Hey! I'm Lake(limbo), but you can call me just Lake if you want. I'm just a normal guy that likes editing wikis. I am also a self-taught web developer, graphical designer and amateur musician.

I follow Bulbapedia since 2014, but I only decided to create an account in 2019 (and editing more frequently in 2021). My main mission — for now — is to optimize the wiki, making it mobile-responsive, more functional and beautiful. I do have advanced knowledge about CSS and especially flex and grid displays. If you haven't noticed, the panels on this page are responsive; take a look on mobile!. If you need help with one of these, just call me! :)

I do also have an advanced knowledge about MediaWiki templates in general (and I'm learning Lua for modules as well). If you need to (re)write a template, also ping me. My response times may vary, but I will always try to reply as soon as possible.

This page is very recent, that's why is kinda "empty". I will fill the page with more stuff soon. :D

About me
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Other things
  • I'm not a moderator, admin, or bureaucrat.
  • If you have a suggestion or want to discuss somtething about one of my edits, please use the talk page.
    • If something is urgent, please DM me on Discord.
  • Please note that English is not my native language. I can communicate very well in English, but sometimes I make a mistake here or there.
  • I am usually available between 11:00 (11 AM) and 20:00 (8 PM), UTC -03:00.
  • While I do love Toxtricity and Raihan, Pokémon Sword and Shield are one of my least favourite games on the franchise.