Grassium Z

The Grassium Z (Japanese: クサZ Grass Z) is a type of Z-Crystal introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is the type-specific Z-Crystal associated with the Grass type and allows Pokémon to upgrade their Grass-type moves to Z-Moves.

Grassium Z
Grass Z
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Grassium Z
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Introduced in Generation VII
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In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


  Bag item

Can create Grassium Z held items for the player's Pokémon.

  Held item

In battle

Allows the holder to upgrade its Grass-type damaging moves to the Z-Move Bloom Doom or upgrade its Grass-type status moves into Z-Moves.

Unaffected by item negating effects (such as Embargo and Klutz). Item manipulating effects (such as Trick and Fling) cannot remove a Z-Crystal from a Pokémon.

Multitype changes an Arceus holding this item to its Grass-type form. Rayquaza cannot Mega Evolve if it holds a Z-Crystal.

Outside of battle

A held Grassium Z is automatically removed if the Pokémon is traded between players.

Multitype changes an Arceus holding this item to its Grass-type form.


Bag item

Games Description
It converts Z-Power into crystals that upgrade Grass-type moves to Grass-type Z-Moves.

Held item

Games Description
This is a crystallized form of Z-Power. It upgrades Grass-type moves to Z-Moves.


Games Method
SMUSUM Lush Jungle (reward for completing Mallow's trial)

In the anime

A Grassium Z in the anime

Ash obtained a Grassium Z from a Totem Lurantis after completing the Lush Jungle trial in Currying Favor and Flavor!. He and Rowlet first used it in Trials and Determinations! to perform Bloom Doom. In Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!, the Ultra Guardians used it, along with Ash's Normalium Z, Rockium Z, Solganium Z, and Steelium Z, and Lillie's Icium Z, as bait for a Pheromosa.

A full set of type-specific Z-Crystals, including the Grassium Z, appeared in A Grand Debut!, where Hapu allowed Ash to choose his grand trial prize from them.

Mallow obtained a Grassium Z from Tapu Koko in A Recipe for Success! as a reward for helping Oranguru operate its forest café.

A full set of replicas of the type-specific Z-Crystals, including the Grassium Z, appeared in A Team-on-Team Tussle!, where they were shown to Ash and his classmates by Professor Kukui.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 草Z Chóu-Z
Mandarin 草Z Cǎo-Z
  Danish Grassium Z
  Dutch Grasium Z
  Finnish Grassium Z
  French Florazélite
  German Botanium Z
  Italian Herbium Z
  Korean 풀Z Pul-Z
  Norwegian Grassium Z
  Polish Trawium Z*
Botanium Z*
Portuguese   Brazil Plântium Z
  Portugal Ervarium Z
  Russian Ботаниум Z Botanium Z
  Spanish Fitostal Z
  Swedish Grassium Z

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