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These are the stats in Pokémon Conquest. Pokémon have HP, Range, Attack, Defense, and Speed stats, as well as a non-numeric Energy stat, and a derived stat called Strength.

While Range remains a fixed value, HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed are influenced by the Pokémon's Energy, and will also increase when the link with their Warrior increases.

Determination of stats

Much like in the core series, a Pokémon has base stat values for its species, and individual values that range from 0 to 31. Base stats in Pokémon Conquest are derived from the stats of a Level 100 Pokémon in a core series game with no EVs or IVs and a neutral nature. Attack is derived from either Attack or Special Attack depending on the category of that Pokémon's move in the core series, but often breaking from this if its other offensive stat is much higher. Defense is derived from the average of Defense and Special Defense in the core series, while HP and Speed are simply taken at face value.

HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed are all calculated from one formula:


Strength is calculated from the following formula:


Attack, Defense, and Speed can all increase and decrease in stages; these work like they do in the core series, but generally only last a certain number of turns in battle. For example, the Adrenaline Warrior Skill raises a Pokémon's Attack by 1 stage, corresponding to a ×1.5 increase with no prior modifiers, but the boost only lasts three turns.

A Warrior's default Pokémon will have 15 IVs in every stat. Any further wild Pokémon they link with can have the full range of 0 to 31 IVs.

Pokémon stats


Range (Japanese: いどう movement) determines the amount of tiles a Pokémon is able to move across the game's grid-based battlefields. This stat is a species-specific value; each of the 200 Pokémon species found in the game has a natural Range of 2, 3, or 4, with 3 being the most common. This means that any two Pokémon of the same species will always have the same Range unless something has modified their Ranges (signified by the value's text color changing from black to blue).

Range can be temporarily modified during battle by various Warrior Skills, Abilities, and moves. The Ability Sprint permanently modifies Range, keeping it 1 above its natural value even outside of battle. Range has a maximum value of 6 and a minimum of 1. Snowy terrain will also hinder a Pokémon's movement.


In Pokémon Conquest, Speed does not determine movement or who gets to move first. Rather, Speed acts as a combination of Accuracy and Evasion. One Pokémon attacking another Pokémon that is significantly faster than it will have a lesser chance to hit its opponent, while a Pokémon that is faster than its opponent will have a better chance to hit it.


Energy (Japanese: テンション Tension) affects a Pokémon's performance in battle and their link with their Warrior. A Pokémon's Energy can fluctuate between 5 levels, indicated by an arrow icon next to the Pokémon. A neutral state is indicated by a yellow arrow pointing straight right, while a higher state is indicated by the arrow angling upwards and turning more orange and a lower state is indicated by the arrow angling downwards and turning blue.

A Pokémon's stats are given a multiplier based on its Energy level:

Energy level Multiplier
  Highest 1.1
  High 1.05
  Neutral 1
  Low 0.95
  Lowest 0.9

In addition, a Pokémon with maximum Energy will gain slightly more link percentage after a battle, while a Pokémon with minimum Energy will gain less link percentage. Once every three months, every Pokémon in the army may have its Energy randomly increased or decreased by one stage.

The main way to recover Energy is by visiting Ponigiri Shops, where buying Ponigiri will recover Energy for all Pokémon visiting the shop. Upgrading a Ponigiri shop allows for more expensive Ponigiri to be purchased which recover more Energy at once. Sometimes, the shop owner will offer a free second helping; accepting will either raise the Pokémon's Energy to a maximum, cause it to drop, or do nothing at all. Energy can also be increased with certain kingdom events. Energy can also be recovered during battle by using items, Pokémon abilities, or by using certain Warrior Skills. However, Energy boosts granted by Warrior Skills only last a number of turns, and the Pokémon's Energy will return to its prior value afterward. On occasions, at the start of a battle, a cutscene may show the player's Warlord talking about not wanting to lose to a certain enemy Warlord. The Warlord's Pokémon will then have their Energy raised for the battle.


Strength (Japanese: せんりょく battle ability) is a derived value of the overall power of the Pokémon written as a number displayed next to the Pokémon. It increases when a Pokémon's link with its Warrior increases. It is not influenced by the Pokémon's Energy. A Warrior's army has a Strength equal to the combined Strength of their Pokémon. The strength of a Warrior's army may influence the behavior of other Warriors and the Strength of their armies.

Warrior stats

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A Warrior has three different stats that affect not only their Pokémon, but also affects kingdom location activities that strengthen the link between Warrior and Pokémon.

Stat Effect
Affects the amount of damage a linked Pokémon deals
Affects the outcomes at Gold Mine, Open-Pit Mine, River of Gold, and Underground Mine kingdom locations
Affects the amount of damage a linked Pokémon receives
Affects the outcomes at Bank, Power Plant, Power Spot, Windmill, and Woodlands kingdom locations
Affects the linked Pokémon's ability to land and dodge attacks
Affects the outcomes at Alchemist, Blacksmith, and Shop kingdom locations

These stats can be temporarily increased for any Warrior by visiting a Power Spot or Woodlands. The Conqueror Crystal, Unifier Crystal, and Warrior Crystal equipment items will raise Nobunaga, Ieyasu, and Tadakatsu's stats, respectively, while the Magic Mirror, Dumbbell, and Strategy Tome equipment items will raise a single stat for any Warrior. Each stat has a hard limit of 100 points, even when increased by items.


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