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The following is an archive of the previous Messages from the Editor, in reverse chronological order.


March 4

Hello Pokémon fans! Did you enjoy Pokémon Day? We enjoyed their many announcements, and going into March we have a few of our own we would like to share.

First off, we are introducing a new Bulbapedia:Staff hierarchy with updated staff role descriptions. This new staff structure eliminates some confusing redundancy in our ranks, and will provide both users and staff some clarity when it comes to duties and who can best assist with issues. Expect to see the various Bulbapedia administration pages updated this week. Since some ranks are being removed with this update, we want to extend a big congratulations to everyone who will be participating in a new role! And for those of you retiring from the Bulbapedia Staff team, we sincerely thank you for all of the contributions you have volunteered over the years. We wish you luck in whatever the future brings you!

Second, in order to represent the current-day franchise accurately to our website's audience, we are solidifying two policy guidelines that will inform how to represent specific topics on the encyclopedia going forward. These guidelines are whenever possible, adopting current official terminology over dated terminology and adopting English terms over Japanese terms. Some affected examples are as follows: starter Pokémon, Effort values, Base stats, Pokémon the Series, Pokémon anime, settei, Scarlet & Violet Era (TCG), etc. Due to the deep integration some of these terms have throughout the encyclopedia, the specific solutions may vary, so staff will take the lead for the more complicated topics one by one. Tiddlywinks will be starting us off with the starter Pokémon move to first partner Pokémon! If you would like to help out with the change, please join in on the discussion on that article's talk page once the page is moved. We hope to see you there!

In the same vein as adopting current terminology, with the recent introduction of the Stellar-type, we have audited our type colors to update them to current generation standards. This change provided a welcome refresh to our pages and repaired some inconsistencies we had with certain types, such as Fire and Fighting. We are soliciting feedback on any colors that need adjustment, so please flag any concerns on the Help:Color templates talk page, or the dedicated thread in our community discord. Leadership Board member Frozen Fennec is leading the charge, so get in touch if you have any concerns.

Lastly, we will be upgrading our Pokémon card infobox in preparation for Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket. While we are busy drafting these new templates, we encourage anyone interested to post any suggestions they have on the Project TCG talk page. You can expect to see a test draft in the near future.

That's all for now, zee you later!

Maverick Nate
Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

February 14

...And we're back!

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for everyone's patience while we completed some much needed back-end work on the encyclopedia. We have an exciting update to share on this topic, but first:

Happy 19th Anniversary!

Today marks the 19th anniversary of Bulbapedia's public debut. Over the past 12 months, Bulbapedia has accomplished many remarkable milestones, including our outstanding accomplishment in June of 50,000 articles. Here's to 50,000 more! Late last year our Bulbapedia X née Twitter account reached over 100,000 followers, gaining 10,000 more since! We also saw the expansion of the Bulbapedia project channels in the Bulbagarden Discord in May, and the start of our monthly What's GROWING on? newsletter in April. These newsletters are just a small celebration of the contributors making our community the best, so if you haven't had the chance to check them out, please feel free to start with our Anniversary Edition!

Now, coming out of our wiki maintenance, you may notice an exciting new feature while editing: VisualEditor. VisualEditor, as the name suggests, is a "visual" way of editing. Editing has historically required people to learn wiki markup, a fairly complex markup language, even to make tiny changes to a page. VisualEditor allows people with no experience editing wikis to contribute their knowledge in an easy intuitive way. We will be drafting our own guide on how to use it, but in the meantime, please use Wikipedia's handy user manual. We know that editing a wiki can seem intimidating at times, so we hope this new feature will make the editing experience more user friendly! (And for our long-time editors, don't worry—it's optional!) If you have any issues, please contact a member of Staff. We will have more detailed notes on the MediaWiki update at a later date.

As we await the impending Pokémon Day announcements, you are all invited to listen to Bulbagarden's Pokémon Day Predictions Bulbacast, available on our Twitch channel on February 24th at 12:00AM (UTC). See you then!

Happy 19 years, happy Pokémon 28th, and happy editing!

Maverick Nate
Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

January 15

Welcome to 2024, Pokémon fans! I hope everyone is enjoying the Mochi Mayhem epilogue to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

For those of you who don't know me, I am Maverick Nate, and I am the new Bulbapedia Editor-in-Chief. Throughout my now over 16 year tenure here, I have led numerous initiatives and projects at Bulbagarden, most notably Project TCG for over a decade! But enough about me, let's talk Bulbapedia!

With Bulbapedia's 19th anniversary quickly approaching next month, join me in celebrating our 52,000th article: Morichika from Pokémon Conquest, created by none other than the all-around Trailblazer, minibug! I look forward to seeing what other Tricks they have in store for Project Sidegames. Go minibug!

I would also like to use this time to share two important updates from site leadership. We Bulbagarden staff are invested in the health and success of our encyclopedia and userbase. Heading into 2024, we will be emphasizing our standards of conduct for editors. The code of conduct details the base-line, respectful behavior we expect from all contributors to the website, so I encourage everyone, staff and users alike, to take a moment to read and reread these expectations so that we can build a Better Bulbapedia.

For my second announcement, after much consideration, I am excited to announce that in the near future, we will be modernizing our maximum file upload limit from 2MB to 8MB and our general maximum resolution to 1920x1920. If you need to upload a file that exceeds either of these limits, please partner with a Staff member. With that said, our image library continues to grow exponentially, so staff will be monitoring how this increase affects the sustainability of the Bulbagarden Archives and our image resources going forward. Anticipate more updates on that front coming soon!

Join us as we discover what is on the Horizon for Bulbapedia in the upcoming year!

Maverick Nate
Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

January 9

Happy January and Happy New Year!

With the beginning of the new year, the season of reflection and change is once again among us. Even though it’s been nearly 20 years since Bulbapedia’s beginnings in 2005, the core values and community orientated collaboration has remained constant. It can be said amongst editors and staff that they came for the info, but stayed for the camaraderie. It takes careful nurturing, and an often obscene amount of dedicated time to preserve a place like Bulbapedia and to serve as the head of this dynamic project.

After careful thought and consideration, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be stepping down from the role of Editor-in-Chief, effective this week. It has been nothing but an honor and privilege to have served as EIC of a website that is as impressive and amazing as Bulbapedia. When i joined back in 2010, I never would have envisioned myself to be still contributing from this position all these years later. A huge, big, ginormous thank you to all of the hard working and dedicated staff, former leaders, and users who supported me and made this job so incredibly rewarding.

Taking over in my place is none other than Maverick Nate. Nate has a level of time, commitment, and natural leadership ability that does not come around often. He is an excellent and experienced community leader who has been a pleasure to work with over the years and truly has what it takes to take Bulbapedia to even greater heights.

I won’t be going too far. For now, I will be remaining on staff as Deputy Editor in Chief, hopefully a role let me both support Bulbapedia and allow me to enjoy a bit more life-balance. Once again, congratulations Maverick Nate and Happy New Year!

Departing Editor-in-Chief


July 28

Happy July!

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through 2023! As we chug through this whirlwind of a year, I am pleased to share some recent administrative updates. As many of you may know, last month, Bulbapedia held a staff drive to recruit new members to our team. While we received many impressive applications, there were a few that particularly stood out. Please help me congratulate 4iamking, Anzasquiddles, Boblers, Landfish7, Nikuriku, and Storm Aurora who will be joining the team as Junior Administrators.

Additionally, a few of our current staff members are being promoted in recognition of their hard work. Please help me congratulate bthrussellUK, Eridanus, Nescientist, and TehPerson who will be joining the ranks of full Administrator.

We are excited to see your hard work continue!

Until next time,

Editor in Chief, Bulbapedia

April 19

Happy April!

As we approach the end of April, there are a few exciting announcements to share regarding recent happenings in the Bulbapedia community. First, we'd like to share some staffing changes to the Editorial Board. Since I became Editor in Chief, Kogoro has been in a dual role as Chief of Staff and Deputy Editor in Chief in an Acting basis until we were able to select and put a permanent individual in place. As Bulbapedia continues to grow, it's becoming more apparent that leading Bulbapedia is often a lot on just 2 people (the EIC and their Deputy). In the past, Bulbapedia has had two (2) deputies in place in order to balance some of that workload and we felt that it was a structure worth trying again. These two individuals I felt have gone above and beyond in their demonstration of leadership ability amongst their peers, project management skills, years of experience, and an over all enthusiasm and attitude that is an embodiment of what Bulbapedia's overall mission is. Without further ado, please help me congratulate abcboy and Maverick Nate who will be promoted to Deputy Editors in Chief!

With this, there is now a vacancy on the Editorial Board for the Head of Games position. The user filling this role has also demonstrated invaluable leadership and guidance around several of projects and game-related tasks and I'm excited to see what they will do with this new position. Congratulations to Tiddlywinks who will now join the Board as Head of Games!

Kogoro will be retaining her role as Chief of Staff fulltime as well so she won't be too far away. Please help me in congratulating everyone!

In other news, as we move deeper into Generation IX, the Staff would like to know how you all felt about our coverage during the initial Pokémon Scarlet & Violet release period. Please fill out our survey, and give your feedback on Bulbapedia's Scarlet & Violet coverage and your general user experience here!

Until next time,

Editor in Chief, Bulbapedia

February 14

Happy February!

And Happy 18th anniversary to Bulbapedia! It’s incredible to believe back in 2005, during Bulbapedia’s beginnings, we were preparing to close out Generation III and awaiting the North American release of Pokémon Emerald. Today, we're 49,000 articles strong and fully immersed in Generation IX with Pokémon Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. As we celebrate another year around the sun, it would be egregious of us to not stop and take a moment to celebrate you, our users who work hard and contribute to Bulbapedia’s coverage day in and day out.

While our coverage of Scarlet and Violet is ongoing, it would be impossible to have covered as much as we have without your contributions. So for every dex entry entered, every map uploaded, every biology section written, every item sprite added and every edit in between, we say - thank you. Your time and efforts are appreciated and we would be nowhere near the community we are today without you.


November 17

Happy November,

It’s an exciting time to be a Pokémon fan - not only is Ash finally the World Champion after more than two decades, but Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are finally here!

The wiki staff team have been hard at work getting ready for the swathe of new information and content that’s about to hit us, and as ever we rely on the contributions of editors to ensure Bulbapedia is useful to fans as they venture through Paldea. Before the arrival of the new generation, here are a few updates that you should know about.

Firstly, we are happy again to be able to report that the wiki will once again remain open for editing during the release period. We hope you can help! If you’re planning on uploading information , we have a few key asks and reminders for you to keep in mind:

  • Please ensure that the information you upload is from reputable original sources and not simply lifted from other fansites
  • Please respect the directions of the Staff team; some of our rules and processes might not be obvious at first glance, but the team is there to help you perfect your contributions
  • Please follow the code of conduct and the manual of style at all times!
  • Please report any performance issues or bad ad activity to staff

In other news, in an effort to do some fall cleaning in preparation for Scarlet & Violet’s release, the staff will be tackling our backlog of pages needing attention. If you have any candidates you had comments or thoughts about, please do not hesitate to share on the relevant talk page or with a member of staff so we can ensure your input is kept in mind.

Finally, it is with sadness that I announce that long-time staff member Adil has decided he would step-down from his role as Head of Anime. Adil has been a staff member for over 11 years and we are happy to hear he’s agreed to sticking around in a lesser capacity. Taking his place is another long time and hard working staff member doing great work. Please help me congratulate Force Fire, who has agreed to step in as the new Head of Anime. Congratulations!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Discord or forums. Good treasure hunting, Trainers!

Editor in Chief, Bulbapedia

January 29

Happy January!

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2022 is already almost over! As January comes to a close and Pokémon Legends: Arceus officially released worldwide, here are a few updates you should know about.

As many know, Bulbapedia experimented by remaining open during the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl release in order to test site stability and to maximize user participation. Due to the success observed last time, Bulbapedia will once again be remaining open to editing for Pokemon Legends: Arceus as well. Because this game is not a remake and may attract more traffic, staff will be monitoring site performance over the next several days and will determine if we need to reevaluate.

As a general reminder during this exciting time, please do not add information taken from other fansites - we don't allow plagiarism. This includes text, images, and data. Please reach out to a member of Staff if you are looking for ideas of specific tasks or projects we are looking for help with.

In other news, since we’re celebrating a new year and a new game, we thought there’d be no better time to bring on some new staff! Bulbapedia will be participating in Bulbagarden's Official 2022 Staff Drive. This time around, we’re looking for some passionate and savvy folks to join the team as Junior Administrators. We’ll be accepting applications until mid-February! If you have any questions or concerns about the application or selection process, please send a direct message to Pokemaster97 or evkl on the Bulbagarden Forums or the Bulbagarden Discord server.

Until next time. Happy Editing!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia


November 19

Happy November!

As Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl officially hit store shelves, we have some Bulbapedia updates to share.

This year, Bulbapedia will not be locking down for the new game release. It looks like these games won't introduce mechanical differences that will require big changes to pages as we've seen in times past. As a result, we are experimenting with the wiki remaining open and allowing folks to jump in head first with adding new information. If you're new to editing, please do not add information taken from other fansites - we don't allow plagiarism. This includes text, images, and data. Please reach out to a member of Staff if you are looking for ideas of specific tasks or projects we are looking for help with.

In line with encouraging a wider range of users to contribute during the game release period, we have also decided to trial a new software for the Bulbagarden Archives that allows all users to upload images; non-autoconfirmed users will have images placed in a moderation queue. Staff members will review and approve images if they are appropriate. As this feature is still undergoing testing, please report any feedback or issues you may experience with a member of Staff so it may be passed along to our technical team to address.

We're just as excited as you for new games - have fun being back in Sinnoh, and happy editing!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

June 21

Happy June!

As we continue to smooth out the final kinks with our recent upgrade to MediaWiki 1.35, we are happy to share that a few of the reported issues from the initial release have been resolved. The issue involving broken functions related to user emails have been resolved.

Additionally, a known issue of Encyclopedia Pokemonis desktop links being broken for logged out users, affecting the ability for our wiki to externally link to other language affiliates has been resolved.

Currently, Bulbapedia tech is prioritizing addressing the following issues affecting user site navigation and experience:

  • A known issue of CentralAuth functionality affecting users and their ability to globally log into/link accounts
  • A known issue of the newly formatted RecentChanges design being completely broken. The old version has been set as default and users are encouraged to disable the new design in their preferences until we can fix it.

