Colosseum (Pokétopia)

A Colosseum is a large arena in which Pokémon Trainers can come and battle with other Trainers in tournaments. In Pokémon Battle Revolution, there are a total of eleven different Colosseums scattered around Pokétopia, each with their own distinct themes and formats, and are all led by either a Colosseum Leader or Master. Players must progress through each Colosseum in turn in order to complete the main story line.

All Colosseums start out with a Lv. 30 Open rule, which states that all opponent Pokémon will match the highest level Pokémon on the player's team, and at minimum will be level 30. After beating Stargazer Colosseum for the first time, the Lv. 50 All rule is unlocked, which makes all competing Pokémon level 50. In addition, Colosseums led by a Colosseum Master will change their formats to a new method of play.

Additionally, beating each Colosseum using both the Lv. 30 Open rule and the Lv. 50 All rule will provide the Trainer with new gear and/or Mystery Gifts to purchase from the store. Often, some of the new gear unlocked will be related to the theme of the Colosseum that was beaten.


Gateway Colosseum

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Gateway Colosseum

Gateway Colosseum is located just off of the coast of Pokétopia's main island. It is shaped similarly to a four-leaf clover, with spectator seating in each "leaf" and the battlefield in the middle. Between the four spectator seating areas, pipes release water in steady streams, creating several miniature waterfalls around the perimeter. Under each seating area, there appears to be some sort of inflated buoyancy system, giving the impression that the Colosseum actually floats on top of the water. Battles here are always held at night.

The focus of this Colosseum is on rental battles. Only rental passes may be used to battle here, limiting the player to a total of 12-36 Pokémon to choose from, depending on how many passes they have already acquired. Once unlocked, the player can also choose to use new rental passes, and if they complete the Colosseum using the new passes, they acquire the pass for use in other Colosseums.

After the main game, the Colosseum switches format to a "Trade Battle" style. After each round, the Trainer has the option of trading one of the Pokémon they used in the battle with one of the opponent's Pokémon.

The Colosseum is led by Joe, who does not specialize in any one type of Pokémon, although he does use more Normal-types.

Main Street Colosseum

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Main Street Colosseum

Main Street Colosseum appears to be located within the main city on the island. Is appears to be a giant raised platform above the road, decorated with several balloons. Large balloons depicting Pachirisu and Bidoof can be seen in the background. Battles here are always held during the day.

The format of this Colosseum is simply a regular knockout battle, with each person trying to defeat all of their opponent's Pokémon first.

The Colosseum is led by Taylor, who specializes in Electric-type Pokémon and status conditions like Attract, Sleep, and Paralysis, she also specializes in cute Pokémon.

Waterfall Colosseum

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Waterfall Colosseum

Waterfall Colosseum is located on the north side of Pokétopia. Battles take place in an old stone ruin on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. A huge waterfall flows down from the top of the mountain past the battlefield. In addition, small riverbeds have been carved out in the stones to create several smaller waterfalls around the arena. Battles here are always held during the day.

The format of this Colosseum is the "Team Battle", in which each battler chooses five Pokémon to go into a series of one-on-one battles, with each victory gaining a point for the team. The first to three points wins that round and advances to the next person.

The Colosseum is led by Marina, who specializes in Water-type Pokémon.

Neon Colosseum

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Neon Colosseum

Neon Colosseum is in the west part of the city. The arena is a balcony suspended high over the ground by a tall building. The arena is lit up with several differently-colored lights. Battles here always take place at night. A transparent dome covers the main stage of the battlefield.

This Colosseum uses a "Fortune Battle" format. Before each battle, all of both the player's and opponent's Pokémon are placed onto a roulette wheel. Starting with the player, each battler gets a chance to obtain one Pokémon from the roulette wheel, although the Pokémon obtained is dependent on the player's timing and luck. After all the Pokémon for battle have been selected, the battle starts, with Trainers potentially facing their own Pokémon.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Leader Rosie, who specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.

Crystal Colosseum

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Crystal Colosseum

Crystal Colosseum is located in the northeast corner of the island. The arena was built inside a cavern filled with large, light-blue crystals. An underground river runs past the battlefield, and there are several pools of water in the area as well.

The Colosseum runs an single-elimination tournament format. The player and 15 computer-controlled Trainers are assigned spots in the bracket. The player must defeat the opposing Trainer to proceed in the bracket, and the victors of the other brackets are randomly determined. The winner of the tournament faces off against the Colosseum's leader.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Leader Voldon, who specializes mostly in Electric-type and Fighting-type Pokémon, but also uses many Steel-types.

Sunny Park Colosseum

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Sunny Park Colosseum

Sunny Park Colosseum is located just to the east of the city. The arena is located in the middle of a large, open park. Bushes are scattered throughout the area, with trees around the perimeter. A fountain based on a Dive Ball lies just outside the main arena. Tall buildings and amusement park rides can be seen in the background. Battles here take place during the middle of the day.

