These are Hop's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

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Pokémon Sword and Shield

  • At the player's house
"Hello, hello!"
"Oh! That your flash new phone, <player>?"
"Were you watching Lee's exhibition match on it? But you can't cheer him on with your hands full! You know the only way to properly cheer on Lee would be with his famous Charizard pose!"
"Yeah, that's exactly why I came running over to get <player>! Never mind watching the match now! I've got it recording at home anyway. I record all my brother's matches."'
"Come with me, <player>! He should be here any minute! And Lee always brings presents when he visits, so I wouldn't forget that Bag if I were you!"
"Now I've got to run! See you at mine later!"
  • Outside of the player's house
"Hahaha! Have a look at you, <player>! That old Bag looks like it could pull you over! At least we know that it should hold anything Lee might bring, even if it's as big as a Snorlax!"
"A Wooloo... But what's it doing there?"
"Hey! You silly Wooloo! I see what you're up to! Don't go using Tackle on the fencing! Now, you listen! No going past that fence! No! Everyone knows there are scary Pokémon living in the Slumbering Weald!"
"Now that that's taken care of... How about it, <player>? Let's race! Bet I can make it to my house first, what with you lugging about that big old Bag!"
  • At his house
"Mum! Is he here?!"
"Yeah, yeah, but where's Lee? Have you got him crammed in a cupboard?"
"Then that's where I'm going! You know Lee is hopeless with directions. I'll make sure he doesn't get lost on the way!"
"You've got the come with, <player>. You've still never met my big bro, right? You can't miss out on your chance to meet the undefeated Champion! I'll wait for you out on the route!"
  • Outside his house
"Let's get a move on! Only remember, <player>... Wild Pokémon could come out of nowhere if you walk through patches of tall grass. I've got my Wooloo with me, so I'm ready for battles against wild Pokémon, of course. But not you, <player>! So we'll steer clear of the tall grass as we go."
Route 1
"Let's go and meet Lee at the station! It's dead ahead from here!"
If the player walks into the grass: "No wandering in that tall grass for you if you got no Pokémon of your own, mate!"
"Bingo! That's the sort of sharp eye that's kept you undefeated so long, eh, Lee?"
"Come on, Lee! And you, <player>!"
"Bet I can beat the both of you back home!"
"Come on, Lee! You promised us a present! So out with it! You brought <player> and me Pokémon. You did, didn't you? I know you must have!"
"Go on—you pick first. I've already got my Wooloo, after all."
If the player tries to leave without choosing: "Where are you going, <player>?! You haven't chosen a Pokémon yet!"
After the player picks their first partner Pokémon: "So it'll be Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble for you? Nice one! Then I'll go with...Sobble/Grookey/Scorbunny! You're mine!"
"I'm aiming to be the next champion, so be ready! You and I'll be doing some serious training!"
  • The next day
"Course I have, Lee! <player>'s made fast friends with his/her Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble, too."
"What're you looking at him/her for, Lee? I'm the one who'll be coming to challenge you! If you think <player> might be able to challenge you, then I guess he's/she's my first rival! But I'm not planning to lose to him/her and miss out on my chance to beat the unbeatable Champion!"
"Just having a Pokémon with you doesn't make you a real Trainer, you know. Proper Trainers raise their Pokémon up to be first-rate in battle, too!"
If the player said No to battling: "Me and Sobble/Grookey/Scorbunny are ready to have a go at you anytime!"
If the player tries to leave without battling: "And where do you think you're off to, then? We're having a battle — you and me!"
If the player said Yes to battling: "I've watched every match that Lee's ever had! I've read every book and magazine he left behind at home, too! I know exactly what to do in order to win!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "A Pokémon battle it is, then! I've got two partners with me!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "It's not over yet! I've added another trusty ally to my team!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Did you already know about type advantages!?"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "A critical hit? What kind of beginner's luck is that?!"
Upon being defeated: "You beat my two Pokémon with your one?! You and that Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble are too much!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Well, that was a shock! Guess I know now why Lee thought he should give you a Pokémon, too..."
If the player lost: "Sorry, mate. Even if you did get your Pokémon direct from a champ like Lee, looks like I'm still the greatest!"
"I already want to get stronger and stronger! You've seen me battle now, Lee, so come on——you've gotta let me take on the Pokémon Gyms!"
"Right, right, we get it... Pokédexes, then! We're on it! Looks like it's off to the Pokémon Research Lab for you and me, <player>!"
"I'm going to be the next Champion, so completing a simple Pokédex will be nothing! Just another page in the tale of my legend! You'd probably better go tell your mum that we're heading out, though."
"<player>! Did you hear that just now?"
"The gate's open! And the Wooloo that was there..."
"It was tackling the fence pretty hard earlier. You don't think it actually broke through there, do you?"
"But it's off limits! Nobody's supposed to go in there! I remember the professor's granddaughter went in once, and she came back in a real state... And that was nothing compared to the earful she got from the professor afterward! <player>... What do you say?"
We've got to save it!: "Right? Even if we're not supposed to, this is the kind of scene where you simply have to do what's needed!"
I don't know...: "Right... No one wants to get in trouble, least of all me. But deep down you want to save that Pokémon, too, don't you?"
"Hope you're ready for anything, because we're going in, <player>!"
If the player tries to leave: "The Slumbering Weald is over this way! Let's go find that Wooloo!"
If talked to again: "Come on, <player>! We can't just leave that Pokémon on its own!"
Slumbering Weald
"That Wooloo... Where do you think it got off to?"
"The fog is really coming on thick now... If we don't find that Pokémon soon, this might be trouble."
If the player tries to leave: "Be serious, would you? We've got to go look for that Pokémon!"
"Doing all right there, Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble? Let's be sure you're in tip-top shape."
"There. Now let's push on!"
"Did you hear that? Was that a Pokémon crying out, you think?!"
"Come on, <player>! That Wooloo might be in real trouble!"
If the player tries to leave: "Hey! <player>! Not trying to ditch me in here, are you?"
"This is mad... I can't even see my own hand in front of my face! I think I get now why this place is off-limits..."
"What in the——?!"
  • In battle
After the player first uses a move: "Wha—?! The move had no effect on it?!"
After the player uses a move again: "<player>! I can't see anything! You OK?!"
After the player uses a move a third time: "I can't see anything!"
  • After battle
"Wha—? Lee? How'd you manage to find your way here? You're pants with directions. You always get lost."
"Wait, where's the Wooloo?! We were trying to rescue that Wooloo!"
"And at least that Wooloo's all right... Yeah, Name? I thought we'd had it when that weird fog started rolling in and that mad Pokémon attacked... but at least it wasn't all for nothing!"
"It seemed loads stronger than any Pokémon I've ever seen. And it just had this sort of presence… Our moves didn't even touch it. I mean, really— they seemed to pass right through it!"
"Even if we did get an earful from Lee...what an experience! This'll make a pretty fine first page in the tale of my legend!"
  • Outside the player's house
"Don't forget to tell your mum we're off to Wedgehurst now. She'll go spare if you leave without a word—even worse than Lee just did!"
If the player tries to leave: "You did tell your mum that we're heading to Wedgehurst, right? She'll go spare if you disappear without a word."
Route 1
"Here we go! This is quite the big step, you know. My first step toward becoming the next Champion!"
"Guess I'll probably train up Sobble/Grookey/Scorbunny a bit by having it battle against Pokémon in the tall grass."
"You should get yourself to the building with the purple roof and the great red and white ball mark out on front. That's the Pokémon Research Lab!"
  • After obtaining the Pokédex
"Got your Pokédex from Sonia? Then it's time to meet lots of different Pokémon and start building up a strong team! But battling strong Pokémon in the wild can leave your team in a bad way. Not to mention what battling another Trainer can do... Luckily, we've got Pokémon Centers!"
"Luckier yet, they're dead easy to spot. They look the same wherever you go."
"Come on, <player>. Bet you've never been inside one!"
"Level with me, <player>. Is this your first time in a Pokémon Center?"
Yes...: "Then the future Champion's got you covered! First things first—you talk to the lady at the counter if you want your Pokémon healed up. And Pokémon you catch are kept in computers like the one you can find here, see? After all, you can only bring six Pokémon with you on the road in your party. The Potions they sell at the Poké Mart got me out of a real rough spot the other day!"
Of course not: "Then I don't think you need me to tell you what you already know."
"Cheers! I'm already good, though. I'm heading to Route 2, <player>! Come find me, maybe, when you're done here!"
  • Outside the Pokémon Center
"Listen, <player>. I've been thinking... If you're a Pokémon Trainer now, you must want to try your hand at the Gym Challenge, right?"
The Gym Challenge?/What's that?: "The Gym Challenge, mate! The annual competition where Trainers can battle it out for the right to challenge the Champion! But the trick is that you've got to be endorsed if you want to take part. And Lee doesn't seem to think I'm up to snuff... So I'm thinking I ought to talk to the professor and see if she could help! You've got to take part, too! A proper rival is just the thing every Trainer needs to keep growing stronger, after all. Keeps you motivated, right? The professor's house is way down at the end of Route 2, so let's head there…and give our teams the chance to train up a bit along the way!"
Route 2
"Over here, <player>!"
"All right, <player>? It's time we filled in out teams a bit—"
"Lee?! Where'd you come from?"
  • After the catching tutorial
"Typical Lee!"
"The Pokémon on your team will get Exp. Points when you catch Pokémon, too."
"All right! I'm gonna catch loads of Pokémon. The professor will be shocked when she sees!"
"Look! There's the professor!"
  • Inside Professor Magnolia's house
"Hey, Professor, do us a favor, would you? Help me convince Lee he should endorse us for the Gym Challenge!"
"Right! I'll be waiting outside, <player>!"
  • Outside Professor Magnolia's house
"Hurry it up, <player>! You've gotta battle me so I can get myself that endorsement!"
If the player tries to leave: "Hurry it up, <player>! You've gotta battle me so I can get myself that endorsement!"
"I'm going to become the greatest Pokémon Trainer there is! And to do that, I need that endorsement to take part in the Gym Challenge! Come at me with everything you have so we can prove to Lee that we've got what it takes!"
Of course: '"It's time for my legend to begin!"
I need to prepare: "Oh, fine... Guess I can wait a bit."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Have you gotten a bit stronger? Me and my team will put you to the test and see!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Well, look at you! Seems you've really learned your type matchups!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "You landed a critical hit on my Pokémon?! You've got plenty of spirit—that's for sure!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "It'll be a close one! But that's exactly my sort of match!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's same-type move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Branch Poke: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Water Gun: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Ember: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "Oof! Gutted that I lost... But I'd expect nothing less from my rival!"
  • After battle
If the player won for the first time: "This was you getting back at me for last time, wasn't it? Argh! I'm gutted to lose to you of all people!"
If the player won for the second time: "And I even got my Poké Ball throw perfect, too!"
If the player lost for the first time: "Hah! See that! I knew I could do it. Am I ever glad I could beat you this time!"
If the player lost for the second time: "Undefeated! And my Pokémon's moves were seriously on point!"
"The sting of defeat and joy of victory... I guess going through both is the key to the two of us getting stronger, right?"
"Yes! Thanks, Lee! I swear I'm going to win my way through the Gym Challenge to reach you!"
"All right, <player>! You and me are going to train up against one another to aim for that Champion's title!"
Absolutely!: "The more we keep battling against one another, the more our Pokémon will grow."
Against one another?: "That's the way of it when you've got a great rival! Just like you've got me, and I've got you!"
"Huh? What's that?!"
"<player>! Would you look at this? They're Wishing Stars! Since there are two of them, you should take one yourself!"
"With one of those, my Pokémon can Dynamax! They're gonna be massive! YES!"
"I will be the greatest Trainer ever! I WILL be the greatest Trainer ever! I WILL BE THE GREATEST TRAINER EVER!!! There! I've said it three times, so surely my wish will come true now, right?"
"Ah, right. You've done heaps of research on the Dynamax phenomenon, haven't you, Professor? Then please! Give <player> and me the power to Dynamax our Pokémon!"
"First we got to battle against that mad Pokémon in the Slumbering Weald, and now this... It really feels like we're getting caught up in the adventure of a lifetime!"
  • The next morning, inside Professor Magnolia's house
"It's morning at last! And time for our adventure to truly start!"
"Er, well, there was weird heavy fog, and then this even weirder Pokémon appeared... <player> tried to fight it off! But then I think we both passed out or something. It's all pretty hazy."