A full list of known issues related to the MediaWiki 1.35 upgrade, as well as features and updates on our progress of addressing them, can be found on our changelog. The changelog talk page may be used to report many new issues that have not been recorded so our tech can work to address them as soon as possible.

More updates to come!

April 21

The day is finally here, Bulbapedia is open again at last! Over the past several weeks, Bulbapedia tech has been hard at work behind the scenes upgrading and bringing the wiki to modern standards and cutting back on a lot of the technical debt that has accumulated over the years. Because this was the first time in quite some time we performed work of this nature, this ended up being a much lengthier process than expected. There's been a whole host of bugs that have been addressed too. Below is a small list of some of the new features that you will now encounter as you browse through the site. Note that you may also need to reset your cookies for the site due to several changes in the back-end as well.

  • New features you may notice
    • Two factor authentication (2FA) for logging in has been enabled to keep your account secure.
    • Toolbars - The edit box now has an updated toolbar. To reenable the old version, you will have to go under "Gadgets" under "Preferences" and select the legacy bar.
    • An overall smoother site experience
    • Extension:Math - Yes, we can finally display equations properly!
    • Default edit rate enhanced - Those of you that like to watch BulbaBot do its work may notice that they start to move a little faster now, you will too if you can edit that fast!
    • Recent changes and Watchlist changes - These are now powered with JavaScript and introduce some lovely new features that improve their usability, including filters and even live updates.
    • Enhanced diff pages - Allows for some more action options when viewing page diffs.
    • Password issues - You will be notified and be suggested that your password be changed if it is in the list of 100,000 commonly used passwords that are considered bad passwords. Also, your username cannot be included in your password (e.g., if your username is "Spriteit" your password can not be "SpriteitsPassword").
    • Additional features that we will announce once more testing is complete.

If you notice any bugs (aka surprise features) please don't hesitate to let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. That being said, we are aware that some users are experiencing log in issues following the update. If you are experiencing any log in issues/lockouts, please Direct Message @BulbaTech over on the Bulbagarden Discord with the following information:

  • Your Bulbapedia username
  • A link to your userpage (if you've had one created before)
  • Your email address

We are also aware that features involving email such as confirming your email address is also currently unavailable. Tech is working diligently to resolve these issues. Again, we apologize for the long maintenance period, and we thank you for your patience as we performed this much needed background work. We are extremely grateful for the hard work and many hours put in by our tech specialist, who often works thanklessly to ensure the Bulbapedia experience is as excellent as can be. We appreciate all you do!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

April 2

Annddddd we’re back! As some of you may have witnessed over the past 48 hours or so, Team Rainbow Rocket interrupted and temporarily gained access to Bulbapedia during our attempt at performing our scheduled site update.

Fear not however, Bulbapedia staff has regained control of the site once again. However, there were more damage to the servers done than expected and we’ll have to keep editing locked for a *bit* longer as we repair and shore up our defenses to prevent an incident like this from occurring again. Stay tuned for a full status update later this week once this work is complete.

Thank you again for your patience and we can’t wait to be open for business again soon!

Editor in Chief, Bulbapedia

March 3

Howdy everyone. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pokemaster97 and I am the current Editor in Chief of Bulbapedia.

With the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon and Sinnoh remakes (and a prequel!) confirmed, now is a more exciting time than ever for the Bulba community. Just as Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl put a new spin on familiar stomping grounds, a few familiar faces on Bulbapedia will be shifting into new roles. Bulbagarden Chief of Staff and former Editor-in-Chief Kogoro has graciously decided to remain on board as Interim Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Kogoro brings over a decade of experience and expertise and I am eternally grateful she has decided to stick around in this role.

As we move further along into 2021 and with a pending wiki update on the horizon, user experience has been a continued focus for Bulbapedia staff. In order to increase attention to these efforts, the Editorial Board will be expanding with the addition of two Special Assistant roles. These members will function as members at large on the board and will work on tasks such as:

  • Staff drives/staff development
  • Reviewing and updating policies (ongoing policy overhaul)
  • Creating guides and user resources
  • Assisting the Social Media team with running Bulbapedia’s social accounts/content creation

Please help me congratulate Spriteit and SnorlaxMonster who will be joining the Editorial Board in this role! I look forward to how Bulbapedia will continue to grow with your additions.

I end off by thanking everyone for their continued contributions and support to Bulbapedia. We wouldn’t be half of what we are without you.

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

February 14

Hello everyone,

Today marks the 16th anniversary of Bulbapedia's public opening. Perhaps a bit of an unbelievable undertaking back in 2005, when Pokémon Emerald was set to come to North America in less than three months and mark the conclusion of Generation III. Today, we're deep into Generation VIII with Pokémon Sword and Shield and their expansions.

Bulbapedia would not be here today, 16 years later, if it wasn't for the support, edits, and countless hours given by the thousands of editors over these many many years. I would like to personally extend our immense gratitude to all editors who have helped to make Bulbapedia what it is today, and we can't wait to see what Bulbapedia will be like in another 16 years.

2021 marks the Pokémon 25th Anniversary, starting on February 27. As information continues to be revealed about the festivities and releases that we will get to see this year, we can't wait to see how much Bulbapedia will grow with this exciting new year of Pokémon.

It is also with an extremely heavy heart that I am announcing that I will be retiring as Bulbapedia's Editor-in-Chief, effective on February 17th. Bulbapedia has been a fairly significant part of my free time since I joined back in May of 2008, a wide-eyed girl with a very basic understanding of wiki editing. I joined Bulbapedia's staff in December of that same year through the old nominations for administratorship program, the final person brought on board in the program.

In May 2009 I joined the Editorial Board, and I became Editor-in-Chief on February 17, 2014. It's been an absolutely amazing seven years as Editor-in-Chief, and it's been an absolute honour and privilege to get to serve in the role for almost half of Bulbapedia's existence to date. I cannot thank everyone I have worked with in this over 12 year journey enough, but thank you so very much for all of the amazing years.

Taking over as Bulbapedia's Editor-in-Chief will be my deputy, Pokemaster97. He is extremely driven, has been a wonderful deputy to work closely with for almost three years, and has excelled at being a community leader. Please be sure to give him a great welcome to the role, and I look forward to Bulbapedia's future under his leadership.

Happy 2021, Happy 16 Years, and Happy Pokémon 25th!

Departing Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia


October 8

Hope you're all having a great start to October!

Effective today, Maverick Nate is stepping down from his Editorial Board position as Bulbapedia's Head of TCG. Bulbapedia's TCG section has grown astoundingly under Nate leading the section for the last 9 years, and his over decade of time on the Editorial Board. We all wish him the best with his future endeavors, and this well-deserved retirement.

With Nate's departure, this leaves a significant vacancy in Bulbapedia's Editorial Board. We are happy to announce that glik will be taking over as Bulbapedia's new Head of TCG, also effective today. Welcome to the Editorial Board, glik, we know you will do well!

Happy editing, everyone!

September 10

Happy September everyone!

As we continue our work with updating, reviewing, and clarifying our policies, we also wanted to take time to make some staffing shuffles to support the growth of the site. First up, with the upcoming re-launch of Bulbanews, G50 is shifting her focus back to her main role as Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief. For the past 6 months, G50 has served as our Acting Head of Anime and has helped take point on many of the anime-related policy changes that were seen over the past couple of months and has been an immense help to me personally. Relatedly, I am happy to share that long-time staff member Adil has agreed to step into the Head of Anime role. Please help me welcome him to the Editorial Board!

In addition to the above shuffle, I am also happy to recognize a handful of staff members who have been working extremely hard and have frequently gone above and beyond in their day-to-day work. Please help me congratulate Force Fire, Chosen, Frozen Fennec, Ruixiang95, and Daniel Carrero who are all receiving promotions as well. We can’t wait to see what you all will do in your new positions!

July 22

Happy July!

As you may have noticed already over the past few weeks, the Bulbapedia staff has been hard at work reviewing, updating, and clarifying several of our official policies that drive many of the procedures that occur on the wiki. At this point in time, the Code of Conduct and Blocking policy have been updated and we have created a new Speculation policy that we hope will clarify our official stances on many issues that occur during editing and will hopefully make for a much smoother editing experience for everyone.

During this time, staff will also be reviewing our category of proposed policies and mainspacing ones that we feel will be beneficial as official policies. If you have any ideas or proposals you would like Bulbapedia staff to consider, please create the page in the Userspace and mark it ready for review by adding {{Policy|policy|proposed}} to the top of the page. Additionally, you may use the talk pages of existing policies to propose ideas or suggestions for policy changes for staff member review. Alternatively, you can reach out to an Editorial Board member directly.

Happy editing!

April 2

Happy April! In an effort to become a bit more transparent with the community on what the Staff is up to, we are getting back to more regular Message from the Editor updates.

Pages needing attention: The Editorial Board has been diligently going through the backlog candidates for moves, merges, splits, and mainspacing to try to get some long overdue decisions rolled out. If you had a particular page that you wanted to bring to the staff’s attention for quicker review, please contact any staff member and we’ll do our best to expedite the discussion. We thank you for your patience as we work through these items.

Username Change Requests: Due to technical issues with the function we use to rename users, we will not be fulfilling user rename requests until further notice. We hope to have this feature back for use as soon as possible!

Editor’s Hub: Over the past several weeks, the Editorial Board has been working hard to find ways to make editing and working on the wiki more of a collaborative process for users. Stay tuned for pending additions to the current Editor’s Hub that will enhance the experience for users, old and new, alike. As always, any staff member is more than happy to listen to any suggestion for things or improvements you’d like to see brought to Bulbapedia.

Acting Editor in Chief, Bulbapedia

February 21

Howdy everyone and happy February! As we enter into a new decade of Pokémon and Bulbapedia, we figured it was time to share a few changes that have happened since our last update with you all!

It is with heavy hearts that we’re announcing the retirement of Jo The Marten as Bulbapedia’s Head of Games. Bulbapedia’s games section grew exponentially under Jo’s leadership for the past several years; we wish her the best in her well-deserved retirement. Jo’s departure leaves a vacancy on the Editorial Board that will be filled in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for that.

On a lighter note, a number of very deserving users who have gone above and beyond with their contributions have been hired as staff. Please help congratulate Celadonkey, Daniel Carrero, Frozen Fennec, Ruixiang95, and Wowy who have joined us as Junior Administrators. These users have been dedicated to Bulbapedia for several years and we cannot wait to see how they grow in their new roles!

We have a few promotions within the staff as well! Congratulations to Chosen, CycloneGU, MisterE13, 神奇超龍, Blazingfist, Tiddlywinks, and glik who are moving up in the ranks as well! We know these folks will flourish in their new positions as well.

On a last note, in an effort to simplify staff structure and overall user experience, the Editorial Board has decided to unify the staff of Bulbapedia and the Bulbagarden Archives. This process will be happening over the next several weeks. We hope this change will increase overall cohesion and collaboration between the two projects.

Lastly, we would also like to thank every user who has contributed to the wiki in any way. Bulbapedia would not be the place it is without all of you.

Acting Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia


May 28

Hello everyone, it's with heavy hearts that we announce Zesty Cactus has officially retired as Bulbapedia's Deputy Editor-in-Chief. She served above and beyond expectations for the last four years in the position, and will continue assisting Bulbapedia staff in an advisory capacity. We would like to thank her for all of her efforts as Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief position will not be left vacant, however. We are happy to announce that our Head of Anime, Pokemaster97, will be taking over where Zesty Cactus left off. Pokemaster97 will also be handing over the Head of Anime status to abcboy, and we would like to welcome him to the Editorial Board!

We have a few other promotions that we are very happy to announce as well. Moving up to the Administrator level is Tiddlywinks, advancing to the Senior Administrator level is glik, and Darkeiya will be joining the Editorial Board as Bulbapedia's Head of Art. We would also like to welcome MisterE13 back to active duty as a Junior Administrator.

February 17

Another year already? Time sure keeps on flying when there's so much Pokémon fun to be had! It's definitely been a great 13th year for Bulbapedia!

In 2017, Bulbapedia grew by an astounding 5000+ articles, surpassing my expectations significantly! This last year has definitely been a major one for the growth and continued development of Bulbapedia.

With Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the 20th season of the English dub of the Pokémon anime, five new English TCG sets, and countless other releases in all parts of the globe this last year, there's certainly been much for Pokémon fans to enjoy and much for Bulbapedia to cover!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the people who help to drive the continued development and updating of Bulbapedia. The Pokémon fandom is amazingly strong, and it definitely shows with just how much Pokémon information this community-driven encyclopedia has been able to document over these last 13 years.

While we're saying goodbye to Bulbapedia's 13th year, I know that we can welcome in the 14th year with the awesomeness that only the Pokémon fandom can provide. Let's make 2018 an awesome one!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

January 4

The day that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived! We are happy to announce that we believe our technical issues have been resolved, and Bulbapedia is once again open for general editing! We greatly appreciate all of the patience we received during the edit lock, and we would like to apologize for the technical issues that forced the lock to remain in place as long as it did

The staff of Bulbapedia would like to wish everyone a happy 2018, and a great time with Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, and everything new that this most recent pair of games will bring to the world of Pokémon.

Happy editing, everyone!


February 17

Once again, another year has concluded for Bulbapedia. It's certainly been a very busy one, with Pokémon's 20th Anniversary and the summer of Pokémon GO both behind us. It was an amazing 12th year for this project.

In 2016, Bulbapedia grew by over 2800 articles, and we hope to see significant growth as well in 2017. The Video Games section showed some of the most impressive growth in 2016. With the release of Pokémon GO, followed by Pokémon Sun and Moon ushering in the beginning of Generation VII, this section not only met the expectations we had for it at the beginning of the year, they blew past it immeasurably. We hope that the recent introduction of Johto Pokémon in Pokémon GO will only be the tip of the iceberg for the Video Games section in 2017!

The Anime, Manga, and TCG sections have also shown wonderful growth through 2016, and await even more growth in these three sections in 2017. The 20th season of the English dub of the Pokémon anime will be making its official premiere this year, and we can expect to see a lot of new manga and TCG content as well.

