Hi, I'm Landfish7. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a message on my talk page or DM me on discord at @taylatt7a#4753. Thank you!

Current Projects/Things I'm Focusing On

  • Expanding/completing Death in the Pokémon world
  • Rewriting M13 synopsis and plot details in related articles
  • Improving the biology sections of Pokémon with signature moves
  • Improving the origin sections of Pokémon
  • Improving anime episode synopses
  • Fixing common spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes in articles across the mainspace
    • Adding the serial comma where needed
    • Removing hyphens connecting adverbs to another adjective e.g. changing "fully-evolved" to "fully evolved"
  • Creating needed redirects; marking unneeded redirects for deletion
  • Removing unnotable trivia
  • Removing unnecessary extra spaces/clutter from the wikitext of articles
  • Fixing/adding link templates