"Thanks, Professor! This is brilliant! It's just like the one Lee has on him, too. Now we can Dynamax our Pokémon like he does!"
"The legend of my reign is finally about to begin!"
"Come on, <player>! I'll beat you to the station!"
  • Outside Professor Magnolia's house
"One last thing before we race, <player>. See, I've got some great advice for you!"
"You know how you sometimes see Pokémon wandering about out of the tall grass, yeah?"
"If you move real slow like, and crouch down, those Pokémon won't pay you any notice."
"But on the other hand... If you whistle at them, you'll be SURE to catch their attention!"
"If you're a bit rubbish as whistling, just remember this: "Need a fail-proof trick? Press the Left Stick!""
"Try it out, and let's see who can catch the most Pokémon, <player>!"
"You remember Wedgehurst Station, right? Where we went to pick up Lee before. That'll be the goal, so see you there!"
  • Outside Wedgehurst Station
"Come on, <player>! You'll never beat me to the station at that pace!"
"So, out with it, <player>! How many did you catch? I caught a really special one!"
If the player did not catch any Pokémon: "And you got... Not one?! What were you doing this whole time? You're going to want a team if you're a Trainer!"
If the player caught one Pokémon: "And you've got yourself... Ooh, just one! Looks like we're at a draw. Though we are rivals and all, so that's fair!"
If the player caught multiple Pokémon: "But look at how many you caught! You're well on your way to building a fine team."
"That's a technical machine! A TM, mate! With a TM like that, you can teach your Pokémon a new move in a flash. And you can use them again and again, too. That one can teach the move Swift. Lee gave it to me ages ago, and now it's yours."
"The Gym Challenge will begin in Motostoke! And our train's waiting, so let's go!"
  • Inside Wedgehurst Station
"What're you doing here, Mum?"
"Thanks, Mum. And just think how lucky you are—mother to the first ever pair of Champion brothers! Because I'm certain to be the Champion next. You'll see!"
"Wish us luck! Not that we'll need it."
"There are loads of brilliant Trainers and all kinds of Pokémon out there waiting for us! My excitement's running ahead of me even faster than that train can go, <player>! Come on! We're off!"
  • On the train
"Motostoke is surrounded by a vast Wild Area! It's a real sight. There're all sorts of wild Pokémon just wandering about—everywhere you look! Plus, you can camp out, do a spot of fishing... I don't think I could ever get tired of it!"
Meetup Spot
  • Inside the Wild Area Station
"Hey, Mr. Station Master! Isn't this the Wild Area? What're we stopped here for?"
"What's there to be sorry about? This is brilliant!"
Brilliant?/What is?: "This Wild Area is massive! There are loads of Pokémon to battle here! You get it, don't you, <player>? This is the best possible place to put together the greatest team!"
  • Outside the Wild Area Station
"Look at that!"
"That's Motostoke, way off that way!"
"And between there and here are countless new Pokémon waiting to be met!"
"Oh, hello. And if it isn't Sonia."
"Yikes... Being an adult has got its own challenges, eh?"
"Well, I'm off to go stick my head in as many of those red glowing dens as I can find. I'm going to battle the snot out of a bunch of Dynamax Pokémon and fill in another page in the tale of my legend!"
"You made it, too?"
"Motostoke Stadium... This is where the opening ceremony will be held."
"Everyone'll be watching the opening ceremony for the Gym Challenge... My mum... Your mum... The whole world!"
"It's getting me a bit nervous, really... Naw, this isn't nerves... I'm only trembling because I'm so excited!"
"Come on, <player>! It's time the world learned our names!"
Motostoke Stadium
  • Upon entering
"Would you take a look at this... The place is packed with Gym Challengers! Every one of these folks is another rival!"
"Let's get signed up!"
"Seriously? What a piece of work..."
"Well, now you've had two, because I am as well!"
"I'm Hop! I'm Leon's little brother, in fact. And the next Champion. Get me all signed up, would you?"
"That's the League Chairman for you! Even booked us all hotel rooms! I'm off to check out the fancy digs!"
  • In the Budew Drop Inn
"Oh hey, Sonia! What're you doing at our hotel?"
"What's this, then?"
"Huh... I suppose that hero must've been about as strong as Lee, then! Looks like you're going to have your hands full with plenty to research, though, Sonia. Black storms and swords and shields and all..."
"Probably so! And we'll look out for you, too, Sonia. If we hear anything about any hero or whatnot, we'll tell you!"
"I wasn't expecting checking in would be such a big fuss, <player>! What's going on? Sneaking in some Pokémon battles without me?"
"Don't think you can get ahead of me that easily... I need to get some training in, so I'm joining! Here, I'll even heal up your Pokémon, too."
"I'm Hop, one of this year's Gym Challengers! And the one who's gonna be the next Champion! Now let's have us a nice two-on-two!"
"So you're a Gym Challenger, too? Team Yell, was it? Pretty impressive that you already have a set of fans to call your own!"
If talked to at any point: "I guess we probably should head to the front desk to get checked in."
  • The next morning
"So this is it... Now my legend really begins!"
"Watch out, <player>! I'll beat you to Motostoke Stadium!"
Motostoke Stadium
"I can't wait for the first match! Pretty soon I'll have so many fans, I'll have to fight 'em off like Lee does!"
"Standing there on the pitch...in the stadium...in front of everyone! There's really no words for it, but... I can barely contain myself! My heart's racing!"
"Let's do it, <player>! You know the Gym Challenge has a set order that you've gotta visit the Gyms in, right? The first is in Turffield! And to get there, we need to head to Route 3!"
  • Before battle
"There you are! I've been waiting! Let's have a battle, you and me. We'll get in a bit of training!"
All right!: "I knew you'd be up for it! We've got to stay keener than anyone else if we want to steal the spotlight from our rivals!"
But why?: "Seriously? This is the moment when you play along and act pumped up for battle! If you've gotta ask why we should bother training, you'll never make it through the Gym Challenge!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon :"Keep up, mate! This is our chance to see if we are up to the Gym Challenge!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "Typical! Should've known you'd mastered type matchups!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Landing a critical hit like that... You're pretty tough when you get serious!"
After first using a move that has no effect on the player's Pokémon: "Wha-? I made such a careless mistake? I'm supposed to be the greatest Trainer ever!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Backed into a corner? You got it all wrong, mate! This'll just make my victory all the better!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's same-type move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Branch Poke: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Water Gun: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Ember: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "Was that really good training? Looks like I'd better keep my guard up!"
  • After battle
"Just what I'd expect from my rival! You know what? I'll even give you one of my League Cards! That's how good I think you did in that battle."
"Our Gym Challenge starts right now—from here in Motostoke! Although the first Gym Leader we'll have to challenge is in a town way far off from here... Still, you'd better believe I'm going to keep on winning my way to that Championship Match!"
"Hello, Galar! Meet your next Champion! From the sleepy town of Postwick—it's me, Hop!"
"Look! Just take a look at that, <player>! That's Turffield Stadium down there!"
"The Gym Leader just returned, too. Milo's his name. But the place is jam-packed with challengers. It'll be ages before our turn comes up..."
"Oh... But Sonia was looking for you, <player>. She wanted to ask you something. She tried asking me, but I had no idea. She's up on that what's-her-face hill. You know the one."
"What? You don't know the hill? Well, have a look at your map if you're not sure!"
"Oh! If it isn't Sonia's Yamper! He's a good boy. He'll show you the way!"
If talked to again: "What? You don't know the hill? Well, have a look at your map if you're not sure!"
"Take a look at this, <player>!"
"The Grass Gym Badge! I got it in one try!"
"I reckon I'm just about the greatest when it comes to wrangling Wooloo... I've had plenty of practice at it, after all!"
"But I'm sure you can win this one, too. After all, you are my rival!"
Route 5
"There you are, <player>!"
"I'm warning you, though... Any closer than that and we're going to have to have a battle—you and me!"
"I warned you! We're both Gym Challengers who've earned ourselves a Grass Badge. This is the perfect training!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon :"Let's have a taste of what a Gym Badge holder's team can do!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "Typical! Should've known you'd mastered type matchups!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Landing a critical hit like that... You're pretty tough when you get serious!"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "I've learned loads from studying Lee's battles!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Every one of my Pokémon is an ace! This is no problem at all!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's same-type move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Razor Leaf: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Water Pulse: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Flame Charge: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "We both got ourselves the same Grass Badge, so how come you're so much stronger?!"
  • After battle
"You've gotten strong, <player>. Seems I've got to train even harder from now on."
"Next up is Nessa, the leader of the Water Gym!"
"All right, mate! You've got both the Grass Badge and the Water Badge by now, right? In that case, we're both headed for Motostoke and the Fire Gym Leader, Kabu! How about I share with you a little tip about that Leader Kabu? From what I heard, he's holed up now in Galar Mine No. 2, undergoing some special training! If he's in there, then we can't take him on in Motostoke even if we zip right over there—putting the brakes on our Gym Challenge. So I say we head to Galar Mine No. 2 ourselves! Let's go see what all the fuss is about!"
Galar Mine No. 2
"Well, look at you, <player>!"
"Surrounded by adoring fans, eh? You'll even be showing up Lee pretty soon!"
"Yeah? And can't you see that I'm Hop, the Trainer who'll be your next Champion?"
"You think I'm joking? I'll prove it, then! And I think a battle with you lot would definitely end with some laughs!"
"Let's take 'em together, <player>! You ready, mate?"
Yes: "The two of us were endorsed by the Champion himself! We'll show you just what that means!"
No: "Got it! Then get yourself all ready for a good battle!"
"Nice one, <player>! That's my rival for you!"
"Now then... Where could Kabu have gone off to? Let's keep going. Maybe he's further in!"
"That's Kabu... Man, he's wicked! No wonder he's the Fire-type Gym Leader!"
"I remember Lee talking about Kabu. He said that a lot of Gym Challengers give up because they just can't beat Kabu."
"Man, now I'm getting all fired up, too!"
Motostoke Outskirts
"That Carkol from before... I guess it must've been here on a job. You do know about Poké Jobs by now, right?"
I do: "Course you do!"
Poké what?: "Looks like there's no helping it, in that case... Settle down and let professor Hop teach you a thing or two! Let's see if I can remember what Lee had written down in his old notebooks... Basically, you can have your Pokémon go about and help companies or other folks who are in need of something. You can take Poké Jobs from the Rotomi at any Pokémon Center, so give it a look sometime."
"Now I'm cream-cracked! I'm for the Budew Drop Inn and some sleep. Come tomorrow, that Fire Gym Leader Kabu better be ready, because I'll be coming for him!"
  • Outside Motostoke Stadium
"Slow moving, aren't you, <player>?"
"I've already gone and earned my Fire Badge! That man of fire Kabu is just what you'd expect. Nearly got burnt in my battle with him! Even with my strongest team, it was definitely touch-and-go...but I still won in the end!"
"Get a shift on, <player>! I bet you could beat the man of fire, too!"
Motostoke Stadium
"Hey, <player>! I was on fire in my battle against Kabu!"
"<player>! I figured that if anyone could do it, you and <Pokémon> would be the ones...but still! That match had me right at the edge of my seat!"
"With all the Badges we've earned ourselves, I reckon we should be all right even against the fierce Pokémon you find deep in the Wild Area. Let's go find out for ourselves!"
  • Outside Motostoke Stadium
"Hurry it up, <player>!"
"You're the Gym Leader, but you still came all the way to see us off? Oh, I bet you can already tell that I'm the one who'll become the next Champion, yeah?"
"Thanks, you all! We're gonna keep winning! We've got to if we want a face-off in the Champion Cup, after all!"
"Come on, <player>! Let's head for Hammerlocke!"
East Lake Axewell
"Hello again, Wild Area, my old friend! I've come back to you even stronger than before!"
"<player>! Hammerlocke is up that way—got it?"
"And, yeah, you could certainly rush straight there without a single detour..."
"But now that you and I have a few Gym Badges, we should be able to catch stronger Pokémon!"
"So I know what I'm doing. I'll be catching myself some amazing Pokémon to fill in the next page in the tale of my legend!"
"Rubbish. More like you don't know enough to recognize greatness when you see it. My throws are the greatest, and my bro is the finest Champion the world has ever seen! I'm not gonna listen to you insulting him!"
