Confusion and Monsters from Another World
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Brawl!! The Monsters From A Different World!
Collected in Vol. 3
Chapter number 18
Location Aether House
Po Town
Manga series Pokémon Adventures
Previous Chapter A Raid and Po Town
Next Chapter Truth and the Mastermind Behind Team Skull

Confusion and Monsters from Another World (Japanese: 乱戦!!異世界の怪物! Brawl!! The Monsters From A Different World!) is the 18th round of the Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Sina and Dexio meet with Sun and ask for his help in finding the Zygarde Cores and Cells scattered across Alola.
  • Sina and Dexio offer to pay Sun one hundred thousand yen for each of the forty Cores and Cells remaining, leaving Sun with only six million yen left to save if he completes the task.
  • Sun agrees to help and tells Lillie to stay behind while he goes to Po Town to begin his search.
  • Sun arrives at Po Town, only to find the Trial Captains and Hau easily defeated by the rampaging Ultra Beasts.
  • Guzma reveals he is in possession of another Cosmog, which he uses to open more Ultra Wormholes to summon more Ultra Beasts.
  • Gladion appears and demands that Guzma tell him where he received Cosmog from.
  • On the outskirts of Ula'ula Island, Professor Kukui, worried about what might be happening at Po Town, drives his yacht to find a place to dock.
  • Moon tells Kukui to drive as close to Ula'ula as he can so she can use Rowlet to fly her to Po Town.
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