Bulbapedia is here today, because of all the contributors who have helped out by making edits through these 12 years. I mention this every year, because it's the absolute truth of a project like this. Without the members of the fandom who contribute to this project, no matter how big or small their contributions may be, Bulbapedia wouldn't be what it is today and very well may not even exist at all.

I'd also like to go onto a personal note for a moment, as today marks the conclusion of my third year as Bulbapedia's Editor-in-Chief. It's been an amazing experience, and would just like to thank everyone reading this for making these last three years something I'll never forget. I hope we can keep this going even longer.

With that all said, let's make another awesome year, let's keep Bulbapedia the best resource for Pokémon information on the internet. 2017 is another year for us to make our own, let's do this!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia


December 1

Hello everyone, we hope you've been having as much of a blast with Pokémon Sun and Moon as we have! With the games now having been out in all regions for at least a week, we're happy to announce that Bulbapedia is once again open for general editing. We understand that Bulbapedia being locked is a stressful time for all parties, so we greatly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this recent edit lock. We also wish to extend an extra special thank you to everyone who submitted information via the Bulbawiki Forum on the Bulbagarden Forums, and other platforms.

March 21

It is with heavy hearts that we're announcing the retirement of Kenji-girl as Bulbapedia's Head of Anime. Kenji-girl served as our Head of Anime since December 2011, and worked countless hours to shape our anime section to what it is today. While we will miss Kenji-girl's presence on the Editorial Board, we are very glad that Kenji-girl will be remaining on staff as a Bureaucrat, and she will still be working closely with the Editorial Board to continue improving Bulbapedia.

As the anime section is one of Bulbapedia most active sections, we're happy to announce that a successor to the position has already been chosen. Taking over as our Head of Anime is someone who has been on staff for almost four years now, and has been working on anime-related concerns not only on Bulbapedia, but also the Bulbagarden Forums. Bulbapedia's new Head of Anime is none other than Pokemaster97, congratulations!

March 1

Now that February and the leap day is done, it is time to leap into a new project! We're really excited to announce this month's content improvement drive: Manga March! As the name suggests, for this month, we'll be focusing on improving coverage on all Pokémon manga, from the popular Pokémon Adventures series to the most obscure one-shot magazine chapters, and everywhere else in between. Every week, a new area of focus will be added — one series that's been licensed in English and one series that's currently still Japanese-only, starting with Pokémon Adventures and Pokémon - The Legend of the Dragon King. The Manga March page has been updated with many examples of articles from those series that need improvement or expansion to help you get inspired! Of course, these are just examples, there is always lots of room for new contributions related to manga, even if they aren't listed! Please visit the Manga March page for more information, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message on the Manga March improvement drive's talk page, or you may contact Zesty Cactus or any other staff member listed on Project Manga. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Project Manga in the past, present and future, and we hope you will all enjoy helping to make Bulbapedia one of the best resources for Pokémon manga information!

February 17

Yet another year has come and gone for us here at Bulbapedia. While I know I said it last year, this year has flown by so quickly as well. Pokémon's 20th Anniversary is in full swing, and this amazing franchise hits the milestone only ten days from now. Bulbapedia has been around to help Pokémon fans for 11 of those amazing 20 years, and it really is all thanks to the many contributors who have given their help to this astounding project over the last 11 years.

Bulbapedia has grown by around 1600 articles in 2015, and we hope to see even more growth through 2016. Our Anime, Manga, and TCG sections have all shown considerable growth in 2015, and we can expect just as considerable growth through 2016 for these three sections. The 19th season will begin this weekend for the English dub of the Pokémon anime, as we also continue to see regular localized releases of manga volumes & TCG sets.

On the other hand, the video games section has seen somewhat smaller growth this year, dominantly due to the lack of new core titles. However, with the mysteries revolving around the recently revealed Magearna, the upcoming Virtual Console release of the Generation I games for 3DS, the Wii U release of Pokkén Tournament, the recently released Great Detective Pikachu ~Birth of a New Duo~, and the highly-anticipated Pokémon GO, we can certainly hope to expect to see a lot of development in the video games section in 2016.

Bulbapedia wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for all the individuals who have helped out over the years. From those who have made several thousand edits, to those who have fixed even a single typo. And, yes, even the viewers who yell at us any time a mistake happens to find its way on an article.

Let's all band together once again, Pokémon fandom. Let's continue to build up the best resource for Pokémon information on the internet, and make 2016 a year to be remembered!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia

January 18

We're just over half way through the first month of 2016, and less than a month away from Bulbapedia's 11th anniversary. 2015 brought Bulbapedia several improvements, and significant progress on multiple projects, which we will discuss in more detail in February. Right now, there are still several projects that need completion, and that is why we're once again announcing new staff hires and promotions!

First up, we would like to extend congratulations to abcboy and glik, who are advancing from Junior Administators to full Administrators. You have excelled as Junior Administrators, and we expect nothing less in your new positions.

We're also happy to welcome four new Junior Administrators, Chosen, CycloneGU, Tiddlywinks, and the returning Carmenstar97. We hope to see you all show us the awesomeness we know you're capable of.


September 6

Effective immediately, new requirements regarding the use of four templates that are extremely important to the continued improvement of Bulbapedia have been mandated:

When using the templates {{Split}}, {{Merge}}, {{Move}}, and {{DiscussDelete}} to nominate articles for administrative action, a section outlining the rationale for the nomination must be added to the article's talk page. Nominations lacking an outlined rationale will no longer be considered.

An outlined rationale helps to expedite administrative action, and helps to prevent confusion and misunderstandings that can result in mistakes. Keep in mind, the staff aren't mind readers, and not every nomination reason is obvious.

April 13

It has been a fair while since we last announced staff hires and promotions, and the wait is finally over! We have several extremely dedicated users who spend countless hours diligently working to make Bulbapedia even better than it was the day before, and we'd like to give some of these users a sign of our appreciation for their work.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Berrenta and Blazingfist on your advancement from Junior Administrator to Administrator, and Force Fire on advancing from Administrator to Senior Administrator! You have all shown greatness in your old positions, and we know you will keep it up with your new titles!

We are also happy to announce and welcome Glik and Abcboy to the staff as new Junior Administrators! You both have shown that you have the right stuff, and we definitely know what you two are capable of great things! We hope to see you both shine brightly in your new positions!

April 6

We would like to thank everyone who submitted reports for the Mobile March improvement drive. We are currently compiling the list of templates requiring updates, as well as looking into what code(s) may be the cause of any mobile viewing issues. Template updates will be worked on and applied soon, once the issues have been diagnosed.

While the improvement drive has come to a close, additional reports can still be submitted directly to staff. We do ask that people continue to follow the report format outlined on the Mobile March page.

March 8

For a fair while now, we have been working hard on the implementation of a mobile-friendly skin for Bulbapedia. However, this comes with significant growing pains as Bulbapedia articles and templates have been built near-exclusively for viewing on desktop and laptop computers for the vast majority of the past ten years and mobile devices aren't always compatible with such content.

This is where we need your help; for the remaining days of March, and the first week of April, Bulbapedia is running another improvement drive, Mobile March! So we can optimize mobile browsing as quickly as possible, we want to know what articles you regularly view via mobile devices, and if there are any templates on them that don't seem to look quite right on mobile view.

Specifically, what we need:

  1. Title of the article (or article type).
  2. Note which mobile device, operating system version, and browser you're using.
  3. Description of which templates are causing viewing problems.
  4. Screenshot(s) of the templates, so we can view and diagnose the problems.

All month long, we wish to put top priority on compiling a list of templates needing priority mobile optimization. We will be accepting submissions of the previously listed information on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the drive's official talk page.

Thank you in advance to everyone who assists during this important improvement drive.

February 17

Wow, has it already been a whole year? It has flown by so quickly, though we have certainly made a lot of progress in this short time. With Bulbapedia reaching its 10 year anniversary just three days ago, it has definitely been an eventful few days around here!

On a global scale; Bulbapedia has grown by over 1600 articles in this past year! Additionally, the Editorial Board has been working diligently on a number of different behind the scenes tasks. The conversion of the Projects into a more uniform and organized feature has been steadily moving along, with a few minor Projects still awaiting conversion to the new format. The board has also been working through the candidates for moving, merging, splitting, and mainspacing, and significant progress has been made on this extremely massive task.

For the games section; the most important release in the past year can only be Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Along with all of the Hoenn-related updates, many Generation VI models have been uploaded and added to their respective species pages. Bulbapedia has also seen the releases of Pokémon Battle Trozei, Pokémon Art Academy, Pokémon: Battle Nine, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with articles for all of these titles created. I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped out on any game-related article in the past year, and hope that you will all continue to help out in the next year!

For the anime section; we have seen 47 episodes air in Japan, 48 episodes air in North America, and the release of Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction in both Japanese and English. This has resulted in over 70 character/Pokémon articles being created and over 80 character/Pokémon articles improved on Bulbapedia. With the finale of Season 17 and the premiere of Season 18 behind us, the next year is definitely going to be eventful for the Pokémon anime! I would also like to personally thank everyone who has put their time into helping out Bulbapedia's anime section, I hope you will help out just as much in the next year!

For the manga section; we have seen 8 volumes and 2 mini-volumes release in Japan, and 13 volumes and 7 mini-volumes release in English. Together this has covered over 216 chapters being added and/or improved on Bulbapedia, which is nothing short of awesome! With plenty of manga volumes and chapters set to be released in 2015, the manga section will continue to grow and improve in the next year. To everyone who has helped our manga section grow during the last year; your efforts are greatly appreciated, and I hope to see everyone working just as hard in the next year!

For the TCG section; we have seen four major expansions and one sub-expansion release in Japan, four major expansions release in English, and several different promotions. That covers an almost unbelievable grand total of 1473 cards, including reprints! The TCG section certainly won't be slowing down any time soon, and I am sure that we'll be seeing a plethora of new expansions and cards during 2015. To everyone who has put their time into helping out Bulbapedia's TCG section during the last year; your efforts are absolutely appreciated, and I hope to see everyone work toward just as much forward progress in the next year!

With all of that said, I want everyone to know that I greatly appreciate all of the assistance and devotion that has been given by the fandom in my first year as Bulbapedia's Editor-in-Chief. No matter how someone assists Bulbapedia, from the smallest tidbit of information to the largest new page and page overhaul, the help is appreciated not only by Bulbapedia's staff, but by every Pokémon fan that views this amazing encyclopedia. So once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who contributed to Bulbapedia in the last year, and let's make 2015 shine even brighter!

Editor-in-Chief, Bulbapedia


December 2

With the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire behind us, we would like to announce that Bulbapedia is once again open to public editing! We thank everyone for their patience during the restricted editing period, and an extra thank you goes out to everyone who submitted information via the Bulbawiki General Forum on the Bulbagarden Forums.

October 18

Due to the recent hacking of the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Special Demo Version, and the resulting information leaks, editing of Bulbapedia is currently restricted. At this time, edit requests, questions/concerns, and suggestions should be posted in the Bulbawiki General Forum on the Bulbagarden Forums.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience.

September 23

It's once again time for a very big change for the betterment of the Bulbapedia experience! Projects are undergoing a major overhaul in order to make them more user-friendly. Some of the major changes include:

  • Updated design: To better separate sections, Projects will now feature a design similar to the Bulbapedia Main Page.
  • Monthly goals: Each month, Projects will designate goals to be accomplished.
  • Retirement of the Project Leader position: With the removal of the Project Leader position, Projects will now be run by the staff. Contact lists have been added to make staff contact easier.
  • Removal of member lists: Member lists were causing significant problems with the projects, so they have been replaced with categories that can be added through use of {{User Project Member}}.

We hope to have all Projects converted to the new format before the beginning of October. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Projects, please contact Editor-in-Chief, Kogoro, or Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Zesty Cactus.

Last, but certainly not least, we would also like to express our sincerest gratitude to all users who have served as Project Leaders since the position's founding in January 2009. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work towards building the Projects up, and helping to make them successful.

September 20

Update: Technical issues should be fixed. If there are any additional issues, please let us know.

The Bulbawiki Network is currently experiencing some technical issues, preventing some users from editing and/or uploading files. The problems are being looked into, and we hope to have them fixed as soon as possible. If these problems are affecting an edit or upload you are trying to do, please feel free to use the edit request thread and we will try to get the edit/upload completed.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing, and thank you for your patience during this time. We will post an update when everything is running smoothly again.

May 2

Bulbapedia's core mission is to thoroughly document and immortalize Pokémon information for all fans, current and future. This is a massive undertaking, and couldn't be accomplished without continued help from you, our dedicated community. We thank you all for your hard work and dedication, and we ask for the community's help once again in this month's improvement drive, Merchandise May!

All month long, we wish to put top priority on cleaning up and improving our coverage on official Pokémon merchandise. We will be accepting submissions of pictures and/or information on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the drive's official talk page.

Thank you in advance to everyone who assists during this important improvement drive.

February 26

We have entered a new chapter in the ongoing history of Bulbapedia, and with each new chapter comes a new deputy. As with all previous deputies, the person chosen to hold this position has shown astounding dedication to the betterment of Bulbapedia. She has been a member of staff for almost four years, with two of them as a member of the Editorial Board. She had made significant advancements for our manga section as both the Head of Manga and leader of Project Manga. Bulbapedia's new Deputy Editor-in-Chief is Zesty Cactus.

This also means that there is a new Head of Manga. The Head of Manga takes the responsibility of overseeing all manga-related matters and is the highest authority on these matters, behind the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and Editorial Board as a whole. The person chosen to undertake the responsibilities of this position has shown himself to be dedicated and highly experienced in the Pokémon manga. Welcome to the Editorial Board, Ataro, and congratulations.

A number of additional very deserving users are receiving promotions. Congratulations ArcToraphim, Masatoshi, Pokemaster97, Spriteit, Crystal Talian, G50, and Funktastic~!. A number of new Junior Administrators will also be joining the staff in the coming days, keep an eye out for them.

February 17

Five and a half years ago, I joined Bulbapedia. I didn't know wikicode, and I didn't have any new info to contribute. I kept myself busy watching better users in the recent changes, and making minor corrections. As I watched other users editing, I picked up some basic wikicode and got an understanding of the policies and rules. A year later, I started dabbling in templates, and never looked back. And I've enjoyed it all. But I no longer have the time to lead Bulbapedia, and it's time for me to step down as Editor-in-Chief.

