Custom Pass

A custom pass maker screen with several pass design templates
A custom pass character selection screen

A Custom Pass is an item made by the player in Pokémon Battle Revolution. It is similar to a Rental Pass in appearance, but it is made using Pokémon uploaded from a Generation IV Pokémon game.

When creating a Custom Pass, the design is chosen first. Only one pass of each design can be made. After that, the character Model is chosen; there are three different models for each gender with three skin tones each (North American version only). The different models are Young Boy, Cool Boy, Muscle Man, Young Girl, Cool Girl and Little Girl.

Once the card is complete, one can assign a team to it. Syncing with any Generation IV game makes a copy of all of the Pokémon in the game, so players can choose any of their Pokémon. The player's current party can also be directly added to the list.

The Trainer's appearance can be further altered by changing clothing. One can change the hat, pants, shirt, bag, Badge, glasses, hair color, eye color, shoes, and gloves of the Trainer. Also unlockable are special Pokémon outfits worn by Colosseum Leaders. There is one costume for each character model; Young Boys have Terrel's Groudon outfit, Cool Boys have Dusty's Lucario outfit, Muscle Men have Voldon's Electivire outfit, Young Girls have Marina's Kyogre outfit, Cool Girls have Rosie's Roserade outfit and Little Girls have Taylor's Pachirisu outfit. Each outfit is unlocked by beating their respective Leader using the level 50 rule set. Outfits take up all slots, and thus their appearance cannot be altered much, save for the character's skin tone.

The Trainer's title can be changed as well. While most of these titles are unlocked by progressing through Colosseum Mode, others are tied to specific outfits, accessories, and sets of clothing. For example, wearing the Kyogre outfit allows one to choose "Kyogre Girl" as one's title, while wearing the complete set of Pikachu-themed accessories allows one to choose the title "Pikachu Fan". The titles affect one's default Trainer quotes. Titles are even available based on the Pokémon being used; for instance, a Young Boy with primarily Normal-type Pokémon can have the Trainer title "Ordinary Boy".

One can also alter their Trainer quotes. One can change what the Trainer will say when the match starts, when they send out their first Pokémon, when they recall a Pokémon, when they send out a Pokémon, when they win, and when they lose. For Pokémon recalling and summoning, if one wants the Trainer to say the name of the Pokémon, 10 characters must be reserved to do so. Default quotes are available based on the selected Trainer title, and are used whenever one plays random Wi-Fi.

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