Pokémon card art life

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Pokémon card art life (Japanese: ポケカアートライフ Pokeca art life) is an official[1] Instagram account operating under the tag @pokeca_art_life that was set up on January 16, 2023. The account's main purpose is to celebrate Pokémon card illustrations following the increased focus on artwork during the Scarlet & Violet Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon card art life profile picture

Posts on the account contain a short context on what the illustration depicts, as well as the card name and illustrator credit. Both a digital image of the artwork and a digital image of the card are included. Occasionally, new cards are revealed via the new posts. The account has featured illustrations from as early as Generation I, publishing digital images that were previously unavailable publicly.

Common themes include anniversaries, narrative and combined illustrations, and Japanese secular holidays. Each post contains the following message:

Making Pokémon cards more familiar by focusing on illustrations!

List of posts

The following is a list of the Instagram account's posts in chronological order. For a list of posts sorted by National Pokédex number, refer here. For a list of featured cards sorted alphabetically, refer here.

January 2023

January 16, 2023
Original text: ポケモンカードゲームの新しいインスタグラムアカウント、「ポケカアートライフ」を開設しました!記念すべき最初のカードは、『Pokémon Trading Card Game イラストレーションコンテスト 2022』受賞作品の3枚!ポケモンたちの日常のワンシーンが描かれたイラストの中で、キミのお気に入りはどれかな?
Translation: We have opened a new Instagram account for the Pokémon card game, "Pokéca Art Life"! The first commemorative cards are the 3 winning works of "Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022"! Among the illustrations depicting daily scenes of Pokémon, which one is your favorite?
January 17, 2023
Original text: 「スカーレット&バイオレット」シリーズの発売に先駆けて、パルデア地方での冒険のパートナーとなった3匹を紹介!キミはどのポケモンを選ぶ?
Translation: Prior to the release of the Scarlet & Violet Series, we will introduce the 3 Pokémon to become your adventure partners in the Paldea region! Which Pokémon will you choose?
Context: The three artworks are from the first cards released for these three Pokémon.
January 19, 2023
Original text: 少年とヒトカゲが共に成長していく様子が伺えるイラストに、心が熱くなってきます。

「どんなことがあっても ふたりの きずながあれば 乗り越えられる。 これからも ずっと ずっと。」


Translation: The illustrations, that depict a boy and his Charmander growing up together, warm my heart.

"No matter what happens, if we stick together, we can get past it. Forever and ever."

Let's grow together with the Pokémon that lights a hot flame!

Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration. This post quotes Charizard's exclusive Pokédex entry from the featured card.
January 20, 2023
Original text: 本日発売の拡張パック「スカーレットex」に収録されたコライドンexと、「バイオレットex」に収録されたミライドンexの2枚を紹介!2匹の伝説のポケモンのイラストは迫力満点だ。キミはどんなカードに出会えるかな?
Translation: Introducing 2 cards released today! Koraidon ex included in "Scarlet ex" and Miraidon ex included in "Violet ex". Introducing 2 photos! The illustrations of the 2 Legendary Pokémon are impressive. What kind of cards do you want to encounter?
Context: January 20, 2023 is the Japanese release date for the Scarlet ex and Violet ex expansions.
January 24, 2023
Original text: ちょっと懐かしい?ポストカードとセットになって発売されていた3枚のカード!南の島でポケモンたちがたわむれる、楽園の光景。
Translation: A little nostalgic? 3 cards that were sold as a set with a postcard. Pokémon frolicking on the Southern Islands: a scene from paradise.
Context: The artworks form a combined illustration that was featured on a postcard released with the Japanese Southern Islands promotional set. This was the first time a digital release of the full artwork was made available to the public.
January 26, 2023
Original text: 「いもむしポケモン」の3枚。それぞれが別の進化を見せるポケモンたち。どんな風に進化していくのかな・・・?
Translation: 3 Worm Pokémon with different evolutions. I wonder how they will evolve...?
January 28, 2023
Original text: 「Pokémon LEGENDS アルセウス」発売から1年経った今日にちなんで、ゲームの登場人物たちが描かれたカードをご紹介。ヒスイ地方の調査で出会った彼らのことを、イラストとともに振り返ってみよう。
Translation: Today, 1 year after the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, introducing cards depicting characters from the game. Let's look back at the characters we met while surveying the Hisui region.
Context: January 28, 2023 is the one-year anniversary of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The characters featured in the illustrations are Rei, Akari, Adaman, Irida, Lian, and the Miss Fortunes.
January 30, 2023
Original text: 今回ご紹介するイラストは…彩り豊かなお花畑にスピアーたちがやってきた!群れで飛び回る姿に、暖かな春の訪れを待ちわびてしまう1枚です。
Translation: The illustration we will introduce this time is... Beedrill have arrived in a colorful flower garden! An artwork of them flying around in groups makes me look forward to the arrival of warm spring.
January 31, 2023
Original text: ポケモンと暮らす家族のストーリーが描かれた、ラルトス、キルリア、サーナイトexの3枚のイラストをご紹介!一つ屋根の下で、ともに時を重ねていく家族の絆のようなものが感じられます。
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations of Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir ex that depict the story of a family living with Pokémon! One can feel the bond of a family living together under the same roof over time.
Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration.

February 2023

February 2, 2023
Original text: 2月2日は「ツインテールの日」。2人のトレーナーが描かれたイラストをご紹介します!リラックスして過ごす時も、旅をする時も、ご機嫌じゃなくっちゃ。
Translation: February 2nd is "Pigtails Day". Introducing 2 illustrations of Trainers! Whether you're relaxing or traveling, you need to be in a good mood.
February 4, 2023
Original text: チャーミングなまえばを持つポケモンのイラスト3枚をご紹介!大きくて強そうなまえばから、可愛らしいちょびっとでっぱまで。いろんなまえばに注目してイラストを見てみてね!
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations depicting Pokémon with charming front teeth! From big, strong front teeth to cute, little overbites. Take a look and observe these various front teeth!
February 5, 2023
Original text: 2/5の「ふたごの日」にちなんだ2枚をご紹介!いつも一緒の二人は息もぴったり!バトルのコンビネーションもばつぐんだ!
Translation: Introducing 2 illustrations related to "Twins Day" on February 5th! The two of them are always together and are in perfect harmony! The battle combinations are also beyond compare!
February 8, 2023
Original text: ロケット団の2人も描かれた、アーボックとマタドガスをご紹介!悪そうな2匹のポケモンが、ロケット団のパートナーにぴったりハマっています!やなかんじぃー! ニャーンテ ニャ!
Translation: Introducing Arbok and Weezing, 2 members of Team Rocket! These 2 evil-looking Pokémon are perfect partners for Team Rocket! "We're blasting off again! Meowth, that's right!"
Context: These artworks feature Jessie and James, who own Arbok and Weezing. "This feels bad! Something like that!" is the Japanese equivalent Team Rocket motto for "We're blasting off again! Meowth, that's right!"
February 9, 2023
Original text: 25匹のピカチュウが大集合した「ピカチュウV-UNION」をご紹介!それぞれのピカチュウは総勢25名のイラストレーターさんによって描かれています!
Translation: Introducing Pikachu V-UNION: a gathering of 25 Pikachu! Each Pikachu is drawn by 1 of 25 illustrators!
Context: For the 25th Anniversary Collection, the following 25 illustrators each contributed an illustration of Pikachu for this card: 5ban Graphics, Taira Akitsu, Hitoshi Ariga, Mitsuhiro Arita, AKIRA EGAWA, Kouichi Ooyama, kawayoo, Naoyo Kimura, kirisAki, Tomokazu Komiya, Kouki Saitou, Naoki Saito, Sanosuke Sakuma, Jiro Sasumo, Narumi Sato, Shibuzoh., sui, sowsow, Miki Tanaka, Saya Tsuruta, Atsuko Nishida, Yuu Nishida, Kagemaru Himeno, Masakazu Fukuda, Ryota Murayama
February 12, 2023
Original text: とある街の前で描かれた、2匹のサンドのイラストをご紹介!どこの街か、キミにはわかるかな・・・?
Translation: Introducing 2 Sandshrew drawn in front of certain towns! Can you guess which towns?
February 13, 2023
Original text: 「世界ラジオデー」にちなんだ、ちょっと懐かしいカードをご紹介!イラストから音が聞こえてくるようだ。さあ、今日はどんなリクエスト曲が流れるかな?
Translation: In honor of "World Radio Day", introducing some nostalgic cards! It seems you can hear sound coming from the illustrations. What song requests will be heard today?
February 14, 2023
Original text: 本日はバレンタインデーにちなんで、キュートに描かれたポケモンのイラストをご紹介!もしかしたら、想いが伝わる秘密がイラストにあるかも?
Translation: Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, we're introducing illustrations depicting cute Pokémon! Maybe the secret to conveying your feelings is in the illustrations?
February 16, 2023
Original text: 毎日寒いけど、キミは元気にしてるかな?今日は雪が似合うポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。ポケモンと一緒に、寒さに負けずに冬を過ごそう!
Translation: Every day is cold, but I wonder if you mind. Let's spend winter together with Pokémon without giving in to the cold!
February 17, 2023
Original text: 小さなニドランとともに描かれた、ニドキングのイラストをご紹介!

「尻尾の 一撃は 電柱を まるで マッチ棒のように 真っ二つに へし折ってしまう」


Translation: Introducing an illustration of Nidoking drawn with little Nidoran♂.

"One swing of its mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were a matchstick".

Nidoking has such strength, but if you can feel the gentle bond between parent and child, click "Like!"

Context: This post quotes the card's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon Y.
February 19, 2023
Original text: プロレスの日にちなんで、「ヒールポケモン」「レスリングポケモン」の2枚のイラストをご紹介!もし2匹のポケモンがリングに立ったら、どっちのポケモンを応援する?
Translation: In honor of Pro Wrestling Day, we are introducing two illustrations of "Heel Pokémon" and "Wrestling Pokémon"! If 2 Pokémon stood in the ring, which Pokémon would you root for?
February 21, 2023
Original text: ふわふわな6本のしっぽが愛らしい、ロコンのイラストを2種類ご紹介!温もりのロコンと凍てつく白いロコン、キミが好きなのはどっちかな?
Translation: 6 fluffy adorable tails; introducing 2 kinds of Vulpix illustrations! A Vulpix with warmth or a Vulpix that's freezing white, which do you prefer?
February 22, 2023
Original text: 2月22日は忍者の日。色違いのゲッコウガのイラストをご紹介!黒い肌に、赤い舌がクール!

