Battle Mode (Colosseum)

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Battle Mode is one of the two halves of Pokémon Colosseum. Unlike the Story Mode of Colosseum, Battle Mode focuses solely on Pokémon Battles, similar to the Pokémon Stadium games.


Battle Mode consists of two options: Colosseum Battle and Battle Now. Colosseum Battle provides various challenges for players, while also allowing for battles between the RPG and/or the Game Boy Advance games. The challenges consist of a more difficult version of the Mt. Battle 100-Trainer Challenge, as well as several Stadiums with various difficulties and restrictions on what the levels of the Pokémon used can be (either Lv. 50 or Lv. 100). Both the Mt. Battle challenge and the Stadium challenges reward players with Poké Coupons, which can be used to exchange for various items.

Battle Now, on the other hand, allows for quick play by providing one to two players with one of several rental teams to face off against each other (against a CPU, in the case one one player). Four difficulties are available (Easy, Normal, Hard, or Ultimate), as well as the option to conduct either Single or Double Battles.


  • The in-game picture for Battle Mode depicts Latios and Blaziken, despite the fact that neither of these Pokémon are obtainable in Colosseum.

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