The Colosseum uses the standard knockout battle rules for Lv. 30 All. After completion of the main game, the Colosseum switches to a Little Battle format, in which only unevolved (but capable of evolution) Pokémon at level 5 or under can enter. Additionally, set damage moves like SonicBoom and Dragon Rage are banned from use.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Master Sashay, who specializes in using weather-based combos such as Rain Dance/Thunder or Sunny Day/SolarBeam.

Magma Colosseum

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Magma Colosseum

Magma Colosseum is located on a small island to the northeast of the main island. The arena is located in the middle of a volcano's crater, just above a lake of lava. The arena platform appears to be made of metal, as well as containing large, dome-like structures at set points along the arena's perimeter. Along the edge of the crater are several similar machines, with cascades of lava flowing from them. Battles take place at some point during the day, but the Colosseum is perpetually under a haze, presumably caused by the volcano.

This Colosseum uses a "League Battle" format. The player goes up against five Trainers, and after each battle, a count is taken of how many Pokémon remained after the end of the battle. After all five battles have been completed, the Trainer with the highest total of Pokémon remaining faces the Colosseum Leader.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Leader Terrell, who specializes in Fire-type and Dragon-type Pokémon.

Sunset Colosseum

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Sunset Colosseum

Sunset Colosseum is located in the very northwest part of the map. It appears to be the ruins of a temple that was situated on the water. Tall, broken stone walls with several arches surround the Colosseum, while the ocean flows through gaps between the walls and the main floor of the arena. As the name implies, battles here take place at sunset.

This Colosseum uses a "Select Battle" system. Instead of using their own Pokémon, both Trainers choose from the same pool of twelve rental Pokémon. The goal is to be able to use the given Pokémon better than the opponent does.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Leader Dusty. He doesn't seem to specialize in any one type, but he always has either Riolu or Lucario as a possible Pokémon.

Courtyard Colosseum

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Courtyard Colosseum

Courtyard Colosseum is located to the west of the city. The arena appears to be the courtyard of a large stone building, most likely some sort of castle. There is a building on the edge of the arena that looks similar to the head of a Bastiodon. Battles here always occur at night during a full moon.

When playing with the Lv. 30 All rule, Courtyard Colosseum uses standard knockout battle rules. However, after the main game has been completed, Courtyard Colosseum switches to a "Survival Battle" format. The player must beat 100 Trainers in a row without stopping (quicksaving can still be done). Additionally, instead of Pokémon being automatically healed, before every battle except the first, the player must use a roulette to determine how their Pokémon will be healed. After 50 battles, the player is given an opportunity to switch teams around before proceeding.

This Colosseum is led by Colosseum Master Kruger, who seems to specialize in Ground-types and Poison-types. During a Survival Battle, Kruger will appear every ten Trainers, instead of just at the end.

Stargazer Colosseum

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Stargazer Colosseum

Stargazer Colosseum is located on top of the mountain in the center of the island. Its arena is filled with projectors that project images of stars onto a dome surrounding the arena, simulating a night sky. The arena itself is surround by jagged rocks on all sides.

Before the main game is completed, the Colosseum uses a standard knockout battle format, with the six Colosseum Leaders acting as the opponents. After Stargazer Colosseum is beaten for the first time, it switches to a Masters Battle format. Each of the eight sets of the Masters Battle contains four Trainers, including a Colosseum Master as the final Trainer. While the rules themselves resemble standard competitive battling rules, many Trainers in the battle use several complex strategies, challenging the player to overcome them. Several Trainers will also use legendary Pokémon as members of their team.

This Colosseum is led by Pokétopia Master Mysterial. While he doesn't specialize in any particular type, he uses many legendary Pokémon on his teams. Additionally, in the last Masters Battle Set, his team is built around a particular type of weather, either harsh sunlight or rain, depending on which DS game is synced up to that file.

Lagoon Colosseum

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Lagoon Colosseum

The Lagoon Colosseum is a special Colosseum that cannot be played during the main game. The arena is only available when playing over Wi-Fi and when playing multiplayer through the DS.

Lagoon Colosseum appears to be on an island somewhere in an atoll. It is unknown where it lies relative to the rest of Pokétopia. The main island on which the actual arena is located is a small island with a few palm trees growing on it. Several other islands are also visible, including two larger islands joined together by a rope-bridge. Battles here take place during the day.


  • Due to the format used in Magma Colosseum, it is possible to lose to one or more Trainers (except for the Leader) and still beat the Colosseum during the same run (without using continues). This is the only known battling arena in any game in the series in which this is possible.
    • Waterfall Colosseum also comes close to this, since it's possible to lose one of the sections of the rounds and still succeed; however, the opposing Trainer must still be beaten overall for the player to advance.
  • Courtyard Colosseum is the only Colosseum that has naturally-occurring weather. In this case, dense fog will sometimes cover the area.

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