「忍者のように 神出鬼没。素早い 動きで 翻弄しつつ 水の 手裏剣で 切り裂く。」

Translation: February 22nd is Ninja Day. Introducing illustrations of Shiny Greninja in different colors! Black skin and a red tongue are cool!

"It appears and vanishes with a ninja's grace. It toys with its enemies using swift movements, while slicing them with throwing stars of sharpest water."

Context: February 22 (2/22) is Ninja Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of number 2 as "ni". This post quotes Radiant Greninja's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon Y.
February 23, 2023
Original text: 「みんなでころがる」ワザをもったポケモンたちのイラストを3枚ご紹介。ころころと転がって行っちゃいそうな姿に、思わず癒されたら“いいね!”
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations of Pokémon with the ability "Let's All Rollout"! If you can't help but feel soothed by the sight of it rolling around, click "Like"!
Context: Let's All Rollout is an attack that does more damage for each Pokémon in the player's bench that also has Let's All Rollout.
February 25, 2023
Original text: 「スタートデッキ100」デッキナンバー070にのみ収録されている、かわいらしいイラストのポケモンたちをご紹介!かっこよく描かれることが多いポケモンの中で、ギャップを一番感じちゃうのはどのイラストかな?
Translation: Introducing Pokémon with cute illustrations that are only included in Deck No. 070 of "Start Deck 100"! Among the Pokémon that are often drawn in a cool way, which illustrations do you feel have the biggest gap?
February 27, 2023
Original text: 2月27日は「Pokémon Day」!ポケモンの最初のソフト『ポケットモンスター 赤・緑』が発売された日にちなんで、リザードンとフシギバナの2匹が描かれたイラストをご紹介。緊迫感、力強さが伝わってくるバトルフィールドで、キミならどっちのポケモンを応援する?
Translation: February 27th is "Pokémon Day"! In honor of the release date of the first Pokémon software, Pokémon Red and Green, we're introducing an illustration depicting Charizard and Venusaur.

In the battlefield where you can feel the tension and power, which Pokémon would you support?

Context: Charizard and Venusaur are the game mascots for Pokémon Red and Green, respectively.
February 28, 2023
Original text: クサイハナが描かれた、2枚のカードをご紹介!木の上でスヤスヤと眠っているクサイハナ。と思いきや、寝相が悪くて落っこちた!?ポケモンのユーモアさを写したイラストだ。
Translation: Introducing 2 cards depicting Gloom! Gloom sleeping peacefully on a tree. Or so it thought... did it fall from tossing and turning!? Illustrations that depict the humor of Pokémon.
Context: Despite being released over 20 years apart, these two artworks form a narrative illustration.

March 2023

March 3, 2023
Original text: 3月3日の「耳の日」にちなんで、2枚のニャオニクスのカードをご紹介!ニャオニクスの耳に注目!折り畳まれた可愛らしい耳だが、内側の目玉模様からサイコパワーを放つぞ!
Translation: In honor of March 3rd, "World Hearing Day", we're introducing 2 Meowstic cards! Notice Meowstic's ears. Cute, folded up ears, but eyeball patterns on the interior emit psychic energy!
March 4, 2023
Original text: 本日は、『ポケットモンスター スカーレット・バイオレット』から、ペパーと彼の相棒が描かれたカードをセットでご紹介!ペパーの作ったサンドイッチが美味しそう!マフィティフは足元でお利口さんに待ってます。二人の絆が感じられる、心がホッと温まるイラストです。
Translation: Today, from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we're introducing a set of cards depicting Arven and his partner! The sandwich made by Arven looks delicious! The well-behaved Mabosstiff is waiting at his feet. Illustrations where you can feel the bonds between the two and warm your heart.
March 6, 2023
Original text: ディグダが色々な場所に映り込んだイラストをご紹介!土の中に住んでいるポケモンに光が当たった3枚。神出鬼没のディグダ、何匹いるか数えられたかな!?
Translation: Introducing Diglett depicted in various places! 3 illustrations where light hits Pokémon living in the dirt. Can you count how many unexpected Diglett there are?!
March 7, 2023
Original text: ニャオハ、ニャローテ、マスカーニャの成長が、植物と一緒に描かれたイラストをご紹介!ポケモンも、植物も、太陽の光をたっぷり浴びて、すくすく成長してゆく姿が、カード全体を使ったイラストで表現されています。
Translation: The growth of Sprigatito, Floragato, and Meowscarada, introducing illustrations drawn with plants! Both Pokémon and plants bathed in abundant sunlight, the form that grows quickly, illustrations represented using the whole card.
Context: This post contained the initial reveal for the illustration rares of both Floragato and Meowscarada ex.
March 8, 2023
Original text: 3枚のニャースのカードをご紹介!それぞれのニャースの顔にご注目!甘えたり、カッコつけたり、驚いたり、、、表現豊かで愛くるしいニャース。キミは、どの表情のニャースがお気に入り?
Translation: Introducing 3 Meowth cards! Notice each Meowth's face! Spoiled, cool, astonished... Expressive and adorable Meowth. Which Meowth expression do you like?
March 12, 2023
Original text: パンチを繰り出す、マンキーとワンリキーの2枚のイラストをご紹介!2体がパンチを繰り出すとともに、間欠泉が噴き出す!大迫力のシーンが、のんびりとしたテイストで描かれていて、そのギャップにふしぎな魅力を感じるイラスト。
Translation: Unleash a punch, introducing 2 illustrations of Mankey and Machop! A geyser erupts as the 2 of them throw their punches! An impactful scene depicted in a laid back style; an illustration where you can feel the mysterious appeal in that disparity.
March 14, 2023
Original text: 今日はホワイトデー!キャンディーやお菓子に囲まれたイラストをご紹介。色とりどりのお菓子と、豊かなポケモンの表情に釘付け。賑やかで、見ているこちらまで幸せを感じる3枚!
Translation: Today is White Day! Introducing illustrations surrounded by candy and sweets. Multicolored sweets and Pokémon's rich expressions that you can't keep your eyes away. Looking at the cheerful illustrations will make you feel happy!
March 15, 2023
Original text: テラスタルした姿のポケモンをご紹介!ポケモンが宝石のようにキラキラ光り、とてもゴージャスな雰囲気を放っています!キミはどのイラストに目を奪われたかな?
Translation: Introducing Pokémon in their Terastallized form! Pokémon shining like jewels, emitting a gorgeous atmosphere! Which illustration catches your eye?
Context: Gyarados ex from Scarlet ex, Arcanine ex from Violet ex, and Dedenne ex from Triplet Beat were the three Tera Pokémon ex that had existed before this post was published.
March 17, 2023
Original text: 「VSTARユニバース」の中からジャンボカード化された3枚のイラストを厳選してご紹介。普段は謎に包まれている幻のポケモン。そのポケモンたちのなかなか見られない一面が、明るい色使いで描かれています!
Translation: Introducing 3 hand-picked Jumbo card illustrations from VSTAR Universe! Mythical Pokémon usually shrouded in mystery. A side of these Pokémon that can't readily be seen is drawn using bright colors!
Context: These three cards were available in the Latias, Mew, and Lapras Jumbo Card Collections released in Japan on December 16, 2022.

The post refers to Latias and Galarian Moltres as Mythical Pokémon even though they are Legendary Pokémon.

March 19, 2023
Original text: 街を見下ろせる高い塔の上に、2匹のエスパータイプのポケモンが出現!広々とした空と町の風景を特徴あるカメラの角度で捉え、エスパータイプのユニークな雰囲気を感じるイラスト。ポケモンたちは、テレポートしてきたのかな?
Translation: 2 Psychic-type Pokémon appear on top of a tall tower overlooking the city! Capturing the expansive sky and the city landscape in a unique camera angle; an illustration where you can feel the unique Psychic-type aura. Did these Pokémon Teleport here?
Context: These two artworks feature the same settlement drawn from a similar angle.
March 21, 2023
Original text: 今日は春分の日。春の訪れを感じるイラストをご紹介!ピンクを中心にした柔らかな色使いは、眺めているとふんわりとした温かい気持ちにさせてくれます。ポケモンたちも春の到来が嬉しそう!
Translation: Today is the vernal equinox. Introducing illustrations where you can feel the arrival of spring. The soft pink-oriented colors make you feel gentle and warm when you see them. Even the Pokémon look happy for the the arrival of spring!
March 22, 2023
Original text: とあるトーナメント大会に挑むワンリキーや、ポケモン同士の白熱したバトルが描かれたイラストをご紹介!カッコよく描かれたポケモンたちのイラストに、目の前に立ちはだかる敵を倒す強い意志を感じます。キミは、どのポケモンを応援したくなったかな?
Translation: Introducing illustrations depicting a Machop contending in a certain tournament and heated battles between Pokémon. You feel the strong determination to defeat the Pokémon standing in the way in these coolly drawn Pokémon illustrations. Which Pokémon did you want to support?
March 24, 2023
Original text: 本日発売の「スターターセットex ピカチュウex&パーモット」で手に入る、3枚のカードイラストをご紹介!でんきタイプポケモンのエネルギー溢れる生き生きとした姿に、キミも元気を充電できたら“いいね!”
Translation: Introducing 3 card illustrations that you can obtain today in the newly released ex Starter Set Pikachu ex & Pawmot! If the overflowingly energetic appearance of these Electric-type Pokémon recharges your own energy, click "Like"!
March 25, 2023
Original text: 本日3月25日は電気記念日。でんきタイプポケモンの日常を描いたイラストをご紹介!キミの心をビリッと痺れさせる!素早さだけじゃない、のんびりとした時間が流れる3枚。
Translation: March 25 is Electricity Commemoration Day. Introducing 3 illustrations depicting the every day life of Electric-type Pokémon! They will numb your heart! Not only are they agile, but they also show the leisurely passage of time.
March 27, 2023
Original text: 本日3月27日の「さくらの日」にちなんで、チェリムとチェリンボのイラストをご紹介!春の陽気に包まれた2匹のポケモン。キミは、どっちのポケモンとお花見したいかな?
Translation: In honor of March 27, "Cherry Blossom Day", we're introducing illustrations of Cherrim and Cherubi! 2 Pokémon that are enveloped in the cheerfulness of spring. Which Pokémon do you want to go cherry blossom viewing with?
March 28, 2023
Original text: カントー地方のジムリーダーとともに描かれた、進化前のポケモンたちをご紹介!チャレンジャーからの挑戦に備え、己を磨いているポケモンの姿に、心を打たれたら“いいね!”
Translation: Introducing pre-evolved Pokémon depicted together with Kanto Gym Leaders! If the appearance of these Pokémon honing their skills in preparation for Gym challenges strikes your heart, hit "Like!"
Context: The Gym Leaders featured in the illustrations are Janine, Lt. Surge, and Giovanni.
March 30, 2023
Original text: 3月は旅立ちの季節。どこか切ない雰囲気が伝わってくる2枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: March is the seasons of departures. Introducing 2 illustrations that convey a somewhat heartrending atmosphere. As your chest swells with hope for new adventures, how about we try reflecting on our memories with Pokémon?