"You're on then. I know you challenged <player> to battle in Galar Mine No. 2 and lost to him/her there. And I'm his/her greatest rival. In other words...there's no way you're beating me."
"I'll show this wally my real skills in battle! So, see you later, <player>! Let's meet up in Hammerlocke when I'm through with him!"
Route 6
"Oh, hey, <player>. You're heading to Stow-on-Side, right?"
"Oi, Team Yell. Don't suppose you'll let us through?"
"What do you say, <player>? If we don't get past them, we won't be able to continue our Gym Challenge at Stow-on-Side..."
I'll battle them!: "You... Yeah, that's the spirit!"
Let me think...: "I don't figure thinking at them is going to change much about the situation. What else you got?"
"Think I'll leave this to you, <player>. Keep up the pace."
"<player>... You and <Pokémon> were brilliant together!"
"See, Bede really wiped the floor with me the last time we battled... And don't get me wrong—I can take a loss! Battling means you've got to lose sometimes."
"But he said that I was dragging Lee's good name through the mud, being so rubbish like I was... And I just can't get those words out of my head!"
"If I'm weak, then people'll think Lee's weak, too... But I don't want that! I can't let Lee get dragged down! He's the unbeatable Champion! I'm gonna have to take some time figuring this out. See you around, <player>..."
  • Before battle
"I'm still not too sure what I should do about all that stuff I told you before... About me being weak and dragging down Lee's good name and all, yeah?"
"But the only thing I can do is get stronger, right? So I'm gonna try out all kinds of different things against you and see what works!"
You're on!: "Then let's do this! I bet an all-out battle with my true rival will help me get my head on straight!"
Wait a second...: "What? Your rival is depressed over here, and you won't lift a finger to help?"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "All I'm after is victory, and I'm counting on you to help me grab it!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "Who wouldn't aim for a supereffective hit if they had the chance, right?"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "How's that? Supereffective damage! I'm always looking for an opening!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Ouch! Even I hurt when you manage to land a critical hit like that one!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I don't know what I can do to try to win now... but all I can do is try! There's nothing else for it!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's same-type move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Razor Leaf: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Water Pulse: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Flame Charge: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "My strategy goes right to pot when I've got all these bad thoughts running through my head..."
  • After being defeated
"Hrmmm... I tried switching my team members in and out to max out their potential in every matchup, but... We just couldn't get it together somehow... Maybe that's why I'm still so weak..."
"But Lee really is the greatest Trainer! And I don't want people to be laughing at him all because his little brother is rubbish!"
"It's not enough! I've got to try harder! And harder and harder till no one's laughing! I'm off, mate! Off to find the kind of Pokémon that I can really draw the strength out of!"
"Oh! <player>!"
"First that forest, then that mad quiz... I've been lost in every sense of the word! But it looks like I've finally caught up to you again."
"Come with me to Route 7! I could use a bit of competition to motivate me!"
Route 7
  • Before battle
"All right, <player>! You and I both know I've got to keep on trying different strategies if I'm gonna get strong enough to catch up to Lee... No! Not just catch up! If I want to surpass him!"
"So I think you know what's coming, mate... Let me try out my latest in a battle against you!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "All right! Time for me to test exactly how far I can go with my latest and greatest team!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "The way you battle... You know, it kind of reminds me of Lee!"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "How'd you like that attack?! Now I really feel like we're getting somewhere!"
After first landing a critical hit on the player's Pokémon: "Considered the possibility your opponent might land a critical hit on your Pokémon, mate?"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "I'm the kind of guy who gets fired up to win in these situations!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's signature move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Drum Beating: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Snipe Shot: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Pyro Ball: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "This is rubbish... My team can't perform if I can't get my own head straight as their Trainer..."
  • After being defeated
"Before we ever started out on this journey... I remember watching Lee on the telly. He was like a bright star, so strong I could hardly bear to look right at him. But now, I can tell just how strong he really is... And what he's got that I haven't..."
"But I'm getting stronger, too. Maybe not as fast as you, but fine. Whatever! Thanks for letting me battle you again. And here. I'll heal up your team for you, too!"
"I think I know what it is I really want... I want to battle Lee—I want to take on my bro. But not just that, I want to beat him! I want to be the one who beats the unbeatable Champion! And I'm going to! My mind's made up! You and me are going to have another battle once I get my Gym Badge in Circhester!"
Circhester Stadium
"Arghhh! I lost! It all went to pot!"
"There must've been something wrong with my strategy, but I did just what I've seen Lee do in battles! Here! Take it! It's the RockSw/IceSh Leader's League Card. You should check out the Gym Leader you'll have to face, too."
"And me... I've gotta figure out what to put on my team once and for all, and no more of this doubting!"
  • At Bob's Your Uncle
"Got that Gym Badge, <player>? Nice one!"
"Based on those statues we saw back in Stow-on-Side, the sword and the shield were actually two Pokémon, right?"
"You remember the Pokémon we met that day? Do you think...it could've been one of them? Either the sword or the shield Pokémon?"
"Come on! You know what I'm talking about, right, <player>?"
In the Slumbering Weald?: "Exactly! The mad Pokémon we ran into in the fog! Don't you think that could've been it?"
I really don't: "Not so sharp when it's not about battle, huh? Don't you remember that mad Pokémon we ran into in the fog that day? Don't you think that could've been it?"
  • At the Hero's Bath, before battle
"What, like some hero waving around a sword and shield? Pull the other one. Though...I guess I'd fancy a shieldSw/swordSh, if I had to take my pick."
"Why don't we show her, <player>! Think we can pull off a real heroic battle?"
Absolutely?: "Sonia treated us to a great meal. After that curry, I feel like I've got the energy to wrestle a Bewear!"
"Time for a little exhibition match, starring the future Champion!"
Give me a minute...: "All right, I get it. Prepare as much as you like!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I'm counting on you, partner!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "Now that's a proper move!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Steady on, partner! I feel your pain, and we'll get them back for it!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Think you've got me cornered? Not even close! It'll be the greatest when I steal this win back!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's signature move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Drum Beating: "Our green power just keeps on growing stronger!"
Snipe Shot: "This wave is gonna crash right over you!"
Pyro Ball: "Our flames are burning bright!"
Upon being defeated: "I still can't even beat you, my true rival... But I think I'm starting to see the light!"
  • After being defeated
"I'm going to keep challenging that Gym! Then, once I get that Gym Badge, I'll be heading for Route 9 to take on Spikemuth next."
Route 7
"This is mad... You know what I mean?"
Where's Leon?/What was that loud noise?: "That's what I'd like to know! That noise—it was like some massive explosion! There was this huge surge of red light, and then wild Pokémon just started Dynamaxing around me, brazen as you like!"
"Take a look at the news!"
"See! There's Lee! He really is the greatest, right?"
"Lee and his Charizard took down that Dynamax Pokémon in the blink of an eye!"
"I knew Lee was strong, but this! Really makes you appreciate how great he is, eh? Let's go meet up with him, <player>! He should be at Hammerlocke Stadium!"
"Over here!"
"Yeah, but why?"
"Hey, do you reckon there's anything we could do to help out?"
"Right. Course! You're the unbeatable Champion, after all, eh?"
"I know what I need to do, all right—defeat that Piers once and for all! You're off to Hammerlocke Stadium, yeah, <player>? Raihan's a tough nut to crack!"
Hammerlocke Stadium
"Raihan! I'm here to see just how good you are!"
"I've tried out lots of different strategies, and I've made up my mind about how I want to battle. I'm not gonna lose! I'm gonna beat you, and <player>, and even Lee!"
  • At Hammerlocke Station
"Wait up, <player>! I'm coming, too! I had Raihan beat in no time! Once I got my head on straight and stopped doubting every decision I made, that is... Heh!"
"I reckon I'm still the favorite to win, but I'm up against my true rival, <player>... So I'll wring out every last thing I learned during my battle with you, Raihan, to beat him/her! So get a move on, <player>! The train's waiting!"
  • On the train
"We're finally headed for Wyndon! There's a lot I want to check out there. There's that big tower...and the monorail... And Wyndon Stadium, where the whole of Galar—no, the whole world is gonna be watching us!"
"You get it, right? You and me are gonna make our match there the greatest match that ever was!"
Route 10
"So this is Route 10! It's like a wall made out of snow!"
"Bet there'll be Ice-type Pokémon crawling out of the woodwork in a place like this!"
"Come on, <player>! Reckon we'll be able to train ourselves up to new heights here, before the Champion Cup starts?"
"I believe in myself and the Pokémon on my team, and I know we'll all get loads stronger!"
"So I'm off! See you in Wyndon, mate!"
"All right! Wyndon City! This is the place where I become a legend at last!"
"You get it, don't you, mate? After all, I'm about to become the new Champion of the Galar region!"
"That's it! I'm headed straight for Wyndon Stadium! Don't waste too much time, <player>. You should head there yourself!"
Wyndon Stadium
  • In the stadium lobby
"This is the reception desk! Turns out I was the first to register for the Champion Cup."
"In other words, I'm already number one. It's pretty much in the bag that I'll win this thing!"
"I'm all sorted and ready to battle you on the biggest stage of them all! But it looks like Bede couldn't make it. Hard luck..."
"Somehow I didn't think he'd take being disqualified lying down, you know what I mean? I guess it is what it is..."
"Come on, <player>. We should head to the locker room!"
  • If talked to in the locker room
"<player>! I'll be waiting for you in the final match!"
"After seeing the way you battled, I can't accept any outcome besides winning this match! My team is on fire!"
  • Before battle
"I just had this sort of flashback, you know. Remember? Back when we were still in Postwick."
"When we got our Pokémon from Lee that day, I never would've dreamed that I'd end up standing here...facing you, of all people."
"But it's time I finish what I started that day... Got it? The one who'll become Champion is me!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "We battled back in the garden, but I'm really fired up for this match in the stadium!"
After the player first uses a super-effective move: "I knew you'd be aiming for a supereffective hit!"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "How's that? I learned a lot by studying Lee's old matches!"
After first landing a critical hit on the player's Pokémon: "All right, a crit! Now we're really getting up to our full speed!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "Think you got me backed into a corner? No way! This'll just make my victory all the better!"
Upon Dynamaxing his first partner Pokémon: "Release all the thoughts poured into my Wishing Star... Time for a Dynamax!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's Max Move: "Have a taste of our true power!"
Max Overgrowth: "A verdant emerald! Max Overgrowth!"
Max Geyser: "An overflowing azure! Max Geyser!"
Max Flare: "A burning crimson! Max Flare!"
Upon being defeated: "<player>... Thanks, mate. I'm really glad you were the one here with me."
  • After being defeated
"You know, even when Sonia was saying that you and me looked like we could become heroes, I never really felt like one..."
"But you, mate! I think maybe you really could do all sorts of great things! Good on you, <player>! And <Pokémon> and all the rest of your team!"
  • In the stadium lobby
"That was you, Lee!"
"That's right, <player>! The real challenge is what's coming next. And I'm completely exhausted! I just want to head back to the hotel and rest."
"I wouldn't say no, but...you never care at all what food tastes like, Lee! A night like this deserves more than rubbish takeaway, so at least pick something good!"
  • At the Rose of the Rondelands
"All right—that's enough! <player>'s already tired from battle! And you've been asking rather rude questions! We've got ourselves dinner plans with my brother, so, sorry, but clear off already, would you?"
"Phew... Famous people sure have it rough, eh?"
"I hope Lee gets here soon. I could eat my own arm about now."
  • Several hours later...
"This is absurd... Even Lee's never this late. Something's not right. He always does what he says he'll do. As a kid, he promised me he'd become Champion one day, and he went and did just that! He ought to be able to keep to his own dinner plans!"
"Oh, pack it in, Piers! I'm seriously worried here! So I don't need to see your smug mug looking like you're having a go at me, even though you act like you're giving me good advice!"
"But why Rose Tower? What could he have to do there at this hour?"
"Piers, do us a favor. Take us to Rose Tower, would you? Neither <player> nor I know the way."
"Brilliant! You're the best, Piers! Let's go make a real ruckus!"
  • Outside the Rose of the Rondelands
"No. This is brilliant! I'll search around the front of the stadium!"
If talked to at any point: "There's no sign of that bad League staff! Where'd they go?!"
  • Outside Rose Tower
"So this is Rose Tower! Just how tall do you think it is? I can't even see the top, up there in the clouds."
"Yeah, <player>. What should we do?"
