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Joined 19 September 2015
If you were looking for the best Trainers in the Pokémon World but found yourself on this page, see Champion.

ロカフラ Rokafera
ORAS Guitarist.png
Soldier of Roxie
Age 24 (as of Aug 6, 2019)
Gender Male
Hometown Littleroot Town*
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Trainer, Champion

Rockapheller (also known as Brandt) is a Pokémon Trainer who travels across all the regions in the Pokémon world (through Pokémon anime, Pokémon games and Pokémon manga) in order to train Pokémon and compete at the Pokémon League, or engage with the legends and myths, as well as trainers of every region in order to understand the nature of Pokémon, people, world and franchise as a whole.

About Me

  • I speak English, German and Turkish fluently, and I am learning Italian.
    • I prefer British English to American English.
  • As well as Pokémon, I am a huge fan of Eurovision Song Contest and Harry Potter novels.
  • I don't believe in any religion, although I have no certain opinion regarding existence of a God, even though I consider it "extremely unlikely".
  • My favourite;
    • Country is Italy, language is Italian, accent is British.
    • Music genres are ska, jazz, alternative and country.
    • Book is Of Mice and Men.
    • Film is Strangers on a Train.
    • Colour is black.


Regarding Bulbapedia

Regarding franchise

My former signature on the forums, uncropped
My former signature on the forums, uncropped

Regarding anime

Regarding games

Gameplay tendencies

  • I never leave my starter Pokémon.
  • I catch the "national bird" Pokémon (Pidgey for Kanto, Starly for Sinnoh, etc.) and keep them on my team until the end unless I have already played in that region with another version before.
  • I always have a Fire-type on my team with the exception of Pokémon Ultra Moon.
    • Sun is my only team in which the same type repeats more than twice: Fairy-type, three times. Omega Ruby also contains three Dragon-type if Mega Sceptile counts.
    • Platinum and White are only teams of mine that no type repeats itself.
  • I only play with Pokémon that debut in the generation of its game with the exception of Blastoise in Pokémon X due to Mega Evolution.
  • Until Generation VI games, I would have my Pokémon either with a beneficial or ineffective nature. This rule is broken from Pokémon X and onwards due to easiness of the games.
  • I train an Eevee if it is a Generation I remake, or the game of a generation that introduces a new Eeveelution with the exception of Pokémon LeafGreen.
  • I keep the level of my Pokémon on my team as close as possible.









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White 2





Ultra Moon