April 2023

April 1, 2023
Original text: 本日4月1日は「はがねの日」。はがねタイプのポケモンやジムリーダーが描かれたイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Today, April 1st, is "Steel Day". Introducing illustrations depicting Steel Pokémon and Gym Leaders.

The fascinating Steel-type with hard and solid bodies. Even though it's all the same type, when the colors used in the drawings change, you can enjoy different tastes!

April 3, 2023
Original text: 超スピードで駆け抜けるポケモンたちが描かれたイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing illustrations depicting Pokémon running at hyper-speed!

On your mark! Get set! Go! Which Pokémon do you think runs the fastest?

April 4, 2023
Original text: ぽけーっとしたポケモンたちを発見!!!


Translation: Discover some absent-minded Pokémon! ! !

It's a busy day, but aren't you all tired? Maybe if you look at these Pokémon, you'll naturally feel better...?

April 6, 2023
Original text: 4月6日の「白の日」にちなんで、白くて美しい体を持つ伝説のポケモンたちのカードをご紹介。


Translation: In honor of "White Day", April 6th, we are introducing cards featuring Legendary Pokémon with beautiful white bodies.

Just like a Legendary Pokémon, its majestic appearance will catch your eye!

April 8, 2023
Original text: 明日はイースター!たまごにちなんだポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Tomorrow is Easter! Introducing illustrations of Pokémon related to eggs. Their rotund bodies are totally cute!

Which Pokémon do you want to observe Easter with?

April 9, 2023
Original text: 4月9日にちなんで、背番号049のジムリーダー、ルリナのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: In honor of April 9th, we are introducing an illustration of Nessa, the Gym Leader with uniform number 049!

Which do you prefer, the candid pose or a pose in the face of battle?

April 10, 2023
Original text: 3つの頭で攻撃を繰り出すポケモンたちが出現!!!


Translation: Pokémon that unleash their assaults with 3 heads emerge!!! Each expression is different, so try and take caution!
April 12, 2023
Original text: 本日4月12日「パンの記念日」にちなんで、パピモッチのイラストをご紹介!

「しっとり すべすべの 触り心地。 吐息に 含まれる 酵母で まわりのものを 発酵させる。」 ショーウィンドウに並んでいるパンに興味津々なようすだ・・・

Translation: Today, April 12, in honor of "Bread Commemoration Day", introducing illustrations of Fidough!

"This Pokémon is smooth and moist to the touch. Yeast in Fidough's breath induces fermentation in the Pokémon's vicinity".

It appears to be interested in the bread that's lined up in the show window...

Context: This post quotes the card's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon Scarlet.
April 13, 2023
Original text: 本日4月13日の「喫茶店の日」にちなんで、マホイップとバトルカフェのマスターが描かれたカードをご紹介!


Translation: Today, April 13, in honor of "Café Day", introducing cards depicting Alcremie and the Battle Café Master.

The master watches over Alcremie with a warm expression. 2 illustrations that warm your heart just by looking at them. We expect the café's whipped cream to be exceptionally sweet!

April 15, 2023
Original text: 昨日発売されたばかりの拡張パック「スノーハザード」 「クレイバースト」から3枚のイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations from the expansion packs "Snow Hazard" and "Clay Burst" that were just released yesterday!

Take a look at the characteristics of the Pokémon that are vividly expressed!

April 17, 2023
Original text: 本日4月17日の「恐竜の日」にちなんだ3枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations related to "Dinosaur Day" today, April 17th.

Together with Roxanne, let's take a closer look at the appearance of the Fossil Pokémon!

April 19, 2023
Original text: 本日4月19日は「地図の日」だけど…2002年に発売された拡張パック「地図に無い町」から3枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Today, April 19th, is "Map Day"... but here are 3 illustrations from the expansion pack "The Town on No Map" released in 2002.

It depicts Pokémon living comfortably in a town centered around a clock tower.

April 21, 2023
Original text: 夢を食べるポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon that eat dreams.

When you observe the illustration, maybe you too will somehow doze off yourself?

April 24, 2023
Original text: タマンチュラとワナイダーの、繋がるイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing a combined illustration of Tarountula and Spidops!

Upon turning your gaze upwards from the Tarountula being struck by Scyther...?

Context: The two artworks form a combined illustration.
April 25, 2023
Original text: 本日「世界ペンギンの日」にちなんで、ペンギンポケモンの2枚をご紹介。


Translation: Today, in honor of "World Penguin Day". introducing illustrations of 2 Penguin Pokémon.

Although they are living in similar environments, these 2 Pokémon are so different! 2 illustrations that are both cute!

April 26, 2023
Original text: モンスターボールとそっくりな姿のポケモンたちを発見!


Translation: Discovering Pokémon that are the spitting image of Poké Balls!

Ah! A Poké Ball here!? Be careful not to carelessly provoke them!

April 28, 2023
Original text: 日差しを浴びて過ごすポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon that spend their time bathing in sunlight.

Charge your energy with the brilliant light of the sun pouring in. Which Pokémon would you like to bask in the sun with?

April 29, 2023
Original text: 本日4月29日の「国際ダンスデー」にちなんだ3枚のイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations related to "International Dance Day" on April 29th!

A lively illustration that will make you want to dance! Which Pokémon or Trainer's dance inspired you?

May 2023

May 1, 2023
Original text: 高山のてっぺんで修行に励む、サワムラーとエビワラーのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, training devotedly at the peaks of high mountains.

Intense training is underway to further hone one another's attack coordination! ?

Context: These two artworks feature perspective illustrations.
May 2, 2023
Original text: 明日から連休!という人も多いのでは?プライベートを満喫するポケモントレーナーたちが描かれたイラストを紹介するよ!


Translation: Aren't there a lot of people whose holidays start tomorrow? Introducing illustrations of Pokémon Trainers enjoying their private lives to the fullest!

Was there a way of spending your holidays that you wanted to imitate?

May 4, 2023
Original text: 本日は「みどりの日」。くさタイプのポケモンたちとジムリーダーが描かれたカードをご紹介。


Translation: Today is "Greenery Day". Introducing cards depicting Grass Pokémon and Gym Leaders.

Hit 'like' if you feel the power of growth and restoration that the Pokémon bring in these illustrations with green as an underlying base.

Context: The Gym Leaders featured in the illustrations are Gardenia, Milo, and Erika.
May 5, 2023
Original text: 「こどもの日」にちなんで、小さな子供たちが印象的な2枚のカードをご紹介。


Translation: In honor of "Children's Day", introducing 2 cards that are memorable for small children.

Which Pokémon do you want to try playing together with? By all means, tell us in the comments!

May 7, 2023
Original text: 本日5月7日は「博士の日」。



Translation: Today, May 7, is "Professor's Day".

Introducing everyone's favorite Pokémon Professors who work hard at research every day!

The illustrations convey the affection and curiosity for Pokémon.

May 8, 2023
Original text: 「見つけた人は運がいい」と言われているラッキーのカードを3枚ご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 cards of Chansey, who is said to bring luck to anyone who finds it.

Chansey always has a happy expression. Do you have any of these Chansey cards?

May 10, 2023
Original text: 「おやこポケモン」のガルーラと、「ファミリーポケモン」のイッカネズミのイラストをご紹介。

「袋から 抜け出して 遊んでいる 子供には 近づいては いけない。 どこかで 母親が 見守っている」


Translation: Introducing illustrations of the Parent Pokémon Kangaskhan and the Family Pokémon Maushold.

"You shouldn't get close to the child when it's playing outside its mother's pouch. Its mother is always nearby watching over it."

Illustrations that exude family affection.

Context: This post quotes the Kangaskhan card's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon Ultra Moon.
May 11, 2023
Original text: 4月からの新しい学校や職場には慣れたかな?アカデミーでのお仕事を日々頑張っている、ミモザとジニアのイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: Have you gotten used to your new school or workplace since April? Introducing illustrations of Jacq and Miriam, who are working hard every day at the Academy.

2 illustrations that give you a sense of their hectic new lifestyle. Please support them too!

May 12, 2023
Original text: 「きままにおよぐ」のワザをもった3匹のポケモンたちをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 Pokémon that have the Swim Freely attack.

3 exhilarating and refreshing illustrations of Pokémon swimming freely in the vast ocean and the clear, vivid blue of the sky and sea!

Context: Pokémon cards with the Swim Freely attack can interact with Finneon from Lost Abyss.
May 14, 2023
Original text: 本日「母の日」にちなんで、お母さんでもあるトレーナーたちが描かれた3枚のカードをご紹介。


Translation: Today, in honor of "Mother's Day", we are introducing 3 cards depicting trainers who are also mothers.

The facial expressions depicted in the illustrations give you a sense of warmth and relief. Let's express our gratitude to our moms today!

May 16, 2023
Original text: 今日は「旅の日」!アローラ地方を旅する、かんこうきゃくの2枚のカードをご紹介。


Translation: Today is "Travel Day". Introducing 2 cards with sightseers traveling the Alola region.

Do you have any travel plans soon? Try taking some travel pictures with Pokémon cards!

May 17, 2023
Original text: 今日は、人間のお仕事をお手伝いするポケモンたちをご紹介。


Translation: Today, introducing Pokémon that are helping mankind with their jobs.

These 3 Pokémon are incredibly outstanding! Which Pokémon will you ask for help?

