ミステリオ Mysterio
Art from PBR
Gender Male
Eye color Turquoise
Hair color Blue
Hometown Pokétopia
Region Unknown
Trainer class Pokétopia Master
Generation IV
Games Battle Revolution

Pokétopia Master Mysterial (Japanese: ポケトピアマスター ミステリオ Pokétopia Master Mysterio) is the tenth and final Colosseum leader in Pokémon Battle Revolution. He is the head of Stargazer Colosseum and all of Pokétopia. Mysterial is an expert illusionist and will do a vanishing trick if he is defeated. He levitates his Poké Balls when sending his Pokémon out.

Mysterial is the only Pokémon Trainer to have the Trainer classes Pokétopia Master and Master of Masters (Japanese: マスターオブマスター Master of Masters). However, if he is defeated on the first encounter, "Pokétopia Master" will be unlocked for all Custom Passes.


Pokétopia Championship

Masters Battle Set 4

Rental Team


Mysterial always leads with Palkia and summons Uxie last.


Mysterial always leads with Dialga and summons Azelf last.

Masters Battle Set 8

Rental Team


Mysterial always leads with Kyogre and summons Palkia last.


Mysterial always leads with Groudon and summons Dialga last.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ミステリオ Mysterio From mystery.
English Mysterial From mystery.
French Mystérius From mystery.
German Mystikus From mystic.
Italian Cosmo From cosmic or cosmos.
Spanish Incógnito From incognito.

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