Battle Pass

A Battle Pass (Japanese: バトルパス Battle Pass) is an item used in Pokémon Battle Revolution that must be used to compete in Pokétopian Colosseums. Pokémon on the selected pass act as the player's party Pokémon for the duration of the current challenge. There are three kinds of passes, Rental Passes, Custom Passes, and Friend Passes. Each of these kinds of passes can be used in a free battle as the player (except for Friend Passes) or as the opponent.

List of Passes

Rental Passes

Main article: Rental Pass

These Passes are pre-set by the game, and come with predetermined rental Pokémon (usually ones in their middle evolutionary stage). However, once players unlock Trade Battles at the Gateway Colosseum, the Pokémon may be traded with opponents. The player starts with only one, chosen at the start, but can earn more by borrowing them for a Rental Battle at the Gateway Colosseum. The choice of Rental Passes expands as the game progresses. These may be used if the player cannot upload Pokémon from their Generation IV games or in the case they do not own a Generation IV game, and must be used in Gateway Colosseum.

Custom Passes

Main article: Custom Pass

These Passes can be made by player using Pokémon from their Generation IV games. Each has a different background, which is selected when the Pass is created. Any Pokémon can be used on these, though Pokémon used on another Pass cannot be used. If the player's Pokémon are of varied levels, the opponent will use Pokémon at the level of the highest level Pokémon on the player's pass. If a player uploads a Pokémon onto one of these passes and then deletes it in the game, the Pokémon will appear shadowed. It can still be used, but if removed, it is gone for good. This also occurs if one uses certain Action Replay codes to make a Pokémon with stats that are too high. These passes can be used at almost every Colosseum in Pokétopia except Gateway Colosseum.

Friend Passes

These Passes are obtained after battling other players over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and trading Friend Passes. They contain the standard information about opponents, like name, location, and number of battles. They can also be stored on a Wii Remote and sent to other players by sharing data. However, Friend Passes can only be used during Free Battle mode; use during Colosseum Battle mode or Wi-Fi Connection is prohibited.


Name Image Unlock criteria
Ball Mosaic Red   Default
Star Green   Default
Stream Blue   Default
Plus Minus   View all battle tutorials
Gateway Colosseum   Clear the Gateway Colosseum
Main Street Colosseum   Clear the Main Street Colosseum
Waterfall Colosseum   Clear the Waterfall Colosseum
Neon Colosseum   Clear the Neon Colosseum
Crystal Colosseum   Clear the Crystal Colosseum
Sunny Park Colosseum   Clear the Sunny Park Colosseum
Magma Colosseum   Clear the Magma Colosseum
Sunset Colosseum   Clear the Sunset Colosseum
Courtyard Colosseum   Clear the Courtyard Colosseum
Stargazer Colosseum   Clear the Stargazer Colosseum
Stream Pink   Clear Rank 1 of any Colosseum
Star Yellow   Clear Rank 2 of any Colosseum
Ball Mosaic Aqua   Clear Rank 3 of any Colosseum
Stream Green   Clear Rank 4 of any Colosseum
Star Pink   Clear Rank 5 of any Colosseum
Ball Mosaic Sepia   Clear Rank 6 of any Colosseum
Light Pastel   Clear Rank 7 of any Colosseum
Shiny Cobalt   Clear Rank 8 of any Colosseum
Pokétopia Jet   Clear the Stargazer Colosseum
Pokétopia Helicopter   Clear the Stargazer Colosseum
Pokétopia Train   Clear the Stargazer Colosseum
Pokétopia Ship   Clear the Stargazer Colosseum
Groudon Red   Receive 20 Friend Passes
Kyogre Blue   Receive 40 Friend Passes
Rayquaza Green   Receive 60 Friend Passes
Pearl Wave   Defeat 50 opponents in the Courtyard Colosseum's Survival Challenge
Diamond Dust   Defeat 100 opponents in the Courtyard Colosseum's Survival Challenge
Ball Collection   Clear all 8 sets in the Stargazer Colosseum's Masters Battle
Gold Pass   Unlocked alongside the Shocking Secret Gift
Silver Pass   Unlocked alongside the Heated Secret Gift
Bronze Pass   Unknown
White Pass   Unknown
Black Pass   Unknown

In other languages

Language Title
  French Carte de combat
  German Kampfpass
  Italian Pass Lotta
  Spanish Pase de combate
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