May 19, 2023
Original text: 本日5月19日は「チャンピオンの日」。3人のチャンピオンが描かれたイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: Today, May 19, is "Champion's Day". Introducing illustrations depicting 3 Champions.

3 photos where you can feel the noble dignity of waiting for a trainer! Which Champion strikes your fancy? By all means, tell us in the comments!

May 21, 2023
Original text: ハンマーを持った、カヌチャン・ナカヌチャン・デカヌチャンのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing illustrations of the hammer-wielding Tinkatink, Tinkatuff, and Tinkaton!

Having constructed such supreme hammers, they are making somewhat triumphant expressions, right?

Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration.
May 23, 2023
Original text: 本日5月23日は「世界カメの日」。大迫力の、キョダイマックスのすがたが描かれたカードを紹介するよ。


Translation: Today, May 23, is "World Turtle Day". Introducing cards depicting the great impact of Gigantamax!

If you think these sturdy, rugged bodies is totally strong, click "Like"!

May 24, 2023
Original text: とびはねる姿が印象的な、コイキングのカードをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing a Magikarp card with impressive jumping form!

It appears there's some kind of secret hidden in the background of the illustration...!?

May 26, 2023
Original text: 「のりものポケモン」のラプラスと、人を乗せたポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of the Ride Pokémon Lapras and other Pokémon people ride.

Whether you are traveling the sea, or running through the grasslands, Pokémon are always with you! What Pokémon would you like to try riding?

May 27, 2023
Original text: 色々なポケモンのすがたに「へんしん」した、メタモンのアートをご紹介!

「全身の 細胞を 組み替えて 見たものの 形 そっくりに 変身する 能力を 持つ。」 果たして上手く変身できているかな?

Translation: Introducing art of Ditto transformed into various Pokémon!

"It has the ability to reconstitute its entire cellular structure to transform into whatever it sees."

Sure enough, hasn't Ditto skillfully transformed?

Context: The featured illustrations depict Ditto transforming into Numel, Geodude, and Pikachu. This post quotes the XY-P Promo Ditto card's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon X.
May 28, 2023
Original text: とある遺跡を背景にした、イーブイたちの繋がるイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Against the scenery of a certain ruin, introducing an illustration related to Eevee.

Which Pokémon will it evolve into...? Everyone, try to imagine!

Context: The artworks form a combined illustration and were all included as promotional cards in the Premium File 2. This was the first time a digital release of the full artwork was made available to the public.
May 31, 2023
Original text: カントー地方の冒険でライバルとして立ちふさがるグリーンと共に、ブースター・シャワーズ・サンダースが描かれた3枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations depicting Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon along with Blue, who stands in the way as a rival during adventures in the Kanto region.

Which evolved form of Eevee is your favorite? By all means, tell us in the comments!

June 2023

June 1, 2023
Original text: 本日「写真の日」にちなんだ3枚をご紹介!


Translation: Today, in honor of Picture Day, introducing 3 pieces.

Pokémon are members of the family too! As the Pokémon grow, the atmosphere of a happy family get-together is certainly conveyed.

Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration.
June 2, 2023
Original text: 化石から復元されるポケモンのイラストを2枚ご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 2 illustrations of Pokémon restored from Fossils.

In a world long ago, what kind of life did they lead? Everyone, try to imagine!

June 4, 2023
Original text: 本日「虫の日」にちなんで、むしタイプのポケモンとトレーナーたちが描かれたカードをご紹介。


Translation: Today, in honor of "Bug Day", introducing cards depicting Bug Pokémon and their trainers.

An illustration that looks like it will come flying here right now; if it captivates you, click "Like"!

Context: June 4 is known as Bug Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of "6/4" as "mu-shi"; 虫 mushi is Japanese for bug.
June 6, 2023
Original text: 本日6月6日の「かえるの日」にちなんだ3枚のカードをご紹介。

「夜になると 池の 畔に 現れる。 怒鳴るような 声で 鳴いて 縄張りを アピールするぞ。」

Translation: Today, we will introduce three cards related to "Frog Day" on June 6th.

"At nightfall, these Pokémon appear on the shores of lakes. They announce their territorial claims by letting out cries that sound like shouting".

Context: This post quotes the Politoed card's Pokédex entry, which came from Pokémon X.
June 7, 2023
Original text: カビゴンのイラストを3種類ご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 kinds of Snorlax illustrations.

Relaxing Snorlax, bad-mood Snorlax and Snorlax taking on a serious battle... Each Snorlax bringing various personalities has become a Pokémon card!

June 9, 2023
Original text: 本日6月9日の「ロックの日」にちなんだ、2種類のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Today, June 9, in honor of "Rock Day", introducing 2 kinds of illustrations.

Can you feel the punk beat from Galar's rock music via this illustration?

June 10, 2023
Original text: セビエ・セゴール・セグレイブの3枚のカードをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 cards depicting Frigibax, Arctibax, and Baxcalibur.

Let's take notice of the scenery, and the jumps that become more dynamic as it evolves!

June 12, 2023
Original text: やさしさ溢れるイラストが印象的な、「やさしいポケモン」たちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Light Pokémon that impress with their overflowing kindness.

Can you feel the Pokémon's kindness in these illustrations? By all means, tell us your feelings in the comments!

June 14, 2023
Original text: ミュウツーとリザードンの、迫力のバトルが描かれた2枚をご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 2 photos depicting a powerful battle between Mewtwo and Charizard.

Dynamic illustrations that will make you lose track of heaven and earth! Who will emerge victorious!?

Context: These two artworks feature perspective illustrations.
June 15, 2023
Original text: 明日は強化拡張パック 「ポケモンカード151」発売日!ミュウが目印のパッケージイラストと、ミュウexのカードを紹介するよ。


Translation: Tomorrow is the release day for Pokémon Card 151! Introducing the packaging illustration with Mew as its mascot and a Mew ex card.

Notice the background of the packaging decorated with silhouettes of 151 Pokémon!

Context: This is the first post to feature an illustration that is not used in a card, instead being featured on the packaging for the booster pack itself, as well as merchandise related to it.
June 17, 2023
Original text: 強化拡張パック「ポケモンカード151」は、同じイラストレーターさんに描かれた進化形のポケモンカードがたくさん入っているよ。


Translation: In Pokémon Card 151, there are many Pokémon cards that have their whole evolutionary family depicted by the same illustrator.

From those illustrations, introducing 3 illustrations of Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill! Which evolved Pokémon card did you get?

June 18, 2023
Original text: 拡張パック「スノーハザード」に収録された、さいやくポケモンの2匹のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 2 illustrations of Ruinous Pokémon included in Snow Hazard.

Illustrations in which you can feel the ferocity and mystique worthy of the name Sealed Ruinous Pokémon!

June 19, 2023
Original text: 昨日に続いて、今日は拡張パック「クレイバースト」に収録されているさいやくポケモンをご紹介。


Translation: Continuing from yesterday, introducing the Ruinous Pokémon included in Clay Burst.

Ruinous Pokémon with overwhelming presences that keep people away. Illustrations that fully depicts that mightiness.

June 21, 2023
Original text: 一年で最もお昼の時間が長い夏至の日にちなんで、陽の光が綺麗な3枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: In honor of the summer solstice, which is the day of the year with the most daylight, introducing 3 illustrations with beautiful sunlight.

The warmth of the sunlight is conveyed from these illustrations, right? You too can feel the abundant blessing of the sunlight together with Pokémon!

June 22, 2023
Original text: 今日は「かにの日」!ハサミをもった、ポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Today is "Crab Day"! Introducing illustrations of Pokémon with pincers!

Snip snip! Try and take notice of the pincers that are the pride of each of these Pokémon!

June 23, 2023
Original text: 発売から11年が経ったニンテンドーDSソフト『ポケットモンスターブラック2・ホワイト2』にちなんだカードをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing cards in honor of the Nintendo DS software Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 that was released 11 years ago.

How about reflecting on your memories with the Unova region Gym Leaders via Pokémon cards?

Context: The Gym Leaders featured in the illustrations are Cheren, Roxie and Elesa.
June 26, 2023
Original text: 人工的に作り出されたポケモンである、ポリゴンのアートをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing the art of Porygon, an artificially created Pokémon!

Illustrations evolve with the times!? Let's compare the latest card illustrations with the ones from long ago!

June 28, 2023
Original text: 強化拡張パック「ポケモンカード151」にはみんなが知ってるお馴染みのポケモンのカードがばっちり収録されているよ。


Translation: In Pokémon Card 151, cards of familiar Pokémon that everyone knows are included entirely.

From these 151 Pokémon, try searching for your favorite one!

June 29, 2023
Original text: ミニリュウ・ハクリュー・カイリューのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite.

Try to take notice of the Pokémon's life, habits and environment that change as the Pokémon evolves!

July 2023

July 1, 2023
Original text: 7月に入ってそろそろ本格的に暑くなってくるころ…。夏を全身で感じるヘラクロスとライチュウのイラストを紹介するよ。
Translation: We've entered July and it's about to get really hot....

Introducing full-length summer illustrations of Heracross, and Raichu.

