Appendix:Sun and Moon walkthrough/Section 31

Melemele Island

Melemele Sea

Melemele Sea
Seaward Cave
Kala'e Bay

Melemele Sea borders the southeast side of Melemele Island. Lapras Paddle or Sharpedo Jet are required to fully explore the area. Sharpedo Jet can be used to reach an isolated cave within the southwest side of Ten Carat Hill.

Seaward Cave

Seaward Cave connects Melemele Meadow and Kala'e Bay. The path slopes downward to water level where it opens to the bay. The cave and other nearby areas may now be fully explored with the ability to cross the waves.

Kala'e Bay

Kala'e Bay is regarded as one of the most scenic spots on Melemele Island. Lapras Paddle and Sharpedo Jet enable exploration of the small islands and the southwest beach.

Poni Island

Lake of the Sunne/Moone, Exterior
Lake of the Sunne/Moone, Entrance
Lake of the Sunne, Altar

Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM

Return to Poni Island and visit the Altar of the SunneS / Altar of the MooneM. When traveling with Solgaleo at night, or with Lunala during the day, the Legendary Pokémon's power opens the dimensional distortion into an Ultra Wormhole. Traveling through the wormhole leads to the Altar of the MooneS / Altar of the SunneM in an alternate version of Alola which experiences daytime at the same time as night in the real world, and vice versa. Although there is only one Legendary Pokémon involved in the main story, another Cosmog can be found on Ula'ula Island that would otherwise be undetectable from the real world.

Ula'ula Island

Lake of the SunneS / Lake of the MooneM

In this alternate world, the Lake of the MooneS / Lake of the SunneM has been replaced by the Lake of the SunneS / Lake of the MooneM. The area can be reached by visiting Ula'ula Meadow and taking the northeast exit. The exterior ruins lead to a long, damp, underground corridor. This corridor emerges at a large lake that forms a perfect circle, like the face of a clock.


When you approach the altar, SolgaleoS / LunalaM suddenly appears from its Poké Ball and roars toward the sky. This causes a vision of LunalaS / SolgaleoM to appear. Both Pokémon flicker in and out of sight as they again cry out toward the sky. The two suddenly disappear, leaving behind a Cosmog in their place. Simply interact with the Pokémon to take it along with you.

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