Pikachu was among sui's first illustrations

sui (Japanese: ) is a freelance digital illustrator who provides original illustrations for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, with her work debuting in the Arceus expansion. She has also produced an array of illustrations featured in a number of publications, such as guidebooks and CD covers. Sui specializes in depicting fantasy-scenes and animals, and includes animals and gaming among her interests. She particularly likes producing images that have a sense of motion. Sui also indulges in fan-art, which feature characters from many established Nintendo franchises.

sui uses a graphics tablet and a number of image editing software suites for her illustrations, which are created in an airbrush style. She uses areas of highly saturated color and luminosity in her work, resulting in vibrant, atmospheric, and serene images. Light is emphasized in almost all of her original work. Environments often incorporate elements of nature, as well as animals. Thus far, sui has illustrated 187 cards for the TCG. For a list of cards she has illustrated, go here.


Title Date
Little White Snow: [REFLECT] cover and booklet illustration 2008
Exit Tunes Presents: Hall of Fame DVD illustration 2009
Pixiv Girls Collection illustrations 2009
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrations 2009—
Pixiv Yearbook 2009 illustrations 2009
100 Masters of Bishojo Painting illustrations 2009
Kofuku Creator sake label design 2009
Senpai Eshi ga Oshieru Sakuga Tekunikku Pasokon de Irasuto o Egakou! illustrations 2009
galapagos: Planet Parade CD cover illustration 2010
Story Music Collection Eternia –A Distant World- cover and booklet illustration 2010
Little White Snow: [CELESTIA] cover and booklet illustration 2010
Seaside: Kimi ga Mita Keshiki CD cover illustration 2010
Yuruyakana Kaze no Ōritsu Kaigun Replay: Ryūtama illustrations 2010
Pixiv Yearbook 2010 illustrations 2010
Ar tonelico III Image CD Utau Oka ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~ Forest of Shelanoir illustrations 2010
Yuruyakana Kaze no Ōritsu Kaigun 2 ~Gekkō no Yōsei~ Replay: Ryūtama illustrations 2010
My Select goods illustration 2011
OhYeah! T-shirt illustration 2011
Pixiv Yearbook 2011 illustrations 2011
Crusade of Purgatorio illustrations 2011—
Illustration Improvement Magazine Touch vol. 7 illustrations 2012
Nintendo Dream May 2012 issue cover illustration 2012
Jikū Haōden ~The Story of Chronoheroes~ card illustrations 2012—
Smaphoshop smart phone case illustrations 2012
Rage of Bahamut card illustrations 2012

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