July 2, 2023
Original text: 本日7月2日にちなんで全国図鑑番号No.0702のポケモン、デデンネのイラストを紹介。デデンネの色々な表情を楽しんでね!
Translation: Today, in honor of July 2, introducing illustrations of Pokémon No. 0702 in the National Pokédex, Dedenne. Have fun with Dedenne's various expressions!
July 3, 2023
Original text: ソフトクリームの日にちなんで、バニプッチのイラストをご紹介!この夏、もうソフトクリームは食べたかな?
Translation: In honor of "Soft Serve Ice Cream Day", we are introducing an illustration of Vanillite! Have you eaten soft serve ice cream yet this summer?
July 5, 2023
Original text: 強化拡張パック「ポケモンカード151」に収録されている、マダツボミ・ウツドン・ウツボットのイラストをご紹介。鬱蒼とした森の中で過ごす3匹のポケモンの姿が描かれています。
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and Victreebel included in Pokémon Card 151. They depict 3 Pokémon's daily lives in a luxuriant forest.
July 7, 2023
Original text: 今日は七夕!どんな願い事でも叶えてくれると言われているポケモン、ジラーチのイラストをご紹介。
Translation: Today is Tanabata! Introducing illustrations of Jirachi, a Pokémon that is said to grant any wish.
July 8, 2023
Original text: 昨日発売された「exスタートデッキ」に収録されている、たねポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。キミはどのポケモンと一緒にバトルに挑戦したくなった?
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Basic Pokémon included in the "ex Start Decks" released yesterday. Which Pokémon do you want to battle together with?
July 10, 2023
Original text: ホゲータ・アチゲータ・ラウドボーンの成長が描かれたイラストをご紹介。トレーナーとの旅を満喫しているよ。成長するに連れて、お買い物のお手伝いもしてくれるように…!
Translation: Introducing illustrations depicting the growth of Fuecoco, Crocalor, Skeledirge. It enjoys journeying with her trainer to the fullest. As it grows up, it also helps with shopping...!
Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration.
July 11, 2023
Original text: 今日は、クワッス・ウェルカモ・ウェーニバルの成長が描かれたイラストをご紹介。鏡の前で身だしなみを整えながら、キメポーズを練習中!
Translation: Today, we will introduce illustrations depicting the growth of Quaxly, Quaxwell, Quaquaval. Practicing their trademark poses while grooming themself in front of the mirror.
Context: The three artworks form a narrative illustration.
July 13, 2023
Original text: 本日7月13日は「ナイスの日」。ナイスフェイスとアイスフェイスの2つの姿を持つ、コオリッポのイラストを紹介するよ。
Translation: July 13 is "Nice Day". Here are some illustrations of Eiscue which has two forms: A Noice Face and an Ice Face.
Context: July 13 is occasionally referred to as "Nice Day" in Japan, as 7-1-3 can be read as ナ・イ・ス na-i-su ("nice").
July 15, 2023
Original text: 思わず近くの公園に行きたくなっちゃうような、3枚のイラストをご紹介。どのポケモンといっしょに遊びたい?
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations that will make you want to go spontaneously to the nearby park. What Pokémon would you like to play with?
July 16, 2023
Original text: 「虹の日」にちなんで、お空に大きな虹がかかった3枚のイラストをご紹介。なんだかいいことありそう!
Translation: In honor of "Rainbow Day", introducing 3 illustrations with big rainbows in the sky. Looks like something good is going to happen!
Context: July 16 is occasionally referred to as Rainbow Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of "7/16" as "nana-i-ro"; 七色 nanairo is a Japanese word for rainbow (literally "seven colors").
July 17, 2023
Original text: 本日「海の日」にちなんだイラストを紹介!海の中にはどんなポケモンたちが隠れているかな?
Translation: Today we are introducing an illustration related to "Marine Day"! What kind of Pokémon are hidden in the sea?
July 18, 2023
Original text: 25年前の本日7月18日に、初のポケモン映画「ミュウツーの逆襲」が公開されたよ。そんなメモリアルな日にちなんで、ミュウツーとミュウが描かれたカードをご紹介!
Translation: 25 years ago today, on July 18, the first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, was released. In honor of such a memorial day, we are introducing cards depicting Mewtwo and Mew!
July 20, 2023
Original text: 真夏を謳歌するむしポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介!暑さに負けないすがたに元気がもらえるね!
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Bug Pokémon that celebrate midsummer. You'll be energized by the forms that can withstand the heat.
July 22, 2023
Original text: 海辺で思い思いに過ごすポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。きみも夏を満喫しよう!
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon spending their time at the beach. Let's enjoy summer to the fullest too!
July 24, 2023
Original text: 夏はお天気が変わりやすい季節。空の雰囲気が印象的な、3枚のイラストをご紹介。みんなも夕立には注意してね!
Translation: Summer is a season when the weather can change easily. Introducing 3 illustrations with an impressive sky atmosphere. Everyone, please be careful in the summer showers!
July 25, 2023
Original text: 本日7月25日はかき氷の日。美味しそうなかき氷を食べられて、ポッチャマもなんだか嬉しそう。
Translation: Today, July 25, is "Shaved Ice Day". Piplup looks happy to be able to eat some delicious-looking shaved ice.
July 26, 2023
Original text: 本日7月26日は幽霊の日。ゴーストタイプのポケモンと、その相棒が描かれたカードをご紹介。なんだか涼しくなってきたかな?
Translation: Today, July 26th, is "Yūrei Day". Introducing cards featuring Ghost Pokémon and their companions. I wonder if it's getting cooler somehow?
Context: Yūrei (幽霊) are figures in Japanese folklore analogous to the Western concept of ghosts. The name consists of two kanji, 幽 (yū), meaning "faint" or "dim" and 霊 (rei), meaning "soul" or "spirit".
July 27, 2023
Original text: 明日発売の拡張パック「黒炎の支配者」の迫力のパッケージアートをカードとセットでご紹介。悪タイプにテラスタルした、普段とは一味違うダークなリザードンが描かれているぞ。
Translation: Introducing a card and the powerful package art for "Ruler of the Black Flame" to be released tomorrow in combination. A Dark Tera Type Charizard is depicted a little different than normal.
July 31, 2023
Original text: 川で過ごすポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。きみも夏を思いっきり楽しもう!
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon that spend time in the river. Let's enjoy summer as best we can!

August 2023

August 1, 2023
Original text: 「水の日」にちなんだイラストをご紹介。水面の煌めきや激しく落ちる滝の水、色々な水の表現に注目してみてね。
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations in honor of "Water Day". Try to take notice of the various expressions of water, like the glittering surface or the relentless water from the waterfall.
August 2, 2023
Original text: 強化拡張パック「ポケモンカード151」に収録されている、フシギダネ・フシギソウ・フシギバナの3枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur included in Pokémon Card 151. Within vast nature, the lively forms relaxing or standing imposingly are depicted.
August 4, 2023
Original text: 夏といえば肝試し。


Translation: Summer means the test of courage.

Introducing Ghost-type Pokémon that are eerie, but in some ways, cute.

August 5, 2023
Original text: 「タクシーの日」にちなんで、そらとぶタクシーとして働くアーマーガアのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: In honor of "Taxi Day", introducing illustrations of the Corviknight that fly through the sky working as a taxi service

How is the ride? I would love to ride it someday!

August 7, 2023
Original text: 本日8月7日は「花の日」。



Translation: Today, August 7th, is "Flower Day".

We will introduce you to some illustrations depicting beautiful flowers.

Because you're with your Pokémon, your flowers may be blooming more energetically than usual!

Context: August 7 is sometimes known as Flower Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of "8/7" as "ha-na"; 花 hana is Japanese for flower.
August 8, 2023
Original text: 8月8日は「ヒゲの日」。


Translation: August 8th is "Mustache Day".

Introducing regional form Pokémon of the Galar region with charming big mustaches.

Context: August 8 is sometimes known as Mustache Day in Japan, based on how the kanji for the number 8 (八) resembles a mustache.
August 10, 2023
Original text: 8月10日は「ヤドンの日」。


Translation: August 10 is "Slowpoke Day".

Introducing illustrations of the Dopey Pokémon, Slowpoke, which has 2 forms.

August 11, 2023
Original text: 本日より日本で開催されている、「ポケモンワールドチャンピオンシップス2023」にちなんだカードのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing a card illustration related to the "Pokémon World Championships 2023", which is being held in Japan from today.

Check out the heated battles between players from all over the world!

August 13, 2023
Original text: 真夜中の背景と、ゆらめく炎が印象的なポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon with midnight backdrops and impressive flickering flames.
August 14, 2023
Original text: 温暖な島々からなるアローラ地方で暮らす、ハウとポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Hau and Pokémon, who spend their time on the temperate islands that make up the Alola region. Can you overcome even the hottest days of midsummer with a resort-mood if you are together with Pokémon!?
August 16, 2023
Original text: 空に憧れるヒトカゲの成長を描いた3枚のイラストをご紹介。大空に羽ばたいて、どんな世界に出会うだろう。
Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations depicting the growth of a Charmander that yearns for the sky. What kind of world will you encounter after spreading your wings in the open sky?
August 17, 2023
Original text: 段々と深い海の底へ潜っていく、ゼニガメ・カメール・カメックスのイラストをご紹介。広く深い海では何が待ち構えているだろう。
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise that gradually dive to the bottom of the deep sea. What lies in wait at the bottom of the sea?
August 19, 2023
Original text: 8月19日は「バイクの日」。


Translation: August 19 is "Motorcycle Day". Starting from the Ride Pokémon Cyclizar, introducing illustrations of 3 Pokémon that let Trainers ride them.
Context: August 19 is sometimes known as Motorcycle Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of "8/19" as "ba-i-ku" (バイク baiku; "bike", as in motorbike).
August 21, 2023
Original text: 8月21日は「噴水の日」


Translation: August 21 is "Water Fountain Day". We are introducing illustrations of 2 Pokémon playing in the water of a city in the Paldea region.
August 22, 2023
Original text: キミはこの夏、どこかに旅行に行ったかな?


Translation: Did you travel somewhere this summer?

Introducing illustrations that will let you enjoy the feeling of sightseeing in a city of water with intricate waterways!

August 23, 2023
Original text: 力仕事でいつもみんなを助けてくれる、ゴーリキーたちのイラストをご紹介。力もちでとっても頼りになるね!
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Machoke and his friends who always help everyone with heavy lifting. It's powerful and very reliable!
August 24, 2023
Original text: 木漏れ日の中、クシクシと顔をこするニャース。


「Pokémon Card Art Walk in Yokohama Minatomirai ー横浜みなとみらいを歩いて巡る、ポケモンカードアートの展覧会ー」が開催中! 1,000種類を超えるポケモンカードの大型展示や、記念撮影ができる体験型のフォトスポットが楽しめる!

Translation: Meowth rubs his face in the sunlight filtering through the trees.

It might be a quiet moment before it rains. You can catch a glimpse of Meowth's cute expression as it catches the sun.

"Pokémon Card Art Walk in Yokohama Minatomirai - An exhibition of Pokémon card art that walks around Yokohama Minato Mirai" is currently being held! You can enjoy a large exhibition of over 1,000 types of Pokémon cards and an experiential photo spot where you can take commemorative photos!

August 25, 2023
Original text: 伝説のとりポケモンである、サンダー・ファイヤー・フリーザーが描かれたアートをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing art depicting the Legendary bird Pokémon, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno.

