Eske Yoshinob

Early TCG artwork by Eske Yoshinob

Eske Yoshinob is a freelance illustrator and programmer who has provided work for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Originally a game model designer working for Now Production, he later moved on to producing 3D CG material for Daiichi Sankyo before becoming employed at Square Visual Works, part of Square Enix, in 2005. While there he was involved setup simulation, pipeline tool development, and model creation/animation for games in the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series. Concurrently, he also worked at Exit Tunes, Inc., then called Quake Holdings, as an illustrator, primarily involved in the production of album covers for the Exit Trance series. He chose to go freelance at the end of 2009.

In 2010, he provided 3D model and animation work while at Polygon Pictures, and was involved in the development of Transformers Prime and Tron: Uprising. He began producing illustrations for the Pokémon Trading Card Game in 2011, and began providing workflow and pipeline solutions for Toei Animation in 2012.



Title Date
Vocal Character Series graphics 2008
Exit Trance Presents: Tokusatsu Trance 2009-01-07
Exit Trance Presents: Tokusatsu Trance Nigōki 2009-04-01
Exit Trance Presents: Tokusatsu Trance Sangōki 2009-09-16
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrations 2012

Animation and development

Title Company/Publisher Date
Goemon: Shin Sedai Shuumei! Konami 2001
Ninja Assault Namco 2002
Katamari Damacy Namco 2004
Keroro Gunso: Meromero Battle Royale Bandai 2004
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Square Enix 2007
Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS remake) Square Enix 2007
Mario Super Sluggers Nintendo 2008
Dissidia Final Fantasy Square Enix 2008
Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix 2009
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Square Enix 2010
Final Fantasy Agito XIII Square Enix 2010
Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix 2010
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Square Enix 2010
Transformers Prime Hasbro 2010
Tron: Uprising Disney 2010
Earth Defense Force X D3 Publisher 2011
Saint Seiya: The Movie Toei Animation 2012

Work for the TCG

Yoshinob's first illustration was featured in Dragon Vault, with the majority of his subsequent work featuring Pokémon-EX. As such, many of the images he creates convey a sense of forward motion and feature slightly exaggerated proportions so the art breaks the confines of the illustration window. He also uses the type or an attribute of a particular Pokémon to provide focus. His illustrations featured in the Legendary Treasures Radiant Collection are drawn conventionally as opposed to using 3D software, and in a purposely cute style to mirror the content of the set. Thus far, Yoshinob has illustrated 129 cards for the TCG. For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here.

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