Still getting used to Bulbapedia a bit despite being a member for quite some time, a big fan of the anime series, real name is Joseph William Crammond though I prefer to be called Joe.

Feel very fortunate in the fact that I am in email contact with voice director Lisa Ortiz who is happy to send me cast lists when she is able allowing me to provide Bulbapedia with quite a lot of useful data

For fun

Possible Mainspace Articles

Articles Mainspaced


My main aims for Bulbapedia that I hope will expand in future currently include:

  • Using my contact with Lisa Ortiz to provide the voice actors for characters
  • Create character and actor pages

To Do List

  • Enquire with Lisa Ortiz on whether or not she has any cast lists predating her being voice director before Season 19.
  • Completely re-write summaries for episodes I wrote that are too long.

Cast lists awaiting