A collection of rare Pokémon that are rarely seen.

August 26, 2023
Original text: カラカラとした砂漠で暮らすポケモンたち。


Translation: Pokémon live in the dry desert.

Looking at illustrations of people living strong lives in harsh environments might give you some energy.

August 27, 2023
Original text: 勢いよく水面にダイブする、3匹のポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing an illustration of 3 Pokémon that vigorously dive into the surface of the water.

Feel the coolness of the sea and stay cool against the heat!

August 28, 2023
Original text: お茶会の支度をしている、ポケモンたちを発見!本日のお茶会には誰が来るのかな?
Translation: We found Pokémon preparing for a tea party! Who will come to today's tea party?
August 29, 2023
Original text: 温泉を見つけて、ホッと一息つくポケモンたちを発見!


Translation: Find a hot spring and discover Pokémon taking a breather!

After working up a sweat during a serious competition, take a relaxing bath.

August 30, 2023
Original text: ゴロゴロとおやすみ中のポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。すやすや気持ちよさそうに眠っているね!
Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon purring and sleeping. You look like you're sleeping soundly and comfortably!
Context: This post was published coinciding with the first Good Sleep Day event being held in Pokémon Sleep from August 30 to September 1, 2023.
August 31, 2023
Original text: 学校に通っているみんなは、夏休みの宿題はもう終わったかな?


Translation: For everyone going to school, have you finished your summer vacation homework yet?

Introducing an illustration of Hop, who studies hard every day to become a doctor.

September 2023

September 1, 2023
Original text: 沈みゆく夕日を背景にしたイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing an illustration with a setting sun in the background.

Even familiar Pokémon may look more fashionable than usual when illuminated by a beautiful sunset.

September 2, 2023
Original text: 9月に入って、お外でも段々過ごしやすくなってきたかな?


Translation: As we enter September, is it getting easier to spend time outside?

For those of you who can't wait for the fall season, we'd like to introduce card illustrations with Pokémon that allow you to enjoy the fall foliage.

September 3, 2023
Original text: お部屋の中で、ゆったりとした時間を過ごすポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon spending a relaxing time in their rooms.

The relaxed lifestyle is conveyed through the cards.

September 4, 2023
Original text: 磨きをかけたスプーンには何が映る?

見れば見るほど、フーディンの思うがままになってしまうかも。 超能力を使いこなす迫力あるイラストの全貌を、是非会場で見てください!

「Pokémon Card Art Walk in Yokohama Minatomirai ー横浜みなとみらいを歩いて巡る、ポケモンカードアートの展覧会ー」が開催中! 1,000種類を超えるポケモンカードの大型展示や、記念撮影ができる体験型のフォトスポットが楽しめる!

Translation: What does a polished spoon reflect?

The more you look at it, the more you'll be at the mercy of Alakazam. Please come to the venue to see the full story of the powerful illustrations that use supernatural powers!

"Pokémon Card Art Walk in Yokohama Minatomirai - An exhibition of Pokémon card art that walks around Yokohama Minato Mirai" is currently being held! You can enjoy a large exhibition of over 1,000 types of Pokémon cards and an experiential photo spot where you can take commemorative photos!

September 5, 2023
Original text: そろそろ新学期が始まった人も多いかな?


Translation: I wonder if there are many people who are starting a new semester soon?

Today, I'd like to introduce cards depicting the daily lives of students and teachers at the Academy.

September 6, 2023
Original text: 9月6日は「黒の日」。


Translation: September 6 is "Black Day".

Here are some cards depicting Legendary Pokémon figures in black.

Context: September 6 is sometimes known as Black Day in Japan, a pun on the pronunciation of "9/6" as "ku-ro"; 黒 kuro is Japanese for black.

The post refers to Darkrai as a Legendary Pokémon, even though it is a Mythical Pokémon.

September 8, 2023
Original text: 本日9月8日にちなんで、背番号「908」のビートが描かれたイラストを紹介。


Translation: In commemoration of today, September 8th, we are introducing an illustration depicting Bede, who wears uniform number "908".

Everyone please support him as he works hard as a Gym Leader!

September 9, 2023
Original text: 9月9日、重陽の節句は長寿を願う日。



Translation: September 9th is the Chrysanthemum Festival, a day to pray for longevity.

Introducing illustrations of Ninetales, which is said to live for 1,000 years, and Wartortle, which is said to have a lifespan of 10,000 years.

Let's live a healthy life every day in honor of the long-lived Pokémon!

September 10, 2023
Original text: 実りの秋を感じる3枚のイラストをご紹介。

森の中で過ごす、くさタイプのポケモンたちに迫った一瞬が切り取られています。 器用に「果物」に同化したり、食べ物を採ろうとしてるね。

Translation: Introducing 3 illustrations that give you the feel of a fruitful autumn season.

A close-up moment is captured of Grass-type Pokémon spending time in the forest. They deftly try to assimilate into "fruit" and gather food.

September 12, 2023
Original text: 9月12日は宇宙の日。


Translation: September 12th is Space Day.

Introducing illustrations of Deoxys, which is said to have mutated from a space virus and has various forms. Let's take a look at the dynamic art!

September 14, 2023
Original text: 9月14日の「コスモスの日」にちなんで、

マクロコスモスの社長であるローズが描かれたイラストを紹介。 その視線の先には、一体何を見据えているのかな…?

Translation: In honor of "Cosmos Day" on September 14th,

Introducing an illustration of Rose, the president of Macro Cosmos. What on earth are you looking at beyond that line of sight?

September 17, 2023
Original text: 秋といえば食欲の秋。

きのみを頬張るポケモンたちのイラストを紹介するよ。 幸せそうに、ほっぺたいっぱいにしているね。

Translation: Autumn is the season of appetite.

I'd like to introduce you to some illustrations of Pokémon stuffing their mouths with berries. They look happy, their cheeks are full.

September 18, 2023
Original text: 本日の「敬老の日」にちなんで、


Translation: In honor of today's "Respect for the Aged Day",

Introducing illustrations depicting the bond between veteran Trainers and Pokémon.

September 20, 2023
Original text: 9月20日は「飛行機の日」。


Translation: September 20th is "Aviation Day".

Introducing illustrations of energetic Pokémon drawn with jet planes.

September 21, 2023
Original text: 明日発売となる、強化拡張パック「レイジングサーフ」のパッケージアートをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing the package art for the enhanced expansion pack "Raging Surf" which will be released tomorrow.

A collection of unique Pokémon, centered around Garchomp, who has turned into a Water-type!

September 23, 2023
Original text: 昨日発売された強化拡張パック「レイジングサーフ」から、3枚のイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: I would like to introduce 3 illustrations from the enhanced expansion pack "Raging Surf" released yesterday.

Take a look at the ecology of Pokémon living in the wild.

September 24, 2023
Original text: 流れ星とともに描かれたポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。

たまには夜空を見上げて、星を眺めてみるのはいかが? もしかしたら、ポケモンたちのように流れ星を見つけられるかも…?

Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon drawn with shooting stars.

Why not look up at the night sky and see the stars once in a while? Maybe you can find a shooting star like Pokémon?

September 25, 2023
Original text: 様々な道路で空を駆ける、ポッポ・ピジョン・ピジョットのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot flying through the sky on various routes.

As we continue to evolve, the world we can see expands.

September 26, 2023
Original text: 群れで生活しているポケモンたちの姿を発見!


Translation: Discover Pokémon living in groups!

The illustrations depict them fighting together and playing together.

September 28, 2023
Original text: 17年前の本日9月28日に発売した『ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール』にちなんだカードのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing card illustrations related to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released, 17 years ago today, September 28th.

Look back on your adventures in the Sinnoh region with your Pokémon cards.

September 29, 2023
Original text: 「中秋の名月」にちなんで、満月と一緒に描かれたピッピたちのイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: In honor of the "Harvest Moon", we'd like to introduce an illustration of Clefairy and her friends drawn together with a full moon.

There might be a moon viewing party somewhere on a full moon night.

October 2023

October 1, 2023
Original text: 本日10月1日はメガネの日!


Translation: Today, October 1st, is Glasses Day!

Introducing illustrations of intelligent Trainers wearing glasses.

October 3, 2023
Original text: 最新のスターターセットに収録されているポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon included in the latest starter sets!

Is there a Pokémon you'd like to battle with?

October 4, 2023
Original text: 秋といえば、芸術の秋!

タギングルとドーブル、それぞれの芸術的センスあふれる2枚のイラストを紹介するよ。 壮大な光景や作品に、目が離せなくなっちゃうかも!?

Translation: Autumn is the season for art!

I'd like to introduce 2 illustrations from Grafaiai and Smeargle that demonstrate their artistic fervour. You might not be able to take your eyes off the spectacular scenery and art! ?

October 6, 2023
Original text: 本日は、Nintendo Switch用ソフト『帰ってきた 名探偵ピカチュウ』の発売日!


Translation: Today is the release date of the Nintendo Switch sequel "Detective Pikachu Returns!"

We'd like to introduce a picture of Pikachu working hard for the city as a detective.

October 8, 2023
Original text: 強化拡張パック「レイジングサーフ」に収録されている、伝説のポケモンたちのイラストを紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Legendary Pokémon included in the enhanced expansion pack "Raging Surf".

I feel an overwhelming power that can change the weather around me.

October 10, 2023
Original text: ポケモントレーナーが旅立つ街とともに描かれたポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon drawn at the place where they and their Trainer are separated.

When you feel stuck, in your daily studies or at work, why not return to basics?

October 12, 2023
Original text: ゲームソフト『ポケットモンスター X・Y』の発売から10周年!


Translation: 10th anniversary since the release of "Pokémon X and Y!"

In honor of such a special day, we would like to introduce some illustrations that are displayed somewhere in the Kalos region, the setting of the game.

Context: These artworks appear in the Lumiose Museum in Pokémon X and Y.
October 14, 2023
Original text: エレキブルとブーバーンの仲良しコンビが描かれたイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: I'd like to introduce you to an illustration depicting the friendly duo of Electivire and Magmortar.

It depicts the casual daily life of two Pokémon who fight with electricity and fire.

October 15, 2023
Original text: 本日10月15日は「きのこの日」!


Translation: Today, October 15th, is "Mushroom Day"!

Let's take a look at the ecology of the "Mushroom Pokémon" that live in the forest.