Let's go ahead!: "Good thinking! Let's go collect Lee and get out of here! Without him, there's no Champion for you to challenge in the Champion Cup!"
Wait for the others to catch up?: "'Fraid I can't agree to that, mate. Team Yell's giving it their all to help us out so we can go ahead and help Lee."
"Let's go, <player>!"
Rose Tower
  • On 1F
"Whoa, it's huge in here! What in the world is this place meant to be?!"
"Listen, <player>... Don't know if you knew this already, but I've heard Rose Tower was built on a Power Spot. Yeah, you know what I'm saying... When we get up to the roof and have a bit of space, we can Dynamax our Pokémon!"
"Which is all well and good. But less certain is whether this lift can get us to the top... Rose Tower has, like, a hundred floors, right?"
"We need to speak with Chairman Rose! Tell us where he is!"
"All right! We're nearly to Chairman Rose! Hold on, Lee! We're coming!"
"Come on, <player>! Let's crack on!"
  • In the elevator
"This is taking ages..."
"What? I don't think we're at the roof yet... Why have we stopped?"
"Wait... So the folks working in the tower can stop the elevator from the outside at any time? We're just trying to get to the top already!"
"Our teams have been working themselves ragged for us. Let me heal them all up."
"Looks as though we're nearly there, mate... Look sharp! Let's do this!"
  • At the top floor
"<player>... Stay on guard..."
"Typical <player>! You and <Pokémon> are unstoppable!"
"Lee... You never showed when you were supposed to, so I got worried that something had happened.."
"Piers and Marnie and all those Team Yell oddballs, they all helped us out to get here..."
  • The next evening, at the Rose of the Rondelands
"This is it. Did you get enough sleep? You and your team are the ones battling, but I've had Butterfree in my stomach since I woke up..."
"What's all this! Didn't learn your lesson yesterday?! If you need another helping of Hop and his trusty Inteleon/Rillaboom/Cinderace, I'll be happy to give you one!"
"Well, that's what she says... I guess we trust her, then, yeah, <player>? Let's go! I can't wait another minute!"
  • Outside Wyndon Stadium
"This is it. Here at Wyndon Stadium, the greatest stadium in all Galar... You're gonna show everyone the greatest battle ever, mate, and set the world on fire! So go get yourself checked in!"
Wyndon Stadium
  • In the locker room, after the player clears the finals
"All right? The big moment's finally here, eh? I came just to cheer you on, you know!"
"Still, it's not easy picking sides... After all, it's the showdown between my big brother and my rival... Who should I really want to win more?"
"Right... You reckon I should cheer for <player>, too, don't you? Couldn't agree more. After all, we did start this thing out together, way back in Postwick."
"So you better beat Lee, you hear? If anyone can beat the unbeatable Champion, it'll be you, mate."
  • After Rose's interruption
"That video stream... That was from Hammerlocke Stadium, right? What in the world did the chairman do...?"
"But, Lee! You're terrible at directions... What if you get lost along the way?"
"I want to help my brother, <player>! I've got to! But I can't even manage to beat you, so what sort of help could I ever be...?"
You can help!: "Easy for you to say..."
Just try!: "But what? What can I even do?"
"Hold the phone... The chairman was talking about the Darkest Day. That's the thing where the sky went all dark once, ages and ages ago, right?"
"What does he mean, he's bringing that about? And where did we even hear that name...?"
Back in Motostoke/That statue of the hero...: "That statue of the hero in Motostoke! Sonia said something back then, didn't she... Though it turned out to be wrong, since there were actually two heroes and all that."
"Still! Those two managed to bring an end to the Darkest Day with the sword and shield Pokémon! Sonia thought the Pokémon might still be sleeping somewhere though, right?"
"We should try to find them, <player>! But where should we start looking...?"
Back in the Slumbering Weald?: "That's it, <player>! I'm sure it's got to be the Slumbering Weald! That illusion you tried to fight off that day—it must've been one of the Pokémon that are supposed to be sleeping there!"
Back home in Postwick?/Maybe in Circhester?: "You sure about that? I dunno... Doesn't feel right to me. Sonia said the Pokémon might still be sleeping somewhere though, right?"
"Let's go back to the Slumbering Weald! If we're lucky, we'll find something that can help!"
Slumbering Weald
"Ready for this, <player>? I wonder if we're about to head straight into a wall of fog again... Not that it'd bother us now. We've both grown loads stronger and so have our Pokémon."
"Going into the forest after Wooloo that day... That was the start of everything, wasn't it? A legendary beginning, really..."
"I reckon whatever we're about to see will be pretty legendary itself! Let's head in and add another page to our tale!"
"What's with this fog?! It's even worse than the first time we came here..."
"They really are here... The sword and shield Pokémon! I knew it!"
"Hey! Where're you going?! We need your help over here!"
"What?! Come off it, Sonia! You must've seen that, right?! Those...those...sword and shield Pokémon! They were right in front of us! But then they disappeared into the forest..."
"Wha... Then were those just...illusions or something?"
"Did they really? Ta, Sonia. Thanks for digging into it."
"Even if it is just an illusion or whatever, we did manage to find that Pokémon again... Maybe the sword and the shield that those two used to carry are still here, too!"
"Would you take a look at that, <player>! Now that's something you don't see every day... This place definitely feels like the stuff of legend."
"See that, <player>! The sword and the shield! The legends really were true!"
"That settles it! I'm taking the shieldSw/swordSh! Though...wow, would you look at the state of this thing? It seems like it might fall to pieces if you so much as look at it funny."
"I don't know if these rusty old things will really be able to stop the Darkest Day, but... Well, I guess it can't hurt to have them along! Let's hope they bring us some good luck!"
"Maybe the Pokémon themselves really are still asleep somewhere. So it seems we're on our own if we want to go help Lee. This is all the help we've got!"
If talked to at any point: "If anybody's gonna help Lee now, I guess it's just you and me, mate! He's probably still at Hammerlocke Stadium, trying to keep the Darkest Day at bay."
"So what d'you say, <player>? Wanna grab a Flying Taxi to head right there?"
Let's go!: "Then let's get out of this gloomy forest and fly back to Hammerlocke!"
Not yet: "Can't say I blame you... Even I'm a bit gutted to have come all this way chasing lagends only to find a rusty old sword and shield..."
  • Outside Hammerlocke Stadium
"Well, I don't care if I'm up against the Darkest Day or the chairman or whatever! I'm going ahead! I'm off to help my brother!"
Energy Plant
"What...what is all this?! We need to help Lee!"
"Discouraged...? You don't get it, do you, Chairman? Neither me nor my Pokémon are anywhere near giving up! We've learned to be strong, thanks to the Gym Challenge you organized!"
"All right, <player>? I'm ready for anything. Are you?"
Of course!: "Wouldn't expect any less from my rival! Now, come on! We've got to help Lee!"
Give me a moment: "Yeah, we've no idea what's going on up there. Better be sure you're really ready!"
Tower summit
  • In battle, during Eternatus's second phase
"Wow... It's huge! Let's take it on together, <player>!"
After trying to attack: "What? I can't use any moves!"
After trying to attack a second time: "I forgot! We found the sword and shield in the Slumbering Weald!"
After trying to attack a third time: "<player>, use that swordSw/shieldSh! It might be old and rusted, but there's got to be some use to it!"
  • In battle, during Eternatus's third phase
"Hey, looks like we can use our moves now! Thanks to Zacian and Zamazenta, that is!"
  • Upon defeating Eternatus
"This is it! Hurry, <player>! Try to catch Eternatus NOW!"
  • Three days later, at the Rose of the Rondelands
"I don't know about you, but I slept like the dead! Everyone's still talking about what happened, but at least things are back to normal now."
"We really did defeat Eternatus together with Zamazenta and Zacian!"
"And still Lee's...well, he's being Lee. Insisting on having a Championship Match with you today. It's a bit much, isn't it? You sure you're up for it?"
"I'm not even too sure about him. He was out cold and hurt pretty badly himself during all that mess. I do understand how he feels, though."
"Feels like I've been waiting forever to get to see you and him face off in a serious match."
"So come on! The match'll be at Wyndon Stadium. Where else!"
Slumbering Weald
"Huh? <player>?! What're you doing here in the woods?"
What about you?: "Nobody ever comes in here, since this is the forest where Zacian and Zamazenta rested. It's the best place to do a bit of thinking, since it's so quiet and all."
The truth is...: "You say you felt like something was calling you here, <player>? That's... Mate, that's pretty uncanny."
"Oh, but I hadn't had the chance to tell you! Congrats on your victory, <player>!"
"Honestly, <player>... I never thought you'd manage to beat my brother. The greatest Champion Galar ever had! He was undefeatable till you came around! It's actually still pretty hard to believe..."
"Really... You're amazing, <player>. So amazing, maybe, that I don't even realize just how amazing you really are!"
"<player>, do you think... Would you be up for one more battle?"
Sure!: "Thanks, <player>!" Then show me the strength that defeated Lee, the greatest Champion we ever had!"
Why?: "Because I want to feel for myself the strength that defeated my brother, the greatest Champion we'd ever had... Come on, <player>!"
"I'm ready when you are, so just say the word!"
If talked to again: "This'll be a serious battle! You're ready for that, aren't you?"
Of course!: "This is it!"
Wait a minute...:
  • In battle
Upon being defeated: "I didn't expect there to be such a gap between you and me, mate..."
  • After being defeated
"So, there really is no way I could ever beat you... I mean, you can even beat my "undefeatable" brother!"
  • After Sonia appears
"And if it isn't Sonia."
"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be off assisting the professor?"
"Y-you are?!"
"Yeah, I expect so... Sonia and <player>, you both amaze me! I've got a lot to live up to here!"
"Er, oh, right..."
"We...were! Yeah, that's what we were doing! We were just about to do that."
"That must be it, <player>! Why you felt like you were called here!"
"Let's put the sword and the shield back and say a proper thanks for all the help. Maybe if we do, we'll get to see Zacian and Zamazenta again someday."
  • Upon returning the Rusted SwordSw/ShieldSh
"Zacian! Zamazenta! Thanks loads for helping us out! Took us a while, but we've brought back your precious relics and all!"
"All right! That about settles that. <player>, why don't you and I head back?"
"What're you gonna do, Sonia?"
"That's just plain rude!"
"New kings? Descendants? Seriously, what are you on about?"
"Hey! Don't go nicking those! We just returned them!"
"But...there's no way anyone can prove who those ancient things belong to! Even if we can't prove it, they're really important to Zacian and Zamazenta!"
  • After the player battles SordwardSw/ShielbertSh
"Sorry, <player>... I lost to him..."
"... ... ..."
"W-wait! Stop! Give back that Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh!"
Turffield Stadium
"I got everyone who was seated on the north side of the stadium evacuated!"
"You must've heard, right? More Dynamax Pokémon are running amok!"
"I lost in the Semifinals, though..."
"Ah, <player>!"
"I chased those red and blue guys and saw them head into Turffield Stadium. Then I heard that uproar, and there was no way I could leave it alone. I had to help out."
"So, er... Sorry! I actually lost sight of them in all the rush."
"I don't know how much I can really help... If I come along, I might just end up slowing the rest of you down..."
"Uh... OK!"
  • After battle
"There wasn't any Trainer anywhere! And the Pokémon seemed like it couldn't even control the power itself..."
  • After Sordward and Shielbert appear
"Ah! It's you two! I knew you'd be here! Give the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh back!"
"What's with these two! Arrrghhh! Get over here so I can battle you!"
"What was that about Zacian and Zamazenta?!"
"So you were the ones who caused all this? Stop!"
"B-but they're getting away!"
"But still! Ughhh... Fine. You're right. I get it."
"And that they plan to continue doing it!"
I won't allow it!/We have to stop them!: "Yeah!"
"This is no time to be hung up on getting back the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh..."
"<player!> Piers! We've got to stop those two!"
If talked to again: "Where would those red and blue buffoons have gone off to next? Let's head out and look, <player>!"
  • Outside Turffield Stadium
"Oh! Sonia!"
"If Pokémon are being forced to Dynamax and running wild, there's no way I can simply sit by and watch! What do you say, <player>?"
If talked to again: "If someone's in trouble, then I want to help! So, let's get out there and do our best. All right, <player>?"
Hulbury Stadium
"We came here to help you out."
Motostoke Stadium
"Mr. Kabu! I'm glad you remember me."
  • After defeating both Dynamax Pokémon
"Hey, <player>? That your Rotom Phone ringing?"