Thanks to Archaic and the vice-webmasters, for creating the site and keeping the technical aspects running. To TTEchidna, for leading the site while I was learning the ropes, and inspiring me to create templates. To MAGNEDETH, for keeping the site going during some rough times, and for trusting me with the reins to the site. To Kogoro, my deputy, for helping me with the work and letting me bounce ideas. To the Editorial Board, for keeping the sections of the site progressing, and to all staff, for showing leadership and dedicating time and effort to improving the site. But most of all, thanks to every user, for making Bulbapedia, and this community, what it is. Without all of you, Bulbapedia could not be what it is today.

Taking my place will be Kogoro. She has a lot of experience as an Editorial Board member, and has shown initiative for improving user experience. I hope you all welcome her to the role, and I look forward to seeing Bulbapedia develop under her leadership.

Former Editor-in-Chief.


October 27

Pokémon X and Y have now been available worldwide for a few weeks now, and because of that updates to the articles have been slow to say the least. In the past, with the games releasing in Japan before releasing anywhere else, it was much easier to compile information so by the time the games were released in English, all the information was already up on the site. We'd like to ask all of our readers to please be patient with us while we work to update the site. To our editors, please make sure all information you add is from an official source, and make sure to maintain a positive attitude. There is a lot going on, and not starting conflicts gives staff more time to update the information they find and less time having to keep the peace. If you update a page, please make sure the information you add goes into its appropriate section. We would like to advise users to focus on the main articles and not trivia sections at this time. While trivia can be fun and interesting, most of our articles are severely lacking in core information, so that should come first.

The start of a new Generation not only means the start of two new games, but also the start of new chapters in the anime, TCG, and manga series'. The XY series of the Pokémon anime follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum as he travels across Kalos with Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena. The Trading Card Game has started releasing cards featuring Pokémon from the Kalos region as well as receiving a new Energy for the Fairy-type. A new chapter in the Pokémon Adventures series featuring two new protagonists, X and Y, is currently in the works. We'll need help keeping the new X and Y episodes up to date, and Maverick Nate is working hard to keep our TCG sections up to date with cards featuring the new Pokémon introduced in the Kalos region. Make sure to check Bulbanews for any news regarding X and Y across the franchise!

August 14

For a while users and staff have commented that the biology sections on species articles are bloated and excessively sectioned, as well as being misnamed and error prone. As a result, the staff have now settled on a replacement system, which can be seen on Bulbasaur's page. The subsections will be removed and rewritten into a single section. This section will include a full description, including gender and form differences and will be written with singular, gender-neutral pronouns, like in-game Pokédex entries, regardless of gender ratio. The habitat icon from FireRed and LeafGreen will be removed, as it now applies to fewer than half of the Pokémon. Moves will only be mentioned if they are signature moves or former signature moves, alongside other skills unique to the species which are part of the lore, for example Celebi's time traveling.

Due to the many incidences of users adding information they made up, all information in this section must be referenced, except for information which originates from a source elsewhere on the page, for example from Pokédex entries. References to other pages on Bulbapedia are preferred, and should be worded such that it is obvious what the origin is, with a link to the relevant page. References to external material must lead to an official source, and should use footnotes.

As the release of Pokémon X and Y approach, please be aware that information on pages can change without warning, as new information is revealed. As always, fansites are not acceptable sources. All information added must come from an official source. Follow the BulbaNewsNow twitter feed, embedded both above and on the Bulbanews main page, for new information, with more detailed articles following on Bulbanews.


December 20

With every changing of the guard, a new deputy must be chosen. The person who is the new deputy Editor-in-Chief has a lot of experience on Bulbapedia. She has been staff for four years, and in that time she quickly rose to the Editorial Board. She has proven herself a reliable and dedicated staff member. Most recently, she has been taking care of our images as Archives Director. The new deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia is none other than Kogoro.

In addition, the vacant Head of Games position on the Editorial Board is filled. The Head of Games is responsible for overseeing game-related matters, and is the highest authority on them besides the Editor-in-Chief, deputy and Editorial Board as a whole. This position goes to someone who has impressed with the quality of some of her earliest edits, and never looked back. She has shown to be an adept editor over a range of different sections and impressed with her handling of some issues. Congratulations Jo The Marten and welcome to the Editorial Board.

A few other dedicated users receive promotions. Congratulations to Adyniz, Dennou Zenshi, Spriteit, 神奇超龍 and G50.

With the formalities over, on behalf of the staff of Bulbagarden we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

December 9

On December 9th, 2007 at 22:04 (10:04 pm), I joined Bulbapedia. Two minutes later, I made my first edit. It was terrible. How did such a hopeless new user end up as the leader of the site? By following in the shoes of my superiors, getting support from my fellow users, and a whole lot of editing. I managed to work my way up but I never thought I would reach the highest level. Sure, I had aspirations to become an administrator, maybe even a bureaucrat, but that's the highest I was going to attain, right?

In December 2010, TTEchidna was relieved of his duty, and I took his place as Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia. Before he left, he put in place a rule that all EiC's would stay in position for a maximum of two years. When I had heard of this, I scoffed at the premise that I would have to unwillingly relinquish my position because he couldn't go two years without getting worn out. I said a few times that I would decide if I were going to go more than two and veto that rule if I wanted to. I am officially removing that rule.

It has been two years. I have not gone crazy and I feel as though there's still plenty left to do. However, I also feel like I can't devote the amount of time to the site I would like to. That is why I have decided to voluntarily release my position as Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia. While most people leave the staff because they feel their interest in Pokémon has waned, my interest in Pokémon was never even close to that of my fellow users and staffers, but that didn't stop me because I wasn't really in it for Pokémon. Yea, I like playing the games, but I grew to enjoy editing, and being around the staff that I grew to call my friends. To me, Pokémon was the subject and keeping tabs on it was the job. As with any job I've had, I did it to the best of my abilities, and life went on. These reasons are why that, despite my position departure, I will not be leaving the site entirely. I will accept the move to Executive Policymaker and Vice-Webmaster and continue to work on various projects. The main difference will just be a little less time spent on the site, and a little more time spent focusing on my real life activities.

In my place will be my Deputy, Werdnae. There were days where I felt I paled in comparison to the jobs Werdnae was able to accomplish. When I took over and appointed Trom as my Deputy, he warned me that it was highly unlikely he would last long enough to be the next EiC, and he was right. Initially I was worried I wouldn't be able to find someone with that specific something I was looking for to take my place, but the answer was right in front of me. When Werdnae joined, he brought maturity and efficiency to the table. I noticed how quickly and efficiently he worked his way up the ladder and knew he was destined for success. When I joined, I had neither, so that alone lets you know the kind of guy Werdnae is.

It's at this point that I should list those who I am thankful for, but the thing is, I can't fit everyone in here. The entire Bulbagarden staff, both past and present, I have considered my friends. I'm also not leaving, and in the short term, my activity probably won't change much. That being said, thank you to everyone, but we ain't done yet. However, there is one person I have a special message for: Werdnae, good luck.

Former Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia

October 7

After a long wait, the English versions of Black 2 and White 2 have finally hit the shelves and of course, our handheld consoles. We are very excited about these games as much as you are, and the wiki is currently being updated as time progresses so we can offer you quality information about these games. Here, we follow the main characters, Nate and Rosa, as they form a bond with their Pokémon and take on new adventures, as well as ourselves, with new attractions such as the Pokéstar Studios and the Pokémon World Tournament, and meet with characters we've seen in the previous games (ALL previous games). You're in for a treat here.

Speaking of quality, we are also trying to enhance the response and quality from the servers and we'd like to apologize for any inconveniences this might bring. More fans mean more servers needed, so we're balancing both ends. We can assure you that once the servers are upgraded, your experience in Bulbapedia and all related wikis will be a lot smoother.

With that said, what are you waiting for? Be ready to put on Nate or Rosa's Running Shoes and take on the Unova League!

June 25

They are here! Black 2 and White 2 are out now in Japan and we are adding info at a steady pace. Thing is, B2W2 has brought forth a number of changes to the usual Pokémon formula, so this isn't as simple as games past. Yes, the site will be locked for a short time, but once we get all the basics up and ready, it will be open to the public once again.

We also had the English release of Pokémon Conquest not long ago which gives us not one, but two games to add onto the site. We have a lot of work to do ahead, but it's all a part of the job on a wiki. Conquest is an entirely new type of game to the Pokémon franchise and with the rave reviews it's getting, it might not be the only one of its kind.

We would also like to once again congratulate The Speed Gamers on their recent Pokémon capture charity drive. Bulbagarden is proud to have been able to stream the whole thing live right here on the front page of Bulbapedia. TSG exceeded their $50,000 goal and managed an awesome $59,111.00! It just goes to show that Pokémon fans are the best kind of fans.

March 31

Howdy folks, this is MAGNEDETH, the Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia. Normally when we send these messages from the editor, we send them as a group. No one person is "the editor" on a wiki, so we feel that when we, the staff, sends a message, it is from all of the staff. However, I have an important message today that handles a major change above even the Editorial Board.

As our wiki changes, so does our staff. They come and go as time goes by, and every staff member's work is appreciated. But it isn't very often we have such a big change at the top of the board. My Deputy Editor-in-Chief, The dark lord trombonator, has decided to move on from Bulbapedia and focus on other projects. Don't worry folks, he isn't going too far. As we announced about one month ago, Trom can now be located as the Editor-in-Chief of Bulbanews.

Trom leaves Bulbapedia with a lengthy list of things he has accomplished, and without him, Bulbapedia would not be shaped the way it is today. The amount of effort and dedication Trom has put forth into Bulbapedia in the past is insurmountable. I wanted Trom to stick around, and I wanted to hand-off Bulbapedia to him when my time here is done, and it disappoints me a little that I won't be able to do that, and it disappoints me even more to know I won't see Trom's name grace the Recent Changes like it once did. But I have said many times that while the staff here has a job to do, I don't want Bulbapedia to interfere with anyone's personal life, and I know Trom has opportunities outside of the site he would like to pursue, and holding the Deputy spot, as well as being the EiC of Bulbanews would stretch him too thin. I'm just glad that my former deputy and friend, Trom, will still be there helping Bulbagarden; he'll just be next door is all.

However, with Trom gone, it leaves a rather noticeable opening on the Bulbapedia staff ranking. That's where Werdnae comes in. I knew replacing Trom would be difficult, but Trom and Werdnae have been working together to the point where a lot of Trom's knowledge has been passed onto Werdnae. That doesn't mean Werdnae isn't full of his own ideas though, he wouldn't have made it on the staff in the first place if he wasn't an excellent editor. I look forward to working with Werdnae leading the site and continuing to maintain our position as the #1 Pokémon website.

That all being said, the staff have been gathering new ideas to improve the site, and get ready for the release of Black and White 2, so expect some changes here and there as time goes on. And be sure to check Bulbanews for when information on Black and White 2 gets released (which has proven to be few and far between), you can be sure that Trom will have all info accounted for.

This has been a special message brought to you by the Editor-in-Chief,

February 26

BEHOLD!!! The mighty Kyurem is upon us!

After an unbelievable hype, Black and White sequels (yes, there are two of them) have finally been revealed. Please be extra cautious while adding new information to the articles and avoid baseless speculation as well. All information must come from official Nintendo sources, not from fan sites.

With that being said, do not forget to say hello to our newest family members, Keldeo and Meloetta.

On the other hand, thank you for participating in the Christmas contests. We hope that you all had a good time. As far as the prizes are concerned, our webmaster Archaic is trying his level best to ship them as soon as possible. So, bear with us and have some patience.

Last but not least, please welcome our new Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief, trom! We would like to wish him all the very best for a bright future. To our former Editor-in-Chief RexRacer, thank you for serving Bulbanews for almost three years and making it a wonderful place for all of us. Good luck, sir!


December 16

Thank you to everyone who filled out an application form for the recent staff drive. We had over 130 Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and Archives users wanting to be part of the team that keeps the wikis running. That's a huge amount. Obviously we can't hire everybody, but please give a warm welcome to new Bulbapedia Junior Administrators Ataro, Dennou Zenshi, Force Fire, MisterE13, Spriteit, Turtwig A, and Toon Ganondorf. Over on Bulbanews, Water Max and BaileyPlaysPokemon have been selected as new writers, with columnist announcements delayed until the new year.

There's also been a few promotions within the existing wiki staff. Kogoro will now be formally heading Bulbagarden Archives, and Kenji-girl, Maverick Nate, Werdnae, and Zesty Cactus join the re-energized Editorial Board.

Congratulations to those above, and others, on their new roles. And congratulations to you, the humble Bulbapedia editor as well. It is thanks to your hard work that we end the year with over 20,000 articles. That's an increase of over 2,000 pages since this time last year. But the work isn't done yet! In case you hadn't noticed, we're having another Christmas contest this year — the Festive Frontier, where you can win prizes simply for editing. Check it out if you haven't yet, and the other Bulbagarden contests, too. There's something for everyone (although we feel somewhat compelled to emphasize Day 2 of the Twelve Days of Christmas contest...).

Happy holidays!

November 4

Hey everyone. In case you missed it, look! New Main Page layout! Shiny.

If you want to have your work featured in this box up the top here, get in touch with trom. The content changes every day, so if you want your writing to be the first thing everyone sees when they visit Bulbapedia, pick a topic and put together a few fun facts our readers may be interested in. This is a great way to get involved with the Bulbapedia community.

If you really want to get into the community, why not apply for a staff role? Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and the Archives are currently hiring. If you've been around for a while, have a handle on the rules and a clear head, then check out the job descriptions on Bulbanews and fill out an application form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy editing!

November 1

If you're reading this, congratulations: you survived Halloween. Hopefully you also remembered to pick up your promotional Global Link Banette as well.

You may have also noticed something different about the Bulbapedia Main Page. If not, take a look around. Our new layout has gone live after a few months of testing. This is the first Main Page update since we went "roundy" about three years ago, so we hope you enjoy.

If there are any problems with the Main Page, let us know about them here. Obviously with many different screen resolutions available it won't look the same for everyone but it shouldn't look awful for anyone.

Before you go back to the rest of the wiki, have a look at the center box on the top row. In this box we are hoping to feature work submitted by Bulbapedia editors and readers. If you're interested in collecting some relevant and interesting information from around the site and (most importantly) getting it displayed in a prominent location, get in touch with trom. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Happy editing!