October 16, 2023
Original text: 本日10月16日は「ボスの日」!


Translation: Today, October 16th, is "Boss Day"!

Introducing illustrations depicting the bosses of organizations who carry out plans while harboring various ambitions.

October 18, 2023
Original text: まるで赤ちゃんのような、小さくて無邪気なポケモンたち。


Translation: Small and innocent Pokémon that look like babies.

Check out their cute, angelic expressions!

October 20, 2023
Original text: 1996年の10月20日に、最初のポケモンカード商品『ポケモンカードゲーム 第1弾』が発売されたよ。


Translation: On October 20, 1996, the first Pokémon card product, "1st Starter & Expansion Pack", was released.

Introducing an illustration of Pikachu in connection with such a happy anniversary!

October 21, 2023
Original text: お家の中で、プラスル・マイナンと一緒に試合観戦!火花のボンボンを出しながら、夢中になって応援してくれています。
Translation: Watching the game at home with Plusle and Minun! Cheering on so enthusiastically, they are emitting sparks.
October 23, 2023
Original text: 過去と近未来の世界で、つまみぐいしたり、収獲をお手伝いしてくれる2匹のハリマロンのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of 2 Chespins who will help you pick and harvest in the world of the past and the near future.

Enjoying life in the city to the fullest, while being watched over warmly by the people.

October 25, 2023
Original text: 拡張パック「古代の咆哮」の発売に先駆けて、トドロクツキが描かれたパッケージアートとカードをご紹介!


Translation: Ahead of the release of the expansion pack "Ancient Roar", we are introducing the package art and card featuring Roaring Moon!

It depicts a powerful life typical of ancient Pokémon.

October 26, 2023
Original text: 本日も新しいカードの発売に先駆け、拡張パック「未来の閃光」のテツノブジンが描かれたパッケージアートとカードをご紹介!


Translation: Today, ahead of the release of new cards, we will be introducing the package art and card depicting Iron Valiant from the expansion pack "Future Flash"!

You can feel the formidable power of this future Pokémon, which fights smartly with its mechanical body.

October 27, 2023
Original text: 本日10月27日は「読書の日」!

高い実力を持つトレーナーたちによる、読書を楽しむ姿が描かれたイラストを紹介します。 ポケモンバトルやスポーツに勤しむ君も、本を読んでみたら何かヒントが得られるかも?

Translation: Today, October 27th, is "Reading Day"!

Introducing illustrations of highly skilled Trainers enjoying reading. Whether you are into Pokémon battles or sports, maybe you can get some hints by reading a book?

October 29, 2023
Original text: パルデア地方で新たに発見されたパラドックスポケモンたち!


Translation: Paradox Pokémon newly discovered in the Paldea region!

It depicts Pokémon of unknown appearance that give a sense of wonder different from other Pokémon.

October 31, 2023
Original text: ハロウィンにちなんで、ゴーストタイプのポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: In honor of Halloween, we're introducing illustrations of Ghost-type Pokémon!

Maybe you'll want to go out on the town dressed up like a ghost or a witch...?

November 2023

November 1, 2023
Original text: 11月1日の「犬の日」にちなんで、こいぬポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: In honor of "Dog Day" on November 1st, we are introducing illustrations of Dog Pokémon!

They have cute expressions that show how friendly they are.

November 3, 2023
Original text: 夜のビル街を見つめる3匹のポケモンたち。


Translation: 3 Pokémon stare down from buildings to the street at night.

What do you think about when you look down at the city lights at the end of the day?

November 4, 2023
Original text: 未開の島でひっそりと暮らすポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。

ミステリアスな雰囲気で描かれているポケモンの生態に注目してみてね。 どんな暮らしをしているのかな?

Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon living quietly on an unexplored island.

Pay attention to how these Pokémon have survived in this mysterious environment. What kind of life do you have, I wonder?

November 6, 2023
Original text: コインを集める習性を持つコレクレーと、1000枚のコインで体ができているサーフゴーのイラストをご紹介するよ。


Translation: We introduce illustrations of Gimmighoul, who has a habit of collecting coins, and Gholdengo, whose body is made of 1000 coins.

You should stack your coins up high and look proud!

November 7, 2023
Original text: 「わたあめポケモン」のペロッパフの活き活きとした姿を切り取った、2枚のカードをご紹介。

実はポケモンカードには、イラストではないアートでポケモンの姿を表現したカードがあるんだよ! 知っていた人はいるかな?

Translation: Introducing 2 cards depicting the lively appearance of Swirlix, a Cotton Candy Pokémon. In fact, there are some Pokémon cards that express the appearance of Pokémon through art rather than illustrations!

Do you know of any?

November 9, 2023
Original text: 火山で生活する、パワフルに生きるポケモンたちをご紹介するよ。


Translation: We'll introduce you to the powerful Pokémon that live in volcanoes.

When you look at the illustrations of these sturdy Pokémon, you might feel a sense of strength!?

November 11, 2023
Original text: お家やお庭で、思い思いに過ごすポケモンたち。

みんなどんな暮らしをしているかな? トレーナーとともに、どんな風に暮らしているのかを想像してみてね。

Translation: Pokémon spending their time at home or in the garden.

How is everyone doing? Imagine what it would be like living with a Trainer.

November 12, 2023
Original text: 「スペシャルデッキセットex フシギバナ・リザードン・カメックス」に入っている、特別なカードをご紹介!

ポッポとともに過ごす3匹のポケモンたちによる、昼下がりのワンシーンが描かれているよ。 3匹のそれぞれの個性にも注目してみよう。

Translation: Introducing the special cards included in "Special Deck Set ex Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise"!

It depicts an early afternoon scene of 3 Pokémon spending time with Pidgey. Let's take a look at the individuality of each of the 3 animals.

November 14, 2023
Original text: 11月14日の「石の日」にちなんで、珍しい石とともに描かれている、イーブイが進化したポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: In commemoration of "Stone Day" on November 14th, we will introduce illustrations of Pokémon that evolved from Eevee, depicted with rare stones.

I wonder if the mystery of Pokémon evolution has reached you?

November 15, 2023
Original text: 発売からちょうど4年が経った、ゲームソフト『ポケットモンスター ソード・シールド』にちなんだイラストをご紹介するよ!


Translation: We'd like to introduce you to some illustrations related to "Pokémon Sword and Shield", which was released exactly four years ago!

Let's take a look back at the Trainers we met in the Galar region, along with their Pokémon cards.

November 17, 2023
Original text: ウルトラホールの先の世界に生息している、ウルトラビーストたちのカードをご紹介するよ。


Translation: Introducing cards depicting Ultra Beasts that live in the world beyond Ultra Holes.

Even from the illustrations, you can feel how powerful they are compared to other Pokémon!

Context: This post was made on the sixth anniversary of the release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and features Pokémon introduced in those games.
November 18, 2023
Original text: パルデア地方の冒険でも活躍していた、コライドンとミライドンのイラストを紹介するよ。

ゲームソフト『ポケットモンスター スカーレット・バイオレット』が発売から1周年なんだ!

Translation: I'd like to introduce illustrations of Koraidon and Miraidon, who were also active in adventures in the Paldea region.

It's the 1st anniversary of the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

November 18, 2023
Original text: 『Pokémon Trading Card Game イラストレーションコンテスト 2024』のサイトに、イラストレーターの古澤あつしさんによる

「ウインディ」のイラスト制作過程を解説した記事が掲載されているよ。 ポケモンカードのイラストにまつわる裏話が気になった人は、プロフィールの2つ目のURLからアクセスしてみてね!

Translation: On the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2024" website, an article by illustrator Atsushi Furusawa has been published explaining the illustration process for "Arcanine".

Anyone interested in the story behind the illustration, please visit Behind Drawing Pokémon TCG Illustrations "Bringing an Illustration to Life" (Part 1)!

November 21, 2023
Original text: 11月21日は、「しんかポケモン」の名を持つイーブイの日!


Translation: November 21st is Eevee Day, also known as the "Eeveelution Pokémon"!

Even in the different colors and Gigantamax form, Eevee's charming appearance is depicted!

November 23, 2023
Original text: 今日は勤労感謝の日!とても優しい心を持つ「かんしゃポケモン」の、シェイミのイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day! I'd like to introduce you to an illustration of Shaymin, a Cheerful Pokémon with a very kind heart.

Which appearance do you like better, Land Form or Sky Form?

November 24, 2023
Original text: 人々の建設作業をお手伝いしてくれる、頼もしいポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of reliable Pokémon that help people with construction work.

Always working with safety first! That's very reassuring!

November 26, 2023
Original text: 「いちげき」のワザを放つハブネークと、「れんげき」のワザを繰り出すザングースによる、激闘のイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing an illustration of a fierce battle between Seviper, who uses the "Single Strike" Style, and Zangoose, who uses the "Rapid Strike" Style!

Only one can achieve victory, I wonder which Pokémon it will be...!?

November 27, 2023
Original text: 本日は、歌うのが得意なポケモンたちのカードをご紹介!


Translation: Today, we introduce cards featuring Pokémon who are good at singing!

Each Pokémon is depicted in various situations, such as performing a heartfelt song or humming in a flower garden.

November 28, 2023
Original text: 鍛え抜かれたボディが自慢の、かくとうタイプのポケモンたち。


Translation: These are Fighting-type Pokémon that boast a well-trained body.

Their powerful vibrations and well-honed moves are sure to cheer you up!

November 30, 2023
Original text: 明日発売となる「ハイクラスパック シャイニートレジャーex」のイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing illustrations of the High Class Pack "Shiny Treasure ex", which goes on sale tomorrow!

Get your hands on Pokémon with different colors, a little different from the cards you usually see!

December 2023

December 1, 2023
Original text: 12月1日は「映画の日」。イッシュ地方のポケウッドで、映画俳優として活躍する2人のイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: December 1st is "Movie Day". Introducing illustrations of 2 movie actors from Pokéwood in the Unova region.

They're also depicted training hard to become stars.

