Phenac Stadium/Battle Mode Single

This is a list of Trainers that appear in the Single Battle division of Battle Mode Phenac Stadium in Pokémon Colosseum.

Round 1

Garlow always leads with Lotad or Shroomish, sends out Nincada or Surskit second, and sends out Ledyba or Spinarak last.

Round 2

Gucio always sends out Horsea or Wailmer last.

Round 3

Hasmen always sends Larvitar or Numel last.

Round 4

Stouner always leads with Sunkern or Seedot.

Round 5

Oatley always sends out Jigglypuff last.

Round 6


Gularte always leads with Meditite or Wynaut.


Kauson always leads with Abra or Ralts, sends out Makuhita or Machop second, and sends out Houndour or Poochyena last.