"What?! Sonia, you all right?!"
"We've got to help Sonia and get back the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh!"
"Let's hurry to the Pokémon Lab!"
  • Inside the Pokémon Research Lab
"Sonia and the professor are the ones who've been inconvenienced here!"
"Forcing Pokémon to Dynamax against their will... You've gone way out of bounds here! And I haven't forgot about getting back the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh, either!"
Steady on/We'll fight them together: "<player>... Thanks, mate!"
"First thing's first! Let's get these weirdos out of here!"
  • After battle
"I did it... We won! We really won!"
"Give back the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh, and stop forcing Pokémon to go all crazy!"
If talked to at any point: "So those two weren't working alone? One of their followers even betrayed Sonia... That's real rough..."
  • Outside the Pokémon Research Lab
"But...you were upset. We didn't want to say anything to make it worse."
"Those weirdos said that they wanted to reveal the true natures of Zacian and Zamazenta."
"<player>! This is no time to be lying about! If Pokémon are in trouble, why're we still here?! Let's get right out there to lend a hand!"
Stow-on-Side Stadium
"Nice one! Then let's all work together!"
Ballonlea Stadium
"Bede?! What about the Dynamax Pokémon?!"
"That's right—you're a Gym Leader now! Though I don't know about "elite" or whatever."
"Why'd I know you'd say something like that...? We came all the way out here just to lend a hand!"
"Look, I'm sorry, mate, but...this is hardly the time!"
  • After battle
"Even after losing his right to participate in the Gym Challenge, Bede still found his own way to crash the Champion Cup... Yeah, I'd say he's a force to be reckoned with."
"I think I get why he was chosen to be the next Gym Leader. He might be unbearable at times—or really, most all the time—but he's a fierce Trainer."
He takes things seriously: "Yeah. Watching him battle you, it was plain to see how much work he puts into it."
He's really strong: "He's strong enough that even a Champion like you recognizes it, eh?"
"Right, right, I hear you! And I won't be outdone by that Bede or anyone! On to the next one!"
"We've got to go help all the other places where these Dynamax Pokémon are running wild!"
Circhester Stadium
"<player>'s here, so everyone can relax!"
  • After battle
"Hah...hah... Just barely! Battling a Dynamax Pokémon all on your own is pretty hard work!"
"I...I do?"
"I do not! Shut your gob, Piers!"
"Looks like most of the stadiums have got this Dynamax problem sorted now."
"Let's keep up the pace, <player>!"
Hammerlocke Stadium
"We're here to help, too! Right, <player>?"
  • After two stadiums are visited
"<player>! We've got to go help all the other places where these Dynamax Pokémon are running wild!"
  • After three stadiums are visited
"Looks like most of the stadiums have got this Dynamax problem sorted now. Let's keep up the pace, <player>!"
  • After all stadiums are visited
"Right! I think that's all the stadiums sorted now! We didn't miss any, did we, <player>?"
"If we don't find them quick, they could just start all this up again!"
"And once we find them again, I'm going to take them right down!"
"That's your Rotom Phone, <player>! It's got to be Sonia!"
"Heh! Called it."
"Even over the phone, Sonia sure sounds lively..."
Energy Plant
"Why are you forcing Pokémon to Dynamax?"
"Zacian and Zamazenta saved all of Galar!"
"You seriously want to make the two Pokémon that saved us all run amok?!"
"You think we'll let you get away with this?"
If talked to again: "We've got to get up top quick, <player>! I'm counting on you to take down the ringleader!"
  • After battle
"We've driven them back! Now we can head up to the roof!"
Tower summit
"This is all because I let them get away with stealing the Rusted ShieldSw/SwordSh!"
"I hate to admit it, but if anyone can stop it, it's got to be you, <player>! I'll keep everyone else safe down here! So you don't have to worry about a thing! You just focus on calming down ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh!"
  • After battle
"ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh... Are you...all right?"
"Thanks for saving me, ZacianSw/ZamazentaSh."
"Looks like it still can't control all that power..."
"I don't like this, <player>... Not one bit. I'm going to go after ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh!"
"And this belongs to ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh—not you!"
Via Rotom Phone
"Hello? <player>?! I was just— Whoa! Hey, calm down!"
"Heh! I suppose you heard that? Yeah, I've got ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh here with me!"
Are you OK?: "ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh started going crazy, so things have been better! But I'm hanging in there..."
Where are you?: "ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh was going wild in the Slumbering Weald, but I'm doing my best to keep it in check!"
"I could sure use your help, though! Get over here quick as you can, would you?"
"I'll be waiting for you in the heart of the Slumbering Weald!"
Slumbering Weald
"There, there... Everything's all right..."
"You don't have to lose control. You can manage this. I know you can! You're the true hero who protected the Galar region, after all!"
"Oh? Got everything under control? See! I knew you could do it, champ!"
  • After Sonia and the player appear
"You two made it! And yeah, well, I was just focused on trying to calm down ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh, so..."
It looks happy now: "Yeah... It does, doesn't it? Though I can tell you, things were looking pretty dire here at first!"
Hop, you're amazing: "Y-you think? I'm pretty chuffed to hear that from you of all people, <player>!"
"What? Wait, really?! Y-you sure about this?"
"That it thinks I'm worthy of it... That it'll become my Pokémon... I'm pretty sure that was it, anyway!"
"Is it...is it really OK?"
"All right, here I go, then..."
  • After Hop catches ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh
"I still don't quite see anything like that in myself yet... But thanks to your help, I'm starting to!"
"<player>! I've got a favor to ask! Though I hate to look like I'm copying that posh jerk, Bede... Still! I want another battle against you!"
"Everything started right here...in the Slumbering Weald!"
If talked to again: "This'll be a proper battle, <player>! You sure you're ready for me?"
Yes: "All right! Let's go, <player>!"
No: "Good! I wouldn't want you to be at anything less than your best for a serious match like this!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Let's do it, <player>! Don't hold anything back!"
After his first Pokémon is defeated: "My goal was always to surpass Lee, but he's not the Champion anymore. I'm not sure what my goal is now."
After his second Pokémon is defeated: "You and Sonia followed your own paths... I was the only one left behind and trying to catch up!"
After his third Pokémon is defeated: "But then I went around saving Pokémon alongside you and Piers... And I realized that I could help other people!"
After his fourth Pokémon is defeated: "Blast! You really got me with that one. But battling you sure is fun, <player>!"
After his fifth Pokémon is defeated: "I want to see which of us comes out the victor, and yet I also don't ever want this battle to end... That's the kind of strange feeling I'm having! You feel it, too, don't you, <player>?"
Yeah!: "I knew you must! It's kind of embarrassing, but I'm glad it's not just me!"
Not really...: "What? It's embarrassing if I'm the only one who's so into this!"
"Right then! Laugh or cry all you want, but this is it! This is the end!"
Upon being defeated: "Thanks to you and Lee, I'll keep getting stronger... I know it!"
  • After battle
If the player lost: "I know you haven't reached your full potential yet, <player>! Train and prepare as much as you like. I'll be waiting here whenever you're ready!"
If the player won: "That's our greatest Champion for you... You really are strong, <player>! But getting beat this time felt a bit different. I may've lost, but I feel great!"
"You know what, <player>? I think I've found a dream of my own! I want to be someone who can help out Pokémon that're in trouble, wherever they are... I think I want to become a Pokémon Professor!"
"I started thinking I might when we were going around to all the stadiums to help out the Pokémon that were running out of control."
"I know I don't know enough about Pokémon yet, and I've got no experience for this sort of thing, but I'm gonna study and learn a whole lot! And someday I'll become the sort of professor that you, <player>, and you, Sonia... well, the sort you would be proud to know!"
"I'm gonna take a different path than you and Lee are taking, <player>...but... I'll still always think of you as my true rival!"
There's nothing I'd like better!: "Same here. We'll always be rivals, you and me!"
I still don't plan on losing to you!: "Not like I plan on losing to you, either! Even if our goals are different now... we'll always be proper rivals, you and me!"
"Sonia! Getting a bit weepy in your old age, eh?"
"Then I definitely want to! Only...you sure I can really be any help to you?"
"Wait! So you what you really mean is you're offering me the position to help yourself out? Ah, fine! I'll still do a bang-up job!"
"You'll have my back, too—right, <player>?"
  • After Sordward, Shielbert, Piers, and Leon appear
"You've no idea! Those two were forcing Pokémon to Dynamax all over the place!"
"Well, fancy that... I think you've grown on them, <player>?"
"Er, what?"
"I...I do?"
"Awww, zip it, Sonia! I do not! Hehehe..."
"Right! Then it's a race to see who gets back home first!"
  • At the Pokémon Research Lab
"<player>! I'm giving it my best with my studies! It's not easy, but it's still great fun!"
Wyndon Stadium
  • During Champion Cup rematches
  • Before battle
"I want to become a legend in Galar... No, a legend for the whole world! And if I want to do that, I need to beat both you and my big bro!"
  • In battle
Upon being defeated: "Ugh! Gutted! You're always one step ahead of me, mate!"
  • After being defeated
"Even the pages detailing my defeats will add to the tale of my brilliant legend! But I don't plan on losing to you again! As your rival, I promise I'll win next time!"
Master Dojo
"Oh! Hey, welcome back, <player>! Looks like you've been hard at work keeping up your training here at the dojo, eh?"
Hop?! What're you doing here?!: "Surprise! And nicely done, <player>. That's just the reaction I was hoping for!
Oh, Hop. You're here, too?: "Where's the surprise, mate? The welcome? Acting like I'm something the Meowth dragged in..."
"I'm here on the Isle of Armor to research more about the Dynamax phenomenon."
"I mean, it'd be loads easier than camping out for a long time, but wouldn't I be in the way?"
"Yeah, it's true—Lee did train here when we were both kids..."
"All right then, Master Mustard. You've twisted my arm! I hope you don't regret it, because I'm staying!"
"That certain...something...is—?!"
"The suspense here is killing me..."
"Are you kidding me?! Noooooo!"
"Is this, uh, how your training usually goes?"
"I've really got no Rapidash in this race, but even I'm pretty curious about that certain something!"
"I think I read something about Urshifu in a book once, too..."
"It's the Wushu Pokémon, right? The book said it lives in the mountains in some far-off region."
Does it really?: "Huh? You didn't know? Don't you have one, <player>?!"
That's pretty amazing, Hop!: "Naw, it's nothing. I just happened to be researching foreign Pokémon lately is all!"
"But yeah, I think I read that Urshifu is absolutely mad for some kind of sticky honey..."
"<player>! Honey is made from the nectar of flowers and plants, right? So maybe we need nectar made by some Pokémon that look like flowers and plants!"
"And if we're looking for those kinds of Pokémon, then I'd reckon there might be lots in a forest. I'll be able to look into Dynamaxing along the way, so count me in for some exploration!"
"There's a forest past that big marshland, right? Bet I can still beat you there!"
Forest of Focus
"Finally, <player>! I've been waiting forever for you!"
"I'd thought Glimwood Tangle was a real maze, but this place is on an entirely different level... And it's so hot and humid that I'm sweating a pond over here!"
"Sonia and I split up places to survey. And she opted for the cold and snow—and all. Too bad we can't somehow divide this heat up between us, too. We'd both feel a bit better!"
"Anyway, I was checking out this Forest of Focus place while I was waiting for you to show up... and I saw signs that Lilligant and Applin live here!"
"Maybe we can gather a bit of sweet nectar that Urshifu should love from their flowers and fruit."
If talked to again: "I reckon Lilligant and Applin are the most likely Pokémon to produce any nectar here in the Forest of Focus. Let's see if they can't spare a bit for Urshifu!"
"Look! It's a Petilil! Petilil evolves into Lilligant, which is just the Pokémon we're looking for!"
"Hey, doesn't that Petilil seem to be acting a bit strange?"
It looks sort of sad/It looks a bit lost: "Yeah, now that you mention it... It's still pretty little... Maybe it got separated from its parents?"
"Whoa! Who're you glomming onto, mate?! You really must be lost if you think I'm your mum!"
"And now I'm stuck. OK..."
"You've gotta help us out here, <player>!"
"Go find us one of Petilil's parents or something, would you? Look for some worried-looking Lilligant! I'll wait here with this little one. I'm afraid I'll step on it if I start walking around!"
If talked to again: "Lilligant is a Pokémon that's got this big flower blooming on its head. You can't miss it! And we wanted to find one anyway, right? We're catching two Rookidee with one ball!"
