The Endorsement (Japanese: すいせんじょう Recommendation) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VIII.

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Introduced in Generation VIII
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In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
SwSh N/A N/A


Allows the player to participate in the Gym Challenge.


Games Description
SwSh A letter of recommendation that you'll need in order to participate in the Gym Challenge.


Games Method
SwSh Route 2 (from Leon after battling Hop)

In the manga

Sword & Shield arc

In Crackle!! Practice Battle, Henry and Casey sought to impress Leon with their battling skills by driving off a wild Obstagoon in the hopes of him endorsing them for the Gym Challenge. True to their hopes, Leon soon contacted Rose regarding the endorsements he was planning to give to the two Trainers he had just met.

In Chomp!! Defeat Drednaw, Henry and Casey's endorsement became widespread knowledge amongst the Gym Leaders, who where surprised to hear that Leon had decided to endorse two Trainers at once.

In Blazing!! Bede's Feelings, Bede mentioned that he had been endorsed by Chairman Rose.

In Swaying!! Murky Memories, Hop revealed that Leon had offered to endorse him as well, but he had turned his offer down, not wanting to make Leon look bad by possibly performing badly after being endorsed by him.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 推薦函 Tēuijinhàahm
Mandarin 推薦函 / 推荐函 Tuījiànhán
  French Recommandation
  German Empfehlungsbrief
  Italian Referenze
  Korean 추천장
  Spanish Recomendación

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