/050   Silcoon     Promotion
005/050   Beautifly     Promotion
006/050   Cascoon     Promotion
007/050   Roselia     Promotion
008/050   Roserade     Promotion
009/050   Vulpix     Promotion
010/050   Ninetales     Promotion
011/050   Wailmer     Promotion
012/050   Wailord     Promotion
013/050   Buizel     Promotion
014/050   Floatzel     Promotion
015/050   Tympole     Promotion
016/050   Palpitoad     Promotion
017/050   Seismitoad     Promotion
018/050   Alomomola     Promotion
019/050   Mareep     Promotion
020/050   Flaaffy     Promotion
021/050   Ampharos     Promotion
022/050   Mew      Promotion
023/050   Dustox     Promotion
024/050   Drifloon     Promotion
025/050   Drifblim     Promotion
026/050   Sigilyph     Promotion
027/050   Trubbish     Promotion
028/050   Garbodor     Promotion
029/050   Baltoy     Promotion
030/050   Claydol     Promotion
031/050   Stunfisk     Promotion
032/050   Terrakion      Promotion
033/050   Murkrow     Promotion
034/050   Honchkrow     Promotion
035/050   Aron     Promotion
036/050   Lairon     Promotion
037/050   Aggron     Promotion
038/050   Durant     Promotion
039/050   Giratina      Promotion
040/050   Deino     Promotion
041/050   Zweilous     Promotion
042/050   Hydreigon     Promotion
043/050   Aipom     Promotion
044/050   Ambipom     Promotion
045/050   Bidoof     Promotion
046/050   Bibarel     Promotion
047/050   Audino     Promotion
048/050   Devolution Spray I   Promotion
049/050   Rescue Scarf I   Promotion
050/050   Blend Energy GRPD   E   Promotion
051/050   Mew      Promotion
052/050   Terrakion      Promotion
053/050   Giratina      Promotion
054/050   Reuniclus     Promotion
055/050   Rayquaza     Promotion

Dragon Blade
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
001/050   Hoppip     Promotion
002/050   Skiploom     Promotion
003/050   Jumpluff     Promotion
004/050   Nincada     Promotion
005/050   Ninjask     Promotion
006/050   Maractus     Promotion
007/050   Magmar     Promotion
008/050   Magmortar     Promotion
009/050   Ho-Oh      Promotion
010/050   Feebas     Promotion
011/050   Milotic     Promotion
012/050   Spheal     Promotion
013/050   Sealeo     Promotion
014/050   Walrein     Promotion
015/050   Electrike     Promotion
016/050   Manectric     Promotion
017/050   Emolga     Promotion
018/050   Shedinja     Promotion
019/050   Gothita     Promotion
020/050   Gothorita     Promotion
021/050   Gothitelle     Promotion
022/050   Golett     Promotion
023/050   Golurk     Promotion
024/050   Cubone     Promotion
025/050   Marowak     Promotion
026/050   Nosepass     Promotion
027/050   Roggenrola     Promotion
028/050   Boldore     Promotion
029/050   Gigalith     Promotion
030/050   Throh     Promotion
031/050   Sawk     Promotion
032/050   Stunky     Promotion
033/050   Skuntank     Promotion
034/050   Registeel      Promotion
035/050   Probopass     Promotion
036/050   Altaria     Promotion
037/050   Rayquaza      Promotion
038/050   Gible     Promotion
039/050   Gabite     Promotion
040/050   Garchomp     Promotion
041/050   Slakoth     Promotion
042/050   Vigoroth     Promotion
043/050   Slaking     Promotion
044/050   Swablu     Promotion
045/050   Bouffalant     Promotion
046/050   Rufflet     Promotion
047/050   Braviary     Promotion
048/050   Tool Scrapper I   Promotion
049/050   Giant Cape I   Promotion
050/050   Blend Energy WLFM   E   Promotion
051/050   Ho-Oh      Promotion
052/050   Registeel      Promotion
053/050   Rayquaza      Promotion
054/050   Serperior     Promotion
055/050   Krookodile     Promotion


English Gyarados pack
English Rayquaza pack
English Giratina pack
English Terrakion pack
Japanese Dragon Blast pack
Japanese Dragon Blade pack
Japanese Dragon Blast
booster box
Japanese Dragon Blade
booster box
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins
The Sneak-Peek Tins

Languages this set is released in

The Dragon Blast and Dragon Blade sets are released in Japanese and Korean. The Japanese set is available in both 1st and unlimited edition, and the Korean set is only available in unlimited edition. Cards in the English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish sets were also available as Reverse Holos. The Portuguese version of this set lacked any Reverse Holos.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Dragons Exaltés
  German Hoheit der Drachen
  Italian Stirpe dei Draghi
  Korean 드래곤 블라스트 Dragon Blast
드래곤 블레이드 Dragon Blade
  Brazilian Portuguese Dragões Enaltecidos
  Russian Потомки Дракона Potomki Drakona
  Spanish Dragones Majestuosos

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