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Frozen Fennec

Joined 8 January 2011

Welcome to my userpage, I have been editing Bulbapedia since 2011.

I have been playing the Pokémon video games for a very long time, since I was around four or five years old. I also collect cards, I do not play the TCG very often online or offline.

My favorite Pokémon are Glaceon, Gardevoir, Ampharos, Froslass, Mismagius, and Tsareena. Most of my favorite Pokémon tend to come from the Psychic, Ghost, and Ice groups although altogether as a team it would not do well if I only used a team consisting of those three types.

Ever since arriving at Bulbapedia, it feels like home. Helping edit and improve the site with other people who enjoy the same game series. I hope that one day that this site can be complete. However with Nintendo always releasing new games every year and cards, it will likely never be complete but the articles can always be improved.

My main goals to on this site is trying to expand stubs, adding images if possible, and correcting minor things.

Goals on Bulbapedia

  • Clean up articles
  • Add content to stubs
  • Add better images
  • Update articles and templates as needed
  • Add Beta pages for games with enough beta / leftover content to make an article.

Pages in Progress

Pokémon Gold and Silver Spaceworld Demo *