December 3, 2023
Original text: キャモメの群れとともに生活しているチルットと、空を舞うチルタリスのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Swablu, who lives with a flock of Wingulls, and Altaria, flying in the sky. Notice how large its wings evolve and how beautifully it soars through the sky.
December 4, 2023
Original text: 巨大な沈没船の中で生活する、コソクムシたちとグソクムシャ。


Translation: Wimpod and Golisopod live inside a huge sunken ship. You can see them living together in harmony and spending time on their own.
December 6, 2023
Original text: ネイティたちとバッフロンの交流が描かれた2枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 2 illustrations depicting interactions between Natu and Bouffalant. The fluffy fur of Bouffalant seems to be warming Natu's cold body!
December 7, 2023
Original text: 暖かいおうちの中で時を過ごす、3枚のイラストを紹介するよ。


Translation: I'd like to introduce 3 illustrations of time spent in a warm home.

When you look at the Pokémon next to the fireplace, you might feel a little warm and fuzzy...?

December 9, 2023
Original text: 普段とは異なるタイプを持った、テラスタルした姿のポケモンたち!


Translation: Pokémon in Terastal form, with different types than usual!

The artwork is full of power as they go into battle.

December 10, 2023
Original text: トリオで戦う、バオッキー・ヒヤッキー・ヤナッキーのイラストをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing an illustration of Simisear, Simipour and Simisage, who fight as a trio!

Let's take a look at the illustrations in which each of them dynamically unleashes their signature moves!

December 11, 2023
Original text: 人々の生活や、探検を助けてくれるポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon that help people's lives and exploration.

With your reliable Pokémon, you'll feel more energetic every day!

December 13, 2023
Original text: 真冬を過ごすトレーナーやポケモンの日常を描いた、2枚のイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 2 illustrations depicting the daily lives of Trainers and Pokémon in the middle of winter.

It's going to be cold every day, but let's do our best without giving up!

December 14, 2023
Original text: ゲームボーイカラー専用ソフト『ポケットモンスター クリスタルバージョン』の

発売から23年が経った本日にちなんだカードを紹介するよ。 最新のスイクンのカードと、2000年に登場した最初のスイクンのカードを、 じっくり見比べてみてね。

Translation: Game Boy Color-exclusive software Pokémon Crystal Version

Today, 23 years after its release. Let me introduce you to a card. The latest Suicune card and the first Suicune card that appeared in 2000. Take your time and compare.

December 16, 2023
Original text: 『Pokémon Trading Card Game イラストレーションコンテスト 2024』のサイトに、

takuyoaさんによる「ゲッコウガex」のイラスト制作過程を解説した記事が掲載されているよ。 3DCGで描かれたポケモンexのカードのメイキングが気になった人は、 プロフィールの2つ目のURLから「コラム」のページにアクセスしてみてね!

Translation: On the "Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2024" website, an article by illustrator takuyoa has been published explaining the illustration process for "Greninja ex".

Anyone interested in the making of Pokémon ex cards drawn in 3DCG, please visit Behind Drawing Pokémon TCG Illustrations "Bringing an Illustration to Life" (Part 2)!

December 18, 2023
Original text: 今日は、眠らせるのが得意なポケモンたちのカードを紹介するよ!


Translation: Today, I'll be introducing cards of Pokémon that are good at putting you to sleep!

Just looking at the illustrations makes me feel sleepy...

December 19, 2023
Original text: 古代・未来のパラドックスポケモンたちが集った豪華なアートをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing gorgeous art featuring Ancient and Future Paradox Pokémon.

Pay attention to the way Roaring Moon screams wildly and the way Iron Valiant coolly holds its stance.

December 21, 2023
Original text: 12月21日の「回文の日」にちなんだカードを3枚ご紹介。


Translation: Introducing 3 cards related to "Palindrome Day" on December 21st.

Today, pay attention not only to the illustrations, but also to the names of the 3 Pokémon!

Context: The Japanese names of Pidgey ポッポ, Girafarig キリンリキ and Cramorant ウッウ are all palindromes.
December 22, 2023
Original text: 12月22日は、一年で一番夜が長い「冬至」の日。

真夜中の暗闇を背景に、 普段より一層ポケモンがクールに映えているイラストを紹介するよ。

Translation: December 22nd is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.

Against the backdrop of midnight darkness, I'd like to introduce you to some illustrations that make Pokémon look even cooler than usual.

December 24, 2023
Original text: クリスマスイブにちなんで、

プレゼントが運ばれる様子が描かれたカードをご紹介。 ポケモンたちも、なんだか心がおどっているように見えるね。

Translation: In honor of Christmas Eve,

introducing cards depicting a gift being delivered. The Pokémon also look like their hearts are dancing.

Context: Both cards' illustrations have a setting themed after Christmas.
December 26, 2023
Original text: 自慢のハサミや剣で、バトルに挑む姿が描かれたカードを紹介するよ。


Translation: I'd like to introduce you to cards depicting characters fighting in battle with proud scissors and sword.

They are extremely reliable Pokémon that perform well-honed attacks.

December 27, 2023
Original text: たくさんのお菓子に囲まれたポケモンたち!


Translation: Pokémon surrounded by lots of sweets!

Even the hungry Morpeko is sure to be very satisfied!

December 29, 2023
Original text: 年末の大掃除はみんなもう終わったかな?

今日は、きれい好きなポケモンとして知られているチラーミィのイラストを紹介するよ! 電灯やスプーンもキッチンも、器用に尻尾を使ってピカピカにしてくれているね。

Translation: Have you all finished your year-end cleaning?

Today, I'll be introducing an illustration of Minccino, who is known as a clean-loving Pokémon! He deftly uses his tail to make the lamps, spoons and kitchen shiny.

December 31, 2023
Original text: 2023年最後の投稿は「うさぎポケモン」のヒバニーの成長が描かれたカードを紹介するよ。

強烈なシュートを繰り出せるようになったエースバーンのように、 新しい目標に向かって突き進もう!

Translation: The last post of 2023 will introduce a card depicting the growth of Scorbunny from the Rabbit Pokémon.

Like Cinderace, who can now perform powerful shots, Let's move towards new goals!

January 2024

January 6, 2024
Original text: あけましておめでとう!

2024年は辰年!レックウザをはじめとした、 ドラゴンタイプのポケモンたちのカードを紹介するよ。 新しい目標に向かって突き進もう!

Translation: Happy New Year!

2024 is the year of the dragon! Including Rayquaza, I will introduce cards of Dragon-type Pokémon. Let's move towards new goals!

January 6, 2024
Original text: 新年にちなんで、なんだか新年にぴったりな雰囲気のルギアとホウオウのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: In honor of the new year, we're introducing illustrations of Lugia and Ho-Oh that have a perfect atmosphere for the new year.

Start the new year with Pokémon cards!

January 7, 2024
Original text: ニャビーからニャヒート、そしてガオガエンに成長していく様を描いたイラストをご紹介するよ。


Translation: I'd like to introduce an illustration depicting the growth of Litten, Torracat and Incineroar.

The Pokémon in the research institute's aquarium watch with equal interest.

January 8, 2024
Original text: 本日の「成人の日」にちなんで、

ポケモントレーナーの「ふりそで」が描かれたイラストをご紹介するよ。 新成人のみなさん、おめでとうございます!

Translation: In honor of today's "Coming of Age Day",

Introducing an illustration of a Pokemon trainer's furisode. Congratulations to all the new adults!

January 9, 2024
Original text: ハイクラスパック「シャイニートレジャーex」に収録されている、色ちがいのポケモンたちをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing the different colored Pokémon included in the High Class Pack "Shiny Treasure ex".

Take a close look at the illustrations and find out what the differences are between them and regular Pokémon!

January 10, 2024
Original text: エスパータイプの使い手とともに戦うポケモンたちのイラストをご紹介!

不思議な能力を使ったワザで相手を惑わせる 一風変わった戦い方で、チャレンジャーを追い詰めるよ。

Translation: Introducing illustrations of Pokémon fighting alongside Psychic-type users!

Confuse your opponent with attacks that use mysterious abilities. Use a unique fighting style to corner the challenger.

January 11, 2024
Original text: ハイクラスパック「シャイニートレジャーex」には、

これまでとは違うイラストのカードも収録されているよ。 カードを集めてコレクションするのが好きなキミも、 デッキを組んでバトルを楽しむキミも、 これまでに出たカードのイラストと見比べてみてね。

Translation: The High Class Pack "Shiny Treasure ex" includes cards with different illustrations.

If you like collecting and collecting cards, you can also build a deck and enjoy the battle. Please compare it with the illustrations of the cards that have been released so far.

Context: Each of these cards debuted internationally as SVP Black Star Promos before their Japanese release in Shiny Treasure ex.
January 12, 2024
Original text: 心があったかい気分になれる、3枚のイラストをご紹介するよ。

熱いマグマに浸かったり、ひなたぼっこしている姿を見ていると、 なんだかぽかぽかした気持ちになってきちゃうかも?

Translation: Here are three illustrations that will warm your heart.

Watching them soaking in hot magma and basking in the sun, maybe you'll start to feel a little warm?

January 13, 2024
Original text: 幻想的な雰囲気で、神秘的に描かれたポケモンたちをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing Pokémon that are mysteriously drawn in a fantastical atmosphere.

Take a look at the backgrounds that highlight the beauty and majesty of the Pokémon.

January 15, 2024
Original text: ポケモンたちに見守られらながら研究に没頭する、

2人の博士のイラストを紹介するよ! 並べられた資料や研究材料に向き合いながら、 何を熱心に調べているのかな…?

Translation: Immerse yourself in research while being watched over by Pokémon.

Introducing illustrations of two Professors! While looking at the documents and research materials lined up, I wonder what they are studying so intently...?

January 16, 2024
Original text: なんだか似た姿をしている、2体のパラドックスポケモンを発見!


Translation: We discovered two Paradox Pokémon that look somewhat similar!

Compare the two artistically drawn cards and look for similarities and differences between the illustrations.

January 17, 2024
Original text: お部屋の中で過ごす、可愛らしい2匹のポケモンのイラストをご紹介。


Translation: Introducing illustrations of two cute Pokémon spending time in a room.

As I watched them play with the fluffy yarn, I couldn't help but get excited while looking at the cards!

January 19, 2024
Original text: パルデア地方の旅で出会ったトレーナーたちが描かれたカードをご紹介!


Translation: Introducing cards featuring the Trainers we met on our journey through the Paldea region!

You can feel the individuality of Nemona, Arven, and Penny, and take a close look at the illustrations centered around Poké Balls.


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