Appendix:Sun and Moon walkthrough/Section 30

Poni Island

Poni Grove

Poni Grove

Poni Grove is a short, lush path connecting Ancient Poni Path in the west to Poni Plains in the east.

Poni Plains

Poni Plains

Poni Plains connects Poni Grove in the south, Poni Meadow in the northwest, and Poni Coast in the northeast. To reach Poni Meadow, go left at the signpost near the northeast grass patch.

Poni Meadow

Poni Meadow

Poni Meadow is a secluded area between Poni Plains and Resolution Cave.

Resolution Cave

Call Mudsdale Gallop go west from the rocky intersection to reach an Elixir. Backtrack and head south from the intersection to fight Backpacker Maria. Collect the nearby Terrain Extender to the west and TM26 (Earthquake) to the east before continuing southward. Turn east and follow the descending path to reach a large cave entrance. The final Ultra Beast can be encountered anywhere in this dimly-lit chamber, which is laid out roughly in the shape of an X. Go northward to reach another Zygarde Cell along the main path, and another on the raised central platform. After capturing the final beast, report back to the restaurant in Seafolk Village.

Aura: +2 Attack
Dark Dragon
Beast Boost
Held item:
??? Lv.70
Normal Physical
Gastro Acid
Poison Status
Heavy Slam
Steel Physical
Wring Out
Normal Special

Seafolk Village

Speak to Looker and he summons Anabel. Now that all of the Ultra Beasts have been contained, they must report their success to Wicke in Aether Paradise. They suggest that you meet them there as well, in the secret labs on the lower floor.

Aether Paradise


Enter Secret Lab B at the far end of the hallway to find Anabel speaking with Wicke. They have been waiting for you, and on behalf of Aether Foundation, Wicke offers her sincere thanks to the two of you. The both of you remind her of Looker, who is running late. He enters a moment later, talking about some new disaster. He stopped on Melemele Island to get malasadas for everyone on his way here, and noticed something black and shining streaking across the sky. He is afraid it may be another Ultra Beast, but there has been no word from HQ of any more creatures and Wicke calms him down. He and Anabel have been cleared for their paid leave and are ready to start their vacation. The two thank you for your help, and before he leaves, Looker delivers your payment from HQ: a whopping $1,000,000!

Melemele Island

Route 1 (Hau'oli Outskirts)

Ten Carat Hill

Ten Carat Hill, Farthest Hollow

Located southwest of Kukui's Research Center, Ten Carat Hill was partly accessible after clearing the first grand trial. However, the area may now be fully explored due to the abilities of other Poké Ride Pokémon.


Head southwest and use Tauros Charge to crash through the large rocks blocking the way. Break through a few more rocks until you reach a boulder; only Machamp Shove is powerful enough to move it. This leads to a cliff in the southwest wall of the hollow, where you find a pedestal with a Flyinium Z. Backtrack to the boulder and enter the Farthest Hollow.

Farthest Hollow

The black, reflective object that Looker saw in the sky has landed somewhere in the Farthest Hollow. It is not immediately visible and must be encountered by moving through the tall grass. Like with the Ultra Beasts, it will respawn immediately if defeated or run from.

Psychic Unknown
Prism Armor
Held item:
Necrozma Lv.75
Stealth Rock
Rock Status
Iron Defense
Steel Status
Wring Out
Normal Special
Prismatic Laser
Psychic Special

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