If talked to with Lilligant: "Finally, <player>! And you found Lilligant!"
"Hehe, looks like they're both pretty happy to see each other."
"What d'ya think, <player>? I'd say Lilligant is trying to thank you."
"Huh? Is this...some of the nectar from your flower, Lilligant?"
"See ya, Petilil! See ya, Lilligant!"
"Nice one, <player>! Now we've got some of Lilligant's nectar! Hopefully this nectar's sweet and sticky, just like Urshifu likes it..."
"Hrmmm... I definitely wouldn't call it very sticky. It's pretty watery..."
"I don't think this is what you need, mate, but at least we did a good deed anyway."
  • Upon encountering Applin
"Come on! Let's give Applin's nectar a try next!"
"There! It's an Applin!"
"Applin! No, wait!"
"This is rotten... I don't see that Applin anywhere! But I'm sure it went rolling off this way..."
"<player>! We've gotta find that Applin!"
After investigating berry tree: "Huh? Something wrong with that Berry tree?"
"Augh! It ran off again!"
"Huh? Uh, <player>? Is your head feeling a bit...moist."
"That's gotta be Applin's nectar on you! It might've given us the slip, but at least we still got what we came for!"
"But is Applin's nectar sweet enough for Urshifu?"
"Well, like they say—the proof is in the pudding! Or the Applin! So let's give it a try!"
"Hrmmm... I don't think you'd describe it as sticky exactly... It's more like juice or something..."
"Lilligant's nectar wasn't it... Applin's nectar wasn't it... They weren't really sticky enough to be the sticky honey that Urshifu loves..."
"Come to think of it, they aren't really honey at all, are they? I was thinking nectar and honey were the same thing, so I was looking for plants and flowers. But was I just barking up the wrong tree?"
"Whoa, a Venipede! I don't see one of those every day!"
"It's cute looking, right? But it can produce a really thick, gooey poison inside its body—making it pretty dangerous."
"Th...that's it!"
"I was stuck on Pokémon that produce nectar... But what we really need is a Pokémon that USES that sort of nectar to produce something else!"
Something like honey?!/You just noticed?!: "Yes!"
"And when it comes to Pokémon that collect and store lots of nectar to make honey... well, the answer is obvious, right?"
Sheep Pokémon!: "Er, no, that'd be Wooloo. It might eat grass, but it can't produce honey..."
Beehive Pokémon!: "The Beehive Pokémon has got to be the answer! I'm sure of it this time!"
"And Vespiquen is the Beehive Pokémon, right, <player>? Have you ever seen one?"
"If we're talking about the Isle of Armor... I think we should find some on the island shaped like a honeycomb over near that big blue tower!"
"Now that we know where we're going, I'm off! Don't make me wait, <player>!"
Honeycalm Island
"There you are, <player>! Glad you could finally make it!"
"I've seen loads of Combee around, but no sign of Vespiquen so far... But they're the ones that'd have sticky honey."
"Huh? I borrowed a Power Spot Detector from Sonia, but why's it going off now? Is it...reacting to this tree here?"
"Something's got to be up, <player>! I think we should check it out!"
If talked to again: "Something's got to be up, <player>! I think we should check it out!"
After shaking tree: "Wh-what is happening now?!"
  • After defeating Dynamax Vespiquen
"I sure wasn't expecting a Dynamaxed Vespiquen to come swooping out to attack us! I was too shocked to even think of joining you in the battle!"
"That is some seriously sticky honey. I'm sure it's the certain something Urshifu loves!"
"And it seems like that honey was setting off my Power Spot Detector, too. The Max Mushrooms and this honey you can find on the Isle of Armor... they both seem to have some kind of tie to Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing."
"There's tons we don't yet know about it, so there's tons of research just waiting to be done."
"Come on! You got the thing you were looking for, so let's head back to the dojo at once!"
Master Dojo
"Heh heh! That'd be the Max Honey that Urshifu loves to the max! We got our hands on a nice haul of it!"
"You put me and <player> on it, old man! There's nothing the two of us can't do together!"
"You didn't forget for a second what that "certain something" was, did you?"
"He's the one who taught Lee all he knows, so Mustard's got to be one wicked strong Trainer!"
"I guess I'd better start getting serious about the research I came here to do, too..."
"Good luck with your things, <player>! I'm sure you'll manage—like you always do."
"I'll come dashing right back to catch that battle, though, if you do try taking on Master Mustard!"
If talked to again: "Oh, you know what? I ran into that one Gym Leader at the station when I came here to the Isle of Armor. You remember the one! I guess all sorts of folks are starting to come here to the island to train a bit."
  • After the player defeats Mustard
"Well, I'm not surprised one bit, <player>. I knew you'd win!"
  • When showing a Pokémon not yet seen in the player's Pokédex
"<player>! Bet you'll never guess what rare Pokémon I found when I was out doing my survey!"
Well, let's see it then!: "Heh heh, surprised? Don't worry, mate. I'll keep on letting you know whenever I find a cool Pokémon you've never managed to see."
I'll take a look later: "That training must be keeping you real busy, huh? Not that I'm going to let you outshine me!"
If talked to after being shown a Pokémon for the day: "I wonder what new Pokémon I might see today... Every day's the chance for a new discovery!"
Isle of Armor
  • When first spoken to
"Huh? Hey, <player>! Didn't think I'd run into you out here!"
"I'm hard at work surveying the island, really. I've only been skiving off the teeniest bit. Hardly at all!"
"The Pokémon live totally different out here than they do back in the Wild Area near home. You can tell even in these little patches of grass!"
"This is one maze of a forest. You can hardly blame that Lilligant for losing track of its Petilil."
"I'm absolutely shattered from that climb... But what a view you get from up here!"
"How'd a strange cave like this come about naturally, I wonder? Maybe the river carved it out?"
"The Isle of Armor's got such nice beaches! Wish I'd brought my swim gear... F-for surveying, obviously! Aquatic surveying!"
"Sand, <player>! There's sand everywhere, mate! In my shoes! Between my toes! Like everywhere!"
"We've been walking around for ages, so it's good to just stop sometimes, you know? Dubwool seems to feel the same!"
  • During overcast conditions
"These sure look like rain clouds to me... If they were a bit whiter, they'd look comfy enough to kip on — just like Dubwool's wool!"
  • During rain or thunderstorms
"I bet Pokémon that live by the water just love these kinds of rainy days. Watch your step as you explore, though — the ground's all muddy and slippery!"
"Owww... I got sand in my eye! I'm getting flashbacks to Hammerlocke Gym..."
"Check it out, <player>! Isn't this fog just like in the Slumbering Weald? There could be Legendary Pokémon about!"
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • During the opening ceremony
"Hey, <player>! So he called you here, too, eh?"
What's all this?: "Huh? You mean Lee didn't tell you anything?"
So many Gym Leaders!: "Yeah, there are so many strong Pokémon Trainers all gathered together in one place! This is gonna be amazing!"
"I've been real busy with my studies, so I actually turned Lee down at first, but... Well, that brother of mine doesn't give up easy!"
"Hey, you're...KlaraSw/AverySh, right? From the Master Dojo?"
"R-right..."Sw / "An elegant...what?"Sh
"Th...That really is amazing! I hope you'll keep working toward reaching the major division!"
"Suddenly I'm feeling all fired up for this thing! If everyone's taking it that seriously, I don't want to be the one to lose!"
  • In the lobby before the invitational tournament
"That's Lee for you! He knows how to start off a tournament nice and proper! Still I wasn't expecting to have to team up with someone... Oh, I know! <player>! If you haven't settled on a partner yet, why not team up with me?"
Yes: "Nobody's gonna to be able to stop this team! We're sure to win this tournament. You'll see!"
No: "Aw, that's too bad... Well, let me know if you change your mind, mate!"
Partnered with Hop
  • If talked to in the locker room
  • Before the first round
  • In the invitational tournament
"Looks like our first opponents are Milo and Nessa! Don't let your guard down, mate... They're not gonna be pushovers!"
  • In subsequent tournaments
"<player>! Thanks for calling me, mate. I know I've been spending all my days hitting the books, but I think it's actually taught me about battling, too! Let's make this a tournament that'll bring smiles of delight to everyone's faces!"
  • Before the second round
  • In the invitational tournament
"Battling together with you like this reminds me of our adventure in Rose Tower! I'm gonna go all out to show that I can keep up with you, <player>!"
  • In subsequent tournaments
"That's our Champion of Galar for you! You've gotten even stronger since the last time we've battled, haven't you? To think that I got to learn and battle alongside someone like you, <player>... It's really been the best thing in my life, and nothing makes me prouder."
  • Before the final round
  • In the invitational tournament
"This is it, mate! We're knocking on the door of the final battle! And we're up against Raihan and Lee, of all people... But when we stand together, <player>, we've got nothing to be afraid of!"
  • In subsequent tournaments
"Here we are at the final round! I'll wring out every bit of strength I've got in me. After all, it wouldn't do to be the one to blame for making Champion <player> lose!"
  • On the field
  • Before the first round
"First things first! Let's pick up some momentum!"'
  • Before the second round, randomly selected
"It's time for the Postwick dream team to show people what we can do!"
"We can't lose now! Time to bring out the full strength of our Pokémon!"
  • Before the final round, randomly selected
"Scoring a win together would really make my day, mate! Let's do our best!"
"We can win this, mate! We can't lose now!"
  • Upon winning the tournament
  • First time
"Being able to beat everyone else together with my rival <player>... I'm gonna ride this high to really crush my studies and become a great professor! Just you watch!"
  • Subsequent victories
"Getting to win this thing together with you, <player>--it's the best every time! And ZamazentaSw/ZacianSh seems to be on cloud nine, too, getting to battle alongside you! Heh heh... Thanks for giving us both this chance!"
Facing against Hop
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon
With Leon: "I know <player> better than anybody. You just leave him/her to me!"
With Marnie: "Watch yourself, <player>! Your old rivals are teaming to take you down!"
With Opal: "I'll still back you up the best I can to take some weight off your shoulders, Ms. Opal!"
Upon sending out his last Pokémon: "You've got us up against the wall, mate, but you're about to see what we're really made of!"
Upon Gigantamaxing his first partner Pokémon: "I've got some massive dreams, and the only thing big enough to hold 'em is Gigantamaxing!"
Upon first using his first partner Pokémon's G-Max Move:
G-Max Drum Solo: "See if you can keep up with this beat! Rillaboom, use G-Max Drum Solo!"
G-Max Fireball: "Burn 'em up, Cinderace! Show us a G-Max Fireball!"
G-Max Hydrosnipe: "Wash 'em all away, Inteleon! Use G-Max Hydrosnipe!"'
Upon being defeated: "Nice one, you two! That was a real nail-biter of a match!"
  • After being defeated
  • In the first round
"That's what I'm talking about, <player>! You bring out the strength of your Pokémon and your partner, too!"
  • In the second round
"I'd have looked better losing during the final match, but I guess it is what it is. Still, you won't get me so easy next time, mate! Good look on the next match!"
  • In the final round
"Congrats on winning the tournament, mate! You two were something else. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, but even more than that...I'm happy for you as my rival!"
Field conversations (invitational tournament, with the player)
  • Against Milo and Nessa
"Don't get too confident, mate! Me and my Pokémon've become a lot stronger since the Gym Challenge!"
  • Against Gordie and BeaSw
"These two aren't the types of opponents we can afford to take on lightly... But we're no strangers to bringing our A game! We can do this, mate!"
  • Against Allister and MelonySh
"Pretty odd team they make, isn't it? Still, they could turn out to be a good combo in their own right..."
  • Against Leon and Raihan
"From the moment I saw the tourney bracket, I knew this is how things would end up, Lee!"
"Come on, <player>! We're gonna win, even if we have to pry victory from the hands of Lee's team!"
Field conversations (subsequent tournaments, with or against the player)
  • Against Bede
"Gah, do you ever quit it with the attitude?! Guess I'll show you everything I've learned!"
  • Against Leon
"I'm not gonna lose, Lee! 'Sides, I need to show <player> just how good I've got!"
  • Against Marnie
"You got that right! I'll become a professor that'll be able to go toe-to-toe with Gym Leaders!"
  • Against Milo
"Hey there, Milo! I hope you're ready, 'cause I've grown stronger since the Gym Challenge!"
