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Route 215

Route 215

On this route, it is generally raining which weakens Fire-type moves while strengthening Water-type moves. Once you climb up the stairs near the entrance, cross the bridge to find a Honey Tree. Then follow the path east and talk to the guy in the Black Belt clothes to receive TM66 (Payback). Once you follow the path north and defeat the Black Belt Trainer, use Cut on the small tree to find another Black Belt Trainer, along with the Fist Plate, which enhances Fighting-type attacks.

Next jump down the ledge and head south to find another small tree to cut to reach a Berry patch. Then climb the stairs and follow the path north then east, eventually finding some more small trees to cut to find TM34 (Shock Wave). Then follow the path east to reach a gate that will take you to Veilstone City.

Veilstone City

Veilstone City

Now that you've arrived in Veilstone City, you can challenge the Gym here for your third Badge. This city is also the home for Galactic HQ.

Galactic Veilstone Building (Galactic HQ)

The very large building in the northeast corner is the headquarters of Team Galactic, known as Galactic HQ. While the first floor has no problems, a door is blocking the stairs to the second floor, so there is nothing you can do at the moment until you have the proper key.


East of the Pokémon Center is a bunch of Meteorites. If you have a Deoxys, you can use them to transform it between its various Formes.

Veilstone Department Store

Veilstone Department Store
A Shop Full of Dreams!

Located near the Pokémon Center. Similar to the department stores of other regions, there are multiple floors with different types of items.

1F - Trainer's Zone

On this floor, you will find basic items, like Poké Balls, Repels, Potions, and Status-healing items. Unlike other Poké Marts, there is no Badge prerequisite to purchase these particular items. There is also a lady here who will give you an Accessory depending on which starter you choose.

2F - Battle Collection

On this floor, the items that are sold have to do with altering stats for battle. The lady in the middle of the register sells you the brands that permanently alter the stats for that item but are very expensive. The lady at the top offers the battle items that can temporarily alter stats in the middle of battle. There is also a lady at the bottom of the register who can offer you a Pokétch upgrade the Counter which you can use can tap on the button to count up to 9,999, though it has no value to help you in the game.

3F - TM Corner

On this floor, you can purchase a TM. Some good choices here are TM54 (False Swipe), which can help make it easier to catch Pokémon such as Unown at the Solaceon Ruins. Also if you need an extra copy to teach a Pokémon to light up a cavern, TM70 (Flash) will be a good choice because this former HM can help with places like Wayward Cave.

4F - Poké Dolls and Goods

Decorations for your Secret Base can be bought on this floor.

5F - Rooftop Plaza

On this floor, you will find two Vending Machines that sell inexpensive drinks. These drinks, along with the Moomoo Milk, can heal your Pokémon and are cheaper than Potions. If you head to the wall on the other side of the escalator and talk to the man there, you will receive a Sticky Barb, a hold item that hurts the user unless if the foe uses a physical contact move which transfers the item to them.

Massage Girl

The Massage Girl lives in the southwest area of the city near the Gym and is at the first house seen. Once a day she performs a massage on a Pokémon for free that can help with their happiness level and also will find an Accessory for dressing up Pokémon for Pokémon Contests.

Veilstone Game Corner

Veilstone Game Corner
Aim for an Explosion of Luck!

Veilstone City also has a game corner where you can play Slot machines to earn money for purchasing special items and TMs. It is located in the southern part of the city near Route 214. The Coin Case is located in the house next to the Massage Girl. Talk to the clown there and guess which hand the coin is in to receive this item.

Veilstone Gym

Veilstone City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Maylene
The Barefoot, Fighting Genius!

Once you are ready head to the southwest where the Gym is located. As you approach Lucas/Dawn will appear and see that you are tougher and say that they've seen the Game Corner and have been working on their Pokédex before leaving. This Gym is a Fighting-type Gym so you will need a Flying-type or Psychic-type Pokémon to take advantage of the weaknesses of Fighting-type Pokémon, or a Ghost-type Pokémon to shut them down due to the immunity. It is also recommended to also bring a Fire-type Pokémon such as Monferno or Ponyta, a Ground-type Pokémon (a Shellos with Mud Bomb may also work) or your own Fighting-type Pokémon like Monferno or Machoke for help in dealing with Maylene's Lucario which is part Steel-type, that can cause only normal damage with Flying-type and Psychic-type Pokémon.

Make sure that you heal your Pokémon before going into the Gym. It is also recommended that you should train your Pokémon until they are at Level 27 or above.

The puzzle in the Gym is to move the special walls around to go through the small room blocks so you can line up the boxes in the middle to get to Leader Maylene. First head for the walls on the right and then move the ones between right and middle side blocks. Next, go through the walls to get the ones on right side corner of the Gym. This will help you reach the movable wall above for the top box in the middle row that will get you to Maylene.

Next deal with the movable walls on the left row. First head to the middle row and move the two walls, that should help you get to eventually move ones of the left side to get to the top of the left row to move the last wall. With the middle road clear you can now reach Maylene.

Veilstone Gym

Once you've have defeated Maylene, she will give you the Cobble Badge that will allow you to use Fly outside of battle. Maylene will also give you TM60 (Drain Punch).

Getting back Lucas'/Dawn's Pokédex

Once you leave the Gym, Lucas/Dawn will be waiting for you, and explain that after dropping their Pokédex, Team Galactic found and took it, and needs you at the Galactic warehouse to get it back. It should be located near the Department store where the entrance is guarded by two male Team Galactic grunts. When ready talk to Lucas/Dawn to enter a Tag Battle.

  If the player chose Turtwig

  If the player chose Chimchar

  If the player chose Piplup

Once you defeat both grunts they return the stolen Pokédex and run away, but not before mentioning that contents from their warehouse has been moved to Pastoria City already. Lucas/Dawn thanks you and mentions that the Pastoria has the Great Marsh where many kinds of Pokémon are found. Quickly head into the warehouse to pick up HM02 (Fly). Now that you have the Badge, you can use it outside of battle. Nothing else can be done here now. Use the southern gate to reach Route 214.

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