Zygarde Cube

The Zygarde Cube (Japanese: ジガルデキューブ Zygarde Cube) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VII. It holds Zygarde Cells and Cores.

Zygarde Cube
Zygarde Cube
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Zygarde Cube
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Introduced in Generation VII
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A Reassembly Unit can use the Cells and Cores in the Zygarde Cube to assemble a new Zygarde. The Zygarde Cube can also memorize the moves retained by Cores it takes in and teach them to any Zygarde.

The Zygarde Cube was apparently found by Professor Sycamore.

In the games


Generation VII

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the Zygarde Cube allows the player to find and collect Zygarde Cells and Cores. Cells and Cores can be found in most locations in Alola, but none of them are present until the player has the Zygarde Cube. Cells and Cores appear as small sparks of light on the ground, with Cells shining green and Cores shining pink. There are 95 Cells and 5 Cores to be found across the Alola region. The Zygarde Cube can hold a maximum of 999 Cells and Cores (by using the Reassembly Unit's separation function).

If the player selects the "Check" option on the Zygarde Cube, it will tell them how many Cells and Cores they have collected from the locations in their game and how many they currently have in total. As the player reaches certain collection milestones, Dexio and Sina will contact the player to explain the Zygarde Cube, Cells, and Cores.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, no Zygarde Cells or Cores are found on the field, and the player obtains the Zygarde Cube after catching the 50% Forme Zygarde in Resolution Cave and obtaining a 10% Forme Zygarde from Dexio afterwards, with the Cube already containing the remaining 40 Cells/Cores when obtained. All of its other functions remain the same as in Sun and Moon.

Reassembly Unit

The Reassembly Unit is found on Route 16 in the Alola region. The Reassembly Unit can assemble a Zygarde using Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube or separate a Zygarde into Cells and Cores and store them in the Zygarde Cube. The Reassembly Unit will not be able to separate a Zygarde if it has a Classic Ribbon. Separating a Zygarde is much the same as releasing a Pokémon: it is essentially lost, including any moves it learned or Ribbons it earned. However, the Reassembly Unit can also add Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube to a Zygarde already in the player's party to upgrade its form without affecting other data.

The Reassembly Unit will always use the maximum amount of Cells and Cores it can in assembly operations.

  • 10 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 10% Forme with Aura Break
  • 50 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 50% Forme with Aura Break
  • 100 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 50% Forme with Power Construct

Although the Reassembly Unit refers to the amounts it will use in percent values, this is based on the assumption that the Zygarde Cube can only hold 100 Cells and Cores, when it can in fact hold more. That is, if the Zygarde Cube holds 200 Cells and Cores, it will still use only 100 to create a Power Construct Zygarde, not 100% (all 200).

If a Zygarde from the player's party is combined with Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube, the assembly will require fewer Cells and Cores in accordance with the Zygarde's form (e.g., upgrading a 10% Forme Zygarde to 50% Forme will only require 40 Cells and Cores). If Zygarde is assembled completely from Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube, its level depends on whether the player has become the Champion. Before the player has become Champion, an assembled Zygarde will be level 30, but after, it will be level 50.

The Reassembly Unit can perform operations on a Zygarde even if it is an outsider. Through separating one or more outsider Zygarde, it is possible for the Zygarde Cube to hold up to 999 total Cells and Cores. Even if the Zygarde Cube has already reached this capacity, Zygarde Cells and Cores can still be collected around Alola and the Reassembly Unit can still separate Zygarde, but the number of stored Cells and Cores will not increase.

The Reassembly Unit will not perform any operations on a Zygarde with Power Construct. The Zygarde Cube can freely change the form of a Power Construct Zygarde between 10% Forme and 50% Forme.

