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モトチカ Motochika
Chosokabe Motochika.png
Artwork with Dewott
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Kingdom Fontaine
Specialty Water
Default Pokémon Oshawott, Chingling*

Motochika (Japanese: モトチカ) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.


In the games

Motochika sailing with Dewott
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Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Motochika I.png Power 82
Wisdom 81
Charisma 81
Total 244
Warrior Skill Rally
Capacity 6
Perfect Links
Dewott Dewott

Rank II

Conquest Motochika II.png Power 90
Wisdom 92
Charisma 91
Total 273
Warrior Skill Rebellion
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
Dewott Dewott Samurott Samurott
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 65% link with Dewott or Samurott.

Default Pokémon

The Legend of Ransei* Unite Ransei stories Collect 100 Pokémon stories Defeat Nobunaga stories Two Heroes of Ransei


  • Start of turn:
  • When asleep:
"Still asleep... Pah."
  • With low health or a status ailment:
"We are struggling..."
  • When victory is near:
"One more push for glory."
  • Otherwise:
"Let's go."
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"Shall we begin?"
  • When defending a castle:
"I can hear the rhythm of fate."
  • During battle:
"There is no place for halfheartedness on the battlefield... <Pokémon's name> and I will fight until the bitter end."
  • When ordering to attack:
"<Move's name>. Do it."
  • When ordering to go to battle:
  • To a kingdom:
"Fine. We'll put our bonds to the test on the battlefield."
  • To a wild Pokémon location:
  • Upon forming a link:
"So <Pokémon's name> has chosen me. Very well."
  • When using an item:
"Time for my <item>..."
"March to my beat..."
  • After winning a battle:
  • If he attacked a castle:
"No matter what trials I may face, I will resist with all my might."
  • If he defended a castle:
"We shall resist until our voices can be heard no more."
  • When being defeated:
  • If recruitable:
"Very well. You play your own melody. I respect that."
  • If defeated by something other than the enemy:
"Very well..."
  • Otherwise:
"So this is it..."
  • When being recruited:
"It's me that you want? Very well."
  • When a rare Pokémon appears in a kingdom:
"A fine opportunity to link."
  • When there are 10 Warriors in the army:
"We are slowly finding allies for ourselves... But this is still not enough to resist the tides of history. Let's go, <Pokémon's name>!"
  • When there are 30 Warriors in the army:
"It looks like we've found ourselves some allies... The Pokémon appear pleased as well."


His laid-back exterior hides a passionate nature that never shrinks from even the most fearsome opponents. Indeed, he is perpetually seeking out his next battle.

In the manga

In the Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition ~ Ranse's Color Picture Scroll ~ manga

Motochika debuted in The Green Scroll: Kenshin's Adventure.


Dewott is Motochika's only known Pokémon.
Debut The Green Scroll: Kenshin's Adventure


Historical origin

Motochika is based on the real-life Chōsokabe Motochika of Japanese history. Nobuchika (Chōsokabe Nobuchika) and Morichika (Chōsokabe Morichika) were his sons. Chikamasa (Fukudome Chikamasa) was a vassal.



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