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Amelicart (Japanese: ア・メリカ) is a Tokyo-based freelance illustrator who has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Amelicart was a participant in the Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix, where his submitted artwork of Slowpoke won the Slowpoke Award. The Slowpoke Award was not originally a part of the contest, but was given out due to the piece's popularity among the panel of judges.

Amelicart's first official art for the Pokémon franchise was for the "GOOD GOOD SMILE!" line of Pokémon Center merchandise. Amelicart would begin illustrating official cards with the Crown Zenith expansion, where he illustrated Bibarel and a small collection of staple Item cards: Lost Vacuum, Rescue Carrier, Trekking Shoes, and Ultra Ball.

Amelicart produces his lineless artwork with PhotoShop. He works as a guest professor at the Kyoto University of the Arts, and his other credits include Pikmin Bloom, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and the Hobonichi MOTHER Project.[1]



TCG artwork

Thus far, Amelicart has illustrated 8 cards. A full list of cards illustrated by him can be found here.

Cards illustrated

Crown Zenith

Paldea Evolved

My First Battle

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