  • Against Mustard
"I'm taking a break for now! And I'm not about to let even my big bro's master end my break!"
  • Against Opal
"I'm still going to win, even without boosts from getting quiz answers correct!"
  • Against Piers
"Course, mate! I'm always growing! Hope you're ready to be blown away, Piers!"

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Hop (Masters)
Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"It's me, Hop! It's time for my new legend to begin here with my partner Pokémon!"
  • After being recruited (Champion)
"I'm Hop, and I'm going to be the strongest Pokémon Professor in the world!"
  • Sync pair viewer
"Typical! Should've known you'd mastered type matchups!"
"I want to take on my bro. But not just that, I want to beat him! I want to be the one who beats the unbeatable Champion!"
  • Sync pair viewer (Champion)
"Let's show everyone the greatest battle ever–and set the world on fire!"
"Think you've got me backed into a corner? No way! This'll just make my victory all the better!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"Let's give 'em a taste of our true power!"
  • Selection screen (forming team, Champion)
"Let's fill in the pages of our legend!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Leon)*
"Let's show them our strength as brothers!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Victor)*
"Victor! We're gonna battle together! Ready?"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Gloria)*
"Thanks for giving me a shout, Gloria!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Marnie)*
"Check out what I've learned, Marnie!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Bede)*
"Today's the day I'm gonna surprise you, Bede!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Piers)*
"Hope you're ready to be blown away, Piers!"
  • Selection screen (forming team with Sonia)*
"Sonia! I'll join your survey!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team)
"See ya!"
  • Selection screen (disbanding team, Champion)
"Catch you later!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill
"I can't wait to try this out!"
  • Upon learning a new lucky skill (Champion)
"Hooray for us!"
  • Upon leveling up
"I really feel like we're gettin' somewhere!"
  • Upon leveling up (Champion)
"I'm still on the road to being the strongest!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"This'll make a pretty fine page in the tale of our legend!"
  • Upon reaching max level (Champion)
"Huhahah! I feel invincible!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"Seems we've got to train even harder from now on."
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap (Champion)
"I can aim even higher!"
  • Receiving EX style
  • Receiving EX style (Champion)
"Let's show everyone the greatest battle ever–and set the world on fire!"
  • During conversation
"Hahaha, huh huh."
"Uheh, huh, hehehe..."
"That's great!"
"I'd expect nothing less!"
"You can do it!"
"Are you kidding me?!"
"No way..."
"I've gotcha covered!"
"No way!"
"I'm countin' on you!"
"I see."
"See ya!"
"All riiight!"
"Here we go!"
  • During conversation (Champion)
"Ohhh, okay..."
"Oh, wow!"
"Congrats, mate!"
"You've got this!"
"C'mon, mate!"
"Not cool!"
"Stop it!"
"I-it can't be..."
"Come on, now."
"Let's go!"
"My bad!"
"I got it!"
"No thanks!"
"Ohh, okay."
"I'm amazed!"
"Eheh, heh."
"Catch you later!"
"I'm gonna test my strength!"
"Let's get it rolling!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning! Still half asleep? Come on! It's time to get this day started!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I wonder what new sync pairs we might see today. My excitement's running ahead of me even faster than a train!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening)
"Wow, how is it already so late? All right, time for me to let my partner have some hard-earned rest!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning) (Champion)
"A new day, a new beginning to my legend! I'm gonna train hard, as usual!"
  • During special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Champion)
"My daily routine is to battle until I'm tired, then study, and when that gets boring, I battle again!"
  • During special log-in conversation (evening) (Champion)
"I'm gonna think about Pokémon and battling 24-7–so I can become an invincible Pokémon Professor!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here, you can have this!"
  • During special gift conversation (Champion)
"I'll give you this!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • Co-op match screen
  • Co-op match screen (Champion)
"Let's go!"
  • VS screen
"I'm not gonna lose!"
  • VS screen (Champion)
"Time to battle!"
  • Sending out Pokémon
  • Sending out Pokémon (Champion)
"How's this?"
  • Using Pokémon move
"You've got this!"
  • Using Pokémon move (Champion)
"Hang in there!"
  • Using item
"Here I go!"
  • Using item (Champion)
"This'll work!"
  • Using Trainer move
"This is our chance!"
  • Using Trainer move (Champion)
"It's on!"
  • Using sync move
"I'm the one who'll become the next Champion!"
  • Using sync move (Champion)
"I'm fired up to the max!"
  • Unity attack / theme skill
  • Unity attack / theme skill (Champion)
"At once!"
"Let's win!"
  • Uh-oh! (Champion)
"I'm gonna test my strength!"
  • Switching in
"I'm countin' on ya, mate."
  • Switching in (Champion)
"My turn!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon
"Ugh, I lost. It all went to pot!"
  • Recalling fainted Pokémon (Champion)
"You did great, mate.'
  • "Nice" emote
"You legend!"
  • "Nice" emote (Champion)
  • "Watch out" emote
"Watch out!"
  • "Watch out" emote (Champion)
"Watch out!" (different tone)
  • "Let's do this" emote
"I'm the one who'll become the next Champion!"
  • "Let's do this" emote (Champion)
"Time for my legend to begin!"
  • "Thanks" emote
  • "Thanks" emote (Champion)
  • Defeat
"I lost..."
  • Defeat (Champion)
"Aw, man!"
  • Victory
"I want to get stronger and stronger!"
  • Victory (Champion)
"I've never been so excited!"
  • Victory (with Leon on the team, in response to Leon)*
  • Victory (with Victor on the team, speaks first)*
"Great stuff, Victor!"
  • Victory (with Gloria on the team, in response to Gloria)*
"Thanks to you, Gloria!"
  • Victory (with Marnie on the team, in response to Marnie)*
"Haha, could be!"
  • Victory (with Bede on the team, in response to Bede)*
"You never change, do you?"
  • Victory (with Sonia on the team, in response to Sonia)*
"You're running me into the ground!"
  • Victory (with Piers on the team, speaks first)*
"I'm always growing!"
Legendary Adventures - Howling Shield of Eternity
  • A New Visitor
"Really? You're asking me if I got lost, Lee? Of course not!"
"Huh? Where?"
"Oh well!"
"It takes hard work to make dreams come true anyway!"
"OK! Tomorrow I'm off on another adventure so I can make my dreams come true!"
"D'you think that could've been that shooting star you saw last night?"
  • Meteor Mystery
"Based on what you've told us, I think what you saw was a Pokémon called Eternatus."
"It's a Legendary Pokémon that nearly destroyed the entire Galar region in the past."
"And we've battled it before! So it's kind of like our rival, really..."
"Well, Zacian and Zamazenta came to help us!"
"We got to fight along with them! It was so exciting!"
"In pain?"
"Maybe it was having trouble absorbing energy."
"Eternatus has a core on its chest that absorbs energy emanating from the Galar region. That energy is what lets it stay active."
"I bet it's struggling to absorb energy here on Pasio because it can't find an energy source!"
"I suppose, if you compare it to humans!"
"Thanks! Sonia's a professor now, and she's been teaching me a lot lately!"
"Yeah! At first, I wanted to be the strongest Trainer ever."
"But as I traveled around Galar, I started thinking that I want to be a professor and help Pokémon!"
"Yeah, that'd be great! I'd love to chat and learn more!"
"Er... Though, I guess we're getting off track. We should figure out how to help Eternatus."
"We still don't know what brought it to a place that doesn't have any energy sources."
"But no matter the reason, I think we should try to find a way to help it!"
"Good idea! Will you help us too, <player>?"
Of course!: "Great! We're counting on you!"
Leave it to me!: "Thanks! I knew we could count on you!"
"Hm? Oh, Lee's calling."
"We'll come with you!"
"With your sense of direction, Lee, you'd just get lost if you tried to find her lab by yourself."
"W-wait! Lee! You're going the wrong way!"
  • A Massive Impact
"What?! I've read about Mega Evolution in some books at the lab..."
"Are you saying Pokémon might be able to Mega Evolve using these sync stones?"
"I see! If Eternatus can absorb the energy from sync stones..."
"then that's probably why it came to Pasio! It all makes sense!"
"Hm... Maybe there's another reason."
"This must mean Professor Sycamore was right!"
"Yup! In Galar, we see Dynamax Pokémon in our stadiums and in the Wild Area all the time!"
"Oh, Zamazenta's ready to go! OK then, let's get together and launch an attack..."
"Though...if you're not used to Dynamax Pokémon, we might want to reconsider that."
"Piers! Marnie! You're here on Pasio, too?!"
  • Raihan to the Rescue
"Phew! We did it."
"Really? I hope Lee and the others can take care of Eternatus soon..."
"I would, but I can't just ignore these Dynamax Pokémon!"
"They need our help. I'll head over to Lee once they're back to normal."
"Kris... Bianca..."
"OK! Thanks, everyone!"
"I'm gonna go help Lee! Thanks for taking care of things on this end!"
  • Bonds of Eternity
  • Off-screen
"Lee! Raihan!"
  • After appearing
"They're fine. Piers and Marnie showed up to help."
"I'm glad you and <player> are safe, too!"
"I think Eternatus is having trouble absorbing energy from sync stones."
"That's why it's on the verge of rampaging—and why it's been emitting Galar particles."
  • Off-screen
"Yeah! At least...I think that's why. Probably."
  • On-screen
"Well, I'm still learning, y'know. I'm just going off what Sonia taught me."
"But I'm pretty sure I know how to solve this!"
"L-like I said, I'm still learning!"
"Gloria... Lee..."
"OK! I'll give it a go!"
"Eternatus is probably suffering because it can't absorb the enormous amount of energy it needs!"
"So we just need to make sure it's using that energy correctly!"
"Bingo! Exactly, Lee!"
  • Strongest Siblings
"Don't worry, Gloria! <player>! Leave the rest to us!"
"Never thought I'd battle with you on the same team, Lee!"
"Got it!"
"We're almost there! Keep pushing through!"
"Ah! Oh no!"
"It's OK, Lee! Keep going!"
"Yeah, you look great! And your outfit matches Eternatus, too!"
"Heh, I hate to burst your bubble, Lee..."
Main Story Villain Arc - Galar - A Millennium into the Future
  • The Galar Region's Hero
"What's going on?!"
"Do you think they might start something on Pasio?"
  • As Quickly as Possible
"Those are sync moves!"
"Chairman Rose..."
  • Whispering Shadows
"But the Chairman Rose that's here now doesn't seem to remember any of it..."
  • Repeated Mistakes
"What? Chairman Rose?"
"Hmm, that's suspicious..."
  • Headed for the Same Future!
"Pasio's starting to split into opposing factions—Lear supporters and Rose supporters!"
"Yeah! I feel the same!"
  • The Decisive Battle Begins
  • Taking Sides
"I-isn't Team Galactic—?!"
"Finish them!"
Story Event - Verdant Guardian
  • The Search for Cells
  • Off-screen, as "???"
"Yo! What're you lot up to?"
  • After appearing, as Hop
"Oh, this? I picked it up over there."
"Don't see something like this every day, right? I was gonna take it home and research it!"
"Zygarde? Oh! You mean that one right there?"
"Zygarde's a Pokémon that's made up of a bunch of cells, right?"
"I'd heard rumors that it's been spotted in the Crown Tundra before, but this the first time I've actually seen one of its cells in person!"
"Well...not really."
"But if Zygarde is a Legendary Pokémon that's shown up in Kalos, Alola, and even Galar..."
"maybe a Pokémon Professor from Galar or Alola would know something about it!"
"Er...Sonia's busy doing talks and presentations on her research, though."
"Yeah! Let me come with you!"
"I'm happy to help Professor Sycamore with his investigation!"
"Aw, really?"
  • Misguided Methods
"Look at all the cells around here!"
  • If spoken to
"Hehe! Look what I found!"
"Look, I got some!"
  • Together with You
"We can't let him get away with this!"
"Yeah! We're the ones who pushed you to introduce us to him, even though you didn't want to."
"What's it doing with that ring? Whoa!"
"Huh?! Hoopa’s gone now!"
Story Event - Revel in Rivalry
  • Bede's Team
"Why are you always so cheeky, mate? Don't be too surprised when you get taken down by our teamwork!"
"All right! We won!"
  • All Together
"Yep! I can't wait to get this battle started!"
Story Event - Threads of Strength
  • Red and Cynthia
"We were just sharing our thoughts on a recent discovery!"
"Tell us what to do! We want to help!"
