Gateway Colosseum

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Gateway Colosseum ゲートコロシアム
Gate Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Gateway Colosseum PBR.png
Map description: Floating at the entrance to Pokétopia, this Colosseum offers a beautiful view.
Location: Pokétopia Port
Region: Pokétopia
Generations: IV
Pokétopia Gateway Colosseum Map.png
Location of Gateway Colosseum in Pokétopia.
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Gateway Colosseum (Japanese: ゲートコロシアム Gate Colosseum) is the second Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The battle theme is Rental Battles, like the Battle Factory. Gateway Colosseum is led by Colosseum Master Joe. All battles at this Colosseum are only open to Rental Passes.

Gateway Colosseum floats at the Pokétopia Gateway and is lit by bright neon lights. All battles here are depicted as being held at night.

The battle theme, Rental Battle, requires the use of Rental Passes, as the theme's name implies. At first, a player only has two Rental Passes to choose from, a Red Rental Pass and a Blue Rental Pass. New passes are unlocked upon clearing other Colosseums.

Any Rental Pass used in completing Gateway Colosseum will be unlocked for use in every other Colosseum. After completing the Pokétopia Championship at Stargazer Colosseum, the battle theme will be permanently changed to Trade Battle. Like Rental Battle, Trade Battle also allows only Rental Passes, but the key difference is that a player is given the option to trade Pokémon with any Trainer who they defeated, also as the theme's name implies. Trading Pokémon is limited to the Pokémon selected for battle, meaning that the three Pokémon not selected to battle (two in Double Battles) will not be eligible for trading. The Trade Battle is one of the four battle themes who only appear after the Pokétopia Championship, along with Sunny Park's Little Battle, Courtyard's Survival Battle, and Stargazer's Masters Battle.

Beating Gateway Colosseum's Level 30 Open gives the player a Bronze Badge and a blank Battle Pass with a Gateway Colosseum picture, and beating Gateway Colosseum's Level 50 All unlocks 37 pieces of gear in the shop, if they have not been unlocked already. The default battle mode is Single Battle, and Double Battle is unlocked after beating Single Battle.

The Pokémon and Trainers are not set, except during Rank 1 of Single Battles. Double Battles start at Rank 2, and are not set.

Moves that vary with environment

Rental Battle

Level 30 Open, Rank 1

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



In other languages

Language Title
  French Colosseum de l'Orée
  German Colosseum Portal
  Italian Arena Galleggiante
  Spanish Coliseo Pórtico

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