October 22

Thank you all for your patience over the past few months. Our recently revamped servers are chugging along just nicely and as such we have relaxed some of the rules instituted since the release of Pokémon Black and White.

Firstly, the ban on adding trivia has been removed. However! Please think twice before you add trivia. Make sure that this edit contributes to the article as a whole and is not just a coincidence or irrelevant bullet point.

Secondly, we have amended our userspace policy to permit at most three userspace edits per day (cue excited screams). There is a slight catch though - in order to continue the large volume of constructive edits Bulbapedia has amassed over the past few months, we ask that you make at least one more edit to the mainspace than your userspace every day. For example, if you want to make three userspace edits, you have to make at least four mainspace edits as well.

There will be a few more changes around Bulbapedia in the near future — but we can't say too much at the moment. Watch this space!

September 9

Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and the Bulbagarden Archives are all open and once again running as per normal... except with hopefully fewer technical disruptions.

Our revamped servers are up and running, but we are still fiddling with them so an error may pop up now or then, but we can't finalize the server optimization unless everyone edits like normal. We've also recently installed the latest MediaWiki version (full release details here). Most of the changes to the system will be back-end stuff, but you may see a few changes to your own editing interface. The update should hopefully contribute to a faster-running site.

Once we get the whole system running properly and everyone is happy, we will roll out some of those projects spoken of in the previous message (new templates, section changes, etc). In the meantime, enjoy the new site, and if you encounter a recurring problem, please report it to our official problem reporting thread. Once again, we thank you guys for all your support, and hopefully the updated system will prove a success!

August 28

BULBAPEDIA IS OPEN! But the Bulbagarden Archives are still closed unfortunately.

Our revamped servers are up and running, but we are still fiddling with them so an error may pop up now or then, but we can't finalize the server optimization unless everyone edits like normal. Once we get the whole system running properly and everyone is happy, we will roll out some of those projects spoken of in the previous message (new templates, section changes, etc). In the meantime, enjoy the new site, and if you encounter a recurring problem, please report it to our official problem reporting thread. Once again, we thank you guys for all your support, and hopefully the updated system will prove a success!

August 18


**UPDATE: August 23** - Site closure will be extended for an unknown amount of time. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Check back here for updates!

Now the real questions are why, and for how long. Well, lets answer them:

Why will the wikis be closed? - We are closing the site to to overhaul our server backend. As many of you are well aware, our site has been running...well pretty badly. Errors abound! We have been upgrading our servers steadily for the past year or two, but the thing is, more of you keep visiting us! This is totally acceptable, but the site is growing so fast we can't keep up! So we are closing the site to restructure the system, and that will hopefully alleviate the issue.

How long will the wikis be closed? - The tentative duration is currently 3 days, but anything can happen. We may reopen in two days, we may take four, but three is the goal. The site will still be available to view and browse, but we can't promise it will be running all that smooth until the job is done, so sadly, errors may still happen.

After these updates, we hope to take advantage of the new servers and do some updates around the site. Re-organizing some pages and sections, new and updated templates, that sort of stuff. We thank you guys for all your support (even though you destroyed our servers), and we hope that with our updated system we can continue offering all the information you need, and the stuff you don't! While we are closed, you can still browse the forums (which will be operational) or hang out in our IRC channel at #bulbapedia.

May 25

As the Black and White hype continues and so does the high server load, we have a couple of announcements for our valuable users. To begin with Bulbagarden Archives, a new rule has been implemented - that personal images are no longer allowed on the Archives. All the previously uploaded personal images will be deleted after May 31, so kindly save any of your personal images before they are all deleted. There are plenty of image hosting sites which can be used for personal images instead.

As far as Bulbapedia is concerned, a new userspace restriction has been put in place - that articles about anime Pokémon must not be created in the userspace. Articles for notable Pokémon should be created in the mainspace once the relevant episode airs. Articles created before the change will not be deleted until their notability is decided.

Last but not the least, the Bulbagarden forums are currently being upgraded to vBulletin 4.1.3. Until the upgrade is complete, any suggestions, comments or issues can also be voiced on the test forums or on the Bulbapedia IRC channel, #bulbapedia.

Remember the preview button, not to add trivia and one userspace edit per day. Thanks to all of our users for dedicating their precious time and contributing. Have fun!

April 16

Bulbapedia is finally open for editing. However the servers are still under very heavy load, which you may notice results in longer load times and occasional errors. To help limit the load, userspace editing is strictly limited to one edit per day, using the UTC clock at the top of every page. We would also like to remind you that the articles are the main purpose of Bulbapedia, so please edit them as well. Due to the inherent unimportance of trivia sections, we formally request editing and discussion of trivia sections be left alone for the time being.

Secondly, several users have been receiving edit requests via e-mail. If you receive one, you should ask yourself 1) why the sender can't make the edit themselves, and 2) why the edit request has been made off-site. The answer to both is that the sender has been permanently blocked from editing, and is requesting that poor edits be made. In fulfilling these edit requests, you are helping a user to circumvent their block. Instead, report it to a staff member and ignore or block any further e-mails you receive. Do not reply to the e-mail, this will allow the sender to contact you directly if they are not already.

Staff would like to remind users to be careful with their e-mail address. We can only block e-mails that are sent through the wiki. The Bulbapedia IRC channel, #bulbapedia, remains in need of activity. Remember the preview button, and happy editing.

March 4

BLACK AND WHITE ARE HERE!! As everyone clamors to grab a copy, we want to be here to bring you all the information we can. That being said, we also want your experience with the site to be as smooth as possible, so we have disabled editing to all non-staff users. While annoying to many (sorry), it should help the site run more efficiently. During this lock, our Staff will still continue to update information though, so don't worry, the site will continue to update even through the lockdown.

Speaking of staff, as Black and White bring us into a new era, we aim to bring you the best service we can, but the only way we can do that is with a staff of dedicated individuals to run the show. On that note, it's time to give them an overhaul. A number of your favorite staff members have been promoted, including three very special promotions. Congratulations to CoolPikachu! and Jello whom are now members of the Editorial Board! CoolPikachu! has been moving his way up the ranks for the past couple years and has arrived on the board thanks to his hard work and dedication. However, there's no discrediting Jello as she has likewise worked extra hard, on not just one site, but two. Jello took over the Bulbagarden Archives earlier this year and has been directing it with great focus.

That leaves us with the third promotion. Upon taking the Editor-in-Chief position, I am to choose my deputy, and I have chosen our resident dark lord, The dark lord trombonator. Trom has done an amazing amount of work over his time here at Bulbapedia running our contests, Golden Bulbasaur Awards, and a number of other projects as well. Kogoro, the former deputy Editor-in-Chief will move into a new role as the site's Technical Director.

To close, again, sorry about the lockdown, but it's a precaution to help you folks use our site better. For any suggestions, comments, issues, or whatnot, you can visit the Bulbapedia section of the Bulbagarden forums OR our all new Bulbapedia IRC located at #bulbapedia (imagine that). Thanks to all of our users for your continued effort and have fun with Black and White!

January 11

It is a new year, and with this new year brings many new things to Bulbapedia! I sure hope everyone can keep up!

I'll start with me. Hi, I am the new Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia, MAGNEDETH. Getting used to the new position is tough but I am up for the task. There are changes on the way, but for the most part, the same easy-to-use and informative Bulbapedia will be here for you. However, some changes on the horizon will be aimed to make both surfing and editing the site easier. Give it time, they are on the horizon.

Next up we have the release of two main series games. There will be a lot of new information to add to the site and we can really use your help to handle it. New Pokémon, moves, locations, items, you name it! It should be noted that a lockdown may happen, but we don't want to do that. Rest assured, if it does happen, it's simply done to relieve server stress. We don't like preventing our users from editing, but we also don't like when no one can see the site because it's masked behind a big 504 error.

And lastly, but by no means least, the Bulbagarden Archives, an extremely important part of our site that is often overlooked. All of our images stem from our Archives, so don't forget about it! There are plenty of images this site needs and you can help upload them. But be aware, the Archives are closely moderated due to its important activity, so make sure to read the rules before helping out.

For any suggestions, comments, issues, or whatnot, you can visit the Bulbapedia section of the Bulbagarden forums. Thanks to all of our users for your continued effort and have fun.


December 1

A warm welcome to the new Editor-in-Chief, MAGNEDETH, and a hearty farewell to the guy making this edit, TTEchidna.

While TTE will not be leaving Bulbapedia as a whole, his active responsibility, which has been increasingly sparse over the past few months, will be ended. This comes after a particularly high-stress time; going through graduate classes and attempting to keep 649 Pokémon species straight really can wear you down to the point of insanity, especially when coupled with a part-time job at a world-famous store where customer interaction is constant.

And so, an era ends. From this point on, all Bulbapedia Editors-in-Chief will serve in their position for two years, and then pass on this position to another user of their choosing, with the approval of Archaic. A longer message can be found in the Bulbawiki general forum on the Bulbagarden forums, where well-wishing and criticism can be given. Please do not leave messages on TTE's talk page.

And so, folks, I wish you all well. Me? I'm going on vacation in two weeks.

November 5

Over the past few weeks, the site has been slowly filling up with information related to the new Pokémon games, Black and White. Bulbapedia now has articles about each of the 156 new Pokémon, all the new moves and abilities, and the recent new anime series. But we're still not done! As you continue to update the site with information, remember that you shouldn't be taking information from other fan sites. This is partly so our translations stay consistent, but also because we need to make sure that the information we are putting up is 100% correct. If you have Black or White, we'd love your help.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who's helped so far, especially to the fifteen temporary junior administrators who gave us a hand while the site was locked down. Some of them have been kept on as permanent staff (more fool them!).

A reminder also that Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs goes on sale today in Europe and the United Kingdom. If you live in those areas, don't forget to get your games and take part in the latest in the popular Pokémon Ranger series.

September 18

The games are out, and a flood of information is upon us! Due to the wealth of details, the site has been locked from editing by all non-staff members and at this point will stay locked so we can get a lot of major updates handled without the majority of people getting in the way (ie: edit conflicts), so we are going to work on getting all the Pokémon pages, locations, moves, abilities, movesets, items, and other major additions to gameplay. We know it sounds like it will take a long time, and well, it might, but we are hoping to be done with the lockdown in under a week.

We don't like locking our users out of a community driven site, but it's so we can get everyone as much info as fast as we can while maintaining our usual quality standards. We don't want to be rushed here and it will save us the hassle of an inevitably short sighted new user who will ignore the rules and go posting information they got off of GameFAQs forums or another unofficial source. So check back often as new info is added to the site every second!

September 9

Pokémon learnsets are beginning to have their templates upgraded: above all else, do not attempt to jump in to help if you do not know what to do. Questions can be addressed to any of Bulbapedia's staff, most especially TTEchidna, who can show you how to make the templates work.

Black and White are likely to leak within the next week or so, so keep on your toes. Bulbapedia may go on a brief lockdown, allowing only staff to edit, shortly after release so as to prevent speculation and unsourced facts, however, after this time, normal editing privileges will return.

September 1

Black and White approach quickly. As they do, we are updating templates that will have relevance to them. These templates need input, and will often be posted in a thread on the Bulbawiki forum.

We are seeking the opinion of Bulbapedia's editors for what to do in regards to Generation V's release. Should the wiki be locked down or should it not be? Please vote in this thread to make sure your voice is heard.

For fans of other Nintendo series, Metroid: Other M, the most recent Metroid game, has been released in the US and internationally. For news concerning this and other Metroid series titles, visit our NIWA associates at Metroid Wiki!

August 13

Bulbapedia prides itself on its community. The site would not be where it is today without the input it has received from all of you. Thanks, guys.

Some names have stood out among the masses, though. These users have all been awarded a Golden Bulbasaur Award (or variant thereof) in recognition of the time and commitment they've put in. A special award this time is for the Crystal Bulbasaur - an award given to a user who has given his or her all over a one-year period. For 2009, we would like to give this to every single user that helped out with the updates regarding the English release of Pokémon Platinum and the Japanese release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. As we mentioned above, it is the dedication by the community that allows the wiki to succeed.

The Editorial Board endeavors to hand these out on a regular basis, but (as you've probably realized) we sometimes get forgetful. You can help us in this regard by sending an email to the Community Development Officer if you have any suggestions for the next round of awards. They'll be in a couple of months.

Also here in a month or so will be the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White Versions. To prepare for this, we have a few ongoing tasks which you can help out with. However, if you're following the Black and White news updates, please be careful with new information, and take care not to insert unconfirmed rumors into pages and present them as facts.

Thanks for your help, everyone, but we aren't done yet. Let's keep improving our wiki and prepare for the next generation.

August 5

As the Japanese release of Pokémon Black and White Versions draws nearer and the new features of Generation V are slowly revealed, Bulbapedia faces many large-scale updates, which all of us are working hard to execute. As always, we rely greatly on our community, and there are many ways for you, the users, to help.

One major change that we've done is moving all route articles to a new naming system to include the region name. Route 1, for example, has been moved to Kanto Route 1, while the former title has been turned into a disambiguation page. This means that thousands of pages need to be edited to relink to the new names. {{rtn|2}}, for example, needs to be turned into {{rtn|2|Kanto}}, and so on. In town infoboxes, new parameters have been added, as can be seen in New Bark Town. We hope to finish this job within a few weeks - which will only be doable with your help.

We would also like to remind everyone to be careful with new information, and be careful not to insert unconfirmed rumors into pages and present them as facts. This is especially true for information acquired solely from other English websites not affiliated with Bulbagarden.

We wish the community a Happy New Generation. Let's get to work and make sure Bulbapedia is ready for it.

June 29

While server issues still remain, Bulbapedia has been restored to its normal, rounded self, with the {{roundy}} being found to have caused only minimal problems, mostly with regard to a slowdown in loading pages for those browsing the site due to the switch statements present. Roundy remains in service, now without the switch statements, while eight new templates take over for rounding individual corners and sides of Bulbapedia's tables.

The server issues that remain appear to be related to Bulbagarden's load balancer, which, under normal circumstances, keeps the five servers that the website operates from in sync and serving Bulbagarden's community as one united entity. This glitch, which appeared as we were fixing the roundy-related issues, will possibly be flushed out of the system when the Bulbawiki network upgrades to MediaWiki version 1.16.0 on its exit from beta. Until then, please be patient, and tread lightly on your edits, which can make for disaster if too many are made in quick succession, especially to templates. If Bulbagarden goes down for any time, expect it to be back up within five minutes, thanks to a new feature which will auto-restart the website after a crash.

