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Poni Coast

Poni Coast

Poni Coast is a barren, rocky area on the northeast side of Poni Island. The boulder-strewn shoreline runs from Poni Plains in the south to Poni Gauntlet in the north.

Poni Gauntlet

Poni Gauntlet

Poni Gauntlet is a lush field that encompasses the north side of the island. Wooden bridges are used to cross the several small waterfalls that stream out into the ocean. Some of the strongest Trainers in Alola have gathered here.

Meet Up with Mina

Mina can be found near the entrance when you first arrive. She says she has just completed a hundred sketches and is taking a break. Having defeated all of the other Trainers in the area, the captain is bored and has nothing else to do. She challenges you to beat all of the Trainers in the area as she did, if you want to challenge her again. Defeating all of the Trainers and Mina herself earns you a Bottle Cap.

Battle Tree

Battle Tree

The Battle Tree stands on the north side of Poni Island, west of Poni Gauntlet. These sacred grounds are where Alola's strongest Trainers gather to test their skill. The facility is run by the Battle Legends, two well-known Trainers from a distant region.

The Stuff of Legend

When you first visit the Battle Tree, you are approached by two young men. One of the men introduces himself as Blue, and the other as Red, both Champions from the far-off Kanto region. As a fellow Champion, they expect that you could give them a great battle, and give you the choice of which you would like to fight.

Afterward, Blue explains that they were called here to run the facility, and the two eagerly await your challenge.

VS Red

VS Blue


Challengers compete to see how many Trainers they can defeat in a row. Losing one battle will reset the challenger's win streak to zero. Each time a challenger defeats a Trainer, Battle Points, or BP, will be awarded. The longer the win streak, the more BP will be received. There are three formats a challenger can choose: Single Battle, Double Battle, or Multi Battle. The challenger needs three Pokémon for Single Battles, four for Double Battles, and for Multi Battles, two per Trainer. Lastly, challengers cannot use more than one of the same Pokémon or item.

There are two courses for each format: Normal Course and Super Course. A Normal Course challenge consists of 20 battles, the last of which will be against a Battle Legend. Upon successfully completing a Normal Course, the Super Course for the respective format will be unlocked, in which the challenger may rebattle the same Battle Legend on the 50th battle. Unlike the Normal Course, the Super Course is indefinite and ends only when the challenger loses a battle.

IV Judge

A male Ace Trainer can be found next to the PC. If you have hatched at least 21 Eggs, he will update your PC with a feature that allows you to view the innate IVs of each Pokémon.

Exchange Service Corner

The area includes three Exchange Service Corners, where various items can be purchased with Battle Points earned in the Battle Tree.

Left attendant
Middle attendant
Right attendant

The Pokémon League

Now that they have been defeated once, the Elite Four have altered their teams to make for more of a challenge. Use your strongest Pokémon and your best strategies to take down these powerful opponents!

Fighting Chamber

Rock Chamber

Ghost Chamber

Flying Chamber

Champion's Chamber

With the Elite Four defeated a second time, the final challenge awaits again in the Champion's chamber. As Alola's very first Champion, everyone is looking to claim your title. Upon taking your place on the Champion's throne, your first opponent enters the room. The first Title Defense battle after the initial Champion battle is always against Hau, but other characters will challenge you in subsequent battles.

  Player chose Rowlet:

  Player chose Litten:

  Player chose Popplio:

Having saved Alola from the Ultra Beasts and defeated the Elite Four at their full power, the last big challenge is to complete the Pokédex. The discovery of Alola-native Pokémon brought the total number of known creatures 807, so there is plenty of training left to do!

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