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This article is about the type of weather. For the Badge given by Morty, see Badge → Fog Badge.

きり Fog
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Move Ability
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Fog (Japanese: きり Fog) is a type of weather that has only appeared in the Generation IV games Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, as well as Pokémon Battle Revolution. Fog also appears as an overworld-only effect in all games from Generation III onward. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Fog causes Misty Terrain to occur naturally in battle.

No move or Ability can call fog; it only occurs naturally. In Generation IV, the move Defog removes fog in battle or in the overworld when it is used.



Event Gen IV
If naturally occurring "The fog is deep..."
After turn is complete "The fog is deep..."
When dispelling fog with Defog "<Pokémon> blew away the deep fog with Defog!"

On the field

Game Region Location Conditions
Pt Sinnoh Lost Tower 3F - 5F Always
DPPt Sinnoh Route 210 (north) Always
DPPt Sinnoh Victory Road B1F deep Always
DPPt Sinnoh Mt. Coronet B1F Always
DPPt Sinnoh Turnback Cave Always
PBR Pokétopia Courtyard Colosseum Occasionally

Misty Terrain

This overworld fog manifests as Misty Terrain in battle.

Game Region Location Conditions
SwSh Galar Various parts of the Wild Area Random days after becoming Champion, all day

Overworld only

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These weather effects only appear in the overworld and do not cause the fog condition in battle. However, in Generation VII, they can affect the evolution of Sliggoo.

Game Region Location Conditions
RSEORAS Hoenn Rusturf Tunnel Always
RSEORAS Hoenn Mt. Pyre exterior Always
RSEORAS Hoenn Seafloor Cavern Kyogre/Groudon chamber
RSORAS Hoenn Cave of Origin B3F and below
FRLG Kanto Pokémon Tower 3F and above
FRLG Sevii Islands Lost Cave Always
DPPt Sinnoh Around Sendoff Spring Always
BWB2W2 Unova Route 12 Usually
BWB2W2 Unova Giant Chasm Entrance and Crater Always?
BWB2W2 Unova Route 14 Usually
BWB2W2 Unova Route 15 Usually
SMUSUM Alola Ula'ula Meadow Always
SMUSUM Alola Lake of the Sunne/Lake of the Moone exterior and altar Always
SMUSUM Alola Poni Meadow Always


Fog in the anime

In battle

In Generation IV

In Generation VIII

Main article: Misty Terrain (move)

Outside of battle

Fog makes the area difficult to see, especially obstacles and Trainers.

Sweet Scent and Honey will fail if there is non-aesthetic fog in the area.

In Generation VII, Sliggoo will evolve into Goodra when leveled up while it is foggy or raining in the overworld.

In the anime

In the manga


In other games

In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

Various weather effects appear in certain dungeons in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Weather effects can change from floor to floor.

Fog appears in Red Rescue Team, Blue Rescue Team and Explorers of Time, Explorers of Darkness, and Explorers of Sky.



  • Several lines of unused quotes for fog exist within the text for the Generation V, VI, and VII games.
Fog crept up as thick as soup!
The fog lifted.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Mouh
Mandarin 霧 / 雾
France Flag.png French Brouillard
Germany Flag.png German Nebel
Italy Flag.png Italian Nebbia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 안개 Angae
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Névoa (manga)
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Neblina
Spain Flag.png Spanish Niebla
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Sương mù

Weather conditions
Harsh sunlightRainSandstormHailShadowy auraFog
Extremely harsh sunlightHeavy rainStrong winds