Meanwhile, discussion of the new Pokémon introduced with Generation V can be made on the Bulbagarden Forums. Articles on the recently-revealed species will be up in due time, when more data can be gleaned from future screenshots and videos, as ones we currently have access to are limited in this.

June 15

With the continuous server issues, Bulbapedia regrets to inform you that the rounded corners that have become so standard will all be removed until further notice. While those without Firefox have not been able to see them, the two-month-old {{roundy}} template, which brought rounded corners to those who are not Firefox users, has been suspected of being the centerpoint of the problem.

Please do not remove the template from pages on which it is used; hopefully it is not the problem and rounded corners, as well as editing, will return soon.

Also, congratulations to our fellows at ZeldaWiki.org for getting the remake that Zelda fans so desired.

June 1

As we move closer and closer to Generation V, the Bulbapedia community continues to expand. Welcome to all our new users (please read the rules and guidelines to help you contribute) and welcome to our new staff members: Tina, Umeko, and Zesty Cactus as Bulbapedia Junior Administrators and Jello and PsychicRider as Bulbagarden Archives Junior Administrators. These guys should be your first stop for simple questions about the wiki.

With more and more information about the fifth generation of Pokémon coming out by the week, we need to make sure the information we're putting out is correct. This means waiting for announcements from Pokémon Sunday, CoroCoro and other official sources before information goes onto the mainspace. As speculation often builds up before these publications come out, pages may be protected by staff. We ask that you do not try to circumvent these measures; they are put in place to ensure Bulbapedia has accurate, high quality information.

Additionally, we need to remind you all that the talk pages of the wiki are not meant for discussion of the subject of the article, but its content. Note the difference: chatting about what you think might happen, or your opinion about a new Pokémon is not permitted and should be taken to the Bulbagarden forums; discussing ways we can improve the article or pointing out flaws is what these pages should be used for.

And even though we've got new games on the horizon, don't forget about the older games. There are still lots of articles that need information and cleanup to meet Bulbapedia's standards. It's easier if we all chip in - don't be afraid to lend a hand!

April 22

As we celebrate the third anniversary of the English release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as well as of Generation IV itself, Bulbapedia continues to move forward.

Bulbagarden Networks has established a group on Facebook in order to better connect with the community at large, found here, while the recently-established NIWA also has a new Facebook group, located here. Join up and hit "like", especially if you liek Mudkipz.

The upcoming summer promises to be chock-full of information on Pokémon Black and White as we grow ever closer to their autumn release, and Bulbapedia will be changing some things around. A rearrangement of the staff structure, in the works for some time now, will see a more gradual slope for users to join the community and become full-fledged members of it. Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and Bulbagarden Archives are all taking applications for the newly-created Junior Administrator group which will be established in the coming days, so check out the forum thread here for details on how to apply.

March 26

Yet another release of Pokémon games has come and gone, though unlike many others, this release was a much hyped one, both by the staff of Bulbapedia as well as by Nintendo itself.

Due to this hype, however, Bulbagarden's traffic has increased tenfold overnight. Even with a third server installed shortly before the North American release of the remakes, and a fourth on its way already, Bulbagarden has a hard time outputting all of the connections requested of it by users who visit it. This is the reason for the 503 errors: the servers work as hard as they possibly can, yet still, it becomes impossible to give the information out to as many people as are visiting, like a spokesperson handing out fliers who is surrounded by an eager crowd could be overwhelmed.

Due to this, editing by non-staff on Bulbapedia has, for the moment, been disabled. This is not a malicious act to keep editing in the hands of those in charge and to shut out ideas, as some might think, but as a precaution to prevent more 503 errors, or worse, a complete shutdown of the site. Being a wiki, Bulbapedia requires a lot of resources, with edits to it making for a majority of the stress Bulbagarden's servers receive daily. Under normal load, this stress is negligible, and hundreds of users can be on the site at once, editing any one of our more than 16,000 mainspace pages. Under the increased load, however, even with only some 20 users having the ability to edit, 503's still appear from time to time.

It is unknown when the load from the influx of new members of the Bulbagarden community will begin to ease, though as of this writing it has only been seen to increase, even with the third server's power. As such, it is impossible to predict when the ability for normal users to edit will return. Patience, however, is a virtue, and will be justly rewarded with many new things to do and updates to make when editing returns.

In the meantime, the administration of Bulbapedia can still be contacted on the Bulbagarden forums, specifically in the Bulbapedia section, or users may send members of the administration an email, and edits to mainspace pages or templates can be requested of them. Userspace editing, on the return of normal editing, will remain in a restricted state for some time after, with only one edit per day allowed. Your HeartGold and SoulSilver teams, Friend Codes, and so on should be condensed into this edit. Users who make more than this single edit in a day will have their userpages locked down for as many days as they made edits over this limit, and repeat offenders may have their pages locked for longer.

Meanwhile, enjoy HeartGold and SoulSilver, as well as the remnants of the Team Rocket takeover, which will remain as a selectable skin on the Bulbawiki system as well as on the forums.

February 14

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Bulbapedia's being open to public editing. This milestone, ever great, allows us to take a look back at the history of the wiki, as well as the website in general. Occurring only a week after the revelation of the first Generation V Pokémon, this can remind us that we have come far from where the wiki began, those years ago. In 2005, we were still eagerly awaiting the third version of Hoenn, Pokémon Emerald, to be released outside of Japan, and knew that the end of Generation III was quickly nearing.

Here, now, we have gotten the remakes of Generation II many hoped for since Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. The style of the wiki has changed drastically, with the plain charts of the old days now replaced by colorful templates that maintain a particular theme across a page.

Today, to celebrate this accomplishment, we are unveiling a new, custom, Bulbagarden-themed skin for Bulbapedia, created by our own Jioruji Derako. This is only the first in a series of skins, which are to be created to better integrate the wiki trio with the Bulbagarden forums, as well as with other parts of the site.

Only one month remains until HeartGold and SoulSilver are released in the US, when we will finally be certain of the names of the newly-introduced characters. Likewise, Generation V's brand-new information, still on its way, must be verified before it goes into the mainspace, so as to maintain our high level of quality.

February 7

Well, it's that time again. As have Generations I, II, and III before it, our beloved Generation IV is coming quickly to a close. The revelations have begun, and Junichi Masuda himself has announced the first Generation V Pokémon.

That is not to say that we should be fast to act! We must maintain our quality on Bulbapedia, even in the face of unconfirmed information. The Bulbapedia administration, including me, hang tight to the right channels for new Pokémon revelations, and rest assured, there is no need to worry or create an article for any new Pokémon yet.

This mysterious new Pokémon, whatever it is, will have its article created in due time. Do not rush. Do not worry. It will not be forgotten. Details must be verified before we create an article, when the Pokémon's full details are revealed in two weeks.

Details on Generation V are sparse right now, however, within ten months' time, all will be known. We have no need to get the information out as fast as possible here; our primary motivation should be well-written articles that inform, rather than poorly-written articles whose only purpose is to give the creator bragging rights (really, creating the Sinnoh Pokédex listing was no big deal). Writing an article that needs minimal maintenance in the coming days, months, and even years is much better than writing one that needs much maintenance to even be decent.

In closing, do not panic. Give us time to collect information, and do a little hunting yourself. Meanwhile, go back and enjoy Johto. Only five weeks remain until you can...


November 30

This particular issue is actually rather important, so we're hoping that bringing it to everyone's attention will make an impact.

When uploading images, please be sure that the filenames contain alphanumeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) characters only!

We've had this message up at the top of the archives for ages now, but people still aren't paying attention to it. This is not just an issue of filename aesthetics, as some people seem to be treating it as. Putting filenames up there with characters outside of these, including punctuation, Japanese characters, or just weird characters (such as those from glitch Pokémon for instance) cause problems with our web server. I'll save you the specifics, but it results in a cascade which can cause the server to lock up in a manner which requires us to perform a manual reset.

It's a very simple request, and coming into December, I think we can all agree that we'd like to see as little downtime as possible from people simply not reading, or ignoring, the rules. Any users who can't do during this holiday period will be receiving a ban from editing and uploading on the Bulbawiki network until the New Year. There will be no warnings, no second chances.

November 16

Bulbapedia is, as you know, a community project. However, every community has its leaders, and a number of positions have become available.

Active contributors to articles under the Project Games scope are invited to apply for the position of Project Leader. A wide knowledge of all Pokémon games is required, especially regarding the oft-neglected side games. One or more users may be selected (as co-Leaders). If you are interested, see the talk page for details.

Bulbanews is also hiring. A range of positions have become available overseeing various sections of the site including (but not limited to) anime, games, TCG and miscellaneous/other. These "section editors" will be directly answerable to Bulbanews's Editor-in-Chief (currently Argy) and will govern over their selected fields. If you feel you have something to offer, see this forum thread.

If you don't think you're ready for a leadership role, that's fine. Bulbapedia and Bulbanews's writers are just as important. Don't forget we have a huge number of incomplete and low-quality pages: do your best to help complete our Pokémon encyclopedia!

November 5

As most of you probably noticed, Bulbapedia has been closed to editing for about 24 hours for maintenance. During this time the staff has worked hard to move two manga sections to their English names. Pokémon Special has been moved to Pokémon Adventures, and Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure has been moved to Magical Pokémon Journey. All relating articles and templates have been moved as well, and the characters of Blue and Green have been switched, so please be sure to check the list of link templates and follow the new names from now on.

It is possible that some instances of the old names were missed. If you come across one, please change it to fit our new standards. We would like to thank everybody who participated in this mass move. We will continue working hard to make Bulbapedia the best, most accurate Pokémon encyclopedia on the internet - by the fans, for the fans.

November 2

Starting this Thursday night (the 5th) and possibly until sometime in the weekend, Bulbapedia will be closed to editing, due to maintenance work. During this time the staff will be taking care of a large-scale move that might be stressing to our servers, and for that reason regular users will not be able to submit any edits.

There is no reason to be concerned about this. This move is done purely for the purpose of having a better, more accurate Bulbapedia. Editing privileges will be returned to the users by the end of the weekend.

Please do not start asking the staff about the nature of the move planned. This will be revealed during the weekend.

October 14

As some of you may have seen recently, there is an iPhone Pokédex application that was recently released, which uses Bulbapedia to supply its content. Due to licensing issues and other concerns, this is a no-no on the app creator's part; Bulbapedia is a non-commercial entity, while said app is decidedly commercial.

As the app's creators have not addressed these concerns despite Bulbagarden's efforts, Bulbapedia has begun to address these concerns for them. For those of you who view the site regularly, this has no effect on you; for those who edit regularly, you may notice that all of the Pokémon species articles have been temporarily protected from edits while we change variables. Don't worry; the wiki is not being vandalized, and all the changes being made are purely non-aesthetic ones.

Bulbagarden and Bulbapedia take content copyrights very seriously; rest assured that we will never allow others to make profit from your hard work and contributions here.

October 10

Bulbagarden is proud to announce the opening of its new Battle Center! The Battle Center is a place to solicit and accept wireless battles for the Generation IV games that are Wi-Fi compatible. Both competitive and casual battlers are welcome, so you'll always fit in. Better yet, you can use the Trade Center to find the Pokémon you need to achieve victory, and then use your new acquisitions to win in the Battle Center!

As a component of this, you can access our new IRC battling chat via your own IRC client (we're on irc.systemnet.info) or through our forums JavaChat. Just type in /join #bulbabattle - it's very easy, and will provide another way for you to find battlers.

As we mentioned during the unveiling of the Trade Center a month and a half ago, the Forums support both Pokémon and non-Pokémon discussion across a wide variety of topics. If you're interested in more in-depth discussion than Bulbapedia allows, we recommend that you register here and enjoy more of the services that Bulbagarden has to offer!

Bulbagarden is always adding exciting new features and offering a better, more engaging experience for Pokémon fans. As always, we thank thank you, the community, for your continued support as we continue to grow. We really couldn't do it without you.

September 20

HeartGold and SoulSilver have arrived in Japan, and, as always, there are new tasks pertaining to the games that Bulbapedia members can work on. See "Ongoing Work" for more details.

Instead of discussing the new games on Bulbapedia talk pages, make sure to keep questions and comments about the games to the new HGSS Discussion Forum on BMGf.

Also, if you haven't already visited it, a new Trade Center has been opened on the forums: a place where users can offer or express interest in certain Pokémon or items and then privately make the trade over Wi-Fi. This will give you the opportunity to connect with other users and expand your Pokédex or enhance your competitive battling team!

September 4

September is here, and HeartGold and SoulSilver are less than a week away. While we know many of you are excited about the remakes, we would like to remind everyone that only information that has been confirmed by an official source is allowed on the articles.

In celebration of the new games, we have created a new party template to replace the one currently in use. We hope to finish changing all the old templates to new ones before the release of HGSS, and any help would be highly appreciated. To see an example of how the new template is used, see Roark. A list of pages in need of update can be found here.

Also, if you haven't already visited it, a new Trade Center has been opened on the forums: a place where users can offer or express interest in certain Pokémon or items and then privately make the trade over Wi-Fi. This will give you the opportunity to connect with other users and expand your Pokédex or enhance your competitive battling team!

August 28

A quick update on Bulbagarden's newest feature:

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new Trade Center on the forums: a place where users can offer or express interest in certain Pokémon or items and then privately make the trade over Wi-Fi. This will give you the opportunity to connect with other users and expand your Pokédex or enhance your competitive battling team!

Also, we'd like to remind everyone that our forums are there for all discussions Pokémon-related, and have boards to discuss many other areas of interest as well, such as current events, entertainment, and much more.

If you haven't already joined, click the link above to visit our forums and create an account. It's as easy as making one on Bulbapedia! We're looking forward to seeing you both in the Trade Center and around our forums!

August 19

We now welcome the seventh wiki in the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis network, Pokéteca, to the table, as our Spanish language counterparts. Though they have more than a thousand pages already, like all wikis, completion and addition are the best things, and so we must all collaborate to our best.

