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Project Pokédex is a Bulbapedia project which aims to create and expand articles on Pokémon species. If you have any questions about how to contribute, make sure to drop a line on the Project talk page and we'll help you out!

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Scope and aims

Project Pokédex covers all articles about Pokémon species. Its goal is to produce the most comprehensive database on all Pokémon, from basic information on to the most technical aspects possible. It will also encompass any Pokémon Trading Card Game information, any relevant Anime information, and any other canon information which is relevant.

Goals for December
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IconBPEditorialBoardSm.png abcboy Deputy Editor-in-Chief
IconBPAdministratorSm.png Frozen Fennec Administrator
IconBPJuniorAdministratorSm.png Landfish7 Junior Administrator
  1. Expand Pokémon pages to have at least a paragraph of information about a Pokémon, preferably background information on that Pokémon. The Bulbasaur page is a good example of a simple introduction paragraph.
  2. Add all locations in all games, including the side games (Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Pinball, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby/Sapphire, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Trozei!, and Pokémon Ranger, to name some of the more important ones).
  3. Add all movelists.
  4. Add Pokédex text info from games, where applicable.
  5. Add Biology information to each Pokémon species article.
  6. Add information on any appearances in the anime, including the specific episodes.
  7. Add information on any appearances in all manga, including the series and volume.
  8. List all released cards of the Pokémon.

Key templates
Main article: Bulbapedia:Project Pokédex/Structure

This format is for quick reference, when checking to see if an article matches the model. Headers which are in bold are required for all articles. Other headers should only be added when applicable.

==In the anime==
===Pokédex entries===
==In the manga==
==In the TCG==
==In the TFG==
==Other appearances==
==Game data==
===NPC appearances===
===Pokédex entries===
===Game locations===
====In side games====
===Held items===
===Type effectiveness===
====By leveling up====
====By TM/TR====
====By breeding====
====By tutoring====
====Special moves====
===Side game data===
====Name origin====
==In other languages==
==Related articles==
==External links==