Main Street Colosseum

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Main Street Colosseum ストリートコロシアム
Street Colosseum
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description: Always full of tourists, this Colosseum sits on the main street of Pokétopia.
Location: Middle of the Main Street of Pokétopia
Region: Pokétopia
Generations: IV
Pokétopia Main Street Colosseum Map.png
Location of Main Street Colosseum in Pokétopia.
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Main Street Colosseum (Japanese: ストリートコロシアム Street Colosseum) is the second Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The battle theme is knockout battles, which is basically a standard Pokémon battle. Main Street Colosseum is led by Colosseum Leader Taylor.

Main Street Colosseum is located on the main street of Pokétopia, as its name implies. Battles here are always depicted as being held in the daytime. It is on a raised platform in the middle of the street, and has two huge balloons floating on one side, a Pachirisu balloon on the left, and a Bidoof balloon on the right. The surrounding buildings, which all are circular and have the Pokétopia logo on them, all have second-floor balconies, with regular balloons tied to the railings. Fans and tourists, eager to watch the battles, always crowd these balconies.

After completing the Pokétopia Championship at Stargazer Colosseum, a player is allowed to utilize the Level 50 All rule here.

Beating Main Street Colosseum's Level 30 Open gives the player a Pikachu Badge and a blank Battle Pass with a Main Street Colosseum picture, and beating Main Street Colosseum's Level 50 All unlocks 24 pieces of gear in the shop, if they have not been unlocked already. Also, upon beating Taylor, the player will receive her Pachirisu costume. The default battle mode is Single Battle, and Double Battle is unlocked after beating Single Battle.

The Pokémon and Trainers are not set, except during Rank 1 of Level 30 Open and Level 50 All.

Knockout Battle

Level 30 Open, Rank 1

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



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