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Hikaru Wazana

Joined 15 August 2009

About me

Hi, my name is Alex, I've been a fan of the franchise since I was fifteen years old. I've been following it ever since, currently Pokémon is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. Other franchises I like are Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. From Nintendo others I like a lot are Metroid and Mario.

In addition to the anime, I follow the Pokémon Adventures manga series. I have the entire RBY, GSC and Black & White phase complete. My Nintendo consoles are Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Wii.

In anime, I like to contribute with the rivals, they are my favorite anime characters. My favorite of all who appeared in the anime is Shinji, the rival of the Diamond and Pearl phase. I even base some of my teams on the game based on his Pokémon. But I like those who had a version in games like Gladion and Bianca.


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