List of Cell locations in Sun and Moon
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Melemele Island
Location Cell Time
Route 1 North of the second grassy patch east of Hau'oli Outskirts Day
Under a tree on the east path behind the rocks south of Iki Town (requires Tauros Charge) Day
On the east side of the Pokémon Research Lab Any
Iki Town On the east side of the tree on the east side of the Mahalo Trail entrance Night
Trainers' School 1F, in the bed right of Meowth Night
Hau'oli City Left of the Pokémon Center Night
Inside of Ilima's house to the right of the far left plant Any
Route 2 In the northwest corner of the motel area Any
Hau'oli Cemetery On the west side, north of the westernmost patch of grass Any
Verdant Cavern Next to the northeastern den Any
Route 3 South of the entrance to Melemele Meadow Day
Next to the tree to the west of the Berry tree Any
Kala'e Bay At the southwestern tip of the land around the Seaward Cave entrance Any
Ruins of Conflict Right side of the entrance Any
Akala Island
Location Cell Time
Heahea City In the back-left corner of the Tide Song Hotel lobby Any
To the right of the giant satellite dish outside the Dimensional Research Lab Night
Route 4 On the land overhanging the cliff south of the Pokémon Breeder Any
Paniola Ranch In the northwest corner of the paddock with the ramps Night
North of the sign in the paddock with the ramps Day
Route 5 On the northeast side of the Pokémon Center Any
Royal Avenue In the empty parking spot in the Thrifty Megamart parking lot Day
In the corner northwest of the ring of flower bushes Night
Route 7 At the southeast tip of the large rock formation running along the edge of the northern beach (requires Lapras Paddle/Sharpedo Jet) Any
Wela Volcano Park In the inside corner of the second step down from the trial gate Any
Route 8 On the east side of the Aether Foundation building Any
In front of a rock next to the Route 5 entrance Day
Lush Jungle In the cave beyond the east area, in a corner east of the west entrance (requires Machamp Shove) Any
Diglett's Tunnel In the northeast of the large open area up the stairs down the west branch of the tunnel Any
Konikoni City Next to the three Pikachu at Lighthouse Point in the north of the city Night
Akala Outskirts Above a ledge in the west, southwest of Black Belt Kenji Any
Hano Beach Under the southwestern-most umbrella Any
Under the lifeguard tower, north of the easternmost umbrella in the south Day
Ula'ula Island
Location Cell Time
Malie City In front of the two trucks west of the Malie Garden entrance Day
At the end of the hallway in the Malie Community Center Night
On the south side of the truck on the east side of the Recycling Plant Day
Malie Garden In the northwest corner of the garden Any
Route 10 Near the middle of the route, north of the Trainer Tips sign Day
Hokulani Observatory In the left end of the hallway beyond the entrance Night
Route 11 On the side of the dirt path in the east, southeast of Black Belt Clayton Night
Route 12 After crossing the northernmost rocky terrain by a rock on the north side of the route (requires Mudsdale Gallop) Any
South of Punk Pair Yoko and Lane, between the second and third rocky terrains from the north Any
Blush Mountain By a rock in the northeast Any
Secluded Shore Along the wall east of the entry to the beach Night
At the west end of the beach Day
Route 13 On the west end of the motel Night
South of the pond, on the east end of the trailer Any
Tapu Village In front of the fence south of the Pokémon Center Any
Route 15 In the Aether House, in the far corner of the back room on the left Day
Route 15 Against the southern cliff wall on the southeast beach Any
Route 14 Among the rubble of the crumbled road south of the entrance from Tapu Village Night
On the far east end of the beach Any
Haina Desert Area 3; by the bush, reached by following the stone stacks in the order 2-1 Any
Ruins of Abundance Next to the shrine's entrance Any
Route 16 On the west side of the Pokémon Center Day
Ula'ula Meadow On the walkway where it overlooks the southernmost pond Any
On the east side of the grass on the dirt path in the northeast Any
Route 17 On the mountainside, on the east branch going down Any
At the southern corner of the Po Town wall Any
Po Town By the red truck southwest of the Shady House in the north Night
By the yellow truck southeast of the Shady House in the north Day
Mount Lanakila Upper Reaches: Lower, in front of a rock past the first field of grass Any
Peak, west along the south cliff at the top of the ramp outside the Pokémon Center, by a large rock Any
Aether Paradise

During the player's first visit, none of the Zygarde Cells at Aether Paradise are accessible. They only become accessible after the player has passed Nanu's grand trial.

