Courtyard Colosseum

Courtyard Colosseum キャッスルコロシアム
Castle Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Courtyard Colosseum PBR.png
Map description: Located in an old castle, this Colosseum is lit only by the room and stars above.
Location: West of Pokétopia City
Region: Pokétopia
Generations: IV
Pokétopia Courtyard Colosseum Map.png
Location of Courtyard Colosseum in Pokétopia.
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Courtyard Colosseum (Japanese: キャッスルコロシアム Castle Colosseum) is the ninth Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The Colosseum itself and the castle it is set in are led by Kruger.

Fog in the Colosseum

Courtyard Colosseum is set at the courtyard of Kruger's Castle, with ghostly colored oil lamps on each corner of the playing field. It is unique from the other Colosseums as it occasionally suffers from a thick Fog when playing on it in any game mode.

Moves that vary with environment

Knockout Battle

Level 30 Open, Rank 3

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



Survival Battle

The Pokémon Wheel. Effects benefiting a single Pokémon have larger slices than those benefiting the whole party.

After beating Stargazer Colosseum, the Courtyard becomes a 100 Trainer Knockout Battle, with Colosseum Master Kruger battling the player every 10 matches. Unlike Mt. Battle, one uses all 6 of their Pokémon, but every time the player wins a battle with a Trainer, their Pokémon don't recover. After each match, they spin the Pokémon wheel and depending on where their dart lands on, the Pokémon are recovered according to the color-code legend shown beside the wheel. They go as follows:

  • White: No effect. No Pokémon recover.
  • Lime green: Any one Pokémon's health is completely restored.
  • Blue-violet: All six Pokémon have their moves resupplied entirely.
  • Peach: All items held by the Pokémon are refreshed for one Pokémon.
  • Yellow: All Pokémon with Status problems are cured.
  • Pink: One Pokémon is completely refreshed (All items and PP reset, Status problems cured and health restored)
  • Green: All Pokémon regain full health.
  • Light Yellow: One Pokémon recovers from Status problems.
  • Pale Red: All Pokémon's items are reset.
  • Light Blue: One Pokémon resets all its moves count (PP)
  • Purple: All the Pokémon and their HP, PP, Status problems if any, and any items they hold are entirely reset and refreshed.

Each computer-controlled Trainer battles with fewer Pokémon than the player. However, the enemy gains an extra Pokémon after a certain number of battles. Additionally, the player doesn't pick the Pokémon they are going to send out before every battle; rather, they just automatically send out the first two non-KO'd Pokémon on their Trainer Pass, based on left to right, top to bottom order.

The player can quicksave just like any other Colosseum, but the way the player gets Poké Coupons is different. Instead of having to beat all 100 Trainers in this Colosseum, a player can choose to quit right after beating a Trainer (rather than quicksave or continue), and collect a sum of Poké Coupons.

Special Rules

  • If playing in Double Battle mode, it is required that the team must have at least two available Pokémon at the start.
  • If the Trainer decides to try the Pokémon wheel with only one Pokémon left and even fails to heal just that Pokémon, the battle will end.

The player will be given 10,000 Poké Coupons upon clearing the whole battle or when retiring after 50 wins.


  • The grand castle in the background of this Colosseum is based on the head of a Bastiodon.
  • This is the only Colosseum in Pokétopia to have naturally occurring weather.
  • This Colosseum's battle theme samples minor sound effects from the first three generations of core series games.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Colosseum de la Pleine-Lune
  German Colosseum Schlosshof
  Italian Arena Corte
  Spanish Coliseo Bastión

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