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Team Rocket's Secret Base
Team Rocket Verillion City Secret Base.png
Team Rocket's Secret Base
Region Kanto
Debut Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!

Team Rocket's Secret Base is an anime-exclusive location in Vermilion City and is used by the Team Rocket trio. It is accessed by a phone booth by pressing in the numbers 634526. It is equipped with a pool table, a television, and a monitor to receive calls from Team Rocket Headquarters.

It first appeared in Kicking It from Here Into Tomorrow!, when James returned after collecting supplies. Once they'd eaten, they had a game of Evil Things Name Game. The entrance was discovered by Goh, who was attempting to catch the Pelipper that delivers the Rocket Prize Master. Team Rocket emerged from the base whilst Goh was inside the phone booth and James accidentally revealed what it was.

In A Little Rocket R & R!, Team Rocket were plotting their next scheme when they received a call from Matori who ordered them to take a vacation, which they proceeded to do. It later appeared when Team Rocket returned from the Resort Area, when they got another call from Matori.

In Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!/Slowking's Crowning!, Team Rocket were relaxing in the base when they summoned Pelipper for the Rocket Prize Master and unleashed a Magikarp and a Slowking. Later they summoned Pelipper once again, only for the doorbell to ring. James answered the door to find Kasukarp there before closing the door on him.

In Trade, Borrow, and Steal!, it's revealed that a Morpeko that Team Rocket met in Galar, settled in the place, from then on eating the food that they stored in the place.

In JN041, Meowth was feeling ill so Jessie and James tried to cheer him up by dubbing over footage of Ash's Pikachu.

Pokémon living in Team Rocket's Secret Base


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