Those on Bulbapedia who speak another language: do not forget that you can help our fellow wikis out, most especially if you speak German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Polish, or Portuguese. Encyclopaediae Pokémonis strives to be as international as the Pokémon franchise itself, a worldwide phenomenon, and expansion of our knowledge of this world is always encouraged.

Do not forget, however, that Bulbapedia itself also needs your help. We may have more than 15,000 articles right now, but many of those can be vastly expanded, and synopses of the more than 600 episodes of the anime are nowhere near complete. So go for it!

July 26

Account creation on Bulbapedia has been unlocked! For any users who have been wanting to register for the last month (vandals excluded, of course), now is the time to do it! And as for information that has been included in past Messages from the Editor but that is still relevant...

Note that a new item has been added to our Userspace policy concerning pages/templates in the userspace that spoof the interface. They are no longer allowed. Most notably, users with the "New Messages" template on their page are advised to remove it immediately. It's annoying and not the least bit funny. Thanks.

Also, starting this month, we are going to revive the featured articles process on Bulbapedia. On the first of every month, one featured article will be featured in this space. The first one will be in August, while July will serve us to try the new system, explained in previous Messages from the Editor. Please nominate and vote on featured articles.

July 16

Account creation is currently disabled on Bulbapedia! Please refrain from e-mailing Archaic and the other staff members about it. Although no date has been set for the resurrection of account creation, rest assured it will not be too long.

Note that a new item has been added to our Userspace policy concerning pages/templates in the userspace that spoof the interface. They are no longer allowed. Most notably, users with the "New Messages" template on their page are advised to remove it immediately. It's annoying and not the least bit funny. Thanks.

Also, starting this month, we are going to revive the featured articles process on Bulbapedia. On the first of every month, one featured article will be featured in this space. The first one will be in August, while July will serve us to try the new system, explained in previous Messages from the Editor. Please nominate and vote on featured articles.

July 10

Note that a new item has been added to our Userspace policy concerning pages/templates in the userspace that spoof the interface. They are no longer allowed. Most notably, users with the "New Messages" template on their page are advised to remove it immediately. It's annoying and not the least bit funny. Thanks.

Also, starting this month, we are going to revive the featured articles process on Bulbapedia. On the first of every month, one featured article will be featured in this space. The first one will be in August, while July will serve us to try the new system:

Every FA nomination will remain open for one month, at the end of which we will decide whether or not to give the article in question Featured Article status or not. Just like before, every user can nominate any article the old way, as long as the article fits the criteria. Every user may vote, provided that they explain their opinion – but note that the topic in question isn’t what the subject of the article is, but how good it is – its prose, details, accuracy, design, and level of interest. The final decision will not be based on the number of votes alone, but on their content as well.

Many of the articles that were nominated up until today have changed a lot in the long time they were nominated, and so many votes became irrelevant. To start off with a clean slate, the nomination page was cleared and all nominees were voted on. History of Pokémon received featured status, and several other articles have been re-nominated with a fresh slate. The rest were rejected for the time being.

July 1

Starting this month, we are going to revive the featured articles process on Bulbapedia. On the first of every month, one featured article will be featured in this space. The first one will be in August, while July will serve us to try the new system:

Every FA nomination will remain open for one month, at the end of which we will decide whether or not to give the article in question Featured Article status or not. Just like before, every user can nominate any article the old way, as long as the article fits the criteria. Every user may vote, provided that they explain their opinion – but note that the topic in question isn’t what the subject of the article is, but how good it is – its prose, details, accuracy, design, and level of interest. The final decision will not be based on the number of votes alone, but on their content as well.

Many of the articles that were nominated up until today have changed a lot in the long time they were nominated, and so many votes became irrelevant. To start off with a clean slate, the nomination page was cleared and all nominees were voted on. History of Pokémon received featured status, and several other articles have been re-nominated with a fresh slate. The rest were rejected for the time being.

Please vote and nominate away!

June 15

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are games that we've all been waiting almost five years for, and we're incredibly excited by their approach.

Despite this, please keep in mind that NO SPRITES ARE YET OFFICIAL. All sprites found on the HGSS site are until release beta sprites that may change, much as the sprite for Origin Forme Giratina did between the beta phase and final release of Pokémon Platinum.

Please keep this in mind. New HGSS sprites should be uploaded to the filename Spr 4h ###.png, but should not replace the sprites at the National Dex number at the current time. Platinum sprites are overall better quality than the sprites we can get from HGSS at the current point -- wait for the games to come out, and we should be able to rip the best quality sprites from the games themselves within days, as we did with Platinum.

Again, excitement may be high, but do not make the quality of images take a dive just because Lugia can. Reservations start in July, pointing to a release sooner than any of us expect.

May 22

As many of you have probably noticed, we have been getting a lot of what can be tentatively considered as vandalism the past few days. Namely, lots and lots and lots of sockpuppets created using proxies, likely of the same misguided user. We're currently considering and discussing implementing some sort of system to monitor new users automatically, although how exactly this would work isn't yet figured out. If any of you have any ideas, we'd be happy to listen.

A note to administrators: Watch the Recent Changes like a hawk. Checkuser any new user you see, and block sockpuppets on sight. I know many of you have already been doing this, but we need to be vigilant. Thanks.

May 15

Just as Bulbapedia upgraded in the time leading up to Pokémon Platinum during 2008, we must make certain that we keep ourselves up to date for anything new that occurs in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. We will be continuing to renew the various infoboxes around the wiki, at times breaking them in order to get them to work better, much as the Pokémon games did with the start of Generation III.

At the same time, although we are all excited about the remakes, a warning must remain in place: do not add details if you are unsure of their veracity, and as always make sure not to speculate in articles. When in doubt, bring it up on the talk page, but keep in mind that talk pages are not for wild speculation (save that for the forums). No matter what you think will come of the remakes, nothing is certain until their release (not even their release date).

And a small note to our newer users: please, lurk first and preview edits to see what wikicode does. Find out how the wiki works by watching other edits. Even our editor-in-chief started that way, so there's no telling how far you'll go by watching what works and what doesn't. Unlike other languages, wikicode is quite easy to learn, and other users will be more than happy to help you out with our style if you ask.

May 8

This is a temporary message to all editors of Bulbapedia; a more comprehensive one will soon replace it.

With the remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions confirmed, we would like to let you know that the administration of Bulbapedia is going through the updating process in a careful and comprehensive way. For the time being, please refrain from updating pages relating to the remakes with information until given the O.K, as we are only human and would like to be able to check all pages and make sure that speculation is not present.

Please keep this in mind for the coming days. Thank you.

May 4

The month of May certainly seems as if it will be an upturn in events relating to Pokémon, with rumors of what's in store already flying around.

We must insist on this from all Bulbapedia users:


Whatever the exciting announcement that is to come next Sunday, whether it is the fabled GSDS, PBR2, Stadium 3, or anything, keep the speculation out.

Additionally, questions and comments regarding the subject of the article (as opposed to the article's text) should go on Bulbagarden's forums, accessible from the sidebar on all pages as "Bulbawiki forum".

April 20

In order to keep Bulbapedians up to date, this message has been changed.

The "war" with Wikia is over, meaning everyone can quit spamming their recent changes and vandalizing their pages. You know, the stuff we expressly told you not to do.

Bulbapedia's templates continue to be updated. Next up on the line should be the remaining infobox templates, beginning with those dealing with locations in the Pokémon world. If you have an idea on how to update these templates, please create it as a subpage in your userspace, and bring it to the attention of one of our many administrators.

March 29

As work on Project Overgrow continues, so does Bulbapedia itself. Despite this, some of you may have noticed that we have been having some issues with the server as of late, with Bulbapedia being inaccessible from time to time. This is due to a glitch in the system which we have been investigating to its fullest in order to eliminate as quickly as possible.

Through our continued prosperity, however, we have garnered the attention of a less-than-favorable faction. Wikia's "The Pokémon Encyclopedia" has recently been found to have taken the content of various Bulbapedia articles, changed one or two words (while at the same time remaining formatted overall in the same way), and posted it as their own. While this is not the fault of their administrators at all, the fact that, when this is pointed out to them, the administrators do nothing about the copied content or attempt to hide our comments about it is a very disturbing fact.

The Pokémon Encyclopedia, as a Wikia wiki, is licensed under the standard GNU Free Documentation License, while Bulbapedia's content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, incompatible with Wikia's license. Bulbapedia's license requires strictly that the content is attributed to Bulbapedia and its users, and additionally, the "noncommercial" aspect of the license requires that no money is made off of the content. Wikia's own About page clarifies that it is a commercial entity, while Bulbapedia's ads are in place to keep the massive server we have running.

Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden's administrators heavily discourage vandalism of The Pokémon Encyclopedia, despite their refusal to comply to our request to remove the copied content. However, we do encourage dialog with those in charge. So please, ask them, why are you taking content that we worked on?

February 28

Although Bulbapedia has been as prosperous as ever as of late, one issue has repeatedly occurred that, although not the end of the world, needs to stop. I would like to remind everyone that having multiple accounts, commonly referred to as "sockpuppets," are not allowed if not authorized by the Editorial Board. Lately, a number of users have been caught abusing multiple accounts by random IP checks. Although these users will not be harshly reprimanded, let me stress again that this is not allowed. Even if you don't edit from your "other" account, it's still against the rules and shouldn't be occurring.

If you currently have an unauthorized additional account, please report it to an administrator so they can disable it. Failure to do so and subsequent discovery of the account may lead to a minimal block or verbal warning. Thank you all for abiding by this and only keeping one account. If you would like to rename your account or have any questions about sockpuppets, contact a staff member.

February 14

Happy anniversary to Bulbapedia! We've been going strong for four years now, with over 14,000 articles since our public opening.

It is here where I announce Phase III of Project Overgrow: the upgrading and cleanup of Bulbapedia itself! With the English release of Pokémon Platinum imminent, and the revelation of the 493rd (and currently final) Pokémon in the National Dex, Arceus, having happened, we need to make certain that we have all of the best information we can.

Older episodes of the Pokémon anime, as well as several current ones, are in need of synopses, which can be added by anyone. A style guide as well as an example episode synopsis will be upcoming. These should not be too brief, while at the same time, should not be a script of the episode.

Our coverage of the various Pokémon manga as well as many other things is also in need of improvement. Pick a stub, find its subject matter, and expand the article. You may find new areas of Pokémon canon you otherwise would have no knowledge of.

As you may have noted as well, many of Bulbapedia's templates, as well as the style in general, have been upgraded to feature rounded corners (though these do not appear in some browsers). The ability to change back to the old skin will become available soon in your preferences, however, it is not currently.

And so, in closing, Bulbapedia's contributors must ignore the easy-to-know details of the front-and-center parts of the Pokémon world, and focus on the more ignored facets. We aim to make Bulbapedia the largest bastion of knowledge about Pokémon that the web has to offer, and we can only do it with your help.

February 9

The third phase of Project Overgrow will be beginning soon. Are you ready? Be prepared as this one is the one that pertains most to you, the users of Bulbapedia.

Bulbapedia's image policy has been updated, of course. For episode articles, the header image must be a png file, and should be uploaded at the episode's epicode rather than elsewhere. This discourages stealing images from other sites and encourages better quality for images. It also keeps edit warring to a minimum, as we've had many problems with that in the past. So keep this in mind and help us as we prepare for the start of phase III!

January 14

Project Overgrow's second phase has begun, and that is none other than a revamp of the forums! Not only have they been upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin, but several things have been reorganized, including an expanded space for Bulbapedia discussion!

A new forum has been opened specifically for social discussion regarding the Pedia, so enjoy it now rather than using talk pages for this. Also, keep in mind that on the forums, a [bp] tag exists for direct, quick links to Bulbapedia pages, and works much in the same way as other standard forum tags.

Also, effective immediately, there will no longer be a strictly-enforced userspace edit limit of four per day, or any other number. Use this wisely, and don't go absolutely crazy with the amount of edits daily– use the preview button instead. Abusers will, as always, be punished, but the enforcement of any limit will be much less strict, with administrators and others free to decide on their own smartly what constitutes far more edits than necessary.

The Bulbagarden forums have a blog system which can be easily used to detail your daily life, as well, negating the absolute need for a constantly-edited userpage.

January 3

Happy new year to all, and welcome to 2009!

Being a new year, Bulbapedia asks its users to begin by turning over a new leaf, and reading over the code of conduct that we have introduced. This will help all of Bulbapedia's users to get along better with each other, and at the same time, make sure that we in administrative positions also stay nice.

In addition, Bulbagarden's Project Overgrow has begun, which will be a major part of activities around the entirety of the website for approximately the next four months. The first part of Project Overgrow is a swath of new hires--if you're interested in joining the Bulbagarden staff, check out that post!


December 24

Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year from all of us at Bulbagarden!

December 11

I hope you're all enjoying the new layout celebrating our sixth anniversary.

I would like to take a moment to remind our users that uploading media to our archives for a banned user is the same thing as ban evading. Not only would the user who told you to upload the media would be punished further, the user who did the uploading would also receive a ban.

So use your head; don't help someone break the rules.

December 10

Yet again, a new color scheme is added to the Main Page, which has received a redesign. This color scheme is not the permanent one, however, but a recolored one in celebration of Bulbagarden's sixth anniversary.

Bulbapedia's fourth anniversary is also upcoming this month, though we officially opened our doors on February 14 of 2005, the Bulbawiki project officially began on December 21, 2004.

As the English release date of Pokémon Platinum has been leaked, we will attempt to accelerate our plans to revamp several old templates to include new data and perhaps have a new look, much like the updated evolution, sprite, and stat templates.

Please be warned, however, that the English names given by the Circuit City ad are not confirmed as official, and thus pages will not yet be moving.

November 29

We hope everyone enjoyed the color scheme we had on November 21st to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver in Japan. We also hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving (where celebrated).

Editing wise, we have been updating numerous old templates including, but not limited to, party templates (which can be seen on Brock's page), evolution templates (which can be seen on Bulbasaur's page), and we are currently looking for a new Welcome template, but, we need the help of our users. Visit this page to view the candidates and vote.

October 29

In addition to the still fairly new policies on image reversion and userspace quantity and content, Bulbapedia has developed a tentative policy on talk page abuse. Be sure to check out the guidelines illustrated in these pages, as it could save everyone a lot of trouble.