Cell Time
B2F: Lab area, at the end of the hallway containing the secret labs Any
Exterior (north side), at the end of the southeast path Any
Exterior (north side), on the west side of the mansion Day
Exterior (south side), between two pools on the west side Night
Lusamine's Mansion: Entry Room, at the north end under the table on the right side Any
Poni Island
Location Cell Time
Seafolk Village In the restaurant on the Wailord-shaped ship in the west, under a table at the south end Any
On the northeast platform Any
Poni Wilds On the north end of the beach between two rocks Any
Above the ledge east of the Seafolk Village entrance Day
Next to the Trainer Tips sign east of the Seafolk Village entrance Night
Ancient Poni Path In the corner by the well on the east side of Hapu's house Any
In the corner on the opposite side of the wall from the Machamp on the east side of Hapu's house Day
In the north, in front of the stone sculpture east of the Vast Poni Canyon entrance Night
Poni Breaker Coast On the east side of the geyser in the north Day
In the east, just north of the Ruins of Hope entrance Night
Ruins of Hope Southeast of the door to the inside of the ruins, at the bottom of the ramp down Any
Vast Poni Canyon First cave, north of the Machamp Shove block near the entrance, accessed from the south of the canyon area after the third cave Any
Second cave, behind a small rock near the east entrance Any
Third cave, by the dens on the western wall Any
Outside the third cave, mid-level, on the west end of the cliff accessed through the exit south of the Machamp Shove puzzle (requires Machamp Shove) Any
Poni Grove Against the cliff north of the southern entrance Any
At the east end of the grove Any
Poni Plains By the first palm tree north and slightly west of the Poni Grove entrance Day
In the rocky area in the northwest, on the second ledge down (requires Tauros Charge) Any
In the corner of land east of the Trainer Tips sign north of the Poni Grove entrance Night
Poni Meadow In the north, on a ledge south from the entrance to Resolution Cave Any
Resolution Cave Exterior, to the right of the entrance to Interior Day
Interior, on the right side of the path between the entrance and the center platform Night
Interior, on the raised platform in the center Any
Poni Coast Along the coastline, where one of the rocky outcrops makes a narrow path with the coast (requires Tauros Charge) Any
On the narrow path running by the northern part of the ledge along the west cliff Any
Poni Gauntlet On the point of land across the northernmost bridge at the east end of the Poni Gauntlet Any
On the westernmost bridge near the Battle Tree entrance Any
Core locations and teachable moves

The Zygarde Cube can teach moves to Zygarde. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player must find certain Zygarde Cores to be able to teach moves; they cannot be obtained by separating outsider Zygarde. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the moves are teachable as soon as the Zygarde Cube is received.

Location Core Move
Ancient Poni Path In the back of the bedroom in Hapu's house Core Enforcer
Iki Town On the porch in the northeastern room of Hala's house Thousand Arrows
Route 17 At the back of the Po Town Police Station Thousand Waves
Route 1 In the player's room, by the bed Extreme Speed
Konikoni City In front of the refrigerator in Olivia's room Dragon Dance

Generation VIII

The Zygarde Cube no longer teaches Zygarde moves. Zygarde can instead learn its signature moves any time as level 1 moves via Jack's Move Reminding service, and Dragon Dance via TR51; it is no longer possible for it to learn Extreme Speed in Generation VIII. The Zygarde Cube can be used to change Zygarde's form between its 10% and 50% Formes and to change its Ability between Aura Break and Power Construct (Ability Capsules and Ability Patches have no effect on Zygarde).


Games Description
An item to store Zygarde Cores and Cells. You can also use it to teach Zygarde moves.
SwSh* An item in which Zygarde Cores and Cells are gathered. You can also use it to change Zygarde's forms.


Games Method
SM Heahea City (defeat DexioS/SinaM)
USUM Route 16 (defeat Dexio, after catching Zygarde in Resolution Cave)
SwSh Stow-on-Side (from the bargain shop keeper, if the player owns a Zygarde)


Bag sprite from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Obtain sprite from
Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Zygarde Cell obtain sprite from
Sun and Moon
Zygarde Core obtain sprite from
Sun and Moon

In the manga

The Zygarde Cube in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

The Zygarde Cube first appeared in Confusion and Monsters from Another World. Sun was hired by Sina and Dexio to assist them in finding the remaining Cells and Cores of Zygarde scattered across Alola. To aid him in this job, Dexio gave Sun the Zygarde Cube in order to store any Cells and Cores he could find.


  • Despite being called a cube, the Zygarde Cube far more closely resembles a truncated octahedron.
    • Both, however, can be seen to exhibit octahedral symmetry, as can be seen by comparing the squares on the Zygarde Cube and the fact they can be made to align perfectly with the faces of an actual cube.
  • In Pokémon Sun and Moon, a Zygarde Core can be found at each island kahuna's home.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 基格爾德多面體 Gēigaakyíhdāk Dōmihntái
Mandarin 基格爾德多面體 / 基格尔德多面体 Jīgé'ěrdé Duōmiàntǐ
  French Boîte Zygarde
  German Zygarde-Würfel
  Hungarian Zygarde Kocka
  Italian Teca Zygarde
  Korean 지가르데큐브 Zygarde Cube
  Russian Куб Зайгарда Kub Zaygarda
  Spanish Arca de Zygarde

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