Pokétopia (Japanese: ポケトピア Pokétopia) is the large city where Pokémon Battle Revolution takes place. Aside from having all the normal facilities of a city, such as streets, buildings, and a harbor, Pokétopia is also home to eleven different Colosseums, each with their different rules and leaders to run those facilities. In this way, it is highly similar to a Battle Frontier, albeit larger.


The design of the technologically advanced city is very similar to LaRousse City.


In Poketopia, the receptionist Anna will allow you options to change Rental Passes and to go to the Colosseums.


There are 11 different Colosseums in Pokétopia:

Colosseum Leaders and Masters

There are six Colosseum Leaders and four Colosseum Masters in Pokétopia. For the Colosseum Leaders, they can be unlocked as Custom Pass Trainers when beating their Level 50 All Finals. Occasionally, they can wear obtainable Shiny outifts.



Name origin

"Pokétopia" is a portmanteau of Pokémon and utopia.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Pokétopia
  German Pokétopia
  Italian Pokétopia
  Spanish Pokétopia

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