Lastly, Bulbapedia would like to offer a belated congratulations to TTEchidna on his promotion to Editor-in-Chief, while at the same time expressing our gratitude for the time and energy Zhen Lin devoted to Bulbapedia during his time as Editor-in-Chief.

October 21

Bulbapedia now has official policies for image reversion and userspace quantity and content. Be sure to read both, as they make clear the official stance of the administrators and Editorial board regarding those important topics. If everyone reads those, there will be fewer conflicts around here and a lesser server load.

October 1

Due to the amount of edits done solely to revert images used on Bulbapedic articles over and over, a policy has now been created to attempt to prevent this from occurring again. From now on, any Users who are caught reverting each other because of an image will be subsequently blocked for an amount of days equal to the amount of reverts by both opposing parties made solely to change the image. Furthermore, the image will be replaced with the previous image. Hopefully, this will teach the opposing parties to discuss their concerns on the talk page, instead of causing ugly, pointless, revert wars that clutter the database. If no change is seen in the behavior of Users, this policy will be revised in order to reflect a harsher punishment.

Also, keep in mind that the current limit on Userspace edits is three; this not only covers your main Userspace page, but any subpages you may have, and any other User’s page. However, editing others' pages is almost always not allowed, so try to keep your edits to your own page.

September 12

While Bulbapedia may be celebrating the release of Pokémon Platinum, users should keep in mind several things when editing:

  • If you do not have the game, do not assume based on appearances. Have faith in fellow contributors, however, as they may in fact have the game.
  • The Platinum sprites of all Pokémon have already been ripped from the game and saved as pngs, in the 80×80 standard size. Taking screenshots and cropping them is frowned upon, as their quality may be low.
  • The updating of moves to Platinum standard is still not finished. Why not contribute to that?
  • Some menusprite images may look a bit "off". This is due to your computer reading the image data from cache, while we very recently updated all menusprite images to png format. In addition, some animated menusprites may link to an image that does not yet exist. Do not panic; this is part of the Platinum updates.
  • The move tutor moves on Pokémon pages may display incorrectly. This is due to an upgrade we are doing to them so as to make them compatible with Platinum and XD move tutors, and will be done shortly.

Despite this, continue to enjoy Bulbapedia as we expand our information about the fifteenth main series Pokémon game.

July 27

As some of you have noticed, the much awaited return of the User: namespace has finally occurred.

Now, before you all get down to the epic celebration of this, we as a community must focus on the project at hand. Bulbapedia still needs work to prepare itself for the release of Pokémon Platinum, and as well needs to continue in its commitment to providing the best and most up-to-date Pokémon information. We cannot do this without you, the users. We must insist, therefore, that you do abide by the policies of the userspace, such as not editing it too much, keeping games off and subpages to a minimum, and finally, adequately contributing to the main namespace. These past four months have been absolutely bounteous with growth, and all of us would hate to see the quality of Bulbapedia suffer again as it did in the weeks and months leading up to the ban on the User: namespace.

This unblocking of the namespace is a temporary measure to gauge how users treat it. If it is unsatisfactory, the block will be reinstated as we continue to develop a system to prevent abuse.

June 30

Congratulations to all of us--Bulbapedia has reached its 10,000th article!

June 27

We certainly have been having a lot of these recently.

Additionally, Zhen Lin will be out of town for the week. All questions and such can be directed to TTEchidna or any of the other administrators.

June 15

With immediate effect, administrators are authorised and advised to remove any content that is inappropriate use of User or User talk pages. Users restoring content so deleted may be warned once before being blocked for abuse of Bulbapedia. The determination of "inappropriate" is presently left to individual administrators, but we will codify guidelines in the near future. Appeals to the editorial board over the interpretation of "inappropriate" are possible.

June 12

Guys, seriously. Stop using your user talk pages for meaningless MySpace junk.

June 9

After two years, we have finally managed to link the accounts on all three of our wikis: Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and Bulbagarden Archives.

There may still be some issues with the linkage of accounts, such as having to still log in separately, but overall, the linkage should be in place. If your account has not been merged correctly, see Special:Mergeaccount or talk to Zhen Lin.

And yes, the userspace is still disabled from editing. We're sorry, but the server already has a lot of load and editing userpages every five minutes would destroy it and cause Bulbagarden to be down a lot longer than the two days it was at the end of May.

March 24

Due to an overwhelmingly large amount of edits going on in the User: namespace, we have disabled edits to all pages within it for the time being. We are monitoring how much the lack of ability to edit personal pages will affect the server, and when the results come in, we will make a decision on what to do.

If you feel the need to create a userpage or edit it now, you will have to wait. Do not create a page in the main namespace to move to the User: namespace under any circumstances. The results will likely be conclusive after about a week, and you will be informed with another message from the editor about the return of functionality.

Additionally, a policy on signatures is being discussed on the Bulbapedia forum on BMGf, so please, take a look at it even if you are not a member.

February 14

It's now three years since we opened Bulbapedia to the public and we are very proud to announce that Bulbapedia now has over 8,000 articles. That's nearly double the number we had this time last year! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this incredible milestone.

We are also announcing today the appointment of TTEchidna as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, in recognition of his continuing and vigilant watch over Bulbapedia.


December 25

On this day, we celebrate the enlargement of the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis group by welcoming the Brazillian Portuguese LANDpediabem vindo from all of us here at Bulbapedia!

As Bulbapedia enters its fourth year, we also celebrate Bulbapedia's 100 millionth page view, recorded just last week on the 18th. To everyone, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

September 28

Let us all say bienvenue to Poképédia, which joins Encyclopaediae Pokémonis as its French member. This is but one of the many happy events of September 2007, which includes the creation of the 6,000th, then 6,500th article on Bulbapedia, as well as the 70,000,000th page view since we first began this project way back in December 2004.

The only event which clouds this otherwise incredible month is the controversy surrounding the implementation of advertising on Bulbapedia. We hope that our readers and contributors will bear with us and will not find the advertisements overly off-putting or intrusive - please do report any inappropriate ads you see to Archaic.

April 6

Please welcome the Polish Wikinezka, who have today joined the Encyclopaediae Pokémonis group of open-content Pokémon encyclopedias. We wish them the best of luck, and hope that the spirit of international cooperation will continue to grow in the international Pokémon fan community.


December 30

At 4:52PM (UTC) today, the 4,000th Bulbapedia article was created. Over the course of this year alone, an amazing 1,364 articles were created at a rate of 3.758 articles per day - and it's been just only over two years since this project was started in December 21, 2004, and the two-year anniversary of its opening to the public is still ahead of us.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has participated in this collaborative project!

June 26

We are pleased to announce that the Japanese Pokémon encyclopedia, Pokémon Wiki (ポケモンWiki) has joined our German affiliate PokéWiki and us in Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, a group of open-content Pokémon encyclopedias in different languages.

The first person to conceive of a Pokémon website that visitors could edit and update was Meowth346 of Pokémon Forever. Inspired by Wikipedia, one implemenation of that idea was founded on December 22, 2004: Bulbapedia. After a period of secret development, we opened it to the public on February 14, 2005.

Two months later, German Pokémon fan nYoo launched an inquiry into the possibility of opening a German Pokémon encyclopedia in the spirit of Bulbapedia. Though nothing came of that discussion, another inquiry was made in early August, and that resulted in PokéWiki.

Naturally, the two open-content Pokémon encyclopedias agreed to affiliate. Expecting more affiliates in other languages, Encyclopaediae Pokémonis, Latin for Encylopedias of Pokémon, was proposed shortly thereafter, but it would be a long time before the group expanded.

Pokémon Wiki was founded early April 2006, and was first brought to our attention mid-June. Ten days and many e-mail messages later, Pokémon Wiki joined Encyclopaediae Pokémonis.

February 14

In the one year since we opened Bulbapedia to the public, there has been amazing growth - we have gone from 114 articles to 2,642 - that's 6.9 articles per day!

Admittedly, I initially had my doubts about whether such a radical idea would even work in the context of Pokémon - but here we are. On behalf of Bulbagarden, I would like to thank all who have contributed and supported this project.

The editorial board would like to thank a few of you, in particular. Congratulations and thank you to all award recipients, and to all of you as well for supporting Bulbapedia!

January 9

The Bulbapedia editorial board wishes all our readers, contributors and staff a belated happy new year. Please welcome our new Research Editor, Unown Lord, who will offering us fresh insight on a variety of topics. His personal aspiration is "for Bulbapedia to turn into a plethora of informative resources viewed by readers as enlightening."

We have also added (Modern) Hebrew to our collection of Babel tags. If you would like your language there, please make your request at Category talk:Babel tags - with the text to be used in them, if you wish to supply your own.

Finally, we would like to remind you that Bulbapedia is approaching the 1-year anniversary of its opening to the public.


September 19

Bulbapedians can now indicate their linguistic capabilities on their user pages with Babel tags. Currently, languages available are English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish. If you would like to see your language on the list, please make a request to Argy, evkl, or Zhen Lin.

June 21

The Future of Bulbapedia:

Bulbapedia and the Bulbawiki networks as a whole have come a long way since their inception and release to the public. Starting out at barely over a hundred articles at public release, the current article count on Bulbapedia (As of today, June 21, 2005) stands at over 23 times that number. The Bulbawiki networks now include a news site, Bulbanews, and the Bulbagarden Archives, a repository for all pictures and other non-text data files with relevancy to Bulbagarden.net and its side projects.

June 1

Please take a moment to visit the Where from here? post in the Bulbapedia Discussion forum on BMGf.

April 29

Bulbanews has opened to the public with exclusive information on AG126. The Bulbapedia editorial staff invite you to make use of this new resource for your daily Poké-News fix. Enjoy!

April 23

  • Bulbagarden Archives has been opened to the public.

April 16

  • Recently, a large number of pages were vandalized. Although a mass reversion/deletion has been done, there may be traces remaining. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us correct that.
  • Congratulations to Zeta and Woopert, who have been granted sysopship for their past work on Bulbapedia and assistance in dealing with the attack.

April 9

March 28

  • Although a number of articles have been created for People who have not had an impact on the Pokémon canon, i.e. fans, please do not take this a signal to create encyclopedic articles on yourself. The subjects of the aforementioned articles should also take note of the difference between a personal page, such as User:Jimbo Wales and an encyclopedic article, such as Jimmy Wales, and strive to maintain NPOV in the latter.

March 24

  • A thread has been established for requesting Bots and Templates.
  • A new policy on what defines mass editing has been established; ignoring it is grounds for being temporarily blocked. Please read the definition of "minor" and "major" edits for future reference.
  • Making mass changes as described in the above "mass editing" thread can be first discussed by making a post in the Bulbapedia Forum; rules for those posts can be found here.

March 19

  • As a guideline, do not create any move articles without filling in most if not all of the Infobox, as well as the Template talk:MoveProperties. Make a positive effort to do so. You may wish to refer to [1] to find out the Japanese name and the move number.
  • A basic structure for the Bulbapedia:Community Portal has been set up.
  • Make use of the abbreviated link syntax: [[Ruby (Special)|]] is equivalent to [[Ruby (Special)|Ruby]], similarly, [[wp:Satoshi Tajiri|]] is equivalent to [[wp:Satoshi Tajiri|Satoshi Tajiri]].
  • Avoid coding in HTML unless absolutely necessary. Wikicode is documented at [2] and [3]; please note that some things are Wikipedia-specific.

Zhen Lin

March 6

  • We now have all of the pages in the Category:Pokémon listing. You can feel free to expand any of the pages to include general information on that specific Pokémon. Specific, useful Pokédex-like pages will be established shortly. We're working on it--and we greatly appreciate the help of all those who made the Poké-pages possible.
  • BMG had a minor virus problem earlier in the day; please run any antivirus software you may have to see if you were infected unknowingly.
  • Character pages can still use more information. The Community Portal will shortly have a number of features which point to things that address community-based projects and pages that need attention.
  • That Bulbapedia button is on the way, I should have it uploaded within a few days.

February 27

  • PLEASE temporarily refrain from making any Pokémon or Move pages for the next couple of days. Our templates are being enhanced, and we don't want to have to fix any more than we have to as it is.
  • If you didn't already notice, Episode Guides are starting to go up. If you personally have any to contribute, it's always welcome. Remember to use the numbering guidelines put forth in the Manual of Style.
  • We'll be coming out with a Bulbapedia button very, so if you want to link to us from any site, it'll become possible.

February 22

  • Please remember to link to games with their full name, i.e. [[Pokémon Red|Red version]] instead of just linking [[Red]]
  • Remember to use the Macro tag for Pokémon Meta and use Pokémon Infobox where applicable. Thanks to everyone who's been working on Macro conversion.
  • While the link to it has disappeared from our revamped front page, remember the List of wanted pages is still there.
  • The Items list needs filled out.
  • Remember to add the appropriate stub tags to any article, via the {{ }} stub macro formatting.

February 18

  • Only the first instance of a term in an article's actual text (excluding sidebars, lists, etc) should be linked to that term's matching article.
  • Keep up the good work! It seems like every day, there's less and less conflict and more and more cooperation.
  • So long as you include the Pokémon Infobox with a Pokémon article (see the talk page for usage notes), you may go ahead and fill in all ____ (Pokémon) articles, but don't make them too expansive. Any more information than what we currently have in Geodude or Bulbasaur's entry would be overly much. Please use the {{p|(name of Pokémon)}} macro to link to Pokémon pages, as we may choose to change the article titles for Pokémon species pages in the future.
  • Elements pages should still look like the Grass-type page.
  • There are still many articles that need worked on! Consult the list of wanted articles to see what people most want filled in.
  • Make sure pages are appropriately linked to others.

February 14

Welcome to Bulbapedia! All of the instructions on use, semantics, and the like can be found either below in Getting Started or via one of our quick links in the green toolbar to the right.

The staff of Bulbapedia has worked very hard in getting it to this point, but there's only so far any one small group can expand an encyclopedia, and after it tops out in size from our knowledge base or ability to work on it, the public is of more help than the staff in expanding and growing. That's the philosophy of a Wiki-based encyclopedia, and we're taking that to heart. We know there'll be differences of opinion, we know there'll be hard times and heated arguments, but we're going ahead with this project anyway, because it is our goal to compile the best, most comprehensive Pokémon database on the planet.

We're not there yet, but we're working on it, and you can help us. The staff of Bulbagarden.net and Bulbapedia hope you enjoy, contribute to, and use our newest service!