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Route 214

Route 214

Once you reach Route 214, other than a Berry patch you'll find two separate paths, one to the east end and one of the west. The one on the west follows a mountain path where you won't have to face as many Trainers when compared to the east path. At the start of the western path you'll notice the door that leads you to Maniac Tunnel, which you can travel in if you want. Also if you have Rock Smash you can use it to clear away the rocks to avoid going through the tall grass on this end. Eventually it will to a patch of grass where you can find a Max Potion and a Honey Tree and then you can head south.

For the eastern path of this route, while you have to face more Trainers, no HM moves are needed for this section. Once you defeat Psychic Mitchell, head to the grass pattern west of him and touch the non-grass area of the grass pattern to find a hidden Heart Scale. If you continue heading down the eastern path you'll notice two trees missing from the pattern. They actually lead to the Sendoff Spring, which you can't get to until you defeat the Elite Four. Before leaving this route head slightly north above the Honey Tree and the Trainer Collector Douglas to find the Big Root, which enhances the amount of HP received from absorption-related techniques.

The wild Pokémon encountered here are at above Level 20, and with the Trainers scattered on this route, this is a decent training place if you couldn't beat the Veilstone Gym.

Ruin Maniac Cave / Maniac Tunnel

Maniac Tunnel with 0-9 Unown
Maniac Tunnel with 26-28 Unown

The Maniac Tunnel connects with the top floor of the Solaceon Ruins. While initially starting out small and called as Ruin Maniac Cave, the Ruin Maniac will expand the tunnel when you collect different types of Unown at the Solaceon Ruins.

Once all 26 have been caught, then the tunnel will be completed, the cave will be renamed as Maniac Tunnel and you can collect the ? and ! Unown to complete your collection.

The only item in this cave TM28 (Dig) is located by the entrance. Additionally expanding the tunnel will help affect the encounter rate, particularly for finding Hippopotas at an easier ratio, as this is the only location to find one.

Valor Lakefront

Valor Lakefront

Once you enter this area you can find a Parlyz Heal as you pass through the grass. This area is just outside of Lake Valor. You'll notice 2 guys blocking the entrance to Lake Valor. This won't become an issue until much later in the game.

Hotel Grand Lake

Traveling south you'll reach Hotel Grand Lake which cuts between the Valor Lakefront and Route 213. The way to Route 222 is blocked off by a man, making this Route impassable. This route leads to Sunyshore City and there is a blackout apparently. This place also has a house belonging to a game creator who will give the Diploma. Near the southern exit to the rest of Route 213 is the Suite Key, which is almost impossible to find with the Dowsing Machine due to its small size. You can find it by facing south and standing one step down from the stairs that are near the southern exit. If you take it to the northern corner and give it to the woman who is locked out of her house, she'll unlock the building and give you a Lava Cookie for your reward.

The building in the south is the reception area which leads to Route 213, and though the receptionist can't let you book a room due to the Hotel Grand Lake being full, he will heal your Pokémon. The House left of the reception building has a clown that will give you TM92 (Trick Room).

Seven Stars Restaurant

Seven Stars Restaurant
More Flavor Than You Can Wish For

After you climb the first two sets of stairs when arriving from the entrance of the Valor Lakefront then heading west you will arrive at a restaurant filled with Trainers who will challenge you to a Double Battle. The trainers will randomly change each day from 9 a.m. to 11p.m.

Route 213

Route 213

Once leaving the Hotel Grand Lake, it is a simple path that will take you to Pastoria City. Make sure to use the Dowsing Machine to find items hidden in the Sand. You can also use Rock Smash to get to the Honey Tree and also find TM40 (Aerial Ace). The only house of this route belongs to Dr. Footstep who analyzes the Pokémon at the front of your team by their Happiness level with you and will give that Pokémon a Footprint Ribbon if the Happiness level is very high. Right around the west exit to Pastoria is another Berry patch.

Pastoria City

Pastoria City

Now that you are in Pastoria City you can challenge the Gym for your fourth Badge. There is also the Great Marsh, which acts the same as the Safari Zone. Also around the west exit to Route 212 is a small area beyond a gate. If you use the Dowsing Machine while in this small area you can find a hidden Full Heal.

Also the house north of the Poké Mart has a kid that will give you a Macho Brace if you all three forms of Burmy in your party. Just remember that Burmy will change form if it fights in an area accustomed to that cloak. If you need to know where to fight to obtain one, the Plant cloak is the standard cloak for fighting on the grass, while the Caves or Solaceon Ruins are the best place for one to transform into the Sandy cloak, and the Lost Tower is the only place to obtain the Trash cloak.

Move Reminder

To the right of the house of the kid that gives you the Macho Brace is the house that belongs to the Move Reminder who will teach a Pokémon a move from their level up moveset, which can help for relearning a forgotten move or one that is only available to that Pokémons' evolved form, like Floatzel and Ice Fang. The Underground is the best place to find the Heart Scales needed to pay the Move Reminder off for his services.

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