"The festival is drawing everyone's attention. Looks like Lear's plan was a success!"
"A Champion's fighting spirit is something else!"
  • The Admired Hero
"I get it, though. I really admire Champions, too!"
  • The Stage Is Ready...
"The world of Pokémon battles is larger than I imagined..."
Neo Champions - Fight for the Future Together
  • Challengers Assemble
"Nice teamwork, you two!"
"Hehe! Our hard training paid off!"
"But who should we invite to be our third team member?"
"I thought you'd definitely team up with Piers."
"It is what it is... Piers definitely wants to win this one."
"Sonia and Nessa teamed up as well."
  • Off-screen
"They've always really wanted to beat Lee."
  • On-screen
"Bea also looked more fired up than usual..."
"And surprisingly, Gloria and Victor are judges."
"Yeah, they must have their reasons..."
"Well, I guess there's no point talking about what's already decided."
"After we train a bit more, let's go find a teammate!"
  • Off-screen
"Is this...Galarian Articuno?"
  • Motley Trio, Champion Trio
"You talk all high and mighty...but aren't you in the same boat? You're looking for teammates because you couldn't find anyone to join, right?"
"I didn't expect the three Legendary bird Pokémon from Galar to come together like this."
  • Off-screen
"I remember my Zapdos running around so fast that it was a pain to try to catch..."
  • On-screen
"I have to say..."
"All three of them are kinda rebellious, aren't they."
"Whoa! What happened?"
"L-looks like they've calmed down..."
"I'm kinda worried whether we can show Lee the kind of teamwork he's expecting..."
"Listen here, you..."
  • The Second Neo Champion Stadium
"So our opponents are Lee, Victor, and Gloria."
"Habit, huh..."
"Honestly, Lee is so strong, I'm not sure we could beat him three-on-one..."
"But in a heated battle, he can sometimes get so into it that he gets tunnel vision!"
"Yeah! That IS how Victor battles!"
"Which means there's a good chance Victor will be the one calling the shots!"
"Right! If we use that plan against Lee's team..."
"Now then, let's start our final push!"
"Of course! Brace yourselves, Lee, Victor, Gloria!"
"We're gonna show everyone the greatest battle ever–and set the world on fire!"
  • How to Beat a Champion
"Have a taste of our true power! Don't take us lightly, Lee!"
"Great! Our turn!"
"Go, Zapdos!"
"You're too fired up, Lee! You've gotta look around!"
"Hey now! I'm your opponent, Lee!"
"The only one left is..."
"I know better than anyone you're not easy to beat, Lee!"
"But still!"
"The three of us are gonna open up a new future!"
  • Wearing his Champion outfit
"Well, I'm sure that plan would only work once."
"Yeah! I won't let this title go to my head."
"We're gonna carry on–and get stronger together!"
Special Battle Event - Challenge Galar's Worthiest
  • The Best Battle!
  • Wearing his Champion outfit
"The arena is absolutely packed, and everyone's all fired up!"
"Hehe... Welcome, challenger!"
"And on that note! I'll be your first opponent, <player>!"
"You're as charming as ever, even after becoming a Neo Champion..."
"OK! Now that that's out of the way..."
"All right, <player>!"
"Let's have a legendary battle that Pasio will always remember–no, one that'll change the course of its future!"
"All of us sync pairs'll get stronger together!"
"We're gonna have an absolutely Neo Champion time!"
Neo Champions - Three Trainers, Three Minds
  • Different Strokes
"Haha... He's like that, but hopefully you'll all get along."
Story Event - Focus on the Shining Shot!
  • Photo Ops Around Town
"Huh? I thought we were taking a photo to submit for the contest..."
A Jolly Trio!
  • A Galarian Nice to Meet You
"We, the greatest-ever Trainers, bring you the greatest-ever news!"
"If there's a Pokémon you like, Professor Bellis says you could even partner up with it!"
"That's Scorbunny, the Rabbit Pokémon! It's filled to bursting with fiery passion!"
"Why not go on a grand adventure with these popular Galar partners?"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Hop (Champion)
"Phew, I sure worked up a sweat! It really got me fired up!"
"What's wrong? Not satisfied yet?"
It doesn't look tired at all!: "Yeah! It's so full of energy, even I struggle to keep up!"
We just battled!: "It may be just a warm-up for this one."
"Ever since we met, I don't think I've seen it get tired."
"Well, let me tell you how our legend began!"
"I met Zapdos when I was exploring the Wild Area in Galar."
"Zapdos loves to battle."
"When it saw my Zamazenta, instead of backing down..."
"it charged straight at us without any fear!"
"But when I tried to catch it, it ran away at an incredible speed, and it was so hard to catch up to."
"It's been a lot of work ever since we teamed up."
"Zapdos's combativeness hasn't changed! It'll challenge anyone to a battle!"
"The reason I asked <player> to train with me is..."
"I wanted to sharpen my skills, so I'd be ready to battle anyone at any time."
"It's actually really nice being with Zapdos, because it's so decisive!"
"Really?! If that's so, meeting Zapdos has brought me so many good things!"
"Speaking of which! Here on Pasio, I had an opportunity to learn about Zapdos from a different region."
"It uses Electric-type moves and is good at flying. It's completely different from Galarian Zapdos!"
"Interesting, right?!"
"My goal is to be a Pokémon Professor, but I still wanna battle together with different Pokémon!"
Let's keep it up!: "Of course! There's still loads I want you to teach me, <player>!"
Challenging yourself is important!: "That's right! Since I've made it to Pasio, I wanna do so many things!"
"Hey, Lee."
"When me and Zapdos get even stronger than we are now..."
"Thanks, Lee! I'll consider that a promise!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Looker
"I hear you're looking for Looker Tickets, too, <player>."
"Y'know, the ones you find for that training course, "The Looker Method: Yes, even YOU can become a detective in five easy steps!""
Yep!: "I knew it!"
I think so...: "Why do you sound so unsure of yourself?"
"For this training, we've got to find the five Looker Tickets that are hidden all over town."
"This is apparently a training method Looker himself used back in the day when he was a detective."
"Word is it's also great for building your bond as a sync pair, so it's pretty popular."
"I know! Why don't we work together to find the remaining tickets?"
"Here you go! Look, we found 'em all!"
"Oh... Were we not supposed to do that?"
"Wow! That's pretty cool!"
"Wow! I can't wait to use this!"
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Victor
"That curry was really tasty!"
"It was amazing! Great cooking as usual, Victor!"
"Cooking is the science of food! I bet it'd be worth studying!"
"That's true—you do! And when we're battling, it seems like Rillaboom does the same thing!"
"Even when I think I have the upper hand, you never panic..."
"And the next thing you know, the tables are turned!"
"Hmm, I think I'm more of a "just give it a shot" type of person! It's a different style than yours."
Sync Pair Story - A Day with Gloria (Alt. 2)
"Yeah! With all our strength combined, we're unbeatable!"
  • Off-screen
"Cinderace looks pumped, too!"
  • On-screen
"I don't think it has much to do with me being here..."
"I think he takes after you, Gloria. He hates losing!"
"Your Cinderace loves eating, too, right? Especially Max Soup?"
"See? He's just like you!"
"Y-you mean me?!"
I think he got his strengths from both of you.: "Well, if he's combined both our strengths, it's no wonder he's so strong!"
He's learning from everyone's best traits.: "When you put it like that, he sounds awfully dependable!"
"Heh heh! I'm looking forward to seeing how Cinderace matures from now on!"
"Oh! Here it comes!"
Pokémon Center
  • During sync background preview (Champion)
"I want to see which of us comes out the victor, and yet I also don't ever want this battle to end... That's the kind of strange feeling I'm having!"
  • Random conversation
"You know what would be a good way to make Pokémon battles even more fun?"
"Change how you throw your Poké Ball!"
"Throw 'em in a flashy way, and you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of your opponents! Go on, give it a shot!"
  • Random conversation
"My big brother is the Champion of Galar. In the past, I tried really hard to become the sort of Trainer that would make him proud."
"But now, I know the path I really want to take. Lee is Lee, and I'm me. It's OK for us to be different."
"I hope you can figure out what path you want to take, too, <player>!"
  • Random conversation
"Before, I traveled all over Galar because I wanted to be the Champion."
"That didn't turn out as planned. But thanks to all the people I met on my journey, I've got a new dream now!"
"There isn't just one path to follow! I hope you've come to understand that yourself!"
  • If spoken to again
"My dream is to become a Pokémon Professor, but don't you assume that means I'll go easy on you in battle!"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"I've made a decision!"
"I'll be the go-to guy people can talk to about anything battle related!"
"If there's anything you don't understand, bring your questions to me!"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"When you're working hard to be the best, sometimes you can get lost or trip up. But I guess that's necessary."
"Each time you climb over a new obstacle, it makes you feel like you're growing, one inch at a time."
"It fires me up to think Lee and Sonia used to be like that, too!"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"It doesn't matter who the opponent is. My Zapdos isn't afraid to charge into a challenge!"
"I've learned a lot with that approach!"
"For example, I've learned to never do things halfheartedly. I've gotta give it all I've got!"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"Professor Kukui is so cool! He's not just knowledgeable about Pokémon. He's good at battling, too!"
"I wanna be an exemplary Pokémon Professor like him!"
"I guess I should start with...working out?"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"You and I may be on different paths, <player>."
"But there have gotta be a lot of ways we can help each other out!"
"True strength is being able to lend a hand when someone's in trouble..."
"That's what I think!"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"Hehe, this costume makes me look like Lee, doesn't it?"
"It doesn't mean I'm the Galar Champion, but it feels great to wear!"
  • If spoken to again
"It'd be nice if the marks of support on the back kept increasing, just like on Lee's cape!"
"Can't be the strongest Champion without that weight on your shoulders, right?"
  • Random conversation (Champion)
"When I'm studying, Sonia regularly checks in on me..."
"A lot of people, like Professor Oak, are watching over me."
"For me, I've always got my hands full just taking care of my own things."
"But for them, they're able to take care of us younger Trainers, too! It's so cool."
  • If spoken to again
"If I ever become someone's mentor, I'd like to support them as much as I can!"
"It'll be my turn to teach all the things I've learned!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, <player>! Going out exploring again today, are you?"
"That's the spirit, <player>! The day your legend begins is near!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic) (Champion)
"Yo, <player>. Nice to see you again!"
"Let's add another page to the tale of Pasio's legend!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Good morning! Still half asleep? Come on! It's time to get this day started!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon)
"I wonder what new sync pairs we might see today. My excitement's running ahead of me even faster than a train!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening)
"Wow, how is it already so late? All right, time for me to let my partner have some hard-earned rest!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning) (Champion)
"A new day, a new beginning to my legend! I'm gonna train hard, as usual!"
  • Special log-in conversation (afternoon) (Champion)
"My daily routine is to battle until I'm tired, then study, and when that gets boring, I battle again!"
  • Special log-in conversation (evening) (Champion)
"I'm gonna think about Pokémon and battling 24-7–so I can become an invincible Pokémon Professor!"
  • Special gift conversation
"Feeling all right, mate? You can have this!"
  • After giving out item
"From my experience as a Trainer and a professor's assistant, I can tell it's something good!"
  • Special gift conversation (Champion)
"I've got something I wanted to give you."
"Here, use this!"
  • After giving out item
"Knowing your way around items is crucial if you wanna get stronger!"
  • Special 3.5 Year Celebration log-in conversation with Barry, Hugh, and Gladion (wearing his Champion outfit)
"A celebration is happening on Pasio!"
"Yeah! My Zapdos is better at running than flying!"
"Because of that, it doesn't like sitting still... But that's why I like it!"
"Its feathers crackle too, and it's got a spiky head. Kinda like..."
"... ... ..."
  • Pasio Special Stadium special event intro (wearing his Champion outfit)
"Hey, <player>!"
"A special Champion Stadium is happening right now!"
"Wanna know who the final opponent is?"
"*chuckle* Don't be too surprised, <player>!"
"It's me, Hop—the guy who aims to be the strongest Pokémon Professor in the world!"
"Prepare yourself—and challenge me!"
"We'll fill in the next page in the tale of our legend!"
"Lee, you're the coolest!"
  • Special Fight for the Future Together Neo Champions event blurb (wearing his Champion outfit)
"Neo Champion time!"
"Now then! Let's have ourselves a superb battle that Pasio will remember forever!"
"You little..."